Leaked images of a Lumia Pure View Windows Phone?

Leaked photos of a Lumia Pure View Windows Phone 8 ("Apollo") handset have blasted through the headlines this morning. According to a Chinese website, the handset pictured in this article is a Nokia PureView Windows Phone handset. We know what you're immediately thinking: "Gosh, this is fake or it's a damn ugly concept!". It could well be, but we'd like to take a different view on this one. We previously covered the Pure View technology back at MWC 2012, which left us in awe at the 41MP sensor.

First of all, check out the new Windows 8 logo used on the center capacitive button, a minute detail. Another is the blurred out information (probably device [code]name) in the bottom-right hand corner. Finally we've already seen a Pure View Symbian handset from Nokia. Since they're currently in a partnership with Microsoft, and there are even rumours of upcoming Windows 8 tablets from the Finnish manufacturer, it makes sense (and has been confirmed) for Nokia to bring this new camera-phone technology to Windows Phone to strengthen the Lumia family (if we don't see a second family emerge with the release of "Apollo").

So, back to the alleged PureView Windows Phone. Reported specifications from the slides are as follows:

  • 4.3" Curved Glass touchscreen with HD display
  • 41mp sensor, Carl Zeiss lens and PureView imaging technology
  • 1080p full HD video recording and Rich Recording technology
  • Dual Core processor with Adreno 320 GPU
  • Windows Phone Operating System

The 4.3" curved screen is an interesting feature to say the least. The Lumia 800 features curved glass to wrap it inside the polycarbonate shell, but this is taking things to another level. In the images we can clearly see the glass actually curves inwards. The design would certainly turn a few heads if spotted in public.

With the 41MP sensor, Carl Zeiss lens and PureView Imaging technology, one would expect the end results to be quite spectacular. As well as better image quality, 1080p HD video recording is listed, a feature to combat competitor handsets. Lastly we have a dual-core processor accompanied by an Adreno 320 GPU. To sum up - it'll be quite the beast. The Windows Phone OS already runs smoothly on single-core chips, so we could hopefully see advances made in the gaming side of the platform to really make the Xbox Live integration stand out.

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Fake or not, what do you make of the slides? Would you be excited for the 41MP shooter sporting Windows Phone with this design? Be sure to check out our hands-on of the Symbian Pure View device from MWC 2012.

