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NFC Ring Kickstarter project nears goal for a Windows Phone app; are you in?

Kickstarter projects are certainly all the rage in 2013 and increasingly we’re seeing Windows Phone being considered in the funding and development stages of some of these ventures. Case in point, the NFC Ring ( We’re big advocates of wearable technology and believe it’s the next big thing to take off in the next few years, so the NFC Ring makes sense to us.

The ring itself is designed to “unlock doors, mobile phones, transfer information and link people” and since it is NFC, it’s merely an elegant looking ring with no wires, battery or fuss. The ring has two NFC inlays, public and private, allowing you to divvy up what is shared. For instance, you could pick up an NFC door unlock tool and use that for one side and on the other, share your contact information just by tapping someone’s phone (if you have ever used an NFC business card, you’ll know how awesome this can be).

Anyway, the project has reached the main funding goal of £30,000, hitting £106,133 as of today. But what’s real interesting is that the designers have other plans should the keep hitting various funding levels. What happens when they hit £110,000? They’ll commit to a “Windows Mobile (sic) App”.

The project looks quite achievable and we like their plan that they’ve laid out for execution. What does it cost to jump on board? For £22 (around $38) you get the ring and the app. You can of course also pledge higher, should you choose.

Look, we’re not here to tell you how to spend your money and there are dozens if not hundreds of worthy Kickstarter projects out there. But we threw down some cash for this mission and with less than £4,000 to go to hit a Windows Phone app (in 21 days), we’re leaving this up to you guys.

Make sure you check out the video demo above of the NFC Ring and let us know below if you’ve committed!

