Nokia 800 doesn't support TV Out and cannot be used as USB mass storage

According to some reports that have been published around the web, the Nokia 800 (opens in new tab) is to sport TV Out and have the ability to be used as USB mass storage. These features were indeed found on the official specification read out on the Nokia website, but have since been removed. We will be heading over to the World of Nokia to confirm if said features exist or if this was simply an error (For the record, Windows Phone 7 OS supports neither, so we're highly doubtful that this will be reversed).

FLAC is reportedly supported in addition to Ogg Vorbis, which could be down to the Nokia Music app. Zune doesn't support either format, which raises some red flags in our book. We'll work to verify.

Source: Nokia

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Makes sense. It's just another Windows Phone with subpar hardware...I'm starting to get pissed of all this 1 year old specs. If at least the price was subpar too...
  • How's the hardware subpar when it matches the N9? TVout and USB Mass storage are nice but with DLNA, who really uses a tethered option any more?
  • While I do agree with your points Daniel, there are still a number of folks that would love HMDI via USB to connect to an HDTV that may not have network connectivity. Surely with more and more HDTV's shipping with WiFi and Ethernet ports, this requirement would certainly become less relevant.
  • Daniel, don't get me wrong, I can live without a dual core phone, but FFC is almost a standard now as 32GB+ of storage is.We are talking about a +/-$500 USD phone here, not a 7-Eleven phone, and Skype is just around the corner, so why ditch the FFC from N9?We waited 9 months for a downgraded N9? Wow
  • ^^^ Exactly. We can argue to folks all day about how and why our OS is better than theirs, but when it comes down to hardware, our phones themselves are always worse. How long will we have to wait for the heavyweight phones?
  • Diego3336, are you in Europe or USA? If you are in the USA, I'm hoping we get the Lumina 900 the would come with a FFC. Nokia did say they would have multiple variants. Give them a little more time; and remember, they did switch platforms rather abruptly.
  • IMO the FFC, while kinda gimmicky, is still a must-have for high-end hardware just to be competitive. It really makes no sense to me why it was available on the N9 but they took it out on the 800, especially when the OS supports it.The killer for me is the 16gb storage. There's really no excuse for not having a 32gb or 64gb option. I really like the style on the 800 (wish it would shave off a mm or 2 though), and would like to buy one, but the lack of storage or expandable storage is a deal breaker for me.
  • @Diego3336..FFC is only now becoming the standard for WP, but it has been the standard on other OSes. So your disappoint with no FFC on this European device is understandable *if* you are in Europe. 32GB of storage has NEVER been the standard for WP, so not really understanding your disappointment with Nokia there, as neither HTC or Samsung (after being in the WP game for over a year) has provided higher storage options either.If you want a FFC, then get a new HTC or Samsung device; if you want more than 16GB of storage, you'll probably have to step into the Android or iOS arena.At the end of the day, if you are in the U.S. and want a Nokia, you'll just have to wait with the rest of us. Nokia will have plenty of time before they make their entry on our shores to ensure all of the accoutrements that we desire will be included in the devices that they debut for us. Of course, if a ffc, and storage options are not included in the U.S. versions of Nokia devices, then even I, a Nokia fan, will be disappointed at that point.
  • I'll take the 'sub par" lag free, buttery smooth, Xbox-controlling WP7 over any other mobile OS anyday!
  • Nokia once was an innovative company. They gave this up when they sold themselves to MS.Let's hope the boots business doesn't suffer from global economics crisis...
  • troll harder
  • Apple never was, just stole other peoples innovations. You've implanted yourself here to see what new hardware/software innovation are coming to MS so Apple can impletment them into the iphone 5. I don't tell me about how great the iphone is because I have one currently and have had its predecessor and none of them are as good as WP7 with or without a FFC.
  • thats funny , on the spec list it say it does. hahaha
  • It's annoying that for an OS with the best music software, a lot of features that would made the phones better for music hardware-wise keep getting ignored. 16 GB is not enough, and Mass storage mode would also allow it to be recognized on usb-enabled car stereos. (It sounds pointless, but its nice to be able to change songs on the stereo rather than picking up the phone. Safer too.)
  • I currentl plug my WP7 into my car and can access my zune music, so what's your point? I can also access zune music store on Skydrive, as well as connect zune music to Xbox console and listen while I play.
  • who cares? every phone can can plug into xboxs, (which idk why u dont just let the xbox access ur comps Zune wirelessly instead.) But does the usb connection on your stereo recognize your phone? I could care less if your happy with the features you're missing, I myself want more, and if every other phone can do it then why can't this one? My stereo will read an iphone and display artist, album, songs, and let me use the remote instead of scrolling through the phone to play the music. AUX are always worse quality anyway.
  • Bluetooth? and ur car stereo must have a bad ADC then if ur AUX isn't sounding too good.
  • It sounds flat as **** I cant stand it. I didnt even try the bluetooth idea yet, thanks for that. lol I almost resorted to put the huge CD folder back in my passenger seat lol
  • I just got a new Volvo V60, and the in car stereo connects to my WP7 over bluetooth. Plays music, controls music playing and downloads my phone book. Heck when my kids plays games on my phone the in game music comes out in the car speakers!So what was the problem again?
  • Surely you can just use the registry hack to turn it into a USB storage device anyway?
  • Yep you can, but people like to p*ss and moan over trivial stuff. Personally, I think WP should allow use as a USB drive *IF* a setting were included that specified how much storage space can be used up for that purpose. That way, the phone can properly chastise the user when space gets tight either for the phone's use or for the USB drive.