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Want Draw Something on Windows Phone? Show your interest!

There has been some interest shown for a Draw Something app to be made for Windows Phone. There are already apps available for both iOS and Android, allowing friends (and random people) to compete against one another by drawing illustrations and guessing correctly. A thread over at GetSatisfaction has over 800 people wanting the app brought to Microsoft's platform.

Joseph, an official representative from OMGPOP (developers of the title), has stated "if there's a high demand for it", then they'll definitely look to develop an app for Windows Phone.

Be sure to head on over to the thread at GetSatisfaction to show your interest should you desire Draw Something for Windows Phone. You can also get in touch with OMGPOP directly.

Source: GetSatisfaction; thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • It will be nice with the parity of apps. This is one instance, IMO. Scramble with Friends too (though Wordament > Scramble with Friends IMO).
  • For these types of apps parity apps are not an option. The major appeal of these apps is the large user base, and the amount of firend that have it. Without tying into this comunity the parity app has nothing going for it. 
  • did you mean "Words" with Friend instead or is there actually a game called Sramble with Friends?
  • Pleaseeeeee make draw something for the windows phone 7 titan 1 im beggging u guysssss that games so tight!!!!!
  • I really would love to have this. Its popular with other platforms and it makes wp7 look bad for not having it. I wonder how long it would take to port.
  • Me to is it available for windows phone yet x
  • This is so ironic. I have a HD7 on Tmobile. I recently bought a HTC sensation and HTC radar. I completely hated the radar. I couldn't type on that small keyboard. I really liked the app selection on the sensation. Still I went back to my HD7 and decided to wait on a real WP7 for tmobile. Well I let my son play with both phones. He is a big time Xbox gamer. I just knew he'd pick the radar. Wrong. He picked the sensation. I asked him why. He said there was to games he played all the time. This draw game and the word find game. I showed him windows had a similar word game that you can play live. That draw game was the deal breaker for him. I've never played either game but it was a deal breaker for my son.
  • Its really all about brand loyalty and comfort. No doubt WP has great alternatives to many games on iOS and Android. But it's hard when you've established a comfort level with a game. For me, it's Words With Friends. I know we have Words By Post and its fine. I'm just so used to WWF and its interface. The big thing is the Facebook app. Its huge and how many of my friends play
  • Getting tired of saying, "No, I don't have that on my Windows Phone."
  • I hear you. So many great apps out there and they don't show any love for Windows Phone 7. What will it take to get them on board?
  • Customers.
  • I completely agree with you. I first noticed it with Words with Friends, and then when my boyfriend wanted me to get Voxer, I had to get HeyTell, which he got for me, but he's the only person I have on it. All of my other friends and family have Voxer.
    The "substitute" WP7 version of these apps are cute, but doesn't grasp the same concept. And I have no choice but to play with strangers -.-
  • If customers is what they need, then the upgraded app and game selection will bring more. What turns people away is the fact they apple and android crap have better community apps
  • Yea. I feel you.
  • Ive been trying to spread this around a little bit. If you want this app dont be afraid to share. Im also tired of saying I dont have that app on my windows phone lol! So annoying. This app is getting popular this would be a great addition to windows phone no matter if you like it or not. I just wish we could do this to all developers especially tho douches at zanga! Lmao
  • My other half has this on her iPhone and my sister has it on Android, and I'm stuck in the cold without it.. If you released it I would buy it tomorrow!!!!
  • So I've been a owner of Windows phone now for 4 months and dislike like the fact that they don't have the APP for DRAW SOMETHiNG and the APP for VOXER !! Where exactly can we "complain" and it will count ????....
  • That's what I'm saying I've had my windows phone 7 titan 1 for 2 months now and hve been waiitin for the draw something app but it seems like my phones never gonna have it and all my friends have the app except me =[ and my comments seem to never help
  • If you read the article again it tells you where you can go to complain. Definitely a fun game and wish we had it so hopefully it gets some attention. Honestly by the time it does though there will be a new "favorite" game of the month so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  • Seriously cannot wait for a Draw Something app on Windows Phones. I keep stealing my girlfriend's phone to play it. I would absolutely buy thus app tomorrow if it came out. I hope it comes out soon.
  • I want it too, my wife and daughter play it every day and I can't. My wife told me to get it and I said I can't its not made for my phone and she said my phone sucks lol. Also tired of no apps. I now carry two phones, my HD7s and a Galaxy SII for work. I seem to do all my game playing on the SII. Tiny tower, draw, and others. My only win had been words by post, we all play that as they both tried WWF
  • And did not like it in comparison. Sorry, hit submit by accident btw.
