Nokia's Board of Directors reportedly summoned to Finland; discussing the company's future?

Things are really starting to pick up regarding rumors of Nokia’s future. It all started with Huawei making what at the time seemed like an absurd offer-of-interest to buy Nokia, followed by a Wall Street Journal article detailing a failed Microsoft purchase and peaked with one of Finland’s largest papers detailing how the company could be broken up.

Now, Finnish national broadcaster, YLE, is reporting that Nokia’s Board of Directors have been summoned to Finland for a meeting on Wednesday and some were even on standby for a carryover meeting on Thursday.  YLE notes that they were “…preparing key decisions on the future of the company”, which are expected to be finalized by the July 18th interim report from the company.

From the tone of the article, this does not sound like a normally-scheduled meeting, but rather impromptu, signaling something perhaps more dramatic ocurring behind the scenes.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

We should also note that Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president and manager for Windows Phone Program Management at Microsoft, is “on vacation” in Finland right now, visiting Nokia right at the same time. In a not-so-secret disclosure, Belfiore said the following on Twitter:

“I'm actually on vacation... that's why so quiet lately... but stopping in to visit Nokia this week…I won't be at build next week... am "stuck" in Europe.”

Just this morning, Belfiore posted a photo of Kevin Shields, SVP of program and product management for Nokia smart devices, in Epoo, Finland.

Belfiore pic

Nokia SVP Kevin Shields, in Finland, taken by Joe Belfiore

Now normally, we wouldn’t make too much about Belfiore being in Finland, after all, we imagine it is part of his job to work with Microsoft’s largest partner on Windows Phone and that includes trips to Nokia on occasion. Plus, it’s not like he would be there to negotiate or sign a deal on behalf of Microsoft—that’s just not his role.

But Belfiore could be serving as some kind of guidance to the Board if they are discussing options for the company going forward. If there is anyone who does speak for Microsoft about Windows Phone and its future, it’s Belfiore.

Much ado about nothing?

Putting all of these stories together, we can’t help but use the old adage “Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire”. Nokia could be discussing everything from selling to another OEM or breaking off the Siemens joint-venture, something that has also made the news this week. Indeed, we would not be surprised if it is the Siemens sale that is taking priority as opposed to say, Huawei buying out Nokia altogether, which we think is unlikely.

It seems clear to us now that something is happening at Nokia for all of these rumors and stories to be coming forward at the same time. What is far from obvious though, is what it all means.  For now, we’ll lean on best-case scenario that the Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) venture will simply take a new twist, later in July, rather than something more dramatic like the company changing hands or Nokia CEO Stephen Elop being replaced.

Source: YLE, @JoeBelfiore; via Nokia Gadgets; Thanks, tissotti, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Not sure if I am even seeing the smoke though... :P
  • Really? So this is all..coincidence? Hmmm...
  • All will be revealed in time. Preferably by Steve Ballmer running up & down the stage like a football coach
  • hahahaaaaaaa
  • Not necessarily a coincidence all together, but all not necessarily all connected. Nor as dramatic necessarily as some seem to expect. It is for example quite possible that Joe is indeed at Nokia completely separate from the Board meeting, or simply there to brief them on progress made. The Board may e.g. instead be meeting regarding NSN. Etc.
  • Dont confuse coincidence for faith
  • Lost reference?
  • You know it
  • iF Nokia did indeed end up in another oem's hands would this spell the end for the future of windows as they would surely turn to the dark side the terrible android o/s with its licence free and large market share.
  • I can surely smell it.
  • I can only smell what the Rock is cooking.
  • rofl..well done dude. Well done.
  • oh i'm so confuse......!!!
  • Def....lmao
  • Oh dear this sounds ominous. 'Stuck in Europe' poor Joe
  • lol, poor joe, yeah right being stuck in a superior country like finland is always such a drag...[sarcasm]
  • Where is your sarcasm aimed? How is Finland superior?
  • How is it not?
  • Let us all hope Nokia will not sell out.
  • DUMP THE STOCKS-NOKIA IS GOING ANDROID! /s ....anyway, I don't see the smoke like Viipottaja said.  Don't the board of directors meet every month anyway?  And I kind of think it is the press that is spreading FUD.  -Not pointing fingers at WPC, but this thing could be blown "way out of proportion."  But whatever, we don't know anything yet.
  • I'm not sure why then a major press outlet like YLE would report it then if this was normal. The Siemens angle seems legit though and I'm not so quick to just dismiss something the WSJ writes. Sorry, but some of these publications due have credibility. To just wave your hands and say "FUD!" seems too dismissive, imo.
  • I don't necessarily disagree with you Dan. We all know that something is going on with Siemens and it was just a matter of time before something happened with that.  However I don't think Nokia's phone division has anything to worry about.   
  • Online YLe does not, unfortunately, adhere to as high a standard as the rest of it. Helsingin Sanomat too has gone down, almost to tabloid journalism at times.
  • More than anything,It's Nokia dealing Siemens. It's hardly unlikely that they "The Board" will be discussing selling the company. the real live deal that is on the table and being addressed is the Siemens holdings. If by chance that Nokia and Microsoft started talking about takeovers again it would not be done by way of Joe.
