Nokia to reveal new Windows Phone with more advanced PureView tech

Nokia plans to unveil another Windows Phone, codenamed EOS this year, according to sources familiar with company plans. The Verge has learned that the device is set to include a similar sensor to which is found on the Nokia 808 PureView. The optics upgrade would further advance Nokia's imaging technology, as well as provide yet another high-end Lumia Windows Phone for consumers.

As well as the bump in specifications for the camera, EOS will also sport an aluminium body, rather than the polycarbonate owners have come to love since the Lumia 800. It's also believed AT&T will be stocking the device later this year. The aluminium body is also to be sported by the Lumia 920 successor, codenamed Catwalk. It's a hint at where Nokia will be taking the Lumia line of Windows Phones with regards to look and feel.

Nokia has previously teased at "more to come" with its imaging capabilities in Windows Phone. Juha Alakarhu, head of imaging technologies of Nokia, had the following to say on the future of PureView in the blog post:

"I think it’s important to underscore that PureView doesn’t mean any specific technology. It’s the latest and greatest in imaging. When you buy a Nokia phone with PureView, you are getting our highest quality imaging innovation. Nokia 808 PureView solved the problem of zooming and sharpness, and for Nokia Lumia 920, it was low light."

While it's yet to be known exactly how the company plans to show off its advances in camera technology, EOS certainly appears to be a viable candidate. The Lumia 920 isn't a slouch by any means and the camera has been in the spotlight more so than the platform the device runs on, but a high-end Windows Phone with a similar shooter to the 808 PureView is a desire many have shared. 

What are your thoughts on the Nokia EOS?

Source: The Verge; thanks, corsica, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I can't wait for mobile world Congress, and October can't come fast enough to upgrade.
  • + 1
  • +1000000000
  • Question why does it seem like nokia has moved away from xenon flash? i want it on my windows phone!
  • it might be because it can't be used as a flash light, which some of us use quiet often in a pinch (in a pinch too often i guess? :P)
    i wonder if anyone would use both the xenon flash and include an LED just for flashlight use lol
  • Why can't it be used as a flashlight?
  • People from Nokia said that the advancements in led technology are so strong that the new leds give the same result as the xenon flash using much less power that's why they don't use xenon anymore.
  • flashlight = torch, i.e. something you'd use to light your way in a dark basement or find the candles and matches if the power goes out. Xenon flashes just aren't good for that as they provide a very strong burst of light that lasts maybe 10 ms, which pretty much just blinds you if you're already in the dark! :D
  • The xenon flash on my n8 was too good. I miss it. Please bring it back.
  • +1 - Guess I know what I'm waiting on to replace my gen1 Titan...I like the current 920 deal at AT&T but come Oct/Nov I'll be able to upgrade without surcharges and this type of phone would be worth the wait...unless MS has a Surface phone in the wings...hmmmmmmm...nah, i like the Nokia cameras :)
  • Feb 25-28... Only a month away... Not like E3 (for gamers), we have to wait till June :(

  • I just want a high end Lumia qwerty slider :D
    Edit: lol?! alot of haters nd lovers :D 
  • Ew
  • Die...!!!
  • Lol +1
  • IM WITH YOU!!!! 4''-4.5'' qwerty slider! <3 E7 look alike
  • QWERTY QWERTY!!!! My next phone will be a WP8x Slider! I don't care how long I have to wait... until then: my awesome HTC 7 Pro will continue to be awesome :) 
  • Agreed!
    And, I can't say that I'm excited about going aluminum.
  • That would rule! At this point I'd even settle for midrange with landscape slider.
  • The crowd is fickle Maximus.
  • "The crowd is fickle, brother.  He will be forgotten in a week".  "No, much sooner than that.  It has been arranged".
  • Yeah... Good luck on that.
  • +1 for high end with qwerty slider
  • E7 shall revive with Better Cpu OS!
  • I was playing with a Samsung captivate glide the other day, wishing I could load a wp7.8 rom onto it the hardware is almost identical to the focus S.
