Nfc Interactor for Windows Phone 8 gets update

We’ve mentioned Nfc Interactor in the past and how it can help you create and scan NFC tags. Today there is a new update that adds a few more features to the already impressive list for it. Folks rocking an NFC enabled Windows Phone 8 device should check this one out.

Nfc Interactor allows you to write and read NFC tags and already supported a wide range of formats, like – Smart Posters, URIs, Telephone calls and more. This small update to version 1.2.0 adds:

  • Adds support for directly launching phone setting pages (actually changing phone settings is not possible for tags or apps on Windows Phone; only opening the relevant page is allowed)
  • Adds support for reading & writing Mailto tags to send email messages when tapping a tag
  • Help when phone doesn't read from an available NFC target

Unfortunately, users can’t change system settings through NFC tags. This would be useful for turning WiFi on or off simply by tapping a card, but allowing NFC tags or 3 party apps to modify settings isn’t allowed for security reasons. You can however, have it open the settings page.

If you have some NFC tags around the house and want to try out Nfc Interactor you can download it here from the Windows Phone Marketplace or use the QR code below. The app goes for $1.99 or you can do a trial. Don't forget this is only for Windows Phone 8.

QR: NFC Interactor

  • Has it a function to format a row tag too...?
  • Not being able to switch wifi/bluetooth or change volume with NFC is a real downer for me. I hope they will still add this in the future as it makes using car-kits or going to bed with a silent phone a bit more userfriendly
  • As was indicated in the article, Microsoft doesn't allow direct manipulation of settings for security reasons.
  • Thank god Windows Phone 9 won't need eletricity to operate, I heard it kills people.
    Therefore, Microsoft (for security and safety reasons) swtiched to a steam engine powered battery.
  • Lol
  • +42
  • +1000
  • Which effectively makes NFC useless and not a novel or necessary feature. I don't really see touching two phones together to pass pictures along as a very novel use case with the amount social has taken on photo sharing.
  • I was so excited about the NFC but then I learned that WP8 API support sucks and I can't even use it the way I want > actually changing phone settings is not possible for tags or apps on Windows Phone; only opening the relevant page is allowed
    I can turn on my wifi faster manually with wp shortcuts tile than by waiting for nfc to connect + then finish it with my finger, not to mention NFC battery drain issues.
    What a wasted opportunity 
  • Yeah, I was expecting NFC to actually be useful. Boy was I dissapointed.
    For instance, the NFC implementation on the Nokia wireless charging stand is so bad and useless it's almost funny. You have to not only have the screen turned on, but you also have to press accept to launch the specified app or command. Really? It's faster to manually activate anything that NFC can launch.
    If anyone has found a useful application for NFC please let me know, I'd love to have a single reason to use it. Until then I'll leave it disabled. I guess that means my battery will last longer... Hooray...
    Actually, I think this should be Nokia's new slogan: 'Unlike the iPhone 5, the Lumia 920 is equipped with useless NFC that can be disabled to improve battery life!' 
  • Same, I was expecting some sort of NFC whitelist, which could be controller by Microsoft for what I care so we don't have to constantly press accept for same app over and over and OVER again
  • There may be some kind of white list!  My dad bought me a Nokia Play 360 Wireless Speaker.  Simply touching it with the Lumia 920, instantly redirects all audio to the speaker.  Another touch sends the audio back to the phone's speakers.  No prompt, it just works! So maybe Nokia was able to create a white list?  Maybe that's one of the features of the Nokia Extras+ app? So why does the speaker work so well, but not the charging stand?  Maybe audio redirection is already allowed? Either way, it would be nice if the end user could create a white list for actions he/she allows.
  • Yep, I was also rather disappointed with NFC when I got my charging stand for the same reasons you mentioned. At first I couldn't believe it but then it comes to my mind that MS actually prioritizes mobile data over Wifi and (at least so far on my Nokia) doesn't allow me to use both at the same time either. Also the inability not to add a song to an existing playlist popped up and then I realized yes, given this is Microsoft, it could actually be true that you really have to unlock your phone and manually accept NFC every time you touch the tag. What a joke! Now you need more time completing a task with NFC then without.
  • Actually, you can totally add a song to a playlist. Play the playlist, then go to the song and choose "add to now playing" then in the now playing screen hit save as playlist. Delete old playlist and voila.
  • You are kidding, I hope.
  • I use it to share pictures with my wife. thats all I have tried using it for and that works pretty good. definitely faster than blue tooth
  • Edit: Double post.
  • I still haven't found a way to get an NFC tag to display a simple message. It could be a toast message, text box, anything that just puts text that I write to the tag on the screen.
    I want to use a couple for information tags that don't go to websites or prep messages to send, etc. Is there a way to do that with any of the apps that are out there?