  • Could MS be taking over the phone division? Joe B. does head up windows phone. Maybe Joe's there to see how their operation works so when he is in charge after MS takes over. I hope MS doesn't let anyone else purchase Nokia if it is going to be sold. This would be a sad day.
  • Daniel
    What would happen to the stock if nokia got sold???
    I have around 2000 shares, are they going to disappear or go down dramatically??
    Should I get rid of them??
  • They'll go up. If a company were to buy Nokia they have to offer the shareholders a premium.
  • Thanks a lot benrp
    Even for very smal sharehloders?
  • yeah, I think dell is paying $13.65 a share, the shares are now trading at $13.35 and were lower before the buyout announcement I believe. That's also the reason Nokias share price has been going up recently. So us shareholders should do well out of it.
  • There is no difference. Every share has the same share price, no matter who holds it. The bigger question is what would happen to the stock after the buyout...
  • well Microsoft would own it all and take the stock of the market presumably, although I dont know the exact process.
  • There is something going on. On the financial side of things the immediate expectation is more to do with the Siemens partnership.
  • I hope not.  I don't want to have to settle for an android phone (don't trust google) or an iphone.  I like Windows phone and I like Nokia.  Is a great partnership. 
  • Hope for the best, fear the worst, and wait for the dust to settle....nothing more we can do about it. We are bugs fluttering before the oncoming windshield of life.
    "HEY that's my ass!"
  • Your ass is splattered all over the windshield and they will use the windshield wipers to scrape your ass off. :-P
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  • Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to diss a Brie. I cheddar the world and the feta cheese, everybody's looking for Stilton.
  • lol good one :)
  • Hahaha.... That's hilarious
  • Lol... I did read that tweet from Joe. But after reading this article, I can relate to that tweet in a totally different way with some smoke in the background. Lol. :P
  • Grab that EOS while you can, boys and girls! :)
  • I kinda agree to that but I'd really burst in Tears if Nokia is bought or dies Insolvent. I bought my Lumia 920 because it is Nokia, Not because Its WP8.
    And with a Half Baked WP8 OS is still shining daily across the globe because of Nokia.
    Whereas WP8 OEMs like Samsung, HTC, Huawei, ZTE, etc hardly pay attention to WP8 devices or dont create apps or roll out updates in proper cycles..!! Undoubtedly Nokia is the 55% answer for buying WP8 like: Maps, Phone's Industrial Design,  Wireless Charging, Camera, etc. Whereas Other OEMs harldy sell in all the countries across the world, Very Fragmented they're. Nokia Drowns means WP8 for sure will Drown as Samsung going to Tizen, HTC drowning, LG has moved on, Huawei already said they'll reconsider the WP8 OS, Surface Phone (Never buying after Surface Tab Storage issues!!)
    Conclusion is just pretty Simple WP is just sellling mostly because of Nokia.
  • Conclusion is just pretty Simple WP is just sellling mostly because of Nokia.
    This. Exactly.
  • Hehehehehee :D
  • Got my 920 because it's a Nokia AND because it's runningWP8... Actually got four 920's in the house now, and going to buy two 620's next week for my mother and mother in law... Ps! Everyone go Google and search Nokia Lumia...
    Would give shareholders something to think about...
  • Me too :( grown up seeing Nokia phones all around me :(
    The once mighty N Series! Wp only stratergy led to this pathetic condition of Nokia ..
    Leave Nokia alone....................................
    MS ..............when is 8.1 coming??after Nokia's sell out ??
  • I know N Series was so revolutionary and great!
  • Why would they want to change the NSN-cooperation? It's the most stable part of Nokia right now.
  • They want to get rid of it for years now as it hinders new investors to join the mobile division. When NSN is finally gone a takeover of the mobile division is much more likely as Nokia is more attractive to a wider amount of investors. On the other hand Huawei has its own networking division and might be interested in both: NSN and mobile division. NSN is basically responsible for the whole US infrastructure which makes it also more attractive to a Chinese company.
  • Because Siemens wants to sell their part, since the telecom equipment business is no longer in their strategy, or has not been for many years since they exited the mobile phone business. The question is, will Nokia buy it and bring "Nokia Networks" back as it was before the venture, or will Nokia too want to sell their share of the venture, so that someone, like Huawei, would buy the entire Nokia-Siemens, or something else...
  • I'm very doubtfull Hauwei could buy NSN. The U.S. government would likely threaten to drop NSN as a partner and both Finland and the E.U would likely block such a deal from going through.
  • Is nokia doing soo badly with windows phone? I'll speak for my country (India), the lower end lumias are really doing well. All of a sudden I've so many friends who got the 520. Its weird to me that right when nokia is gaining momentum we're hearing all these.
  • No but this is more about antsy stock holders than marketshare at this point.
  • It's sickening to think how 1000's of people's livelihoods would get torn up, just to satisfy the greed of a few, particularly in this case where the trajectory for Lumia is up! Standard investor behavior unfortunately....
  • I agree Seriously those Lumia 520, 620 are selling so good & specially Lumia 720 alone sold more than all the Samsung Galaxy phones on famous locale eCommerce site But I hope somehow HTC would die than Nokia :D
  • Here comes the merger folks
  • Yeah, I feel like either MS put another offer on the table or there will be a no confidence vote on Elop.  Could be about Siemens, but if so, then what is the significance of Joe Belfiore?
