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Report: Nokia to bring blockbuster 41MP EOS Windows Phone to the US this summer

The Guardian, no slouch when it comes to news reporting, is citing sources close to Nokia that indeed, the company is getting ready to reveal a 41MP Windows Phone dubbed ‘EOS’. Destined for the US, the high end phone is expected to go on sale in the summer (presumably around May).

Originally reported by the Verge, this is the second confirmation of such an inbound device on the cusp of release.

News of such a phone is expected to be revealed in a few weeks in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, where Nokia has a press conference scheduled...

It was nearly one year ago that Nokia shocked the world with the 41MP 808 PureView camera-phone, a device that actually took photos at 5MP but over-sampled the image giving way to very high quality photos. Combined with an unusually large sensor for mobile, the 808 was able to take some astonishing photos with little image distortion.

Though the 808 was dubbed PureView, Nokia always noted that this was a developing technology and not just a 41MP camera. Later in late 2012, Nokia unveiled an offshoot of PureView with the Nokia Lumia 920. That phone sports an 8.7MP PureView camera that concentrates on low-light photography via optical image stabilization (OIS)—another first for a mobile device.

What’s not clear is if Nokia will somehow combine the 41MP with OIS or if this will be just a refined 41MP sensor with Windows Phone replacing Symbian. Much like the 808, Nokia will probably need to use a secondary processor to help the Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC render such massive images.

Possible specs of EOS

Heading back to April 2012, it was reported that Nokia was already hard at work on a 41MP Windows Phone.

The limitation at the time was the OS itself, which was Windows Phone 7. Famously, Windows Phone 7 could not handle such a sensor nor the camera optimizations that Nokia would need to implement to make use of oversampling. It would take the flexibility of Windows Phone 8 to give Nokia the necessary power.

Possible Nokia PureView 41MP? (2012)

An image of a purported PureView Windows Phone was also revealed back in April and it will be very interesting to see if that device is the same as being revealed on February 25th.

That phone is yellow (one of many colors, we imagine), which in hindsight is interesting only because yellow Lumia phones were not announced yet (it would be the Lumia 920, nearly 6 months later, that was the first yellow Nokia).

April 2012 Rumored Specifications of Nokia 41MP Windows Phone:

  • 4.3" Curved Glass touchscreen with HD display
  • 41mp sensor, Carl Zeiss lens and PureView imaging technology
  • 1080p full HD video recording and Rich Recording technology
  • Dual Core processor with Adreno 320 GPU
  • Windows Phone Operating System

EOS or Lumia?

Another interesting question is whether or not this will be a Lumia phone. Nokia for a long time has noted that Lumia is but one line of Windows Phones and that they planned on expanding that with additional form factors and technologies.

While Nokia could easily call EOS a Lumia 9xx, we wonder if this will be the first of a new line of Windows Phones for the Finnish company, possibly using the EOS designation or ‘Eos’.

What’s in a name? Eos and its origins.

Surprisingly, we haven’t seen too much about the name ‘Eos’ though a quick lookup reveals that it’s the name of a Greek goddess of the dawn.

Like ‘Lumia’, a term that was coined by 20th Century Artist Thomas Wilfred to refer to art created from light, Nokia appears to be centering on terms that involve the same theme: light. In that sense, EOS (or Eos) fits right in with the Lumia branding.