  • Pretty excited!
  • Hmmm. I wonder if they will also put a S4 Pro in this? Though i love the camera on my 920, a newer version so soon is abit sad especially since my contract is 2yrs. Ohwel, that's the risk of being a day one buyer. ;)
  • Yeah, I'm more interested in what SoC is going inside it than the camera. I'll be pretty disappointed if it is the same. Needs to be the new Snapdragon 600
  • They said later this year announced and released are different I welcome the new Lumia since I bought my 920 outright I still have an upgrade ^_~
  • Don't worry, there will be more exciting hardware when your contract ends :)
  • That's exactly what I was thinking.
    Then again, I can always put out some cash and upgrade
  • and again when you upgrade,something better will be just around corner :D
  • That's why it's good to be a 'day one' buyer. You get the most time out of a device when it's new.  I am glad I bought in the first week. I feel like I've already had so much great use out of my 920. I am glad I didn't wait.
  • Nokia bringing awesome stuff was thinking of going blackberry this year but if 41mp pureview is true no reason to leave.
  • They said "similar" sensor, not the same sensor.
  • So are they going with a 38MP camera since that was the max the 808 could handle? Then squeeze in an S4 Pro and a bigger battery. And OIS with all the goodies of the Lumia 920 would make it fantastic.
  • yeah, 4K videos will be amazing (we'll have to see how better they are than 1080P videos, a frame is larger than an 8MP image, maybe 1080P @ 60 fps too), add variable aperture to that, a huge sensor (maybe even more pixels) and cameras will disappear, but I hope they'll use the second microphone to record stereo audio
  • More pixels quite often means worse noise in low light, especially the smaller the sensor. So all of this is 'math'. Until they jam an APS-C or even a 4/3rd chip in a phone it will never be a real camera, no matter how many pixels.
  • This is the biggest issue Blackberry is going to have releasing at the end of the month.   It would have been better for them to release in the fall.   Basically unless you really, really want a Blackberry you're going to at least wait until MWC to see what's announced.  Depending what's announced the BB10 device could be stillborn before it's even available.
  • Doesn't matter when you buy your phone because there will always be one better a few months later. It's not as if technology is standing still.
  • I hope this is a WP8.5 device and not a WP8.1 device. It's got enough different about it to warrant better internals - Snapdragon 800 please!
  • This isn't Apple here. They may announce this phone at MWC or whatever. But then they won't release it until the end of the year anyways. So feel good about your 920 purchase because it wont be replaced anytime soon. Would you have really wanted to keep waiting for the next best thing? Besides, the 920 is much more future proof than say the 900. Dual core, 720p screen, NFC, wireless charging, etc... Maybe you won't be able to play next years mobile version of Crysis 3 on your phone, but whatever. If you focus on real world usage rather than Moores law, you will realize these specs should keep this phone modern for many years.
  • @Aaron +1
  • I will always prefer Polycarbonate over flimsy aluminium. The weight of Lumia 920 is perfect. I am happy with my Lumia 920. IF this new device isn't a complete WOW factor over Lumia 920 I don't think Lumia 920 owners need to feel any disappointment
  • The processsor could very well be the new Snapdragon 800 which supports up to 55 MP sensor.  Using the aluminum case could bring EOS' weight down to the 150g range.  I'm ready to upgrade this phone now.  It is a MUST.
  • I know the reason Nokia partners with ATT for their flagship phones, but I really hope they get big enough to have their hero phone release on all carriers like Samsung does with the S3. As a T-Mobile custnomer I'm limited to one choice for a Nokia upgrade. The 810 looks great and I'll end up getting that in a few months, but I'd love to have the 920 or variant of a 920.
  • Bro I've been saying the same thing since T-Mobile got the short end with the 710 and the 810. We want high-end too.
  • Well there is always the HTC 8X which is a high-end phone..
  • Well when the 8X gets optical image stabilization, a maps solution, great OEM support and exclusive games and apps then I'm all in. And I really like the 8X but the Lumia's camera cannot be beat and I can't settle for less.