  • The fact of Joe being there makes me feel a little better about the situation. Just don't let any Huawei execs show up "on vacation" in Finland.
  • I agree.  If the board was going to try to unseat Elop, I wouldn't think they would have invited Joe to be there in any kind of an official capacity (assuming he's not there on some weird coincidence).
    I really hope nothing bad is going to happen.  As soon as my wife's contract is up at Sprint next month, me, her and both our daughters are moving to T-Mobile.  I've been stockpiling Lumias for the last few months in anticipation of our move.  I hope that wasn't a mistake.  :(
  • Depends on the color of’s a Papal thing.
  • White smoke please!
  • And i think this entire thing could be legit considering the fact that the investors aren't happy with nokia at the moment. So, if they decide to sell, it's boom boom for nokia right?
  • Slightly off topic but...
    I find it funny Dan Hesse left Nokias board of directors for sprint for many reasons.... He left after being part of board that drove Nokia under. He hasn't done any better for sprint... And sprint won't support WP let alone ever carry a Nokia phone.
  • It's not off-topic at all, really... it's a very good point. When there's a change in leadership, things get strange.
  • Microsoft will not allow for anyone to purchase Nokia. This won't affect the Lumia line and windows phones future in a negative way. I feel that there will be a closer tie in between the 2
  • But they did not complete the deal. Nokia is on its own currently.
  • That has nothing to do with the deal being complete or not.  
  • Well if the reports are true that deal has already failed and if someone else comes along with an acceptable offer that will be it and Microsoft won't have a say. MS doesn't have the pull people think, just ask the Skype guys.
  • However, not sensing a desire to buy a company that is otherwise remaining independent is very different from a company using a rival operating system snatching up your best partner. If Huawei really did an offer, I would not be surprised to see Microsoft counter.
  • very well put sir!
  • Patents aren't a desire?
  • Quite right but then the question becomes what if the price offered by the other bidder is more than MS is willing to pay?
  • Doubtful considering the synergies.
  • They can always submit another offer. I think their opinion might change if someone was trying to buy Nokia for Android purposes.
  • I thought that Microsoft loaned them a fortune and gave them a sweetheart deal on licensing. I thought the money had to be paid back at some point.
  • Well, i hope Nokia still stands when the 18'th is upon us.
  • MICROSOFT buy Nokia NOW, please!!!
  • that's one of my nightmares
  • Why? I think its for the better, not the worse :/
  • because we'll have to pay for here drive+ and for other things. nokia gives more free stuff. nokia under ms is something i dont want to see
  • OH! HELL NO!!!
  • MS can't even run its own company well and there is nothing to make us think it would run Nokia any differently. Maybe MS should just take a controlling interest and let Nokia do its thing.
  • Could it even be a remote possibility that Nokia would start making Android handsets? I mean it's not like they're wedded to MS and Windows Phone is it? What if the Board of Directors has decided they need to have a fallback in case Windows Phone doesn't gain much more traction? Just playing devils advocate.
  • If anything I'd say MS buying Nokia or investing considerably like they did with Dell.
  • Never mind, I just read the article and it states it was a 5 year locked in deal. The MS, Nokia partnership that is.
  • They probably ARE wedded to WP in a sense. Microsoft probably included some sort of clause stating that they can ONLY make WP smartphones, and if they didn't then we've all overestimated their intelligence.
  • You're new to the NOKIA/MS deal I take it?
  • If directed at me then read my own reply to my statement. I'm not new to the deal but had forgotten that they were locked in for 5 years.
  • If directed at me, what do you mean? Is there something that I'm missing?
  • "I can't smell what Nokia is cookin'".
  • I can't handle the notion Elop being replaced! If that's the case, WP is done. Nokia, I would assume will hire a successor who would transition to Android and Nokia will be done for good as they will have to fork more money just to start over. But with positive signs of growth, I can't see this happening.
  • I agree
  • Actually, no. Looking back it took Nokia about 8 months to go from announcing moving to WP to releasing the L800. Shouldnt take them that long to get their first android handset up and running and it will probably sell enough to justify the move. WP will be done in your scenario but Nokia not so much.
  • And the 800 launched in the body of the N9, missing a Front Facing Camera as well as NFC. Nokia's Apps also took considerable time to become available. Aside from that they worked for over a year to get PureView onto the new plattform (Phase 1 and Phase 2). I don't think they could move to Android faster and if they do it in the same timeframe as the move to WP they will arrive in the Android Marketplace with no differentiation to speak off. Sounds to me like a setup for being crushed actually.
  • Some of those things were down to OS limitations and they really dont need to launch with anything more than the 920 level Pureview and can work up to the rest later. The OIS in the 920 is still the best around on a smartphone so that will be no small differentiator. Plus they can launch with the 920 body, in even more colours! Anyway, all speculation at this point.
  • Nobody will buy the devices.  Too many, FAR too many Android devices out there already. At least with WP Nokia was offering an alternative.  Samsung IS Android, just as Nokia IS Windows Phone.  If Nokia can't make a go with WP, then they sure as blazes don't have any chance against Samsung if they switch to Android.
  • Guys are assuming that Nokia is not having the Android OS customizations ready. They are the Vertu phone manufactor which is running Andriod. How difficult is it to get the os, change the homescreen and slap it in all the exisitng hardware. I dont think it will take time.. Nokia will not make the same mistake as they did with the switch over from Symbian to windows Phone.. The Memo which was leaked was disasterous.