Regardless, all will be revealed in a few weeks in Barcelona. Windows Phone Central will of course be there live to cover the event, including hands on with whatever Nokia reveals. Stay tuned!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I knew it would be the super 808wp8
  • I love the design, most people are scared of new things but some like me are daring.
  • Wow you are so brave.
  • I sorry, but that photoshop design is shocking. Like having the flash (which is clearly copy-and-pasted from the 808) there will be unlikely to work, and... I won't go on, I'll lose my sanity trying to point at the holes.
    It's far too radicial, it can't possibly be real.
  • Isn't that just pics of the 808?
  • new - ugly & new - good looking are 2 different things.
  • I hope the Verizon Lumia 920 (Laser) is gsm unlocked so I can use it on Tmob while ATT is being dickheads.
  • Verizon phones are not compatible on ATT and T-Mobile networks.... Verizon uses CDMA while the other two are GSM... Something could have changed but its last I remember...
  • I think the original poster is hoping that the lumia's are made like the iphone 5.  If you buy an iphone 5 on verizon, it is unlocked and can be used on att/tmobile because both techs are on the phone. 
    So he is hoping the same thing is done for verizon phones that both techs are on the phone, but i dont think it will be 
  • The Lumia 822 is already tested as working on both StraightTalk and TMO of you look in the forums. It is a world phone, and as such works on GSM nets with a sim. On Verizon it uses the sim for LTE.
  • Many of Verizon's phones are "International" phones.  They have GSM radios that operate on the same frequencies that T-Mo uses.  
  • Verizon phones ARE compatible with other GSM carriers ask long as your phone supports a SIM card and is SIM unlocked. My Verizon HTC Trophy works with ATT
  • On the other hand, HTC jus warned that their performance may get worse
    Now I am starting to be concerned about the future updates on the 8x. Might have to get one of the Nokia phones in the future
  • I knew it... that's why I hv waited. Release it already.
  • That's what I'm talking about.
  • 4.3" screen?? *sigh*. My kingdom for a high end Nokia with a 4.7" or 4.8" screen.
  • I'm sure they'll do it but with a 41MP sensor at that size the phone is already large (in one dimension)--making it so in another may be just too much (not to mention the weight).
  • I'll gladly settle for a 920 variant with a larger screen.
  • Is that graphene tech rdy yet????
  • I would think the phone would need to be larger to accommodate the sensor. Hopefully that translates into a 4.7.
    Either way this sounds like the God Phone.
  • I was hoping for a 4 incher...the screen, that is.
  • Brilliant, build Lumia brand and then change it to EOS.
    Amazing strategy 
  • I think you misread everything I wrote. EOS could either be a second line of new high end camera phones for Nokia OR it is just the 'codename'. I mean, you don't think 'Catwalk' is a real name for them? Either way, no one is talking about changing Lumia to EOS. That's 100% all on you.
  • Somehow, I can't see Canon taking kindly to Nokia calling a phone line known for its superior cameras EOS.
  • I kept thinking I was the only one to think about Canon since nobody had mentioned this earlier in the comments. They're both using the EOS moniker for camera technology. I actually thought there might be some correlation.
  • I'd bet on code name. EOS is already being used by Canon DSLR cameras, to my knowledge. Even if there are no copyright issues, I don't see a point in associating your product with other company's already well established branding. Unless Nokia is moving from Zeiss to Canon optics/sensors/processing, and that sounds unlikely as well.
  • Its funny, unless those images have been altered since...Notice the Windows Logo on the device. They look to be the new Windows Logo, which was not announced till way after April. Meaning yes this was always meant to be a WP8 device. And adds some more credability to the leaked images 
  • Yup, we're just talking about that too...weird, right? 
  • Yup very. But Im completly ok with it. Downside, now time to start putting away those pennies to buy it off contract. And this will not even be close to cheap off contract. 
  • Ya time to start saving, tough for me in Canada its time to start saving nickels lol.
  • how can it be? i am in canada and there are to many jobs.. if your willing to work hard and be cold ;)..  ill be buying two of these if there as cool as i hope they are lol.