  • Nah bro. We want high end Nokia devices.
  • im happy with my 710.couldnt get 800 at that time but if now i have chance to get phone like 800s size but with wp8 i would sold my grannys cow in a second :D
    also lots of my sister friends love look and feel of 710
  • Nokia is leading the way with innovative photo smartphones. This is just another example of their commitment to not only producing devices, but producing devices that enhance usability, and they do that with quality. I absolutely love my black Lumia 920, and even though it came out of the gate a little unpolished with 'soft' pics, the firmware update has put that behind us. So glad I made the switch from HTC to Nokia! Keep rocking, or should I say flashing Nokia!
  • I really hope this isn't realeased before september/october. The 920 just came out in most european countries and it would really suck to have a better phone this soon.
  • We will probably find that it will be exclusive on AT&T and EE again, and everyone else will have to wait 6 months! I'm due to update now on Three in the UK and my attention was diverted momentarily to the fact that Three will also be offering the Xperia Z, but I only have to look at my wife's HTC 8X to realise that it's WP8 that I want as much as the Lumia! 
  • Hahaha love the name ;)
  • Now you know how Lumia 900 owners feel when they see the 920 ;)
    But the 900 I brought is great, works well and does everything I wanted from it plus more, and I'm guessing the 920 with its rather nice camera still does what you brought it for.
    Kind of wondering if the obvious next step though will be a low light image stabilised 41Mp camera.  If so I think I'll jump in, although I cannot see how they could keep this from being quite a thick phone and likely niche (Camera/Phone hybrid?).
  • Technology does not stand still so there will always be something better a few months later.
  • i don't think you understand how this works. the full pureview phone won't be the follow up to the 920. it will be another class of phone, kust like samsung has the gs3 as the flagship and the note 2 as the phablet niche device.
    nokia will release flagship mainstream devices on a 1 year cycle. next one will be at nokia world at the end of the year. but now the niche photography device 808 has finished the 1 year cycle and an upgrade with wp8 is ready to be released. it will also be more expensive than the 920 and won't compete with it. it's good that they are finally able to diversify their portofolio like they did in the symbian days. you need to consider nokia was like samsung 2-3 years ago. they had tons of phones in different form factors for different niches. qwert devices both high end and low end. photography oriented phone. bussiness oriented phone. tons of mid-rangers. phones that ran other os'es as experiments. last year for me as a nokia fan was atrocious. they only had a few phones released.i'm glad they are returning to form
  • I can't wait to see more :D
  • This is amazing if true.
    Metallic 41Mp PureView WP phone from Nokia has been my dream phone since 808 PureView. 
  • I really hope they implement the floating lens with the 41MP sensor, too. That mix up would cause me to throw my phone on craigslist and run out for a new one, IMMEDIATELY.
  • I think they already told that. I remember some interview saying that it is bit difficult to mount the lens on springs but they will get to it ssoon.. I dont think they will launch another pureview without OIS.
  • Only if it has 1080p display AND S4 Pro SoC
  • I hope they don't add a 41 MP sensor. That would ruin the clean Unibody design of the Lumia. I'm pretty sure they'll keep below 10MP.
  • I'm on a £56 a month contract, which makes people wince. But in a year i can have a new phone, so if it is as good as it sounds im in. Thus is of course if Microsoft ever finish this lovely thing they started called windows phone. If they leave it as it is im throwing my lumia at them
  • Hmmm could this be the one Tom Warren from the Verge was talking about?? You know the one Coming to Verizon? I am hoping so...I am now in a wait and see mode.. ^_^
  • This would be fantastic news to the customer, I would have to think this phone would slot above the current 920. I just hope they increase the sensor size to make use of all those megapixels. I also hope once exclusivity ends that this phone, the 920, 820, 620, hell 505 are available on all American carriers that want it. Kind of puts the rumored iPhone 6 mp camera of 12 mp at the end of the year to shame lol.
  • I wish HTC would get the same paycheck from MS that Nokia does. I would really prefer the music enhancements that HTC offers over the Camera enhancements that Nokia offers.
