Nokia working on an aluminum body for the Lumia line?

In planning for the next round of Windows Phones, indications are strong that Nokia is working on an aluminum body for a high end Lumia model.

Codenamed Catwalk, the aluminum Lumia will be lighter and thinner than the current crop of polycarbonate bodied Lumias. The Catwalk would replace the Lumia 920 as Nokia's centerpiece Windows Phone.

No word on hardware specs or when we might see the Catwalk beyond "later this year".  Catwalk is sure to be a hot topic of discussion next week at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show.  We'll be in attendance at CES and if we hear more on the new aluminum Lumia, we'll pass it on.

Source: The Verge (opens in new tab); Thanks, Catwalk, for the tip!

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • I wonder if they'll widen the color options for the phone with these new aluminum bodies, or keep their current spectrum of red,yellow,gray,white, and black.
  • Great question. I have my doubts whether they can put the colors in the aluminum like they did with the polycarbonate. I really want a red one, but not at the price of it looking scratched up after a few months.
  • Look at apples crap yellow iPod touch and nano, then look at the yellow 920. Polycarbonate gets the color better.
  • Look at the anodized aluminium Alienware ... it keeps the color well, even if it's aluminium ;)
    it's not the process that makes the new nanos and touch ipod ugly, it's just the colors chosed by apple
  • Ooo. That is nice.
    Well, guess I was proven wrong, which was a good thing. 
  • No you weren't, annodised isn't as amazing as polycard:
    Google : "anodised alienware flaking"
  • I meant to say that it looks nice and better than the iPod color junk. Never said it is nicer than polycarbonate.
  • it's not the technique of being anodised.. its the quality of the job.. most new finishes on mags for cars are anodised.
  • they did the color thing with the N8 earlier which had an aluminium casing and from what i've heard is that only the plastic end caps(top and bottom) were a bit scratch prone otherwise the whole body was of good quality but still it might not have that same polycarbonate quality in which color is integral to the casing.
  • Are you saying the aluminum bodies will have scratches after a few months? My 920 is a month old and has a ton of scratches....
  • The paint on your phone isn't scratched off though, it will if the phone is aluminum.
  • I think Nokia can launch colored aluminum as they already did for Symbian based N8 which was available in 5 different colors with monocoque aluminum body.
  • But polycarbonate is nice.
  • I guess all the "Lumia920 is too thick" talk is getting to them.
    Good to see them adapting though.
  • Am I the only one who hates hearing about the next big thing when you've just locked yourself into a 2 yr contract?  It's prob just me.
  • Lol, chill. You got the phone cause you liked it. Not cause it was the best high end phone. Let them make more phones 100x better than yours. If yours works good for you, you dont need a new phone everytime a better one comes out.
  • Nope you're not the only one. From a former 900 user, whom is now a 920 owner, I hate hearing about this kind of thing. Especially, like you said, after just locking into a 2yr agreement! But it is what it is.
  • Nah, it's not just you. It is indeed bothersome being locked into a contract because one cannot afford an unlocked phone. The way to get past this is to feel good that when your contract is up you'll have a chance at locking yourself into another contract with a (hopefully) GREAT phone ;-)
  • If you feel that way, why not buy an unlocked phone? duh
    and isn't HATE a strong word. sounds a bit emotional and well, like girly to me :)
  • I always laugh when people say "hate is a strong word". I'll say "I love chocolate but I hate white chocolate". It's a substitute for "dislike" and doesn't mean I have a seething, burning rage over it :P
  • In the US there's no benefit to buying an unlocked phone. You pay more upfront and your bill is exactly the same as those on post-paid contracts.
  • It's always going to happen. It's going to keep happening.
    Buy something that you're happy with and upgrade when you are ready. 
    It will be another 2 yrs before I upgrade both my wife and I to new phones. Until then, I am excited to see the growth and diversity for WP.
  • That's how Lumia 900 owners felt hearing they wouldn't get the update and there was a new phone coming.
  • That's why i always only sign up for one year on contract. Madness to sign up for longer.
  • Personally, I'm glad to hear talk about the next-generation of Lumia devices. Would I be mildly annoyed that my L920 was no longer the latest and greatest? Maybe a tiny bit. But I think it's more important for Nokia and WP8 platform to keep making progress.
  • I hate hearing about the next big thing even before I could get the current big thing (In the color I want :D).
  • Consider it an "Early Adopter Tax".  You pay a few extra bucks to have the latest and greatest.  You'll be able to sell it for $200 - $300 and it'll cost you around the same to get out of the contract.  Not a bad deal so cheer up.  You're carrying the best hardware for WP and it'll only cost you $100 net to get into the newest.
  • Is that all it takes to get out of a contract? $200-$300 and you can start anew?
