Nfc Interactor for Windows Phone 8 gets update

We’ve mentioned Nfc Interactor in the past and how it can help you create and scan NFC tags. Today there is a new update that adds a few more features to the already impressive list for it. Folks rocking an NFC enabled Windows Phone 8 device should check this one out.

Nfc Interactor allows you to write and read NFC tags and already supported a wide range of formats, like – Smart Posters, URIs, Telephone calls and more. This small update to version 1.2.0 adds:

  • Adds support for directly launching phone setting pages (actually changing phone settings is not possible for tags or apps on Windows Phone; only opening the relevant page is allowed)
  • Adds support for reading & writing Mailto tags to send email messages when tapping a tag
  • Help when phone doesn't read from an available NFC target

Unfortunately, users can’t change system settings through NFC tags. This would be useful for turning WiFi on or off simply by tapping a card, but allowing NFC tags or 3 party apps to modify settings isn’t allowed for security reasons. You can however, have it open the settings page.

If you have some NFC tags around the house and want to try out Nfc Interactor you can download it here from the Windows Phone Marketplace or use the QR code below. The app goes for $1.99 or you can do a trial. Don't forget this is only for Windows Phone 8.

QR: NFC Interactor

Sam Sabri