Report - Nokia Lumia 920 sports HAAC Rich Recording microphones

The Nokia Lumia 920 has more tricks up its sleeve, according to a report by SlashGear. If their sources are correct, the Lumia 920 may well be sporting high quality Rich Recording microphones to compliment the PureMotion HD+ display and PureView camera technologies. PureSound, anyone?

Rich Recording is a broad-frequency sound capturing system that featured on the Nokia 808 PureView running Symbian. Nokia failed to mention such functionality inside the Lumia 920 on Wednesday's announcement, and the official specification sheet is of no help - though we have seen mistakes made on these in the past.

According to SlashGear, the Windows Phone sports a trio of special microphones Nokia co-developed for Rich Recording. What does this mean for consumers? The 'High Amplitude Audio Capture' (or HAAC for short) microphones are able to record a broader range of frequencies than standard microphones. HAAC microphones reach 140 dB, which is a significant increase against traditional microphones. This leads to clearer audio being recorded with less distortion.

An official explanation of the HAAC microphone concept:

"To cope with high sound pressure levels, Nokia has developed together with microphone suppliers a new microphone concept (High Amplitude Audio Capture) that can capture high sound pressure levels with perceptually no distortion to the audio. It is capable of recording up to 140 dB and higher Sound Pressure Levels, while that commonly used digital microphones can only reach 120 dBSPL without heavy distortion. As high amplitude audio levels are tolerated, there is no need to limit the frequency response. Hence full audio bandwidth to match to human hearing capabilities can be provided when capturing with HAAC microphones"

The end result is less distortion in recorded audio that is present in most common camcorder functionality. SlashGear further notes that Rich Recording itself isn't mentioned by name in the data sheets they've received, but key software specifications reportedly match those of the 808 PureView.