  • Ha ha...yeah, it's the frustrating life of a technology fan. :)  This time around, it won't be as shocking at the 900 to 920 shift.  This one will hopefully come in around the 1 year anniversary of the 920.  Then you can bug your carrier 6 months after for an early upgrade or hold  out for the next wave. 
    This is just rumors and insider reports.  The 920 was an official announcement just a few months after the 900 was released.  I think a refreshed flagship every 12 months is reasonable.  I just hope MICROSOFT doesn't lock us into an older OS where we can't buy newer apps.  The 920's and 8X's Ativ's of the world should be upgradeable next year.
  • i was locked into a contract with the 900, heard i want getting the update and was determined to get the 920, payed for it out of pocket so even if the new phone comes out late next year i still have my upgrade :D so im not too upset.
  • No, it does make me want to get the new best thing though. I'm sticking with my Lumia 900 till my 2 year contract is up. By then a new kickass Lumia will be out.
  • You shouldn't be surprised. It's exactly the same thing they did with the Lumia 800/900 last year.
  • Don't believe they will because polycarbonate make signal better
  • That's exactly what I was thinking.
  • They had unibody aluminiun phones like N8 and E7 in 2009. Both had excellent reception. 
    There's many ways to get around that problem, in Apple's case it didn't want to license Nokia patents on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, dunno about iPhone 5. 
  • wp8 has to match up with nokia
    miracast, playto, wifidirect, instagram, notification center....etc
    micorosoft needs to push it even further
  • What's "micorosoft"? ;)
  • Lol
  • I really like that codename...catwalk....
  • Hope this is the Verizon Lumia.
  • Me too. I don't care what they make it out of as long as it's the Lumia 922.
  • Although I just purchased a brand new Lumia 900 last month, I would definitely be interested in an Aluminum Lumia.  I have a blue N8 and the aluminum body is great - great feel,superb reception, great looking!  Dropped it a couple of times, but only a small chip on the raised screen perimeter.  The 'machined' Nokia logo etched on the back is a very classy touch as well.
    Bring it, Nokia!!
  • Alumia? Aluminumia? Alumianum? There's a nickname in there somewhere.
  • I vote for Alumia.
  • aLumianum immediately sprang to mind, but aLumia would be good.
  • lol considering what lumia really means just put A in front of it and its even more funny lol.
  • iLumia ? Lol
  • Yes! That sounds great, I want one! :D
  • The 8X and One X is polycarbonate and they are thin, I think the problem here is that Nokia just can't make thin phones no matter what
  • I know what you are saying but my friend has a 8x with a hairline crack in the back of his phone after he dropped it. Doubt that would happen with a Lumia. Don't get me wrong, I like the 8x but I think Nokia has always taken durability serious.
  • Yes that's also for sure, but otherwise there is no thin really durable phone
  • Aluminum would be very nice! Would the model line be called Alumia?
  • Lol!
  • Brilliant name!
  • Is it me being used to my Lumia 900 but, I don't find the Lumia 920 as heavy or uncomfortable to hold as reviewers say. Maybe, they need to go to the gym and do some strength training or stop whining altogether.
  • Do they even lift?
  • I think the current polycarbonate body makes the colors of the 920 pop. I think you will lose that with a aluminum body. If its 5 inches I'll gladly pay an early upgrade fee on my 920 I got in November.
  • I have a family plan. For an extra $10 a month I can upgrade once a year. The $120/yr is easily offset when I sell the old phone.
  • And in other news, lawyers all over the world are waiting by their phones for Apple to call with drool on their chins.
  • Meanwhile the legion of apple plotted
  • Can I just get a gray or yellow 920 for now? Jeez Nokia, it's been 2 months since AT&T have gotten the Cyan or yellow. For the wait you should send in the gray color instead. :-S
  • I gave up on the 920 for now. Waiting to hear what's next for Windows Phone and Nokia during MWC in February. If it's nothing new or interesting, then hopefully there'll be more stock of the yellow or cyan 920s at that point.
  • Hopefully, Nokia does announce something new for MWC, if not maybe MS will show the Surface phone.
  • Put a 4.7 or 4.8 screen on it and I'll give them my money now.
  • Fashion Lumia? 
  • The advantage of aluminum is weight reduction. The disadvantage is that it's not a solid color throughout, so scratches will be more visible.
  • N8 has a scratch resistent coating.. 
  • ^^This.   The body of my N8 didn't scratch after a few drops(on concrete); but still, I put a case on it to preserve the lustre :)
  • Last time i checked aluminium (yes, this is how you actually spell it) has the same metallic colour throughout. I hope they release an unpainted model
  • the Delorean edition?
  • and that is the best name for the new phone.. ... now with a flux capacitor!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm glad someone else knows how to spell aluminium :)
  • Nokia need to make a high end body design, the 920 is nice but iPhone body material looks more high end, the beat design is hands down HTC 8x
