No plans for Google to create an official Voice app for Windows Phone

Google has no immediate plans to release an official Google Voice app for Windows Phone, according to reports. CNET received an official statement from the search giant detailing a development focus on Android and iOS. The statement does note that should sufficient demand spark for a Google Voice client on Windows Phone, the team will look into kick-starting the project.

"We're focusing our Google Voice efforts on Android & iOS and don't have a plan to extend this to the Windows Phone. This may change if we start to see greater demand from Windows Phone users for Google Voice."

Previously we've witnessed what the power of Windows Phone users can achieve by demanding official support from companies, with Draw Something proving to be the best example. For now, until we receive word of an official app in development, those who wish to use the Google service can look at third-party alternatives available on the Marketplace - GoVoice is a free unofficial client, which we've covered previously. 

As CNET rightfully points out, users should always be cautious when downloading apps from the Marketplace. Luckily the developer of GoVoice got in touch and provided the following statement to address any potential concerns:

"We take your privacy seriously and we don't store your password on the device unless if you choose to do so. Even if your device is compromised you can still revoke GoVoice's access. Your password is encrypted on the device and only sent to the Google Voice servers over Secure Sockets Layer (https). We care about your security."

It's a positive sign to say the least. The Windows Phone Marketplace has a number of indie developed apps that boast the functionality missing official apps would feature, which is something many forget when choosing their next smartphone. The only app Google has produced for Windows Phone is the search app, though there are unofficial apps for a number of the search engine's services, including Google Maps.

Are you looking forward to more official support from Google, and do you believe they should start actively developing clients now? Let us know in the comments.