Source: it168.com, via: MyNokiaBlog

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  • Wow would be a great design
  • I think it looks good. A device with the PureView lens is going to be fat regardless, and so Nokia made fat look sexy with this. I would definitely upgrade my Lumia 800 to that.
  • It's a very radical design. Let's just say if the next iPhone looked like this, the public would be stunned and amazed. Windows Phone needs more support before a phone like this could be received. Nonetheless, it's a very futuristic design, though it may take some getting used to.
    In all honesty...people aren't going into the store to buy an OS, they go into buy a name (Apple) or technology (Android).  As soon as a device like this hits the shelf...the name (Nokia) would bring back a ton of fond memories from most PLUS the technology (aka, high numbered thingys!) would wipe the floor with anything 'Dual Core'.  General public would clamor over Megapixel numbers where as Core speed is just for the techie circle jerks.  This technology will sell great, don't see the point in putting it in a weird case...but it would still sell.
  • The "weird" design is to accommodate the large optical sensor, which in turns calls for a case design that provides balance and symmetry. Bold in appearance? Yes. But, I find it appealing and definitely unique.
  • I'll take one in red thanks.. =)
  • This is a spectacular design. Truly, Nokia is pushing the bar in terms of how a smartphone can look. IMO, there are too many rectangles in the marketing right now, and this breath of fresh air would help invigorate some competetive innovation!
  • Can't imagine putting this in a suit. Can you?
    Phone design does not match the Metro tiles at all (aka squares), which makes it look out of place.
  • Awesome design.  Hope its real.
  • Interested. But it will have to be a killer to pry the HD7 out of my hands.
  • I can't understand why most of the people want simple rectangular devices instead of more futuristic designs like this. I trust Nokia designers, and I believe that they make very ergonomical and modern looking devices...they just don't use f$%^ expensive materials like Apple....and that's good!!! Design for the masses! Bring it on Nokia!
  • Because rectangular design matches rectangular Live Tiles
  • rectangular slides into and out of pockets easily and doesn't dig into your hip every time you sit down or stand up. I'm all for cheaper exterior design (as long as it's strong), but it's hard to improve on the basic shape of a rectangle. This doesn't do it.
  • I keep my phone in my back pocket. My butt is rounded, not square. This phone would fit perfectly in my back pocket.
  • so it jabs into your ass instead of your thigh...still is uncomfortable as hell.
    Not to mention if you stick something like that in your back pocket it's going to be easier to break. The inside may be curved but you'd punch that camera lense through your screen.
  • I think they are real. I hope. I can get a Lumia 900 in cyan soon because if it is too late I might as well wait for these--I must be out of my fracken mind to want to buy a Lumia 900 out of contract when I may be looking to sell it for an Apollo phone 10 months later.
  • My thoughts exactly. The Lumia 900 is nice looking, but not any better functionally than my Titan. This new design would be worthy of an out-of-contract upgrade. That's what I'm waiting for.
  • 10 Months... Geez, I buy a new phone (outright) every 3 months (sometimes 2.5 =P).... Just buy the new one and then sell the Old one (which is still basically new) to recoup expenses.
  • Ok if I think I'm out of my mind then...lol
  • I would love to have a phone with that camera!
  • Available in C, M, Y, or K!  LOL!
  • +1
  • OMG I hope this is real! I would buy this in a second! I think it looks hawt as hell.
  • sexy first ill romance it marry it then sleep with it a phone like that you have to go the extra mile for <3 lol ill take one in red and one in black :p
  • Sorry, I know this is a fan Site and all, but that phone's design looks like shit. Horrible, even if it was 2002.
  • Fuck off
  • Another apple fan perhaps?
  • I'm going to have to disagree on that; call me crazy, but I actually kinda like it (tho probably not in that color). At least it's different to all the black/grey rectangular slabs out there. I say wait til it actually comes out, test it for yourself, and then criticize it.
  • That is ugly as hell. It's supposed to be a phone, not some kids toy.
  • I think it is ugly lol
  • It looks like Motorola's idea for a "futuristic" phone with DECT :-P
  • Butt ugly! Also top heavy, fall right out of your hand if you're not careful.
  • That top heaviness is needed because of the size of the PureView sensor. I would rather hot have the bulge either but it meant getting a PureView camera or not I would n't hesitate for a second.
  • Don't like the design. Moreover it doesn't fit well in your pocket because of this edgy and curved back...
  • Definitely ugly, but there's always someone who'll buy.
  • I could buy into this design. Pretty radical though.
  • idc what anyone says this design is different im tired of having phones people say oo that looks like this android phone or ooo that phone looks like my thunderbolt or ooo that the slab design was apples first man fuck it if thats what it takes to stand out and be different so fucking be it
  • Its easy to say that. But at the end of the day, folks want practical as well and sometimes, a out there design loses it practicality by "trying to be different". Personally, I think its pretty cool. Definitely not the ugly banana color. But I would love to see one in person in maybe a red or dark blue
  • I must say its an interesting design although I fear it may be top heavy. But its radical and definitley stand out from the boring bricks that Samsung and HTC chrun out year after year.
  • I don't think it's a bad looking phone. I believe it looks a bit strange due to the two tone colors on them. I believe they should come in solid colors and unibody construction. The contrasting color make the resemble the Nokia R710 or 610 with changeable rear covers.
  • Or maybe metallic colours. Chrome it out.
  • This BETTER not be fake. And the design is definitely unique. Would love to see a phone like this by the end of the year...MSFT would definitely have a contender with this.
  • Cool, innovative design! I hope US Cellular gets it.
  • You mean consumer cellular bro?