  • You do know Nokia don't own Vertu anymore, don't you? Theyd have nothing to start with in Android...
  • Nokia makes great Windows Phones; this would continue until no longer viable.  Porting a version of Android over to Nokia hardware would not be a major hurdle.  There is tons of competition in the Android market and it won't be easy to get users to switch, but there are compelling aspects to Nokia's hardware once the OS is a wash.  Nokia would steal more sales from Samsung than the other way around.
    But here's the important part: Each and every Android sale would be an incremental sale for Nokia.  From a shareholder perspective, Nokia would sell more phones.  From a Windows Phone perspective, its not as good as having a world class manufacturer with an exclusive commitment to WP, but it's not the death nell of WP either.  Absent MS contractoral restrictions, Nokia would thrive if they offered two OS on every new piece of hardware.
  • Yes indeed we would thrive with Android
  • People buy Nokia devices because they are made by Nokia not because they are WP8 devices made by Nokia. A Nokia smartphone with Android would sell very well and it is Samsung worst fear because the quality difference is abysmal.
  • Theyd be absolutely moronic to move to Android. The market for Android devices is already way oversaturated, there isn't room for the OEMs currently there, let alone another. Which is why it surprises me that Huawei seem so keen on Android, because they have almost no chance in Europe if they only so Android, the others already have every conceivable nook of the market covered three times over.
  • This could be an entire business shift for all we know...
  • MS needs to speed up a little bit here. Getting worried. Yikes!
  • Take a deep breath and relax
  • We just have to play the waiting game. Not much we can say at this point. I just hope this is something good building up instead of a bomb ready to explode.
  • Don't scare me!
  • Boooo! You okay :-P
  • Lolzzz! Taking deep slow breath. Tai chi style.
  • There you go you know how it's done.
  • I hope Microsoft has an OEM lined up for that Surface phone.
  • YEs Huawei is there.
  • Nicely played sir,lol
  • Never say that again!
  • I feel Nokia is stalling. They continue to release phones in a market where tablets are becoming a serious trend. How many variants do they need of the L920? Life isn't like Gran Turismo. You can have a plethora of the same thing in one area, but there comes to a point where you need to expand in other areas. While I see more Lumias everyday in the hands of others, I feel Nokia needs more than ground-breaking(no pun intended) phones. Like a tablet. Then shareholders wouldn't worry about stocks dropping. An indestructible tablet that looks good with great apps, and specs with an EOS camera is something I would throw money at. Ten fold.
  • You have plans to buy a tablet and take it apart?
  • No, but it takes an Xbox 360 more than two weeks to get repaired, so imagine sending a Surface into service...
  • Why would I imagine that?
  • I don't think MS and Nokia would be so bad as one... :)
  • Trust me MSFT would Ruin Nokia like they treated their  MSN, Zune to XBOX, Skype, Office, Internet Explorer 9,  Hotmail to Outlook, Windows 8 RT OS(crap apps 70% waste on store). And they'd ruin Nokia the same No updates Nothing in Sync. Idk I'm just lossing trust on Windows w/ failiure Surface Tab & WP8 updates w/ very few & lame featureslike Radio. Nokia alone makes more apps for WP8 than MSFT + HTC + Samsung + ZTE, etc. Nokia even resolved the useless Map in WP8 as HERE Maps, XBox Music to Nokia Music w/ Equilizers + Dolby, Blink as Cinemagraph/Panorama/Smart Cam/Glam Me/Smart Shoot, IE9 to Xpress Browser, SPECIALLY to resolve the STORAGE problem on WP8 with thier Lumia Storage Check App against which MSFT never did anything... Wait do they even advertise that much??
  • Unless I'm wrong, don't most app stores have a high crap vs good app ratio? I'm still at a loss as to what people's problem with RT is. I have a Surface RT and use it all the time. If you are complaining about the app selection why is MS at fault there? I am hearing how disappointed you are but you aren't being specific enough about exactly what you find disappointing other than MS ( a massive company that has always taken forever to move on anything) is not doing what you feel they should.
  • And Microsoft has sent a bunch of updates out for w8 rt. Even our beloved 920's got updated within a couple of months. I'll get more updates on my 920 in a year then I ever got on my G2.
  • +1
  • Geee... Now the worst part is, Nokia has some awesome phones released lately and upcoming eos too. Think about the consumers after such news! When I bought my 520, people advised me against it since Nokia was going in loss. Who's gonna spend a chuck of money and then even before they know it, all support for the devise is gone?? :O
  • Don't start what you cannot 'Finnish'.
  • I could see how MSFT would want the Siemens link out of the way in order to move in and scoop up the phone business. This would definately be a reason to bring inthe board, would possibly be a solution to the crashed MSFT-NOKIA talks and Belfiore could be there to lay out the WP plans and future in order to get the board on board with a MSFT buyout..
    It's all up in the air though and we'll see what comes of it..
  • The big question in that regard is wether Siemens would buy Nokia's part of the Joint Venture. Given that they are in the midst of layoffs themselves I don't think that this is very likely. And given that Huawei is effectively locked out of the US due to espionage suspicions I don't believe Siemens would consent to having part of the Joint Venture being sold off to the Chinese either.
  • You're spot on! Finally, someone who provides legit info.