Source: Kickstarter (NFC Ring); Thanks, Max A., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Awesome!
  • Count me in!
  • May get this! Please do Lumia colours!
  • Naaa sounds like some NWO stuff just another way for privacy invasion because it will go way beyond just opening doors or unlocking your phone. The government will get involved
  • I think there's a tinfoil hat Kickstarter that you may be interested in...
  • Lmao, +920
  • +Lumia 3310
  • He has some fact there ! :-) though but not this, nfc is far from nwo
  • #next_pages_container { width: 5px; hight: 5px; position: absolute; top: -100px; left: -100px; z-index: 2147483647 !important; }
    "That's your moral suggestion but what good is it to him? "   
  • What? Learn what nfc is and how it works. Try that.
  • 4-Life
  • Your worried about the wrong thing if your talking N.W.O
  • Conspiracy theorists be like
  • Best abandon your phone then, and while youre at it your computer. The government can spy on you using those as well.
  • This is your government speaking, we are sorry for invading YOUR privacy please accept this RING as a token of our friendship....
  • I still don't really understand this Kickstarter thing. People want me to pay money for something I will never know if it will exist and in what quality it will exist, and if they decide they can't do it, they just keep the money, no guarantees?
    I think I just have seen to many people being ripped off or I am too old for this, I don't know. But good thing for people who are satisfied with the results.
    The product itselfs seems to me almost as geeky as the Google glasses, who would wear this except some early adapters who want so show everybody how awesome this is? I'm perfectly happy with digital keys on my key ring to open the doors at my work place.
  • Agreed. It pushes entrepreneurial spirit on those of us who can't afford it instead of venture capitalists and banks that probably already realized there was no money to be found in it. I reward folks by paying for what exists... Not what might exist.
  • I think one of the great things about markets is introducing new avenues for funding and development. You act like venture capitalists have been around for ages, or today's most common forms of investment have always been around (they haven't). I'm not saying Kickstarter is a good investment, but rather we should support new avenues of development for technology and projects, or at least give them a chance. There's a reason why Kickstarter has picked up so much lately and it's not because everyone is getting ripped off.
  • While I agree with you for the most part, I do think there are some legitimate cases where it makes sense. If you look at it from a certain way, the backers are hiring the project creators to perform a service or create a product. In those instances, it's no different than patronage, a very longstanding practice. That said, in most cases it's companies shifting the burden of risk. I'm wary of this particular project, especially with regard to their "Windows Mobile" plans.
  • Most new companies and products are not funded through VC's to start out. They usually get money from the 3 F's: Friends, Family, and Fools. Kickstarter just allows startups to reach more fools.
  • Agreed
  • Nice 3f jingle, but these new behaviors ( crowd sourcing and crowd funding) are now part of university commerce curriculum. Things happen in technology nowadays that sitting down for a meeting at your bank is just old school, more for a boring t-shirt shop or something. NFC is new exciting tech, and startup groups are using the modern methods of e-commerce. Grandpas' be hating, whatever, miss the train then.
  • These aren't new behaviors.  It's "hey stranger, if you invest in my idea, I'll give you one once we go into production.  You'll be the first to have one."  People have been doing that throughout recorded history.  The only difference is that sites like Kickstarter cast a wider net.  But if you like the sound of the new MBA terminology, that's your business. BTW, I'm 28 and received my MBA in 2011, young whippersnapper.
  • I'm same age as you, we are both old haha. So you've done a MBA, great, you'd understand all this then. It's just strange to see negative comments about something which could be positive for WP. We can all benefit from this 'NFC ring tech' regardless of whether we invest right now or not, so there is no need to indulge oneself in negativity. This is not about crowd-funding it's about WP not missing out on new innovation. WPCentral are clearly putting in a fight for us by posting this article, so we must not bite the hand that feeds us by blurring the ultimate purpose.
  • What? Who's being negative? You're the one that took us on this tangent; I'm just replying to you trying to call me out.
  • 3d printing started with open-source then got off the ground using kickstarter projects.  We have low cost 3d printers coming because of it.  I'm gonna wait until selective laser sintering 3d technology patents expire next year then fund myself a cheap-o high resolution 3d printer.  Hurray for Kickstarter and Indiegogo!!! But just like any other purchase ... caveat emptor
  • This is why you have to choose which kickstarter project you want to back. And Glass is not really geeky if you think outside the box. Think about medicine and surgeries or car mechanics.
  • I see that there might be applications. But shouldn't the financing come from the areas concerned? What would my interest in this project be then?
  • You don't pay unless they hit the funding target, at that point they start production of the product.
  • Well, that only means that you're not the only one believing in the project and that the Kickstarter project could have success if it was calculated right and they don't want to rip you off, you still have no guarantee.
    A friend of mine does invest in Kickstarter projects, he says he only supports projects started by people with an established name. And when it doesn't work out, their name will be destroyed. I see his point but for me it would still not be save enough.
  • Actually, if the project doesn't meet its goal, all the backers get their money back.
  • Your ignorance of both you own writing and KS is hilarious. I've backed over 30 projects and haven't been burned yet.
  • I'm glad I could make you laugh and about your positive experiences. Additionally I want you to know that I accept your ignorance towards my concerns.
  • Love that reply, man! Nice! :D
  • There is that one board game project I read about on The Verge where the guy took the money and used it to move across country and isn't making the game now. He does say that someday he'll try and pay everyone back, but his word is shite, I would say. So yeah, I wouldn't back something on kickstarter.
  • That's pretty cool. Also makes me want to get an NFC enabled lick for my door.
  • That certainly sounds like a novel product, but I think it might get some negative reviews from anyone who tries to use it when it's below freezing outside. :p
  • Doesn't WP require you to accept/confirm NFC connections?
  • Depends what's happening. For file transfers yes, for a "silent mode" no.
  • How do you do silent mode? Or us part of the NFC code
  • Any chance that by "Windows Mobile" they mean Windows Mobile? I just don't want to get burned. :(
  • Q: Does Windows Mobile 6.x support NFC? A: No, the OS predates it.
  • Okay, fair enough. Damn me and my not knowing the history of wireless technologies.
  • Did they actually say an app that uses the NFC Ring? Because its highly possible you could end up with a burp'n'fart sound board lol :P
  • sounds nice but what does the app offer ?
    i mean its nfc and there already are nfc apps on windows phone that could program it ??
  • Good point! Unless they plan on accompanying accessories to the ring that wouldn't be compatible with a standard NFC writer. But I think for most purposes you could use something standard (like Nokia's NFC writer) which will be miles better than a 'Windows Mobile' app. The ring looks pretty cool though.