  • Any chance we can get another post like this one for Tint Towers and pocket frogs. Their official response was that Nimblebit is open to other platforms. Lets get enough people posting to get a few more games ported.
  • Looks like the developers have "refined" their response. Don't get your hopes up.... =[
  • I'm sure it'd be a great hit for people with windows phone :)
  • Glad to see that it's under consideration, but don't have my hopes up. 
    Love my WP but most of the time I just feel like the guy that just watched last years blockbuster and wants to talk about it. By the time we get anything, people have moved on and we're sitting here trying to get our friends to play something they are already burned out on. 
  • I would personally love to have the Draw Something app along with the Words with friends app. I play with my friends on my boyfriends iPod. But I can't play when im at home because it isn't available for the radar. They have knock off ones of these games but you aren't able to play with people who have the real app and its just not as much fun.
  • Would really like the draw something app for windows. Everybodys playn it right now except
  • i've created a wpcentral account, just because i want you "drawsomething"...please come to windows phone, please><...
  • Did the switch from apple to Windows Phone 7.  It's time developers to take this phone OS seriously. In my opinion, it dwarfs iOS in many aspects.
    Win Phone 7 apps are said to be compatible with Win Phone 8- No excuse not to get things together! There's a lack of good games on Win Phone 7 at the moment, releasing this would get my money along with a majority of other users.
  • Yeah! it'll be nice having an app like that and in fact it's very necessary as it's full of fun u know lol :-)
  • Everyone I know is playing words with friends & draw something.  I want it on my windows phone!! If you want people to keep purchasing windows phones, you'd better start making them offer what the others have.  If you don't make some of these games available soon, I will be replacing my phone with an android.  Keep your customers happy or you'll be losing them. :(
  • I really want the app draw something & words with friends its getting annoying telling everyone I don't have it ): like the previous comments keep ur customers happy or you'll lose them(:
  • I also, would like to have draw something, om ny Windows phone. It would make people with theese phones very happy :-)
  • I also want a Draw Something app for my Windows Phone!  Please make one ASAP.  My wife is a current Android user and avid player of Draw Something right now, but will be switching to Windows Phone when the Nokia Lumia 900 is released.  I am sure my wife would also want a  Draw Something app for Windows Phone released.
    You can count us as +2 for a Draw Something app on Windows Phone.
  • Make it pleesz !!:)
  • I want i so bad !! :(
  • Iam using my old annoying android phone, just so that I could play the game. I want it for my windows phone, window phones should have all the acessiblities that the androids and iPhones have.  
  • Though I do like my HTC HD7S, it is very upsetting of the poor selection of the marketplace. I paid a pretty penny for this phone, but i'm upset that I can't have the apps the rest of my friends and family have, being that consumers are choosing Iphones and phones that have the Android Market.
    Knowing what I know now, I will be sure to NOT get another Windows Phone. I can pay the same price for a device that offers the Android Marketplace.
  • as a windows phone user i find it disappointing that my friends/ work collegues are able to access apps and i am not able to and this may be the reason why people dont rate these handsets over apple or android and for this reason i am now considering going to android for my next upgrade so i can join in.
  • I love my windows phone all but the games and other apps cant start getting the good apps will be forced to will b forced to go back to the iphone draw something for starters
  • I actually think its absolutely ridiculous that you do not already have this App available for download!  By the time you get round to it, it will be no where near as popular as it is now.  I really think you need to be more on the ball with the apps that android are producing and start getting them on Windows, because to be honest at the moment you are seriously lacking and I would not have another windows phone.
  • omg every1 is playing this game on android and iphone :( i want it on windows phone 7 please!!!
    Draw something is a HOT app atm please bring it to windows phone asap!!
    i want it nowww!! :D
  • I just got my windows phone HTC radar . I love it , but I have 30 days to return it. Im thinking of returning it for a android. No disrespect but there are no popular apps like words with friends or draw something. Im very disappointed with windows phone. I don't recommend this phone to a teenager
  • Love my Nokia Lumia! But I want Words with Friends and Draw Something! Why are there so few apps for the Windows phones out there?
  • Draw something for windows phone. Not make apps for windows phone when they are made for IOS and android?!? Avid user of windows phone and had to borrow an iPod to play games.. Would much rather use my Windows Phone 7, didn't get it for nothing!
  • Come on add the Draw Something App. Everybody I know has it. I was so excited to get my new Windows Phone because I thought I would be able to play Draw Something. I am so disappointed
  • I want draw something on windows phone!!!!!
  • Omgpop make it happen.
  • I def want that app for windows phones too
  • I want voxer, draw something and waze!!!!