  • How do U know something is top heavy if you've never had it in your hand? Sure, its shaped that way, but we have no idea about the arrangement of components internally in regard to weight distribution. cut the phone some slack....
  • Agree!!! You never know until you hold it.. Also you have to see the phone in person to really appreciate it's design.
  • I like it!  Nokia previously said that the Pure View wouldn't be coming to the states though, hopefully they just mean the symbian version.  My wife would go crazy over this phone so I hope we get it!
  • The Symbian version isn't coming to the states. Nothing was said about a WP8 version.
  • I kind of like it.  I wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers.   If they do the camera right (shutter speed, etc) this could be a killer device. I have a D90 and a pocket Sony.  Would love to have a device to replace the snapshot camera, and have it be a great smartphone as well.  Hopefully Nokia/MS can pull this off. I believe they can.   
  • Guys, lets not kid ourselves here. That design is ugly as hell. Just terrible. It looks like a fishing GPS unit from 3 years ago. To say that its attractive is us being fanboys of our own product and being blind. Lets keep things like the Lumia 800 coming out. That is a timeless and clasic design.
  • If I had to designate myself a fanboy in some way, I'd say I'm more a fanboy of the Windows Phone software than any specific kind of hardware it runs on. But when thinking separately about software and hardware, I still like this phone design. A lot. This thing could have iOS or Android on it, and I'd still think it looks beautiful. I say bring on the design revolution, Nokia!
  • This is not the most beautiful device Nokia has come up with. The 41mp will come in a window phone but I hope it's not this one. The thing wouldn't feel good in the hand.
  • Wow. I hope this a real project. Reminds me (in a good way) of my imagination of what a 1960s Star Trek "communicator" would look like brought up to date - certainly not ugly at all. Already keen on pure view and love WP7 (and I'm a Mac user), Nokia would certainly retake the smartphone design crown from the slab makers!
  • If this is real, lock up me for another 2 years of Windows Phone =)
  • I'd want to hold it and then put it in my pocket before making a judgment on if it's ugly or not.
  • The design is not loom very realistic cuz it doesn't fit to new era OS aka Apollo so hope Nokia will make the best design for Apollo cuz its a revolution in WPs OS so we are all hoping...
  • I say it's real. The Windows button in the front has the same exact shape as the newly redesigned Windows logo found in the Windows 8 consumer preview.
    That 41MP Pureview sensor is huge by nature so I find the design unique and interesting.
  • Unique design not so sure I like it but w that cam. I would definitely consider buying it.
  • That phone is gawd awful looking!  I sure hope it's not what's to come.  Maybe if I look at the picture more and more before it's release I will warm up to it...
  • Finally, the device I need to beam aboard the mothership...hmm, not sure, maybe it will grow on me
  • I like it. Its a radical departure from the norm for a radical piece of technology. Let's face it, the square phone with rounded edges has been done so many times that you'll never get any mindshare following that pattern. Nokia seems to have embraced the idea that they have to stand out at all costs. I think it's the right strategy for the US.
    Colors and shapes that make people stop and examine their product is the only way Nokia's going to get people interested. There are tons of other options availible in the market so you have to do something design wise that screems "Look At ME". The technology screems "Look AT Me", so i'm all for a design that pushes people out of their confort zone. The Sensor is huge and this design does a good job of integrating it without the huge bump sticking out the back and the two tone design makes the devise appear thinner than it really is. From an engineering standpoint, it's really quite amaizing.
  • No..No..No! Nokia. That looks utter shit. If this is the sort of designs they're looking at for WP8, no matter how high spec the device is I'll be avoiding it & looking elsewhere.
  • Wow dude step out the box
  • I like it, but I think the screen looks 'narrow' for a 4.3"...seems like the screen would be wider.
    If this is real - instant buy for me, locked or unlocked!
  • I like the front and back views a lot. Its like a normal smart phone nearly stretched into a classis candy bar configuration. That said I really don't like its profile. Those weird sharp angles at the top and bottom really turn me off from what I think could be a really interesting design. Plus I know its cuz of the camera but I'd never own a phone that thick. I don't like fatties ;)
  • BRB, returning lumia. 
  • ROTFLMAO hahahaha
  • FAKE, FAKE, FAKE... But it's still kinda cool looking ;-)
  • Wow...that thing looks REALLY different, yet plain gorgeous...I was going to hold out with my vzw trophy (yes I am actually satisfied with my trophy unlike many of you) but if that thing comes out on Verizon around or after November when I get my 1.5 year upgrade with LTE support sign me up!
  • When I heard the news that a pureview phone was on the way I decided to hold off on upgrading until it arrived so Im sold on the tech no matter what the design. But I love the design as well, much more interesting than the boxey 900.
  • Wtf? Why would Nokia make such a fat phone? To me its fake because of this reason
  • That phone might look a little strange in a guy's pocket.
  • I'm not going to complain about the looks or design like all you girls, but since there's no keyboard I would pass on this one.
  • Lol maybe there's a port for you go plug in a keyboard
  • It may be good looking in person but from the pics I think it's pretty fugly. I wish the curves and sharp angles were more subtle. Just my opinion.
  • Bring it to Verizon and take my money please!
  • I think the design they had last MWC (or was that CES?) was way better.
  • All I know is this is the something different that needs to be done.  Even if most phones are still rectangles, offering an option for something like this lets those who want to be different REALLY be different:-)  I can only hope they are out by November when my TMo contract is up!  
  • Make it black and call it the bat phone :)
    Very cool form factor. If Apple made it, it would be called revolutionary and the isheep would be in line a week ahead of time to buy it...
  • Nope, ugly is the the first thing that came to mind