  • I like the look of HTC 8X better than iPhone. My eye is still on 920. iPhone looks too fragile and looking at iodized colored aluminum iPod...they looks cheap.
  • I love my 920 but a slimmer and lighter high end Lumia would be very nice indeed. Interested to see how this plays out.
  • Dunno, but this phone was reported on on WP central months ago.
  • Yeah, that's why it's called 'nokiaconcept.jpg'... 
  •   I hope Nokia is paying as much attention the rollout as they are to the hardward.     First, they need to limit leaks about the new design or new features until they are ready to release.  If they allow persistent chatter about "what's next" then they risk having folks simply wait it out, which is bad for WP8 adoption.     Second, the release itself needs to be much tighter.  This is one area where Apple really gets it right.  They don't go out on stage, demo their latest product, extol all its virtues, get the fan-base all hyped up then say "details on pricing and availability TBD; check back next month".  Talk about letting the air out of the balloon....  Nokia can't "announce" it, then "release" it 30-45 days later, then "ship" products 60-90 days later.     Microsoft at least got it half right (or a third right) with the Surface- they had that super-secret announcement event that got everyone instantly and excitedly talking about the product.  But then of course they dropped the ball by not having concrete pricing or availability details.  And then actually kicked the ball by releasing RT and Pro at different times, in staggered distribution, and without a marketing strategy designed to clearly explain to consumers the difference. 
  • Just got myself a gr8 phone (Lumia 920) I'm all good for now, happy to wait until contract is up then see what's on the near horizon at that point.
  • I hope they add a microsd card in that aluminium body. There is no more excuse about a clean polycarbonate shell. just add the MICROSD, DAMNIT
  • If the designers feel that strongly about it then I doubt that's ever going to happen.
  • I vote against microsd. Or any additional ports for that matter. The sim card slot already bugs me enough.
  • I agree!
  • They don't need to make it Aluminum to make it thinner and lighter, they just need to make it thinner and lighter. 
  • The polycarbonate dents so easily especially the corners.
  • Hmm that is exciting news
  • favorite thing about this that if ms was being truthful to what they stated earlier in 2012 that my 920 is getting wp9 i have no gripes. and ill use my upgrade on something different if need be.
  • The Designer of the Surface Phone made a concept for a aluminum Lumia:
  • I like it. That's well designed. Hopefully it won't look too different because of the body change.
  • That looks very premium - Apple would be proud of that :)
  • Interesting.
    I don't really care if it's Aluminium or polycarbonate, as long as the next Lumias are again smaller. The L920 is way too big which makes it uglier when compared with the L800. If I want a giant screen, I get myself a Tablet.
    Lets see what Nokia will come up with next... (and please Lord, make this the Lumia that finally comes with Android...)
  • I thought that had been debunked - Nokia is exclusively partnered with Microsoft to make WP devices...  
  • Debunked by whom? WPCentral? That's not debunking. Are you a CEO at Nokia or Microsoft? No? Well, then you can't assure Nokia or Microsoft will keep that exclusive partnership.
    Actually, if Microsoft produces the Surface Phone and Nokia a Tablet, I can very well see that partnership going down the drain.
    So until then, everyone can keep praying for Nokia to find an OS provider other than Microsoft. It's a question of time before the markets destroy the partnership. Or Nokia. One of them will be dead in the end. (I just hope it's not Nokia, 'cause I, like all the people I know who bought a WP (which are 2 other people) only bought it because it was a Nokia phone and not because it was a Windows Phone. And lets say, out of the 3, 2 of us are so happy that we aren't even considering giving WP8 a chance. The other one hasn't decided yet.)
  • As for the android part, alrdy been debunked but just in case, Lord please please keep any and all Nokia products away from Android's evil clutches
  • Whoaaa hold on. Won't the aluminum body have ineffective heat dissipation?
  • They should make a 64gig version.
  • If it comes out this fall and fixes some of the issues I have with the 920, I'll get it. I still have my L800 so I can sell the 920 a month or two before release if catwalk. Buy Catwalk for hopefully a similar price as the 920 was off contract and only spend $100-150. And if the Catwalk phone is on par with the things I liked about the 800, I'll sell the 800 too. Hopefully they really improve that 920 because overall I'm a little disappointed with it.
  • Once dropped, chipped for life
  • Another thing Nokia can't forget is that their presentation was p!$$ poor... it was very boring. If people like Jo Harlow must have something to do with the launch... create and edit a slick Video presentation for them.... let the better & more confident speakers on stage. The launch is like a 'love at first sight' thing, don't put ppl off by boring em 2 death.
  • The next generation Lumia will finally be a design made for Windows 8 (takes around 18 months) - The current design is adapted from the meego N9 - It was perfectly suited to the Lumia 800... but not as well to the larger models.