Nokia 800 SeaRay press shots emerge

Although not exactly revealing, these high resolution renders are supposedly the final look of the Nokia 800 aka SeaRay, which is expected to be announced officially next week in London at Nokia World. The SeaRay, sporting a 3.7" AMOLED screen with a 1.4GHz CPU and 8MP camera, is expected to go on sale in various European countries as early as mid-November.

The renderings here don't show too much new outside of Nokia Navigation and Nokia Musik apps on board, which should be great OEM offerings to those who like the Nokia brand. Other than that, the devices look exactly like the Meego N9, including the same three color schemes of pink, grey and blue.

Source: PocketNow

Daniel Rubino

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  • I really hope that we will see something in the4.3-4.7 from Nokia right now it looks they are all mid-range...
  • I'm hoping for the same thing, trying not to get my hopes up....
  • I hope they will go for 4 inches too - I find 3.5-3.7 too small, and 4.3 is too big.
  • Here's hoping the Ace is real and that it comes to T-Mobile. The Ace should be 4 inches or more.
  • i really hope that there will be a high end model out before the end of the year
  • looks nice but it still not as good as the FOCUS S..yet An other let down by Nokia.
  • I too own a Samsung Focus and enjoy it. While the focus S may have a larger screen, it look rather plain jane to me so far (rectangular bick, like all the others). If I get the focus S, it will be for screen realestate only because this device has a superamoled screen as well & 8MP Camera. However if Nokia can enlarge the keyboard a bit, I won't have a problem giving on of there device a shot.
  • I was just expecting ALLOT more from Nokia...8mp... why not 12??AMOLED: ,,, why not S-AMOLED (at lease) not even PLUS or HD... or SUPPER LOL... fail....its basically on PAR with other Phones(if not LESS). Considering MS gave them 7million last year, you would think they would of step up the game..
  • no superamoled bc samsung controls and makes that and they will be using all the superamoleds on the focus s atc. As far as Nokia stepping up they have said thaey are all in they basically took the Np and pushed WP in and the os its got an 8mp camera thats a better camera than the other mobile device cameras. 12 MP would be a bigger drain on battery life I would suspect and cause the camera to recycle to the next photo slower. Your talking semi pro or pro camera and if that what you want for photo quality just fork over the beucks for a standalone camera.
  • every new wp has 8MP cammera ,, Nokia alredy have phones at 12MP on OLD aware samsung has the AMOLED market... still not as good as the samsung...Nokia = Camera and they cant even make a better one.... so its a let down.
  • Why don't you take a chill pill and wait for Nokia to release their stuff, sheesh I'm tired of seeing complaints like these. Have patience goodsir
  • Se1fcr3ation...Hi.Nokia accomplished alot to even get a WP phone out in 2011; the fact that they used a shell that they are currently using on the N9, is an indication that Nokia would rather come with something already in the pipeline, in 2011, instead of taking even more time to create something completely from scratch. This is why Nokia has stated, repeatedly, that the volume of Nokia devices will come in 2012; as a matter of fact, their goal is to release devices every 3 to 4 months. And you can best believe that there will be at least one very high end device in that group.As far as screens, you know that Samsung owns the tech for that! Besides, Nokia has their own Clear Black Technology used for their screens, which is quite good.Yes, this device may have a 8MP camera, however, Nokia uses Carl Zeiss lens - better known as one of the industries best, if not THE best, in camera optics. Why not 12MP? Well, just because it doesn't appear to be present in this device does not mean that there will not be a 12MP Nokia WP device in the future. One thing is for sure, the camera sensor for a 12MP camera is huge (i.e. see the camera module on the N8) so there is no way that a 12MP camera sensor could be put on this phone design without compromising the form factor.Perhaps the letdown you feel here is due to your own expectations based on information that you were not aware of as it relates to Nokia, their technology, and their plans for WP?
  • How is this a let down? Not all phones are made for you specifically. Nokia will have many phones, including a 4.3" high end device probably early next year.
  • because all the other phones coming are superior then NOKIA`s phone. and im not talking about the screen size... taking about the quality and overall specs.
  • Well luckily this is just their basic phone. I anxiously await the next few months.
  • well wait and see when it comes out go play with it maybe you'll like it.
  • Nokia has some of the best quality! I have not the slightest idea what you're talking about. Nope all of the other phones aren't superior to Nokia's.
  • As you have obviously had a chance to play with this phone, please twll us more. Nothing superior about phones still waiting for the Mango update because the OEMs developers and engineers are buffons.Specs are nothing by words and numbers. User experience is all that matters.
  • Whats up with the Nokia "Ace"? Is that gonna happen anytime soon?
  • You'll have to wait for Nokia World. Ballmer said something about devices, as in many, so this 800 isn't the only thing we should see.
  • supposedly q1 2012
  • I want something new in the 4 to 4.3 range. As big as the current Focus, or a little bigger.Honestly, my ideal (doable) phone right now would be the Focus, a little thinner and more square without that curve on the back bottom. Better cameras and front facing camera, and slightly faster CPU. And of course the same cool ability to add SD cards; or to come with 20+ gigs of stroage.
  • Agreed, I actually really like the 4" screen on my focus, and of course the AMOLED is wonderful. A top-notch camera with some high-end build quality (from Nokia, of course) would make the perfect WP7 for me, honestly. Everything else really is as it should be, to me.
  • I like the slant in on the bottom It makes it easier to hold on to.
  • Rendering on the right is shaped like a large Ipod nano to me. Looks good regardless. Hopefully it comes to sprint.
  • Will non nokia phones be allowed access to nokia navigation?
