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Next week's Xbox LIVE game is Gerbil Physics. Prepare with papercraft!

We gave you an exclusive preview of Gerbil Physics, next week's Xbox LIVE title for Windows Phone, showing off the graphics and gameplay including details, story and history of the game--truly a must read (so go read it!).

Now, in preparation the developers of the game, in conjunction with Microsoft's Play XBLA site, are sponsoring some gerbil papercraft goodness. Basically go and print up those pages, cut and fold your way to a little afternoon project. What better way to spend your office work time (instead of surfing Reddit)? And if you submit your photos, Play XBLA might just post your pictures for full internet glory.

Source: Play XBLA

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  • Cool lol
  • Hey Daniel what happens to Samsung having a new windows phone come out with the rest?
  • My guess is they are running behind or perhaps cancelled. No announcements at CES or MWC, so not sure what their plans are.
  • Ok thanx u tha man Dan lol
  • I really like that these live titles are extending beyond the phone. Like with the wallpapers.
  • Looking forward to this one a lot, we haven't had a physics puzzler on WP in some time now
  • Looking forward to this looks pretty good!;-)
  • Any news on Carcasonne? It's such an awsome game, I've played it offline for so many hours...
  • Pokemon blue ,red,and yellow would be awesome on here it would be like playn game boy color all over again ;D