Get ready for the Superbowl and win prizes as we play NFL Blitz tonight on Twitch

Every weekend, Windows Central streams an Xbox game or two on Twitch for 1-2 hours and gives out free games to the cool people who join us during the stream. It's like a live podcast, only you also get to watch a game while chatting with our awesome readers and viewers!

Tonight we prepared for the Super Bowl by playing NFL Blitz from EA Sports. NFL Blitz is a fast-paced arcade-style sportsball game. Read on to watch us have a blast predicting the Super Bowl's outcome and more in the full video replay, plus check out our quick impressions and contest winners.

Just follow us at, enable email notifications, watch along, and participate in chat for your chance to win. After the stream ends, be sure to check back for the YouTube replay video and contest winners.

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NFL Blitz

There's no better way for gamers to prepare for the Super Bowl than by playing and watching a football videogame! And we've chosen a fast-paced game like NFL Blitz for good measure.

The first NFL Blitz appeared in arcades way back in 1997. The game quickly became a hit thanks to its simple controls and hard hits. EA's Xbox 360 version of NFL Blitz doesn't feature Blitz's traditionally exaggerated violence, but it's still a fast and approachable game of football. (Note that NFL Blitz is not currently backwards compatible on Xbox One.)

NFL Blitz Xbox 360

Official description:

"The big hits and stellar plays are back with all-new NFL Blitz. Featuring a combination of the arcade-style gameplay that made the original a hit and the deep, immersive game modes of today, NFL Blitz is recharged with an energetic, football gaming experience. Whether battling your rival in a 7-on-7 grudge match, fighting your way through a season of the Blitz Gauntlet, or taking over the online Battle Boards in Blitz Battles, Every Game Is a Two-Minute Drill with NFL Blitz!"

Watch us play plenty of matchups, including the Broncos versus the Panthers. And don't forget, NFL Blitz is on sale for $3.74 for Xbox Live Gold members this weekend!

Buy NFL Blitz for Xbox 360 at

The Contest

NFL Blitz Xbox 360

We streamed NFL Blitz for 90 minutes tonight. During that time, we gave out a total of 10 prize codes:

  • 1 Grand Prize: $25 Xbox Gift Card
  • 9 Standard Prizes: $10 Xbox Gift Card

Continue reading to see the contest winners!

How to watch Twitch livestreams

NFL Blitz Xbox 360

What's the best way to experience Twitch? The Twitch website on your PC or Mac web browser. If you don't have or prefer not to use a computer, you can get the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Xbox 360 Twitch apps and watch from the comfort of your couch. Android and iOS both have official and unofficial Twitch apps to choose from as well.

On Windows Phone, you'll have to grab an unofficial app. There are several to choose from, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Only one app lets you search directly for our channel, though. If you use the others you'll have to find and follow us from a web browser first. Read the roundup to learn more!

Future streams

NFL Blitz Xbox 360

Want to know what's next for Windows Central's Twitch programming? We stream a different game every Saturday. The stream always starts at the same time: 9pm Eastern (8pm Central, 6pm Pacific, 2am GMT). Over the next few weeks, we'll be streaming the following (schedule not finalized):

  • February 13: Neverwinter: Underdark – See the newest free Neverwinter expansion and win a special Green Owlbear mount!
  • February 20: The Fall from Over the Moon Games, with special guest cohost from the developer!
  • February 27: BladeStorm: Nightmare from Koei Tecmo – A $50 value!
  • March 5: Tachyon Project from Eclipse Games
  • March 12: Lifeless Planet from Stage 2 Studios
  • March 19: To be announced
  • March 26: Dead or Alive 5 Last Round from Koei Tecmo – A $60 value!

We hope you'll tune in as often as you can! Set a recurring alarm on your phone so you'll always know when it's time for the stream to start.


NFL Blitz Xbox 360

These cool people scored a touchdown in tonight's contest.

$25 Xbox Gift Card

  • Thals1992

$10 Xbox Gift Cards

  • Pure_emerald
  • Graxiplon_
  • Link1207
  • Deadp00l1391
  • Stoneysilence
  • Lochdoun
  • Swizzlerzs
  • Cecilkilmer
  • Mans550

Tonight's prizes provided by Mobile Nations. Thanks also to our Twitch stream moderators for keeping the peace and giving away the prizes!

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