  • Actually it is Siemens that wants,to get out of the partnership and now that the venture is back generating profits is a good time to do it. Nokia could buy it but lacks the money to do it. If Nokia sells its share as well it gain cash flow in the short term but loosing around 40% of its actual revenues.
  • Nokia partnership has been both good and bad for microsoft. "there are two reason oem's are running away from windows phone 1. WP OS fees is high 2. nokia exclusive deals and apps."
    so There might be something going on but buying Nokia could be a big win for Microsoft specially now that their value dropped dramaticaly. 
  • That's true, other OEMs know they don't have a chance against Nokia when it comes to WP offering. They dry everything around them.
  • 1- nobody has actually compared that to the presumably massive cost of all the customisations OEMs have to make to Android every time there's a minor update, which is covered by Microsoft.
    2- Nokia went out and found those exclusives for themselves because they knew it would improve the experience. There is absolutely nothing stopping others from doing the same, they just cant be bothered (presumably because there too busy customising android and adding more unreliable and rarely used junk to bloat it out, then being surprised when Microsoft don't let them add said junk to WP)
  • :-(
  • Maybe nokia's eos phone is going to be microsoft's super phone....
  • This is  total crap.  Nokia' s competitors are spreding these rumours to cause confusion.  Even a child can see that.
    Nokia is not for sale.
  • didn't read the article.
  • That is hilarious Daniel!
  • This is what happens when a company loses money quarter after quarter.  That you hate Google and love your 920 or a bunch of your friends just bought Nokias is great but irrelevant.  The investors you all are so contemptuous of did not contribute to a charity, they want to see a return.  You may be ready to fight the evil Samsungs and Apples of the world down to the last shareholder dollar but I doubt they are.
  • What happened?
  • The United Corporations of America disagree,the US has lost $ quarter after quarter and look how many of us have pre ordered the Xbox 1 for example.
  • Here is another spin...
    Maybe the board heard about the Microsoft offer and is pissed because it wasn't taken.  Maybe they want to push to negotiate.
    (No idea how boards of directors or buyouts work so this is just a wild stab in the dark)
  • There's no way in hell anything happens without the board being informed. One thing that's certain is that directors don't come together together like this unless it's something serious. They just remote in to routine meetings. So something is definitely afoot; whether it will affect the Lumia line and Windows Phone is the unknown.
  • Just some off-the-wall speculation here:
    1. Could any of this movement in/around Nokia be at all related to Microsoft's internal restructuring? Maybe some sort of merging of the two company's mobile phone divisions?
    2. Most of the speculation I've heard regarding the Nokia-Siemens deal is that Siemens wants out of the deal, not necessarily Nokia. Could MS  be looking to take Siemens' place in that deal?
    I'm not too worried about Nokia as a company like some here seem to be, but these recent developments sure are interesting...
  • Is it possible the siemens division is being sold so that Microsoft can purchase only the mobile/cellphone manufacturing part of Nokia? May be Microsoft sees no interest in the siemens department and only wants to buy the mobile department.
  • all i know is it is making my stock go up!  =)
  • Love to see the Nokia phone division sold to Lenovo or Samsung!  They have the leverage to overcome the 5 year agreement with Microsoft and they will be more generous to Nokia shareholders the Microsoft ever will be. 
  • Lenovo or Samsung? You're kidding right? Quality has been on a decline ever since IBM sold their laptop business to Lenovo. I know people in IT who will no longer consider Lenovo because of this. This is a marked shift from the IBM days when ThinkPads were the default benchmark for high end PCs. As for Samsung, what possible use would they have for Nokia beyond access to patents and to eliminate a competitor? They clearly don't care about Windows Phone, and all indications are that long-term they're looking to push Tizen over Android. An open-source OS it may be, but they seem keen in shaping their own destiny. The problem is that I'm not convinced the have the talent or infrastructure to pull it off. And the net result of Tizen will be yet another crappy user experience. Although it wouldn't be ideal, I'd much prefer a buyout by Microsoft. The ideal scenario, however, would be for Nokia to retain it's independence. This news makes me nervous because many of the possible outcomes could suck for the Lumia brand and Windows Phone.
  • Why would you want Nokia to go Android?
  • Get the F*** outta here!
  • All this is about is strategy. New stuff is about to break from Microsoft and Nokia and the board is about to be briefed.
  • Seems likely with the was MS has been jumping around with annoucements recently.  I'm going to keep an optomistic outlook here, and write this hoopla off as fearful assumptions.  
  • I DO actually think MS should drop, if only initially, the license fees.  Since they get $$ on every Android device sold (because of patents), they should make it significantly cheaper to put out a Windows Phone than an Android.  See if that gets things moving.
  • Nokia doesn't really pay a license fee though, it's like an even swap in technology. Nokia pays MS a license fee, MS then gives Nokia money back.
  • Actually, I was addressing the bigger picture of getting more OEMs in on this.  Clearly, the Lumia 520 has hit a niche and is doing very well, relatively speaking.  I think the other OEMs might be reluctant, as has been suggested, because of those fees.  Android itself may cost them nothing, but the patents tied to it DO, and most of those apparently go to Microsoft.  Apparently, that cost is still a lot less than the WP license.  If this is true, and hardware being essentially equal, make the WP license so much less so that it is a more attractive choice.