  • Nokia also offers Dolby Digital sound that is way better in terms of audio quality than the Beats on the HTC. Add that to the amazing camera and it's a win-win. You know of the Beats enhancements on the HTC because that's the only thing HTC can promote since it doesn't have anything else special like Nokia does.
  • I'd have to see some type of review of the two. How about it WPC. HTC Beats Audio vs Nokia dolby? But I'm sure I know who this site would hail the victor. LOL. Maybe I could get engadget to do a comparison. 
    I really just want a EQ option. 
  • Dolby on the Nokia is better than beats, I've tried them both.
  • Nokia gets $ because it's WP exclusive,
  • No they are not. 
  • You don't see them building Android devices, do you? I wouldn't exactly count anything with S40, since they are more or less feature phones.
  • Microsoft's paycheck to Nokia includes the use of Nokia mapping tech in WP as well as Bing. Also Nokia pays Microsoft for WP licenses. It just not Microsoft writing checks to Nokia for nothing in return.
  • Lol!  Microsoft is paying for IP (location services) so that HTC/Samsung users can get some maps; MS is not paying for Nokia's innovative camera tech or their stylish designs.
  • that paycheck would be used in their android devices so i dont think ms will do that
  • Is AT&T going to subsidize Nokia fans every year, when a new phone comes out, just like they do for the iPhone. Or is that only going to be something they do for the Apple iSheep? I'm betting, "no".
  • I think that is an apple policy, carriers have to pay apple a certain amount, I doubt it changes either. That is one reason vz and sprint profits are down and att to up since att lost exclusivity to the iPhone, talk about exclusive att had it for 3 years! And I really hope Nokia is strong enough to offer a take it or leave it policy with the carriers, that might be a few more years though. I feel bad for RIM, they are using last year's technology just when the phone tech race kicks into the next gear.
  • Let's hope that "exciting things with Verizon", Elop was quoted to say is tied to this.
  • As a proud 920 owner, im not even in the slightest bit disappointed, even knowing this was looming. Tbh, MORE recognition of the design and capabilities of the Lumia brand is no bad thing. Excited to see this handset.
  • This. I'm fine with my Lumia 920. I'm rocking this till 2014 definitely.
  • What's the big deal if you don't have the best phone in the world. The 920 is awesome, your happy? Who cares if there's a phone out there with 5 more mega pixel camera or a little better screen. Lifes to short to be worrying about stuff like that. . .
  • Agreed. We can always buy the new phone and sell the current 920 and extend our contract if we need it that bad.
  • I love Nokia and I hate Microsoft !!!! Where is XBLA Games ?????
  • Xbla games very soon ... 12 games in 2013
  • Just 12 GBLA games ??? LOL )))   Sony already plans to port all the PS1 and PS2 games for Android
  • And I plan to go to Mars...doesn't mean its going to happen anytime soon.
  • PS sucks and has nothing on Xbox
  • Don't be stupid.
  • It's true
  • And the ports will most likely suck. Nothing like native development ftw!!!!
  • Yeah, exactly what they said they'd do with the Xperia Play... TWO YEARS AGO What a naive child :D
  • Im not really suprised, Nokia L920 brought new ideas and im sure that Nokia will not stop here...I believe Nokia new phones are going to have the WOW factor.. I look forward to to it! But in the sametime MS should fix all the bugs,get more Apps and also to surprise us for Nokia's new phone to be perfect 
  • Thanks a lot bro. Thats exacly what i have been houting all over the place. The only thing drawing the lumia line back is wp and its abominations! Heck i can't even get a decent pdf reader! Does someone know of a pdf to ebook or words converter that really works?
  • Keep 'em coming, Mr E! Looking forward to the 808 vs EOS showdown!
  • Prefect timing for my next upgrade. I'm glad I didn't shelved out the extra cash for the 920. :)
  • My thoughts exactly
  • Can't wait...
  • I'm pissed, I just get the L920 and now they are coming out with a better phone already, Turing into fucking apple phone every 6 months
  • 920 will still be a good phone. We can't stop newer phones from coming. 