  • I always thought the same thing. I hope they refine this design a little more though. I just can't get into that protrusion at the bottom. Every thing else is nice. The only downside to this rumor is that if it does launch in May, there is no way I will be able to save enough pennies, and my upgrade from my 900 isn't until Nov!
  • Love how no one on this thread picked up on Daniel's sarcasm. Lol
  • good catch 
  • Yup, I noticed that and commented on it in other fora after the wp8 logo was revealed way back when... Alas, I doubt there would be carriers with enough balls to agree to the amazingly bold design of the device... :(
  • This model is probably not replacing the mainstream top end like L920. It's more like a complimentary line targeted toward photographers.
  • I'd probably agree with this. Hopefully there's no issue with Canon and their EOS line.
  • just noticed that! good eyes!
  • Actually the logo was revealed in February.
  • I wonder if they'd announce a summer phone in February.
  • They did last year
  • Damn, this would be crazy. 
  • I would be surprised if it gets revealed this month. Seems a bit too early to announce something that will be launched in summer.
  • I agree, what ever happened to playing off impulse purchases to boost profits.
  • Problem with announcing so early is it depresses L920's sales. I guess it may be offset by some people holding off their Android and iphone upgrades to get this one.
  • Considering the long time to ramp up 920 production this might not be an issue for the eos phone, 920 will be close to top dog of the Lumia line for a while, whether eos is the start of a new high end line above Lumia I dont know
  • They did the same with the 900 line last year.
  • It's possible that an enthusiast device like this could be launched as an outright purchase intially in select markets, then get introduced with carriers in the US as production volume ramps up and if demand is high. Could just be me hoping for some way of getting it before summer.
  • I really hope TMO US picks up this next high end Lumia. It will be right on time for my upgrade .
  • lol
  • Haha good luck with that.
  • Well T-Mobile's roadmap just leaked...looks like nothing but Samsung Galaxy phones up till March/May.
  • Now this is "innovative," *cough. The phone and camera in one. A Nokia will be my next WP for sure.
  • Hopefully it will include ois and come to att.
  • I don't think you have to worry about it coming to AT&T. It's everyone who isn't on AT&T who waits to see if they'll finally have a chance to get the top phone.
  • Glad I bought my 920 off-contract. EOS, baby!
  • I don't think it should be called lumia give it its own name its a very unique phone... Anything near 5inchs isn't a phone do u people not have tablets by now? Well maybe take a look at that huawei's 6 inch phone smh
  • Tablet, schmablet. Surface!
  • Rad.  I think Eos is Latin for "comes with a keyboard."  Fuck, why can't we just have one goddam model with a keyboard?  If Samsung can bring back the stylus and make it cool then certainly Nokia could do the same for the keyboard.
  • The reason is simple: they don't sell. It's the only reason why HTC is not making them anymore. BlackBerry may be the only niche OS with a keyboard (just announced Q10) and it will be real interesting to see how that sells.
  • No-one has released a flagship device with a keyboard, so its chicken and egg. People don't buy any keyboarded phones from the last two years becasue they are all shit. Motorola Pro? Even the arrive was poorly implemented, as with no landscape homescreen on a landscape slider. What??? I would bet heavily that the Q10 sells well and could well spark a new wave of KB models. Jesus, just do one for the business crowd, it's meant to be the Enterprise choice with Office etc. 
  • I agree about the "Chicken-and-the-Egg" comment. Market one correctly and it will take off. Every single person I show my Arrive to marvels at the keyboard. Arrives keyboard is still pretty much the best keyboard ever on a phone. I went from Motorola Q to HTC TouchPro to HTC TouchPro2 directly to the Arrive (all Keyboard phones), so for us business folks, keyboards allow us to type long and complicated professional discourse without having to drag out the laptop/tablet. Even though the lack of landscape for Arrive was ill-conceived, it's still just a completely sound device in most respects, albeit extremely poorly marketed. In fact, Sprint decided to market against it to highlight their Android phones, only to see Arrive be one the highest rated phones that they ever carried. It's a tank that withstands dropping and still somehow maintains that slide-and-tilt "Wow" factor which I was sure would eventually break. ;-) I have been bracing for the day when I'm forced into the world of the on-screen keyboard and practicing on my Arrive for years and in the end, nothing beats that outstanding Arrive keyboard. Maybe Surface phone arrives to save us business folks from BlackBerry. Wouldn't that be nice? Only if they market it! ;-P