  • Daniel, if this is a meeting about Nokia potentially being sold, wouldn't you think Balmer and possibly Gates would be there? Or we should at least be hearing news about MS board meeting to discuss their options. I think if this was regarding the phone business being off loaded this would affect WP production/sales ruining all of MS work/investment in WP calling for people higher than Joe B to attend.
  • On an unrelated-ish note, Finland's looking mighty pretty.
  • This stuff is really making me nervous... I pretty much love everything about Nokia at this point... they are firing on all cylenders.  Elop seems to have a great vision.
    I really feel if they could just light a fire under MS and get them to take the OS more seriously and patch some of the hundreeds of very small yet commonly requested things, we could really be making a lot of progress here.  There is just no reason that it takes so long to add very small things like orientation lock, volume profiles, etc.
    But if Nokia doesn't hold firm we are really lost.  I shudder to think about being forced to choose and Android or iPhone... I just can't bear either.
  • I am totally with you on that... I almost am on the verge of crying at the fact that Nokia is about to be sold off... A company that we all grew up learning how to use cellphones with is being smothered away... Very sad
  • I agree this is making me nervous. And I'm afraid with so many rumors it seems like doom and gloom. Ugh.....and an impatient as I am I'd rather not go down in flames with wp
  • Just asking, but could it be an option for Nokia to go private and Microsoft being one of the main investors for the new venture? Perhaps with a somewhat active role in the strategic decision-making, but still relatively hands-off?
  • I don't think it's possible to do as they did at Dell, because the founder is long gone for nearly a century.
    Unless microsoft buys the stocks and hand  them over to elop!
    Probably they could buy all the stocks and take the company private but I don't see how is this different from just buing the majority of stocks. It would still be owned by microsoft.
  • Maybe MSFT will merge Dell and Nokia together?  :P
  • Hey guys,
    Firstly I want to say, you guys at wpc rock! 
    But the reason for signing up  and posting is this issue with Nokia.
    I really care about Nokia, not because I'm a fanboy or sth. like that, but because Nokia is the only remaining European big phone manufacturer who really can stand against this flood from (South-East)Asia. Don't get me wrong, there are really nice products and very good manufacturers like Sony for example, but for me Nokia represents something! Nokia represents the good guy, between all this evil bullshit companies who all copy one from another, who all sue each other, who all take the money from you, without really giving you a technology, which is worth that money.
      Nokia represents the good guy, when it comes to our environment. Just think about their "Green" Apps. Think about the Nokia 700, it was a milestone in terms of environment, you could recycle up to 85% of that phone! Which asian company does that? Well, why just asia? Does Apple do something like that? Think about the possibility to sent your old phone back to Nokia, so that you don't have to pollute the environment. And, and, and... There is so much Nokia is doing for the environment. You can hardly find any critisism from Greenpeace and other environmental NGOs against Nokia, but you can find so much against other companies, who just think about the money, the stocks, and a shit about the people and our world!
      Nokia represents a company, that cares about the consumers, it's workers, it cares about the people! Maybe there were some difficulties in the past, e.g. in Germany as they dismissed a lot of workers. But how did they do it? Did they do it like Apple does it via Foxconn in Asia? Or did they do it like Samsung does it? Nokia never exploits its workers, or at least they try not to do so. They all got a lot of money and enough time to find new jobs.
      Nokia represents the last big standing European phone manufacturer, who is trustworthy, who produces great, awsome and quality products, and who can stand against its competitors.  
    There are a lot of good manufacturers, Samsung wouldn't have that much marketshare if they weren't good. Apple wouldn't have it's reputation if they wouldn't produce nice products. But there is only ONE Nokia! ONE company who not just cares about the product and the money they earn with it, but also about everything behind this product. From the first step to the last! From the designer in Finland to the worker in Romania! From the trees cut down for the packages to the recycling of those packages, so that not more trees get cut! I have much love for Microsoft for delivering this unique feeling on Windows Phone! But honestly I don't want anybody to buy Nokia!
    Because everything Nokia does is way better than any other company is doing right now! Not just the product, but the whole idea of a better world! Thanks for reading this long post! May the Force be with you. PS: Let's demonstrate if something bad happens to Nokia!
  • Piplz do not care about nokia. Moar corezz, cheeeep, tasty platic, big androidzzz, nice applezz, eyephounz... Green Nokia... Does not compute. Must. Get. Morr. Cheep
  • ... :D
    To idealistic...sorry :(
  • Glad to know I'm not the only one who recognizes this; Nokia being the only real European phone mfg that isn't a part of the BS that goes on among the other manufacturers and who still has personal pride at stake in their products. Hell, that's pretty rare in most industries these days, not just phones. I guess we just have to hope for the best and take things as they come...
  • Nokia company-good Impatient shareholders-bad
  • +1
  • I hope Nokia gets full control of WP8 development. Microsoft does not care much about it anyway.
  • What is the lime green phone in the first picture?  Would love to see a Lumia 920 in that color!!
  • Lumia 620. You can get this Dual Shot cover and make any lumia 620 look like this.
  • Only thing I know is that IF Nokia goes Android Im jumping to iPhone. Can't stand Google right now.
  • Can you imagine this was about Microsoft handing all of Windows Phone over to Nokia?
  • Maybe to put pressure on Microsoft to increase the schedule of OS iterations.
