The No Reboot Challenge

We're a bit late to this party, but it's a good party, hopping even, what with Mike Temporale and Christopher Spera (for whom it's not going so hot) in on the action. Here's the deal:

In order to show that Windows Mobile isn't as crashy as its reputation, let's see how long we can go with our Windows Mobile devices without rebooting. Bonus points for doing it without force-quitting anything.

This will be a tough one for yours-truly to take part in as I always use my main phone to test software (otherwise it's not much of a test) and I'm always testing software that I don't fully know or trust. I'm also an inveterate lover of Beta software, so there's that too. Nevertheless, I'm in too, guys, call me the outlier: No resets or force quits (or even using “X to close!”) on a Treo Pro and I'm going to leave stuff like the SEVEN Beta and Opera 9.5 Beta on and will keep using them. I expect the occasional need to force quit apps every now and then, but I'm hoping to make it a few days before a force quit and at least a week before a reboot.

Still and all, anecdotally speaking I know for a fact that I've gone over a week without resetting my Motorola Q9h even though it was loaded to the gills with 3rd party software, Beta or no. Certainly I've had more stability on Windows Mobile than I have with the latest iPhone ROMs (and I'm not the only one).

Willing to join in? If you are, comment on this post with your device, notable software, and start time. Head on back to this post and comment again if you've had to reset or force quit an app. We'll check back in two weeks and see how everybody did. Heck, keeping track of this is hard, so we'll give away a 20% Off WMExperts Store Coupon to 2 participants chosen randomly from the comments here.

Bonus: Predictions? I predict that WM Standard devices will last longer than WM Pro devices. Just putting that out there.

...Ready ...Set ....GO!

WC Staff