Nokia granted preliminary injunction against HTC by court in the Netherlands over mic tech

We're not talking patents, but Nokia has dealt yet another blow to HTC. The Finnish handset maker has been granted a preliminary injunction by the Amsterdam district court, regarding technology utilised by HTC in its flagship device - the HTC One. It's boasted that the HTC One sports high-amplitude microphones, but this is the same dual-membrane technology that Nokia uses in its Lumia family of Windows Phones (we've even looked at the Lumia 920 vs HTC 8X recording a live event).

Nokia has supplied the above image that shows the same component in both the HTC One and Nokia Lumia 720. The only visual difference is a single digit. We've reached out to Nokia to confirm that "TD V1.4" refers to Nokia's own code for the component, while 302 and 307 both refer to the manufacturing dates. It's also noted that this isn't a patent issue with HTC, but a breach of an NDA between Nokia and ST Electronics.

The microphone components were "invented and manufactured exclusively for Nokia." The company states that HTC has no license to use said components or utilise technology developed and it is this reason why Nokia has taken steps to challenge HTC. This will affect the Taiwanese manufacturer far and wide. Speaking of patents, Nokia is also on the offensive against HTC with more than 40 patents being asserted.

Engadget received the following response from HTC on the microphone component:

"HTC is disappointed in the decision. We are considering whether it will have any impact on our business and we will explore alternative solutions immediately."

Source: Engadget

Rich Edmonds
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