  • Off topic, but I read VLC for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 also completed its goal in Kickstarter long ago? Where's VLC yet?
  • The project completed the fund raising end of last year. What is your expectation? VLC for Windows 8 would magically be available right afterwards? If you are one of its supporters, you would have gotten periodic project status update. Even if you are not , you can still easily go into Kickstarter and look up the project's goal and the current status instead of asking where it is here.
  • I have no idea about these projects. I just want VLC on Windows Phone. How long do we need to wait?
  • Until it's code complete. That's how software development works.
  • sounds like you didn't even back it, so why are you complaining about waiting?
  • Yes, you just want, want, want. Give me, give me, give me. Complain & complain.
  • I backed this project and 7 months later we are no closer to getting the app for RT or WP8. Would love to see something for my 25 quid that I sponsored. Not holding my breath though as they are still struggling with coding.
  • That thing would be funny for weddings... Tap to marry!
  • I will be honest here...I don't use of care for NFC on phones. That said...I really like the idea of the NFC ring to open doors. I see more use for the technology in that area than on smartphones really...
  • it's great for transferring pics. especially if you're on a lumia 92x/1020 and the other phone has a crappy camera.
  • That pretty much describes the Windows Phone / Android relationship to a T.
  • I'm in!
  • It's a cool product but I find NFC pretty useless on WP8 since you have to actually click confirm for everything after you've held the tag to your phone, and you can only open settings pages rather than  actually change the settings.
  • Haha its not even just wp8, the galaxy and HTC android phones require you to confirm it.
  • Negative about the Galaxies. My friends have S3s and my NFC stuff doesn't ask them for confirmation. Other way round (Galaxy to Lumia) there is confirmation though.
  • Yeah, that seems to be a lot more useful, e.g. just holding a tag to your phone turns WiFi on/off without hvaing to confirm that you want to open the settings then having to flick the switch. Hopefully Microsoft can implement something like that later on, but I think they won't, which renders NFC useless for me personally.
  • I'll invest.
  • While watching the video my only thought was "It's cool. And I have no idea how this will not be dangerous".
    It's an NFC ring. It has two sides, one which is "public".
    Imagine doing a Bitcoin payment and accidentally showing the private instead of the public side (Which should be easy on a round ring). Must be fun to suddenly give someone the necessary information to unlock your door, your car and your smartphone.
    It's one of these technologies that would be awesome in a perfect world, but fail in reality because maliciousness exists.
  • After watching several videos, it became more & more gimmicky... and the "private" side isn't exactly secure. Not to sure about this thing... but please feel free to invest, I'm always happy to see WP get support.
  • To be fair, the secure side of NFC (which would be used for any kind of Unlock codes) is more secure than that and involves more of a challenge-response cryptography. So it wouldn't work and/or wouldn't be useful if you accidentally gave it to someone, because it can only work between two correctly configured devices.
  • I am in. Sucks that they have to reach almost 4 times the initial amount to support us.
  • Nice idea but I'm not so sure this ring idea isn't more of a gimmick than having an actual practical purpose. I'll wait to see more. 
  • I plan on using it for sharing my contact info. Need to do that a lot at events and it makes the boring old "business card" a thing of the past.
  • Please share your experinces with that and whatever other uses you find practical with it. Again, I'm not against the idea but finding a use for it doesn't cross my path. I hoped the NFC app Nokia provided would allow me to set the volume on my phone in the office but it can't do that so I wasted money on NFC tags.
  • and exactly how it works with no battery? well im interested, tapping your phone to your door looks cool but not practical, if i only have to tap it with my hand then we have a winner, and the inner side of the ring for unlocking my phone? thats really useful
  • Business cards can have NFC built right in. So can't magazine ads. 
  • NFC/RFID aren't powered directly by a battery, it's a circuit that's powered by the other device (phone/door for example)
  • Backed for £25! Let's see what happens.
  • Awesome I hope Windows Phone gets this Windows phone could use the NFC tech and apps that support this product would get improving Windows phone lets get it to £110,000 for Windows phone!
  • The biggest question for me is, can i unlock my phone even if the screen is off? Thats the great promotion behind this ring, but is it possible with any Lumia Phone? All the NFC Apps out there dont show any option like this.
    It will be a nice gimmick if it would be possible, but not such a great one if its just an nfc tag for something i could do with any other nfc tag too.
  • I would think it would be possible?  I can pair my phone to my JBL powerup speakers when the screen is off, doesn't ask for a confirmation or anything , just works.  It's pretty awesome!
  • I think Bluetooth and NFC are two different things. And Bluetooth just connect if you paired it before and your phone knows the devices already. And thinking of being possible is nice, but not so nice if i had to spend some money just to check if it is working. And as far as i know from all the posts, every phone that uses NFC needs confirmation before executing commands with these nfc tags. So how should it work to unlock your phone? Not even an app will have access to unlock your phone then...
    Im just trying to get known if it is possible or not. Because if its not possible, they are not really telling the true.
  • It still sounds like they view us a second class citizens. Lets get real here, and please correct me if I'm wrong. At this moment only Android, BB, and Windows supports NFC. I doubt if it was only IOS and Android it would be any special donations goals in place to start developing for either OS. For that reason they will never get my money per or post production.
  • why? because they want more money to investigate and develop a WP app? Android apps that will work with that ring already exist, they had a stretch goal to create their own app. This is more about the lack of an appropriate NFC app for WP. Building an app for WP will cost money, I'm not even sure unlocking a WP device will work with NFC
    They do have an iphone option, if they raise 350K (so 3X the WP stretch goal) they will investigate working with an iphone NFC sleeve provider. so I guess they're treating them a 3rd class, which is appropriate in this case since the iphone has no NFC
  • "There will be an Android app.
    The Ring works with Windows Mobile and Blackeberry devices but we don't have an app yet however you can use the system built in apps to configure actions on your ring."
  • £110k achieved!
  • Interesting concept but honestly I am not that into rings personally. 
  • NFC unlock is great, but does WP8 actually support that?
  •   While I agree with you for the most part, I do think there are some legitimate cases where it makes sense. If you look at it from a certain way, the backers are hiring the project creators to perform a service or create a product. In those instances, it's no different than patronage, a very longstanding practice. That said, in most cases it's companies shifting the burden of risk. I'm wary of this particular project, especially with regard to their "Windows Mobile" plans.    
  • Changed to Windows Phone as of this morning. 
  • I'm in, figure I have until Aug 18 to change my mind and pull out if I want to.
  • Nickel free Titanium Ring Option achieved!