Create and scan tags with Nfc Interactor for Windows Phone

Nfc Interactor is a new app available for Windows Phone that enables users to create and scan NFC tags. The Near Field Communication tag reader / writer app provides the tools for a variety of content to be added to a tag, which can then be scanned by a compatible device that sports NFC capabilities.

NFC tags can be written using a dynamic message editor - including Smart Posters, geographic tags, social networks and LaunchApp tags. Additionally, you can also send your messages to other NFC devices simply by tapping. Neat, eh?

Supported formats include:

  • Smart Poster
  • URI
  • Text
  • Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, Skype, etc.)
  • SMS
  • Telephone call
  • Geo Tags (Longitude & Latitude, for opening Maps)
  • LaunchApp (for Windows 8 & WP 8)
  • Android Application Record
  • Nokia Accessories
  • Custom records

The core NDEF library of Nfc Interactor has been made available at (open source), while additional tag types (eg.: business cards) are planned for future updates.

NFC Interactor

You can download Nfc Interactor from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 (£1.49). The trial version is limited to reading 10 tags and writing 20 tags.

QR: NFC Interactor

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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