Nokia PureView confirmed to come to the Lumia Windows Phone family

Remember that insane Symbian cameraphone that was unveiled at this year's MWC, which blew some of us away? Looks like the PureView camera technology that provided the Nokia 808 with a 41MP shooter has been confirmed to be heading to a Windows Phone near you (check out some of our hands-on coverage to witness what this will mean for consumers).

Nokia's Jo Harlow validated the speculation that the manufacturer would be brining this technology to the Lumia Windows Phone family in an interview with Finnish newspaper Aamulehti. When queried about when we should expect to see such a device, Harlow replied with (rough translation): "I can’t say precisely when, but it will not take very long." Windows Phone Apollo (when we're more than likely to see PureView on Microsoft's platform) just got that little bit sweeter, no? 

This is sure to rock the socks off of both our George and Dan if all goes ahead. Say cheese!

Source: Aamulehti, via: e's phoneblog; thanks damthman for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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  • FTW
  • Pureview + WP os = superphone RAWR!!
  • It wasn't at CES, it was at MWC.
  • This was expected IMO, we all know Symbian is on the way out, this is like it's last dying breath you could say.   But really I don't expect anything like this till Nokia's first WP8 device.  At that time I'm also expecting a higher res screen and dual core etc, so all the haters when it comes to hardware can once again quiet down.
  • Sorry, it you're wrong. By the time WP8 comes out with dual core chips, quad core will be all the rage (even though WP8 will perform better than any Android phone) and people will pooh-pooh our silly dual core phones
  • Quallcom already has quad core varients of the same chip slated for WP8 - it's very possible you will see quad core options out of the gate. Obviously that's 100% speculation but I don't see why they wouldn't offer it.
  • What you said about mobile giant may be abruptly correct but Nokia always tries for betterment of services which are user friendly.So i hope you might be correct but in the sense i always hope that nokia is the best in WP devices as i used other brands but with nokia i feel comfortable
  • The only thing that concerns me is a consumer might view this as too good to be true.
  • What do we need 41mp for? Even putting that many pixels on a full frame camera pushes the sensor to the max. The pictures will probably look like utter crap in full size on that camera. The higher pixel count on a given sensor the worse image quality.
    Hasselblad cameras have those resolutions. But those are used for model photography etc... they probably have biggers sensors than the size of that whole thing all together.
    My Canon EOS 5D is full frame and it has 12mp. I don't need more than that.
  • There is lots of information available from Nokia about what PureView does. Read it. It is much more than just 41 mp.
  • But still. 41mp is just a marketing number to please people. There are no such magic CSI tricks that will enable this camera to take good quality photos at 41mp, regardless of which interpolation "magic" it uses.
  • Taking pictures at 41MB is not what it's about. The best thing about its 41MB sensor is lossless zooming. Read about it at the link below and check out the sample pictures elsewhere. It's a game changer.
  • Thank you.
    Looking at full size samples, they do look rather impressive for being a phone. Indeed.
    I still think the 41mp title is somewhat misleading. That's marketing in a nutshell I guess.
  • Nope, it's not misleading. The phone can make up to 38Mpx shots, but that's not the reason for the 41Mpx, the reason is to replace the opticle zoom (if you bother to read a little articles about the phone you will understand what I want to say ;)) They have some kind of software that takes 7pixels (as I recall) and collect the information from them and make 1 super accurate pixel, witch means superb 8Mpx images. That's the power behind that 41-number ;). People can make the choise to shoot at 38Mpx (16:9) and 34Mpx (i think - 4:3), or 8-5-3Mpx shots with PureView technology witch processes the images like I described above :)  
  • You didn't read how it works yet, did you?
  • @dannejanne...I really don't think that the WP devices will have a 41MP sensor unless they but WP on the exact same device shell (which isn't the most attractive looking device) or unless they manage to make a smaller 41MP sensor. 
    The PureView technology will come to WP, but with a different iteration to accomodate a smaller sensor (see Damian Dinning's interview on the Verge).   I'd wager that even with a sensor smaller than 41MP, it will certainly be bigger than anything that HTC tries to put on their WP Apollo devices, or whatever the 'industry standard' is for cameraphones at that point in time.
  • I don't think the sensor will be any smaller. I can only image how much it cost them to make this custom sensor. Making it smaller would cause a lost in quality.
  • i actually kind of hope they make the sensor "bigger", the problem with alot of the phone cam is the smaller sensor...
