NFC Ring Kickstarter project nears goal for a Windows Phone app; are you in?

Kickstarter projects are certainly all the rage in 2013 and increasingly we’re seeing Windows Phone being considered in the funding and development stages of some of these ventures. Case in point, the NFC Ring ( We’re big advocates of wearable technology and believe it’s the next big thing to take off in the next few years, so the NFC Ring makes sense to us.

The ring itself is designed to “unlock doors, mobile phones, transfer information and link people” and since it is NFC, it’s merely an elegant looking ring with no wires, battery or fuss. The ring has two NFC inlays, public and private, allowing you to divvy up what is shared. For instance, you could pick up an NFC door unlock tool and use that for one side and on the other, share your contact information just by tapping someone’s phone (if you have ever used an NFC business card, you’ll know how awesome this can be).

Anyway, the project has reached the main funding goal of £30,000, hitting £106,133 as of today. But what’s real interesting is that the designers have other plans should the keep hitting various funding levels. What happens when they hit £110,000? They’ll commit to a “Windows Mobile (sic) App”.

The project looks quite achievable and we like their plan that they’ve laid out for execution. What does it cost to jump on board? For £22 (around $38) you get the ring and the app. You can of course also pledge higher, should you choose.

Look, we’re not here to tell you how to spend your money and there are dozens if not hundreds of worthy Kickstarter projects out there. But we threw down some cash for this mission and with less than £4,000 to go to hit a Windows Phone app (in 21 days), we’re leaving this up to you guys.

Make sure you check out the video demo above of the NFC Ring and let us know below if you’ve committed!

Source: Kickstarter (NFC Ring); Thanks, Max A., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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