  • That's what everyone said about stylus, too, but look at the Note now.
  • The Note is also a niche device.  There are only a handful of people that want a 5.5" screen. While I do like the dimensions of the Note/2, I certainly would not want to carry it as a primary device everyday.  It's heavier than my Titan. 
  • I'd love to see Nokia work with Lytro, but whatever. This would likely be the kind of upgrade I'd want from my beloved Lumia 900! Very excited to see a striking design that's not a slab. Don't get me wrong - I feel the current phones are actually nice, simple, almost elegant, but they're very dull now as a result.
  • Nokia + Lytro would be pretty cool indeed... they should purchase the company or license or whatever!
  • That would be sick
  • Hahaha, have you seen how big the Lytro is!?
    People have been complaining that the 808 was to thick.. having the Lytro attached, the phone would be Y shaped :P
  • Down no-one know that the word "EOS" is trademarked by Canon for use regarding digital imaging? Either EOS is an internal codename that will be dropped, or Canon is getting on board in some way. Otherwise, they will have to split brand for Europe ( where Canon uses the "ELPH" moniker) and the US.
  • I agree. Nokia absolutely cannot use EOS label on camera related product unless they have some sort of deal with Canon.
  • They used elph here in the US for a short while as well. I'm surprised more people didn't pick up on the Canon thing.
  • It's a codename. It will be Lumia 950 or something.
    All of the Nokia's have condenames and hardware numbers. Lumia 800 SeaRay, N900 Rover, Lankku N9 etc etc
  • There's rumors by me about the Nokia Lumia 1000
  • This IS the next big thing.
  • why can't nokia just use a quad core processor instead of using a secondary processor for it ?
  • Same reason integrated graphics on a motherboard generally sucks.
  • To process 41MP of RAW image data, you'd need a dedicated (and optimized) processing. I'm playing with 20MP RAW images on decent i5 quad core CPU running on 3.4GHz in my desktop PC. It takes a few seconds - around 3, I'd say, didn't actually measure - only to render preview from RAW in Lightroom. It will take approximately same time to apply changes, and maybe a second more to export to JPG. Dual core Snapdragon is nowhere close in performance to i5, and images are twice the size of what I'm munching; I phone supports RAW, I'd be surprised if phone could do anything - including simple on-screen preview after image was made - in less than 30 seconds. Per image. Even without RAW support, it would take very unconfortable time to convert original capture to JPG. So it has to be dedicated hardware, I'd say.
  • I *really" hope it includes a memory-card slot...
  • I would hope so, or at least have a 64 gb option.
  • Daniel, are you sure they need a separate chip to handle 41MP? I thought I read somewhere that the latest Snapdragon can handle 50+MP.
  • Hmmm, for me a strong reason to hold up on the lumia 920. Hope the EOS will boast at least a 4.5 inch screen.
  • 4.3" screen no thanks
  • 5.2" thanks
  • i dont like the shape. is that really the actual thing? i hope it still has the lumia feel. glad i havent bought a 920 yet, i was waiting for this.
  • Looks a lot like a ST:TNG phaser. I'd rather it be more like the 92x or 82x series in shape.
  • God, I hope not.
  • Is Nokia going to make some partnership with Canon??Since Canon allready use the EOS name in their DSLR cameras.If yes this is gonna be a monster camera phone.It will be interesting.Plus some 1080p screen and the new qualcomm chipset.
  • Phone screens do not need to be 1080p unless they are round the 5" mark. I doubt this will be a 5" phone because it is a phone for photography enthusiasts. Thus, every aspect will be designed with this in mind. Holding a 5"+ device like a camera is awkward, and with the camera bulge it would be too big and heavy. It will likely be 4-4.5, where 768p gives more than enough ppi. That said, I wouldn't be surprised to see a big lumia this year.
