NoDo Update Ceased for Unbranded Samsung Omnia 7

There have been a continuous stream of reports and complaints about failed updates (or no notification at all) since NoDo first began rolling out and now we've learn that the Windows Phone team have ceased the Samsung Omnia 7 NoDo roll out. From the image above, you can see a reader querying for any information regarding unbranded devices, however the answer provided by Michael Stroh (consumer writer for Microsoft) was rather generic and could either be all Omnia 7 handsets will not receive NoDo for now, or just unbranded. I would go with just unlocked since Three have successfully rolled out the update to their Omnia 7 army.

We suspect the issue will be fixed soon (which Michael stated) and the NoDo delivery promptly resumed. Have you been experiencing any issues with the Omnia 7 handset, specifically unbranded?

Source: Windows Team Blog, via:WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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