  • Two comments - Firstly I think that they are coming out with a Verizon exclusive device - so if you are on AT&T you'll still have the best device available. Secondly, a 41mp Lumia is going to be a niche device. There is no need to assume that something 'better' is coming. Either way - the people who buy these devices will be faced by something 'better' in less than 3 months from HTC, Samsung etc.
  • I hope you realise that actually Apple only refreshes the iPhone every 12 months or so, slower than pretty much every other manufacturer.
  • So sell your 920 and buy next device. I always sell mine if needed.
  • Hopefully T Mobile will get a high end Windows Phone!
  • In good time bro, I like tmobile's new philosophy so hope so!
  • Probably not anytime soon. But if you live in a refarmed area, you can get the high end Verizon model that is reportedly coming. Tmo gets scraps. It pisses me off, but I'm just not willing to pay the premium.
  • The 8X is high end.
  • Make no mistake, this will be more bulky and less attractive to consumers. If the 808 was an SLR then the 920 was a compact. It sounds like Nokia is bringing us another SLR but using WP8 instead of Symbian.
  • I just got a 920 and I'm fine with Nokia releasing newer better models at a fast pace.  Not everyone was eligible for upgrade when 920 arrived.  When the newer ones roll out, they will be.  I like the idea of several models a year vs the ONE per year from that other company. :)
  • Looking forward to the 808-like camera, not so much to the aluminum. I just love the plastic look and feel of current Lumias. In any case, I hope I like the design as much as I like my 820's at the moment :)
  • I hope nokia will have 2 lines : lumia and purewiev. Ohhh and asha i forgot
  • I am looking forward to an aluminum WP device by Nokia; I have the N8 and it is anodized aluminum - sturdy, very subtle/attractive design details, but a tad slippery, which is why I alway kept it in a case. 
  • Samsung galaxy s3 2012 s4 2013.
    Sony xperia the same too.
    Nokia must go to this direction by force. No more 2 or 3 years must wait to next nokia Nx
  • Yeah, not happy with the Lumia 920 being downgraded so quickyl and labeled "The fake pureview" phone.
  • This news make me sad being with 920. Even restarting and freezing not yet get the update to solve (I wait for OTA , due to don't want to replaying every game another once).
  • Canon produce a wonderful range of well-known cameras under the EOS brand, wonder if Nokia will run into any trademark issues?
    Or perhaps Nokia/Canon have formed a JV?
  • Jv was the first thing I thought. Idk what it might be for, but I know that I love my XSI. So if it is a JV, I'm excited to see it!
  • This is just a rumor. I don't thing it's named like that even in their secret documents. Somebody added the „EOS” mark to give the photograph-centered rumor some power and credibility. Everybody knows Nokia is bringing something new to MWC and they even said that their innovation in imaging had just started so this rumor is the combination of these two. If you analyze this article you will observe there is nothing new said except for the ”EOS” name which is a trademark of Canon so it's not real. Nokia worked on the 808 with Toshiba so i don't know if they would consider a partnership with somebody else and Canon wouldn't help the smartphone industry bring a competing product (to their cameras) to market.
  • I would think Canon might have an issue with naming it "EOS"
  • Which is probably why Nokia won't release it with that name.
  • I have lumia 800 still. And im happy. It perfect light fast and very beattyfull - very.
  • Nokia will fail if this is exclusive to AT&T
  • Gotta love phone advancement. Don't like what's out wait 6 month.
  • Great Nokia :)
    Keep up innovating.
    But I'll be perfectly happy with my beautiful yellow 920 the next couple of years :)
    Got a yellow, red and black in the household by now, a white to come... :)
  • +1
  • I wonder if they will keep with the color themes and make this aluminum colors. A metallic cyan would be beautiful
  • They've done one before.
  • Got that device - Blue and georgeous, although stored in a drawer since I'm now using a White Lumia 900 :).
    The N8 is a very unique looking device with the chamfered sides and the buttons sitting in the machined/metalic frames/silos...superb craftsmanship that I hope they are able to bring to future WP devices.