Source: CNET, via: Neowin; Thanks vincentw56 for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Wow didn't know people actually use google voice. I still don't understand why is Microsoft creating all these android apps and google doesn't care about even making a YouTube app.
  • Iphone
  • I use Google Voice to help with ditching my land-line. For now, my VOIP calls are free, and it serves as an incoming voicemail. I have the $25 a month VM USA plan that only gives me 300 minutes of talk time, so GV helps me save minutes. I would love for MS to integrate VOIP calls into my hotmail account.
  • Your data speeds are probably extremely slow
  • Wtf is wrong with the WP
  • Not sure f your wondering why Google doesn't support it, or just trolling. . .
  • Even if they did, I would never install it.
  • +1
  • +1
  • Well Google I try to have a life as much Google Free as I can... I'll make sure you don't put your crap in my phone....
  • duck google
  • ^That
  • >This
  • Disappointing, but I have a third party client I'm happy with, so not the end of the world (MetroTalk, if you're all wondering). But it surprises me that Google isn't trying to get its services onto every platform it can manage. You'd think that would be in their interests.
    As for security.. it would be awesome if Google would implement something where you could restrict what information apps could access using an application specific password. So, for instance, you could create one that only allowed access to Google Voice and not, say, Gmail or Wallet or whatever. That would really help in terms of security.
  • No need for anything google.. Does Microsoft care to create an Xbox live app, Xbox live games or even the SkyDrive app for Android?. There's your answer..
  • I think that's because of security issues mostly, MS has a few apps that compliment services from MS. OneNote for example
  • Google not making something for Windows Phone?? Wow! I could not care less!
  • Well said.
  • Eh.  We don't have a landline, just 3 mobiles (all HD7's) and two Skype numbers (for our office numbers).  I have Google Voice for one thing ... whenever I register something, register for something, or fill out an application, they get my Google Voice number so it can capture all of the telemarketing calls that follow soon afterwards.  Enjoy, Google.
  • There is plenty of 3rd party google voice apps out there not to have to worry about an offical one.
    Incase people are wondering why. Free Phone calls, I use it when I have to call into conference calls. Set your one of your friends and family numbers as your google voice number and set google voice to always call from your GV number(so Caller ID is your GV number). Now when you dial out with one of these 3rd party apps, it will call you back, and the caller ID will show your google voice number. This will give you unlimited calls to who ever you want and it beats having to pay $0.20 a min when I go for work calls...and you can use this for other friends or calls.
  • care o meter for any google service =  a big 0
  • I use GoVoice to get free Texting.  Saves me $20 a month.  Downside is no picture message support.  I haven't had any problem with GoVoice, but an Official app would be nice though.
  • I use Google voice only because I'm deployed, and it's an easy and free way to call home to talk to my family. However, once I get back from deployment I'll probably never use it again, lol.
  • What was that about Draw Something? I thought they had no interest in a WP7 version?
  • Right? I missed that article or something. Not sure if they meant we want one, or if trees one coming because we want one
  • Only thing I could find was an article a few weeks back about them saying they would consider making one if there was enough demand. Not exactly a clear commitment.
  • Haha! +1 like we care, google's losing out. People were forced onto Google+ so I don't see why Google voice is such a big thing, when the alternative solution provides their features.
  • GV was a major reason for me not wanting to leave Android. The NL900 is the first time I have ever purchased a Microsoft product (Apple user since the '80s) and I love it, but I'd kill for deep GV integration in WP7. Using GV for WP, I copy a number off of local scout and paste into the app. I know it's a pipe dream, but to be able to select my GV number as my primary when using the messaging or people tiles would be phenomenal. I also miss the free texting. Currently, sent texts are free, but I'm charged for received, so I signed up for the $20 unlimited. I already miss my $80 average cell bill...:'(
    It should be illegal to pay for texts with a data plan.
  • I kind of like these indie developers doing their own version. It's kind of awesome really. The official Google Voice sucks on iOS and Android, as well as the YouTube app. But ours are kind of way better lol
  • The official GV on Android is better than the best WP7 app (GoVoice).  GoVoice is hit or miss when it comes to notifications.  If anyone else knows an app or service that delivers free texts to any phone, I'm all ears.
  • You can always try using MetroTalk :) (full disclosure: I am the developer) If you have any problems, feel free to contact me. Btw, version 1.3. will be out in the Marketplace later today which fixes some issues.
  • Well Google concentrate your focus in DESERT+...sorry Google+ , in fact as less you do the more people realize that is life out of the Google bubble, In fact since i get my first WP7 i barely use your services just YouTube...and now i don't give a sh*t
  • I don't care about Google services, as I have deleted all of my accounts, except the one for Reader (haven't been able to find a good online alternative.)
    That being said, I really hate these devs creating apps to iOS and Android only, and when asked about a WP version "we will be waiting to see if the market share increases."  Really? Do they not realize this is MS?  And with their last quater earnings report are not losing ground to either Google or Apple on many fronts?  Also, I would love to see existing app have feature parity.  For instance, I was emailed the manager of application development for OpenTable.  I think we can all agree that it's a good working app, but missing some features.  They won't be updating it, or releasing one for Windows 8 until they see "significant traction."  Now, to be fair, I get that when it comes to indie or small developers.  But, those that have apps or are already big (or some that have partnerships with MS) I don't understand this mindset.
  • Not a surprise and I don't really care. I personally have been slowly moving away from google. Microsoft services have surpassed them in many ways over the past year. The ecosystem across the different screens is really coming together.
  • I'm glad you made this comment. Can I ask why you are choosing to do this? I am coming from Android to WP and over the past year have been weighing the option, but especially since getting my WP recently. I have been using GMail, Google Docs(Drive now) but I like Skydrive a lot better than GDocs or Picasa Web Albums because of the storage. I know MS has improved Hotmail a lot over the past couple years so wondering now if I should move over to that for my professional/work related email over GMail. I would like to get your thoughts.
  • I actually think that for professional grade services it is worth it to pay the $6 / month to Office 365 and get a proper exchange account.
  • this just really pissed me off i just switched from android to windows and still changing over but it is not as hard as i thought bing is better than i thought it would be ms maps is actually great but there are 2 services that i need and thought they would make apps for and that is youtube lets face it we all use it and google music zune just doesnt do it i need somehting that i can sync my music and play it through zune all in the cloud untill zune can do that i still will need google music but after reading this makes me wanna delete all my gmail accounts
  • Check out gooroovster for google music. Not official but not bad and YouTube pro for YouTube.
  • Thanks I will check them out.
  • I may be an exception, but all of my music is ZunePass music.  I always thought it was better to pay $10 / month for unlimited access to their collection than to try to manage access to my much, much, much smaller library.
  • Yeah, I think I would like to see a Offficial app for GVoice. I use it to call my family in the US so they don't pay long distance charges for calling/txting.  Im using GoVoice but yes no notifications is a big thing and I don't want or feel I should have to pay for just one extra feature.
  • I know this is off topic but is there any word or any chance that we could see a linkedin app or google plus app Rich
  • Boooo, they just don't want to support WP and recognize them as a viable platform. Even if the new lumias sell a few million, that's still a few million more potential downloads. Dummies
  • If Google did make a client they would program it badly on purpose to make it not work as well on Microsoft products. They are even throttling YouTube for IE these days--if that is not antitrust I don't know what is.
  • I honestly couldn't care less about Google.
  • The reason is simple , google is not steady enough , worry about marketshare will drop soon if they release apps for windows phone, nobody bother to use laggy android anymore if windows phone widely jailbreak!
  • We dont need a gvoice, we got skype, we dont need google at all..
  • I won't provide any demand for GV on WP. I stopped using Google voice permanently after the second time I spent a Friday evening at home alone only to later realize that GV on the iPhone had failed to deliver a text about my friends getting together until after the event was over.
  • You cannot base your opinion of GV on a non-Android phone. I had the iPhone 3G before Apple even allowed third party apps like GV, but switched to Google/HTC Nexus One after they screwed up on the iPhone 4 antenna issue. It sucked and web based to boot. After switching to the Nexus One, it was a phenomenally different. Obviously, it's baked deeply into the OS, which affords a plethora of advantages and features not to be repeated on another mobile OS. I miss it, but I'm getting by without it.
  • Google sucks díck and plus they're racist against Latinas so fuçk them.
  • I really want Google voice on my WP.  I use it because it lets me have several lines (home, work, cell) all tied together.  GoVoice doesn't really do it for me.
  • We have a handful of Google Voice numbers. Right now actually using it so I can send free texts to my wife's iPod Touch. She is finishing nursing school and will hopefully be in the field soon so it will be a cheap way to stay in touch, plus it has a much wider variety of medical/nursing apps than anything else that she can use. No texting plan on her phone and I only have 250 messages in my grandfathered $5 plan, so free GV texts are the way to go.
    Going to check out the Metrotalk app, GoVoice works, but the look is just...hmmm...