No more Dolby Digital Plus for the Lumia 800

We're not entirely sure what's going on at Nokia HQ, but whoever has populated the specification sheet on the website is probably being heavily spanked as we speak. We recently covered how the specifications for the Nokia Lumia 800 were updated on the official product page to remove TV Out and Mass Storage capabilities (opens in new tab).

We now have word, courtesy of 1800PocketPC, that there's another fault in the Lumia 800 specifications. Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Headphones. The product page has been updated recently to remove these entries, but they can still be viewed on a cached version of the page (opens in new tab) (alternatively, search for "" on Bing, highlight top result and click on "Cached Page"), thanks to Bing. You can find the Dolby audio features under Music & Audio.

So, what's next to go?

Source: 1800PocketPC

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • aww :(
  • They have already excluded flac too from that list...
  • It's so very embarrassing seeing giant companies making such foolish mistakes on advertising their products. WP7 has to suffer, I hoped both MS and Nokia will stop doing stupid things like talking about competition, start creating good ads and let the word out.
  • When did Nokia start working on the N9? It seems puzzling to me that the N9 has superior hardware when they are supposedly dropping the MeeGo platform. It's insane! That's like Microsoft right now surprising everyone with a phone they have been working on with superior hardware to even rival the iphone, but oh wait it's running Windows Mobile 6.5.
  • That would rule! Just think, we could have:- turn by turn voice guided nav- rdp client- notes- full multitasking- onboard voice command- better lock screen- vpn support- full eas support- no twitter integration- no Facebook integration- upgradeable storage- control over audio settings- and half of the other things currently on the wp7 wish list
  • No TV Out, no Mass Storage, no 64GB storage, no Dolby Digital Plus, no Dolby Headphones, no Front facing camera, etc, etc, etc.WP7 devices have the worst hardware specifications ever.Where are the great hardware Nokia was supposed to bring?Where have the money from Microsoft gone?Where are the decent 2nd generation devices?Who wonder why WP7 fails?
  • @kim thran...There you go AGAIN! Are you an embittered Symbian fan? You bash WP on every site citing spec and storage deficiencies, and threaten to go to Android. Just stop with the empty threats, and make the move!Obviously, there it brings joy to you to bash WP, but it would seem that you would value your time a bit more, and just move on to the tech that is going to fulfill your life.
  • I can only speak for myself ... but ... Is it so hard to believe that some of us would like WP to succeed but are also deeply frustrated with what we're seeing?Obviously, if I thought Android was so great I would buy an Android handset and not spend another second listening to you guys rationalize the many hardware and software flaws. It's lucky I suppose I usually take years to decide on buying something, or I would have probably settled on an Android and been done with it already.Disclaimer: I have a SE T310 handset from 2003. I have also used Symbian but have no hands-on experience from any other smartphone OS.
  • as a former active user of Symbian and android, i am well aware of the many shortcomings in windows phone and mention them vehemently, but it does not mean i will bash the fledgling OS at every turn.i see where its all going and the positives outweigh the negatives.
  • This is nothing!You should compare the Lumia 800 with the N8 on the Nokia UK website.There it claims that the Lumia 800 can't play music and doesn't have a radio!( comparison sheets are never properly filled in and so are rendered pointless.