  • If they don't allow apps to do such a thing I would hope that Microsoft would come up with their own NFC settings to allow toggling of settings and such. 
  • If you want to experience something like NFC with your wp7 try Transffr App. Downliad it at
  • i dont even get what nfc tag is
  • How does this compare to the recently reviewed NFC Launchit?
  • LOL
  • Like most posters above I am really disappointed. The more I learn the more I figure I'll never use it. I'd like to tap my phone and have it connect to a couple dumb BT recivers I have in my car that don't pair automatically. Guess that's out. If all it will allow is opening the BT settings I can do that faster manually.
    As a side note, The BT management on my L820 is really poor. Can't rename a device or alter other things. Also neeed to repair the same device pretty often as the 820 seems to lose it's settings. 
  • Hey I say stop bitching and go to another platform that does everything you want. I'm sure your spouse doesn't do everything you want either. So just switch up its a cancellation fee and or divorce fee to choose what you like. You made the decision you musta liked something, the gorgeous tiles or maybe her fat rump that drew you in. It all gets old at some point and we can all talk stupid too. So there you go my rant for the morning. Go wp8 Nokia and Microsoft. Off to work with my red 920 sharing internet with my surface tablet red keyboard Bluetooth connected playing Xbox music. #church
  • So your message to "stop bitching" is to "bitch" about forums doing what they are supposed to do?  Instead of us switching platforms, maybe you should save yourself the stress and stop visiting forums where people dig into the features of their devices and explore what could and should be a part of the experience.  This is how things move forward.  I don't stay static in my life and I don't expect Microsoft nor Nokia to just sit and say "good enough".  Of course, this is just my perspective.
  • Hey lets sit here and have a meta argument all afternoon.
  • Good for you call Microsoft and Nokia. They may help you!! Big boy!
  • Sounds like they need to figure out some basic usability issues before NFC will live up to its potential.  This is not entirely unexpected given that it's a relatively new technology.  Look at how many years it took for Bluetooth to become basically usable, and it still has problems in many cases.
  • I was definitly dispointed in MS implimentation of NFC. However, at least my phone has it in case MS changes some things so one can actually use it.
  • This.
    The access, security, and APIs can be improved through software updates. You can't "update" your hardware, unless you buy a phone with NFC in it. I'm glad I've got it now incase it ever becomes useful.
  • You know, this must be hard for Nokia.  Before, they would've had the power to make their own NFC implementation.  Yeah, it wouldn't have been a cakewalk, they would've made mistakes, but they could've dealt with that.  But thanks to a failed business strategy, they now have to rely on MS.  Sure, they patch in their own functionality on top of the OS, but that only goes so far.  Hopefully they can exert some pressure on MS to get things like this right so we don't have to deal with as much of the usual poor implementation that goes for years without getting fixed.
  • All I hear is a bunch of whining on here. Just be glad your phone has NFC and be patient for Microsoft to make it better. Just like with anything, it isn't going to be perfect the first time around.
  • Using NFC to open web pages and having to click accept to open apps is pretty useless for me. Now if it can set my volume to loud and start playing music when I tap a tag without me having to tap accept is what a lot of ppl want
  • i hope MS changes their security reasons and pray they allow changes in settings through NFC.  I can access settings much faster than reaching over to a NFC tag.
  • i don't get people who are overly defensive about things, did you have a hand in the piss poor nfc implementation? it's a valid criticism of the platform, NFC as it is currently implemented on wp8 is virtually useless. i'm glad the hardware is there, but msft should have done a better job with it. just like their massive screw up of xbox music.
    i love windows phone, but this is valid criticism and blindly following a platform helps no one.
  • So has anyone used the NFc as a credit card yet? From what I understood that would be the main thing its used for.
  • Still I cant believe the thing, have to go to see their APIs.  and if it is true...I am so disappointed about how MS has  done NFC in WP both as a user and as a developer. I need a tag that would turn off my wifi+lower the ring volume+reduce  screen brightness--All in jut a tap.
    This is ridiculous, where it will end up WP''s future? Will it be a phone for the dumb laymen who are not tech savvy..?
    Do MS deny sharing location info, just because it is sensitive? They are not in fact!
    Apply the same logic  here too MS..., Have a separate Permission for app (plus a setting that aallows it(if MS is overprotective)) that needs settings interaction directly. If someone is prioritized over saftey or is not confident, let them not enable  it.  Why such a blind restriction?
    This is spoiling the whole beauty and convenience of NFC tags.
    Also, the prompt -"Do you want to recieve...??" dialog also should be made optional.I don't want such a caution when i read the (write locked)tags inside my house.