  • Oh hell yeah...i just hope its 5 inch
  • "Nokia will probably need to use a secondary processor to help the Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC render such massive images."
    Sure about that? The new Snapdragon 800 that we will see in phones this summer, will support camera phones with up to 55 megapixels and 4K video recording and decoding. Is it a coincidence that this new camera phone is scheduled for release when the new high end Qualcomm chip is available on the market? I'd like to think it is not. :)
  • That can mean Snapdragon does/will have DSP integrated in SoC. But one was or another, it is requirement :)
    Think of it this way - even P&S cameras with much smaller pixel count have dedicated image processing hardware and software, like Nikon Expeed, Canon DIGIC, Sony Bionz, Panasonic Venus engines... processing 41MP ith general processor only, good luck :)
  • "That can mean Snapdragon does/will have DSP integrated in SoC.........processing 41MP with general processor only, good luck :)"
    Which smartphone SoC does not have a DSP? Qualcomm uses three types of processors in their SoC; Krait CPU, Adreno GPU and Hexagon DSP. The Snapdragon 800 uses all new processors; Krait 400, Adreno 330 and Hexagon v5.
  • Thanks.
    I don't know much about smartphone SoCs, and I did not say they don't have DSP. My post was based on logic and some knowledge I have about cameras, and based on that, my opinion was that modern smartphones must have DSP in order to deal with current size of photos they are capable to take.
  • I must be the only one that
    a) doesn't like the design
    b) think the screen is too small at 4.3"
    Why upgrade the camera and downgrade the screen?  I'll keep my 920 untill an "EOS" comes in a screen equal to or larger than it.  Oh, and doesn't look like a boomerang.
  • How's that most of the people have been saying the same as u which is more of a reason for us with a love for photography and unique design to go out and grab one
  • I hate the design too, but I'd use a phone that looked like a big brown turd to get that camera.  However, I like a 4.3" sceen.  I think anything over 4.3" and under 5.3" is a stupid size.
  •  I don't like how it curves out so much at the bottom, and I don't really like the sharp edges. I would be much happier with an 808 running WP8.  The 4.3" screen I can deal with.
  • Man, I might have to see about selling my Lumia 920 and picking this up now...
  • Hey Dan there isn't a front facing camera? Its not a deal breaker for me just wondering... Hopefully more color options also
  • Canon I doubt would let anyone else use the Eos name. Maybe Canon is in on this too ?
  • Well maybe something out there.It will be nice to see Nokia with help from Canon for the camera :D.Why not??
  • I think the design is interesting, but different, and different doesn't mean good for average joes. For example, I like it, I would consider it, but I wouldn't put a phone like that in my pocket, which is a problem for me. I much prefer a more slate-like design being easy to carry. Of course, that's a mock up, so we have to wait and see what they really offer.
  • The design will be much better than this. This mockup design is really different but just unattractive.
  • Has anyone seen this by Nokia Research w/video
  • Wow! I would love to see the images it produces.
  • Yikes, what a shitty looking phone. I hope they do something better with the design. 
  • Wonder why my comment got deleted, if canon joins with Nokia that would be huge, I just need a screen that is a bit bigger
  • Well hopefully its not that butt ugly design pictured here and hopefully, finally, maybe T-Mobile and Verizon will get one too.
  • If the design has to be butt-ugly to get on T-Mo, then maybe... But I'd rather something a little more convential in shape.
  • Let's wait for Feb 21, 2013. Remember this from last year? hehehe
  • I' buy one in a heartbeat.. Even though I have a 920.. I just switch back and forth
  • Bla,bla!! I want my 42 MP
  • Nice - I was on the fence about upgrading my L900 to a L920 next month ... guess I'll wait it out for this one - WP7.8 just might be the stopgap I needed.
  • Oh god please no.
  • Looks like giant remote controller with camera
  • if this has the lumina body or a updated version of it, Id trade in my 3 month old 920 for it immediately. As long as it comes in Red.....
  • I just jizzed a bit.
  • I'm not sure if that's a pleasant feeling.