  • Aw yes that was a beautiful phone. Scared to get because lack of support for symbian
  • Yea these things cant just be for att anymore. Let every carrier get the 920 and let this "new" hero device be an exclusive or vice versa
  • was planning on getting a samsung note for my other line when upgrade is available, but now that the galaxy note 8 is coming, i can buy that and get the Nokia EOS as my second line upgrade.... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • They need to stop announcing future phones before they're available! It really kills the sales of the current phones.
  • Rumours do not equate announcements. 
  • They also need to make it thinner, that's a big one for alot of women and some guys
  • Say what?! o.O;
  • thats what she said!
  • Oh well, I like my 920 but if there will be even better one I'll go for it. For me new phone every 6 months is a standart anyway.
  • +1
  • I am considering switching to either blackberry or iOS when I get my upgrade this year, however, a Lumia with a similar sensor to the 808, especially if they add the OIS of the 920, would be enough to get me to sign up for another two years. 
  • wow, i never thought I would hear of anyone thinking of switching to Blackberry, current BB customers, sure they will stick around, but switching to BB, thats crazy! CRAZY
  • Don't get me wrong, I won't be a launch day adopter.  I have an upgrade coming in July, and may wait around to see where Apple goes with the next iOS update and the next iPhone.  By then, we will have an idea of how BB10 is doing as far as getting popular apps.  If they are doing better than Windows Phone at that point in that regard, I would switch, as a lack of popular apps is my main complaint with Windows Phone.  However, some truly amazing Nokia hardware could change that.  Something like the 920 isn't enough to make up for the lack of apps for me now.  I've been waiting 2 years, saying we are right on the edge of breaking through.  And that is were we still are, I'm done waiting unless there is some truly amazing, not merely good, hardware to wait with.
  • I wouldn't expect to see a 41MP sensor show up in this device because they're tired of all the its to big and heavy talk. Think more along the lines of a 20/25MP sensor enabling 4/5X digital zoom with no loss in quality. Maybe they'll add OIS in also for the new ultimate Pureview device.
  • Well there will be a group of pple buying it for the camera. It is a camera with phone capablities.. :)
  • Sorry off topic. Is the 920 dlna capable? If not when will play on be upgraded to higher resolutions so i can watch photos & videos streaming to Dlna tv
  • No, as in there is no app for that (or not yet).  Nokia had a DLNA app called "Play To" for WP7, it never made it to WP8, and frankly it was pretty buggy.  In WP8 Nokia has an app called PhotoBeamer that is also pretty buggy in my experience (just like Nokia Drive and Nokia Music, you see the trend here...)
  • im on verizon and have an upgrade at the end of February. I dont know what to do. Im not impressed with any Verizon windows phone offerings and with no announcments to speak of I'm not sure what direction I will go. My sister has the DNA and it is a really nice peice of hardware. So much nicer than the Verizon WP offerings it makes me think aobut switching. 
  • Explain to me how the HTC DNA hardware is better than the HTC 8X hardware?
  • Hey you get 2 hours of battery life on the DNA...that's good enough for me! :) -___- sarcasm
  • For all those people that have never used the 808...OMG that camera is ridiculous but Symbian no thank you. If they put the 808 camera on 920 model with even better specs it will be the hottest phone!
  • Honestly, I have no interest in a new Lumia whose single difference is a better camera. I'm buying a PHONE not a photographic camera. I always found the 808 ridiculous and so will I find a similar Lumia. But I understand that there are actually people who mainly look for camera quality on phones. That said, the Aluminium case also doesn't appeal to me. So I'll be keeping my current WP (L920) for a couple of years this time.
  • sick and tired of hearing AT&T will be getting the new phones first. Come on Nokia show some T-Mobile love here.
  • Nokia has been partnered with ATT for a long time now. Back with 6620 and e71. Hell even with the 6800 and 6820. ATT always had the best of Nokia line up for a while.
  • Nokia partners with Canon for the worlds first Nokia Lumia EOS