Source: SlashGear

Rich Edmonds
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  • Hell yeah. One more reason to get this phone!
  • Oh I thought the reason was the HD + display amoled or the amazing pure view camera or the amazing design or the wireless charging wait no the different color options or no wait the fact that it's windows 8 on a Nokia phone oh I don't know witch one :/ to many reasons my head is spinning! To many phone without all the amazing things in one phone :S this is just crazy what will be the next step for Nokia ???? Idk but ill be there to buy it :D lol
  • "What will be the next step for Nokia?"  Maybe put an SD slot in the d@mn thing...;)
  • The display isn't AMOLED, it's LCD.
  • It is amoled
  • The 920 is not AMOLED, it is an LCD display. The 820 is using AMOLED. Check the damn specs page.
  • It's an IPS LCD.(probably super LCD), and based on what we have seen so far, probably better than any LCD/AMOLED in the market so far. 
  • I actually prefer LCD because with amoleds I'm always afraid of burn in while using it as a sat nav for a long journey
  • +1
    Im already bragging to my buddies how amazing this phone is gonna be...
  • I really hope that is has Rich Recording. I feel like it would really compliment the new PureView tech inside the 920.
  • Indeed in just wondering why didn't Nokia mention this ... I mean they need show all their cards to win consumers
  • Agreed. I appreciate how technical Nokia is in their presentations, but they really need to shout the buzzwords loudly for the public. Pureview to take great lowlight photos! Rich recording so you can get great videos at concerts and shows! Higher resolution, larger screen, and greater pixel density than the iphone "retina" display! Etc.
  • I agree whole heartedly.  Despite all the amazing tech in this camera, Nokia's presentation was about as entertaining as a funeral.  I'm a huge Nokia fan, and even I was bored with the quickness.  The one thing Apple has mastered is the ability to convince the public of the superiority of their products, despite their technical inferiority on paper.  Nokia really has to excuse to not do well this year, and if these phones fail to sell im putting the blame squarely on the marketing department.  Hopefully M$ will step in here.
  • I don't think it is ready, or rather, perfected yet for the 920, as this is as much a technological advance as Pureview.  For the 808, they couldn't wait to announce and give examples of Rich Recording!  Although, someone did mention that the Lumia 920 has 3 mics - I don't think the 808 has that many mics, so maybe this is a different version of Rich Recording.
    Only Nokia knows!  Hopefully, Nokia will 'confirm and verify' the closer they get to launch!
  • Now you will know what those group of girls are saying about you while you record them standing outside of the nightclub as you drive by.
  • Probably nothing good if I'm recording them while driving by outside of a nightclub.
  • this phone will be perfect for bootleg convert videos
  • My thoughts exactly!
  • This is good news as my Lumia 900 has bad audio recording. i use my camera to take videos at concerts :( idk if the latest firmware fixed it or not as i haven't been to another concert yet. My Samsung focus did the job just fine.
  • If this is true, its making it more difficult to wait for the second wave of WP8 Lumias. If the cam had been 16MP (for lossless digital zoom) and they had included expandable SD card storage, it would have been a no-brainer.
  • One thing I've learned in life is, you can't get everything you want.
  • Why the hell not?? :-)
    Seriously, though, while I'm not really concerned about the 16MP camera, the lack of microSD really has me thinking.  I'll probably still get the 920, but that's one disappointment for me.  If they were to at least offer a 64GB version, I think I'd be satisfied.
  • That's right. A wise man once said, "You can't always get what you want (but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need.)"
  • well its a no brainer already but if it had all that stuff, the brain matter will ouze out your ear
  • Oh yes, please.  I want this so much.  Would be icing on top!
  • So does this just affect video recording?
    Are they seperate to the the mic used for phone calls?
  • Lumia 920 also comes with HD audio. No one has mentioned this so far, but it mentioned on the spec sheet. 
  • PureVoice....
  • Qualcomm has already trade marked PureVoice, oh well.
  • PureView,
    PureMotion HD+,
    PureVoice HAAC,
    ClearBack Display
    City Lens AR
    Exclusive Nokia app catalogue ....Just missing PureSound (for unmatched audio).
    Here's to hoping that all their close work with Monster and JBL will culminate in PureSound.  On a side note, I think Nokia needs to trademark Pure, even their joint venture headphones are coined Purity Pro.  In fact for me there are only two speed bumps, don't get me wrong it's a brilliant phone, that are keeping me from being 100% onboard: I would have preferred a slightly larger screen, 4.8" anyone? And something to rival HTC and Beats as far as audio fidelity goes.
  • I'll tell you right now "beats" is a scam. Monster sells 2$ hdmi cables for over 100$. Have you tried the touchpad? Weakest speakers on the planet. Have you ever heard sound through "beats headphones"? There's no real sound engineer would actually use them. An audiophile would use something else.
  • Beats is not a scam
  • As an audiophile I only use beats. I've tried everything under the sun, and none compare to beats quality. I've worked in studios and have recorded some of the biggest names and can honestly tell you beats are the best, bar none.
  • Unfortunately, yes, beats is a scam. Being under the Monster umbrella is one thing to be wary of.
    Now, as an audiophile myself, I can tell you factually, the most used pair of headphones used in most industries - be it movies, music, etc... - use Sony MDR-7506's.
    Here's a video of Dave Rat doing proper tests to headphones. I believe he's also tested the beats and came to the conclusion they are no better than dollar store headphones, with the exception of the ear padding.
  • Why buy beats headphones when you can make you own?
    Here's how lool
  • Even Dre uses Audiotechnica
  • That honestly sounds like a metric ton of bullsh*t. And goes against everything I've ever read about Beats by people who know a lot more than I do.
  • with that bezel at the bottom the could have done it with out changingize maybe the nokia lumia 1000 will be bigger
  • Does anyone know the Frequency Response (Hz - MHz) capability of the microphones/Rich Recording? Are these microphones used in voice calls as well (no more tinny sound and more warmth)?
  • Like usual Nokia has made white paper how the tech exactly works.
    As a Nokia 808 PV owner i can tell that the quality is just in a same level as the camera. It's just out of this world how it example records my dog walking on the beach or loud concert. 
    Truly amazing. If Lumia 920 really has rich recording i do wonder why they didn't mention it. it was made a big deal on 808 and rightly so. 
  • That 808 is a beast
  • I got excited to read the news on slashgear but their wording isn't encouraging: "may", "source", "waiting for Nokia's confirmation". 
  • Cool... I wonder if that would make for a nice speakerphone option too...
  • I could have sworn I read somewhere that it was indeed a MONO HAAC microphone.
    If indeed it does have PureSound it would pretty smart on Nokias part to hold that back until the actual WP8 annoucment so they've got a few standout features to get people's attention with again.
  • BAMM!
    From a tweet last night
    Damian Dinning‏@PhoneDaz
    4. in terms of audio recording, the difference is mono in the #920 vs #808 which is stereo.
    See, I'm not crazy!
  • Product page clearly shows Mono with high volume capture
  • Now what about sound quality? Can't possibly be better than SRS or beats audio.
  • Not really smart with audio technology, but would this then also make a vast improvement to the quality of voice reception when making phone calls too?
  • its true here is Nokia Lumia 920 datasheet 
    read the last column
  • Just so you know, you linked the 820 (which also notes that it has HD Voice)
    Link to the 920 spec sheet:
  • sorry i didn't notice
  •   Lumia 920 also comes with HD audio. No one has mentioned this so far, but it mentioned on the spec sheet.   
  • Take note that it's mono though. So the Puresound name might not be appropriate. No where close to the Rich Recording on the Nokia 808.
  • Whats the point of stereo when the mics are next to each other. When I edit footage from my video camera the "stereo" wave forms are identical left and right.
  • Do you mean support by the wording sports ?
  • The verge is android troll site
  • They blocked me
  • Well I'll still take great mono sound over what I have now. :)
  • woohoo!  This was the feature I most wanted (for recording concerts) and was dissapointed that it wasnt mentioned. If true then Im definately getting the 920.
  • Like I needed any other reason to get this phone!!!!!  Aww who am I kidding this is awesome!  They should just call this Phone the Nokia Pure.