  • If Nokia sell out to the Chinese I hope Micosoft buy HTC and hire all the Nokia design and build teams.
  • Well this is just my reading of what's going one: Nokia shareholders are NOT happy with Elop's direction. That is a fact. They never like too much that a servant from Microsoft (lets call things by their names) was placed as CEO of Nokia. And they (the shareholders) liked even LESS when said servant locked Nokia to Microsoft and Windows Phone and didn't went the Android way. That is another FACT.
    So, what can happen? Well, while Windows Phone is growing, its growing way to slowly, also thanks to Microsoft's inability to improve the OS quicker and get developers to deliver all the Apps consumers want. So Nokia is not making money fast enough and is spending probably way more money on WP's promotion than the shareholders want. And that money is not coming back in smartphone sales. All this just serves to reiterate the opinions of those shareholders who wanted Nokia to go with Android instead of Windows Phone.
    Now, what is happening is that the shareholders are asking for Elop's head. He's the CEO, he's the responsible for Nokias failing in recouping fast her former position. He's also the responsible for forcing Nokia to stick with Microsoft for the time being.
    What I think may happen is that the shareholders will try to break that exclusivity and bring Android to Nokia's phones too. That doesn't mean Nokia will have to stop developing Windows Phone and doesn't even mean they will stop being the ones driving forward the platform. But they will also have to take Android on board (just like Samsung does).
    And if they don't get their way in this...then yes, we can very likely be looking at a Nokia sale to someone else. Let us not forget that, if Nokia is bought by another company, all existing contracts that bind them to Microsoft will stop. I also hope that this is just a meeting regarding the NSN and that's why no big Microsoft tycoon will attend the meetings. But I wouldn't discard the above scenario at all in a near future. I'm just not sure how near that is.
  • Well-stated. My sentiments exactly. Love Nokia dearly, and Elop is a fucking mole. That is now apparent to everyone. That is why the Board is meeting. I hope his head rolls very. very soon and I'm certain I'm not alone in feeling this.
  • Both of you are stupid if you think people will suddenly start buying Nokia Android phones over Samsung's Galaxy series. They won't be able to sway that many users away from Samsung and people will simply migrate to Apple and they'll regain the #1 cellular company again.
  • I would suggest you to learn how to read before calling stupid to others. At least where I'm concerned.
  • Lots of employees feel the same, including me
  • I think that Nokia is about to be restructured, in fact feature phones are now killing Nokia and WPs are not selling fast enough to pick up the slack. Nokia might very well sell its mobile division, not having any other options. MS could force a HTC Nokia merger, but it will cost billions and doubt Ballmer is willing to do that without full support from Gates. Huawei or ZTE could be the buyer, even HTC if MS facilitates the funding. Google and Samsung can't buy Nokia, but they could buy divisions that would not put them into trouble with anti trust laws. LG is all Android... Sony has enough problems of its own. That was about it... MS could also buy the Mobile division... Which could make sense, but less than HTC taking over, which would enable MS to benefit from Android demand. Remind you, without enough volume, you get lousy prices for components, you no longer are first served... HTC + Nokia = Enough Volume!
  • My opinion, talks have not broken down between MS and Nokia merely stalled. I predict MS will buy thier Mobile division, they have to, as there is no way they could allow it into the hands of another Android manufacturer. That to me would be the end of WP.
  • Huawei was not joking, they are bidding! Might be a problem for MS as Huawei is persona non grata with the US Gov. But Nokia shareholders will take the best offer. If Huawei wins, WP8 could get harmed.
  • Huawei is throwing an airball in the dark. Even if they had the money to do a deal, the deal will never get approved by the Finnish Government or the EU in general and Huawei knows it.
  • Sure it be approved, they will just bribe everyone, with money or unloved facts.
  • They are flying in to pick up their checks.
  • Seriously, hope this doesn't go bad for WP. They're devices are so great but their marketing is still horrible, but has been a good attempt. Just flew from CA to NC and S4 marketing everywhere, literally. I just showed someone my Lumia 900 (mind you a 7.8 phone) and they were impressed with all what WP can do that IOS can't. How are people suppose to know that Nokia is making equally awesome hardware for equally awesome software. I hope they realize the potential that Nokia has with Windows Phone and the immense competition they will have with Android and the horrible experience they would just encounter still having to pay MS to use another platform that is no longer unique. I really hope Nokia stays exclusive to WP, they are imo, definitely leading something that can potentially explode.
  • I hinted about almost everything mentioned in this article in a comment yesterday but nobody care....
  • I am glad Joe Belifore is there, If anybody is there to do a buyout, it would seem like Microsoft would send him, since hes head of Windows phone DEV, Also who the hell goes to Finland for the hell of it, for vacation. Its got to be what we have been hearing and what Daniel has been letting us know. And I have heard things listening to the talking heads of stocks world, either Microsoft does it and it turns out a great deal, because it will set them up to build phones quick to launch. Or 2. Drop Nokia like a bad habit and let Microsoft build a surface phone of their own and had to build up their own infranstructure. I would like them to skip that crap and just get Nokia. Its better off than having Lenovo or Hwaia buy them out, because we know the first thing their going to do, kill the windows phone, and do droid.