  • It's incredibly ugly to say the least.
  • I dig it!
  • Personally I Love it. It's a weird design no doubt but you can't help but just stare at it. Defiantly a positive in my book and the camera is the best part.
  • I think it's a gorgeous piece of kit. Too many phones are boring slabs of black or white and they are virtually interchangible. This design is bulky, but it's not indended to be in the pocket of every single skinny jeans wearing hipster walking down the street. This is a purpose built item that's meant for the person who wants to take a lot of photos. That person is a traveller or a blogger who is currently saddled with a standard smartphone and who very likely travels in loose fitting clothing with extra bags. They want a phone that's comfortable in the hand and easy to stabilize and has a awesome photo sensor. This is that camera, that extra bulk might make it a little difficult to carry in tight pants but it'll be much easier to use to take photos. Trying to stabilize a iPhone or Focus S is a trial because of it's thin bezel/edge and the shake intrioduced by the shutter button. This phone will be much easier to grip and shoot with, and that's the whole point. The fact that it looks modern, durable and utilitarian is merely a side effect. 
    Also, that yellow one reminds me of the Sony Sport Walkman from back in the day, that's the one I want when I'm travelling the globe and taking amazing panoramic sceneic shots. If it's got an eaily swappable SIM card you might actually want to have this as a second phone and swap the SIM from your Focus S or Nokia 800 at the bar at night and the Pure View as your working phone. 
  • I could see appraisers, real estate agents, insurance people and others could make great use of that camera in their day-to-day jobs...
  • Nice bold design. Makes a strong statement and looks ergonomically easier to hold for taking lots of pictures. On the flipside there's no excuse for the camera and video capture in the classic lumia 800 and 900 to be so below par.
  • UGLY? I actually like the design. I hope it's real. I like the idea of having an changeable battery on this. That's one of the few things that kept me off the Lumia 900. I have used Nokia phones before and have used those for years because I can buy a fresh battery like every 2 years.
  • If this is fake, it is very convincing.  I think the design is bold and hides its bulkiness well with the angular shape and two-tone paint.
    I think one of the reasons some people dislike this design is because they are male.  I think this phone was designed for women, and here is why:  
    First of all, no matter what design asthetic used for a pureview phone, it is going to be uncomfortable to put in your pocket because of the huge camera sensor.  Women don't have that problem, because they carry purses.  Second, I tend to think women take more photos than men.  How many men do you know who carry a pocket shooter around?  How many men take 51,000 pictures of the same ugly baby?  Who does Aston Kutcher sell Nikons to? (I realize that Ana Kornikova has also shilled Canons, but that doesn't make my argument any less valid)
    The people who buy a Pureview are going to be people who want to ditch their pocket shooters, and I would bet good money that those people are predominantly women.
    Edit: I don't mean to imply that men can't also like the design.  I like it.  But I can see why many men wouldn't.  Personally, I would not buy it because I am a lawyer, and can't have a client see me pull out a radical looking phone.  But this design is for those who can afford to be less conservative.
  • This is insane... How di you it's heavy, from a picture? Come on... You can whine better than that? Why don't you say it smells?
  • Considering that the camera housing is 18mm thick (on the 808), this is an excellent design. It's tough to "hide" an 18mm camera bulge. But this looks pretty slick.
  • Cool design, I like the sharp angles, but seriously if that thing has a 4.3 inch screen fit inside that shape, the device itself is going to be massive. They'd really need to do some shaving off the bottom or its going to be 6 inches long. It's definitely doable looking at the size of the current pureview (unless they're going to enlarge the sensor further).
  • If it's a little thinner and a 4.3 screen that would be a good design. Looks a galaxy nexus.ish with sharper look 
  • Real or not, whenever Pureview comes to Windows Phone, I'm getting it.
  • Nokia's designs had become bland over the past 3-4 yrs they seemed to follow what other companys offered (monoblock/touchscreen). Nothing radical as this has been seen for some time. Now that Nokia have regained their share in the smartphone world with windows phone, they can create original/statement phones with excellent software. I personally want to see more of these designs! I'm pleased they've gone for something that has some thought and detail in it. It reminds me of a Nokia 7600 or 3650. Think of all the 7XXX range nokia had back from 2004-2006! If this is real, I'm getting one.  
  • Wow, this device looks awesome.  Pocketability does seem like it'd be an issue but otherwise, sign me up.  I like it.
  • It looks like the Nokia with a 41 megapixel camera lens like they showed a while back
  • Dual core processor would mean crappy battery
  • I really hope this is fake.
  • Right back at you - in reverse.
  • The design looks intriguing.
    It would be quite eurgonomic sitting in the hand when in use so I would think that the 'top heaviness' that some are talking about here would be more practical to the design as it would sit in the hand better. The curve of the face is nice. More of a 'sports' design and look...
    I do however like the Nokia concept phone 'Snow' - this has the elegance that fits with the name Nokia and Windows Phone's feel and design. They could ramp up the camera chip in this unit (if ever it see's the light of day), but with the quality of Nokia's camera's even the 14.1 shown would be outstanding.
    Bring em on...
  • I already said my 2nd Windows phone will be a Nokia WP8 handset. But it's not going to be this! I find it ugly. Sorry.
  • I'm in the made a fat lens look sexy camp I'd buy right now even without Apollo. Add a multi core capable windows phone os and I'm in line at best buy.
  • Interesting design... I'm not too crazy about the louder colors, but I like the black one.
  • Love it. If indeed these pics are legitimate, I'd pay the early cancellation fee to get this phone.
  • Any new if this is real or a concept? Actually I really like it!