  • Probably, but you'll have to have your phone unlocked. Same situation with other OEM exclusive apps.
  • theres an article here in WPC today that talks about Bing and Navteq (Nokia) driving around working on streetside like mapping so I'd say that the goal is tight integration of Navteq in Bing maps.
  • @tsaunders80 - There was a Nokia Maps app located somewhere in the Marketplace, although it wasn't active. So, the app would have to be purchased most likely; Nokia devices would have Nokia Maps natively.
  • Hey Nokia, why not a 4.0 screen with side-slide out QWERTY?
  • I'm looking for a higher-end model, but you gotta admit, the design is better than most out here. My Focus is great, but it does have a cheap plastic body. It look a lot better than the trophy and a few others that are currently available.
  • Yeah my focus could be built a little better, but it has a great screen and the camera isn't too shabby. In any case, soon enough we'll have either a much improved Focus S (Samsung), a high-end HTC titan, or a great Nokia WP7. Just give me high build quality, 3.7"+ AMOLED screen, and a great 8 MP camera and I will be one happy camper.
  • Is it just me, or have the live tiles been changed a bit? The font looks a bit different, and the "e" icon for Internet Explorer is definitely different. I don't think it's a change for the better.
  • The "e" icon is the same as on my Verizon Trophy. The rest is just an artist rendering pasted onto the phone. It's not an actual shot of a running WP7 OS.
  • So is there FFC or not? :-\
  • Good question. I haven't seen one on any of the rederings of this device.
  • All renderings are very vague in that area - just black. We need to see a real device photos I guess...
  • I really hope they come out with a high end phone that has an N8 comparable camera in it. It's one of the main reason I have been holding out for a Nokia phone.
  • I'm due for upgrade in January and certainly am interested in a 4.3" screen Nokia Windows Phone. Nokia's build quality were good when I owned them. I'm also hoping they'll bring a quality camera and better battery life.I am, however nervous about them making too many changes to the OS. Nokia Musik in this article. I dont like the name for a start but more importantly is the functionality. I like the Zune player on my WP so I'll have to take a good look at one before I pull the trigger.If I feel Nokia Windows Phones stray too far from the original OS, It'll be HTC or Samsung I guess.Cheers
  • My guess would be that Nokia will sub in their own services in markets where Zune/Bing/etc. don't exist, or they're just offering them on top of Microsoft's stuff.At least I hope that's the case, if not I'm never buying a Nokia nomatter how good the designs are if they axe the Zune function.
  • Your post matches my feelings EXACTLY... some trepedation about the additional freedom Nokia will be allowed here.
  • the ie is before mango i am calling this a fake, i saw the press shots for teh n9 this is exactly the same only 7 dasy to find out the truth
  • DAMN IT!! My keyboard keeps disappearing.Ok, does anyone notice the different wording in the email icon?? Also, the IE icon is old. I really hope this isn't the flagship phone from Nokia, they need to wow the crowd and this phone definitely won't do that.
  • this is a fake and shopped the photos are exactly the same from the n9 and the ie symbol and email is off.
  • nah not fake , does are the changes they did with the 7million they got from MS last year... LMAO!!!! ;)
  • in your opinion others may think otherwise!
  • I pray its a fake
  • As noted on winrumors, the font is wrong also. It isn't Segoe Here's to hoping it's just a bad photoshop job? :)
  • Font is probably Nokia Pure ( at the 3 and the 5 and I'm 99% sure it's Nokia Pure. Personally, I don't like it and as OCD as this sounds, it may be a dealbreaker for me. I like Metro and Segoe and I don't want anything different.
  • It is. Segoe is a very nice font, but Pure is absolutely gorgeous. I think it's the best sans serif font out there, although I am a big fan of serifed fonts, so it's not my fave.
  • I'll respectfully disagree. I don't have anything against Nokia Pure per se, but I'm trying to imagine opening the People Hub and seeing the giant "peopl" across the top of the hub in Nokia Pure. Frankly, in my imagination, it looks gross.
  • If you ride the 545 between Redmond and Seattle you might be lucky enough to see some Microsoft employees using this phone. There was a guy on monday using the blue variant.Didn't get a close look, so no word on front facing camera, etc. But they are already out there.
  • As a follow up I saw the guy with this phone again.I'd say the size is comparable to a zune hd, obviously a little bigger, but not by much. Furthermore there is no front facing camera, actually the mock ups pictured above are pretty spot on!I was excited for nokia phones, but I will hold off for a better version. These phones seem a like they would have been awesome if they were released for NoDo, and I would have bought one immediately. Releasing these for Mango thanks.
  • I was never a big fan of that design. I think the best shot of a really nice nokia phone will be next year.
  • Unique and different. Specs look mid-range but I'm not exactly complaining about how laggy WP7 is. I hope we get a version of this in America. Nokia's press event can't come soon enough. I hope it's followed by a quick release date.
  • i wish it came in white. superior color for my superior race.
  • Moron....
  • Can't wait until they announce U.S. carriers, as it'll likely be AT&T and I'll continue to curse Verizon's name into the wind.
  • all you spec who*res should get a life. This isn't a let down. Although i find the screen to be small, smaller screen doesn't mean cheap device or midrange device. It just have a smaller screen. As for Focus S, it just looks like a cheaply build body with a bigger screen... just like Galaxy S ll.
  • damnit i just want the high end one, but if it takes half a year for me to wait for it, its too long :(come on nokia can't you just release the excellent, exciting, exclusive high end nokia windows phones this year everywhere around the world?
  • Except for screen size, this IS an high-end model. It has everything you'd want from an high-end model. I don't want the big screen size, so it is awesome! :)
  • hopefully, the screen size will mean much longer battery life