  • Who's gonna buy a huewi android in the US? No one, guess if they were to buy Nokia they would sell soley in the Asian market. Huewi was talking shit about WP first off because they cannot compete with Nokia's WP sell's in the European market and no one in the US trusts them enough to buy a WP they produce including our government. Do any of you think the trust issues would change simply because they run android over WP? They wouldn't be able to compete with Samsung/Apple here in the US or abroad......These are facts
  • Hear this antsy Nokia stockholders! Nokia is doing well! I love my Nokia Lumia 720 and I even replaced my BlackBerry 9360 for it and I know that Windows Phone is really doing well too. If not for those stupid stockholders, Nokia will never be in a place like this. Yes, they are struggling but don't they know how Nokia and Windows Phone is gaining momentum? Microsoft is the most logical choice. IF NOKIA WILL BE BOUGHT BY SOME CHINESE COMPANY, I WILL THROW MY NOKIA LUMIA 720 AND I WILL NEVER BUY A NOKIA PHONE AGAIN, EVER. That's when Nokia will go down the drain. No one wants an eavesdropping. low class, copycat, Chinese phone.
  • Microsoft take 20% stake in Nokia. Good for Nokia and MS. Nokia really played a big role in bringing lot of people into mobile technology in Asian countries. And they are good at it. MS once helped Apple, now it is time for them to help Nokia.
  • I bet at the end of the day MS will buy Nokia, because I don't think WP can take another hit.  MS has all but relaunched WP with the 8 release, and to have to do it again with their own devices would be too much IMO.
  • All this is pointless, Nokia will be killing it with MS in 2015 and im sure ms is waiting for them to fulfill their contract before any negotiations are reached about a buyout. If anything this meeting is to push what most enthusiasts have been clamoring for anyways, Nokia needs to be known as cutting edge and ahead of the curve, not budget or feature phone rich, this is what has propelled samsung, people want high end if they are investing hard earned money, and when its known how amazing and exclusive owning a Nokia windows phone is to the general public, they will reach the success they seek...its a marathon, not a sprint, and this marriage of hardware and software will pay off, when it shows consumers that its the best system money can by. And it has the best and most trustworthy OEM behind it making killer phones. Who here owns a Nokia 920/928/925? You know what im talking about, it really is the best!
  • Given that this week Siemens expressed that they were keen to sell their stake in NSN, my money is on this meeting being to discuss Nokias response to that situation....
  • All 6 phones I've owned have been nokias. I cannot imagine Nokia being sold :'(
  • Being a finn and living in Finland, I would say that YLE (national broadcaster) does not easily report on speculative rumors but rather if there is something serious behind it. Just about every finnish media outlet is talking about this at the moment. There's a good chance that this is related to to NSN deal, however if it's not, I would believe it has to do with the fact that some members in the board of Nokia are not happy with the speed Microsoft is developing the OS and Belfiore has indeed been summoned to be heared about the progress - and possibly to help the board decide whether to get out of the MS deal before it's too late or to hold on a little bit longer.
    Another reason for Nokia to break out from the deal with Microsoft could be the failed talks of MS to buy out the Devices division of Nokia. Elop is an ex-MS executive and in the past has said he is not a trojan horse of MS, and MS has stated they have no plans to buy Nokia. Well, obviously they have plans to buy Nokia after all. Now that the talks of the acquisition  have failed, there's a general concensus in finnish media that Elop has been "called off" as a MS trojan and that his credibility as a CEO is gone. 
    All this together with the fact that Q2 is closing to an end and Nokia must have a good idea how the sales have been - if the sales are weak, this could be enough reason to ditch WP or at least bring Android on the side. Microsoft is holding back Nokia's success with the lack of features (1080p etc.) and Nokia can't afford to wait 6+ months to bring competitive devices to the market.
  • Moi moi, let us hope you are right, as Nokia employee I don't have faith in current leadership as well
  • May as well take a guess as well. I'll say NSN. Thats a pretty big deal which is really too bad. They were just starting to make money.
    Of course if they could sell their portion of that business as well that would be a good thing.
  • By reading Joe Belfiore's twitter page, he seems to be downplaying any notion that MS intend on buying Nokia. He says "BTW, newsmedia.. I come to Finland regularly to work w/Nokia on actually *building* great phones. HW/SW together in harmony. #normalcy"... Building highlighted, as opposed to buying!
  • through all the speculation, I
    didn't see anyone saying how after thinking about this alot, it appears this is another smear campaign against WP to stop its forward progress. Like wiki & NSA, I wonder if one of the board members did this on purpose to force Nokia's hand in the direction he/she wants it to go. Nothing would surprise me in a world driven by greed.
  • Oh look... Another WP is doomed thread!!!! I've been hearing this since WP7. Do you think MS would let that happen?? Give me a break!!! The press hate WP because it is a modern UI. If Apple thought of the same thing, it would be classed as innovative....
  • This just in! Nokia restructured into a snacks and soft drink manufacturer. Story at eleven.
  • Does anyone ever ask what Nokia employees want? Most of us would like to make and sell Androids as well
  • Here's what I take from this, Nokia's not making enough money to satisfy their stock holders.  Something needs to be done.  I have a feeling they're going to take on both Android and MS software.  They're going to be the next Samsung.  A little too late, but they have awesome hardware, so they'll be alright. ;-)
  • So MS got #Nokia. Time will tell if this union may create lots of cute babies or dumb maggots.