  • I don't think it's actually 41mp. The tech was explained and that 41 mp represents how many pixels are on the sensor...or something like that. It actually translates to around a super hi-res 8mp, but don't quote me on that. The Verge had an article that really breaks it down.
  • I'll just have to to read up on it ;)
  • Two options:
    1. Pure Resolution - 38Mpx (16:9)/34Mpx (4:3)
    2. PureView - 8-5-3Mpx (I think that you can't choose one of the 3, but the phone chooses for you).
  • PureView is not 41mp and they are not talking about giving WP phones 41mp either. PureView is their camera oversampling technology. Even Nokia said it's not about 41mp and you can bet your socks that 41mp will not land on WP, but PureView will.
  • I'll take that bet.  Nokia co-developed the sensor.  They aren't going to waste the sensor, research and manufacturing on a one off (808).   You're correct PureView is not just the 41mp sensor, but you can't necessarily do it with a smaller sensor.  If the sensor is smaller (less megapixels), then there is less over sampling available, so the quality goes down. 
    If you're going to do that you might as well use a traditional sensor (i.e. N8).
  • we're all speculating about it coming on the phone, but what if this is planned for Nokias first WP8 slate or tablet...
    Would that be awesome??
  • Wonder how large the files will be at 41MP?
  • They're between 9 - 13mb.
  • 41MP is the size of the sensor
    Raw unprocessed images are 38MP, but no-one will want them because of the noise
    3 - 5 - 8 MP will be the most common useable images.
    This system allows for lossless digital zoom and image stabilization.
    Apparently, the (overlooked) audio system is capable of recording up to 145db with no distortion, as in, record a jet engine and play it back clear as a bell.
    The best review of this phone and what it can really do, is over on the Engadget Mobile Podcast  They discuss it for 20 minutes, and it's worth a listen.  (Or you could listen to CNet's "Dialed In" and laugh at there ignorance)
    It's an Apple Eater of a feature, IMO.
    **Edit for spelling
  • that phone better has more than 16gb of storage with a 41mp camera.
  • I agree the phone needs more than 16GB of memory with a 41MP camera, but I want that higher memory not only for pictures saved to the phone that will likely be very large file sizes, but also because I need a phone that I can store a lot of my music on (I have more than 1,000 CD's). I also am looking forward to giving this PureView technology a try; I'll still use a dedicated digital camera for important photos, but I do need a phone with a camera that takes decent photos. I have a Samsung Focus & a Focus S, and neither of them takes, in my opinion, decent photos.
  • The file sizes will be around 9-13Mbs and I don't think that they will offer 32Gig version, and they wont put expandable memory, cuz of the slow SD cards...
  • WP8 will support expandable storage but until then there's the cloud. Alot of music streaming apps support a 2G connection so even if throttled u can still listen to music.
  • Will hold out for this as my next phone. Trusty old focus better hold out!
  • I second that motion....i too have the original focus and it run smooth as butter after being dropped on a routine basis
  • that's great news!
  • cpu- 1.4 GHz dualcore
    Ram- 1 GB
    camera- 41mp 1/1.2" sensor
    os- wp8
    = sucess
    != failure
  • I'm sure this will be a feature on Windows Phone 8.
  • My next phone for sure:-                                                                             PureView + Dual Core/Quad Core + WP8.
  • So everybody keeps saying 38 this 38 that. What's with the 41 then? Somebody tell me in one sentence so I don't have to go read about it somewhere else.
  • the 41mpx Sensor has a 1:1 ratio... When you want to shoot 16:9 ratio Pictures with it you can only use 38mpx.. The other ones just get cut off (sorry for my bad english. I hope you still got the Point)
  • The 41MP refers to the total pixels in the ROUND sensor.  Make a square image out of that and you end up with something like a 38MP image.  This technology relys on oversampling.  Take 7pixels, group them together and process them to make one really clean pixel, and you're left with a 5MP image from the original 38.
  • Ahh ok that makes sense. Thanks guys
  • It has a 41 Mpx SENSOR. It does not say anywhere it takes 41 Mpx images. Read the  information in the HERE to learn more especially read the Whitepaper..
    A quote from the whitepaper:
    The starting point is a super-high-resolution sensor. This has an active area of 7728 x 5368 pixels, totalling over 41Mpix. Depending on the aspect ratio you choose, it will use 7728 x 4354 pixels for  16:9 images/videos, or 7152 x 5368 pixels for 4:3 images/videos
    You can shoot either 1:1 where a 4:3 images uses the full eight of the sensor and a 16:9 image the full width.
    OR you can use the oversampling mode where one pixel will be calculated from seven and thus result in a 5Mpx image
  • Good point this potentially being less than 41mega-pixels coming to Windows Phone. After looking at the article it is clear that the assertion being made is that the" PureView Technology" will be brought to Windows Phone. Event if we don't get the 41 megapixels the unique technology can only be good for the Windows Phone brand.
  • I hope/trust/believe they will iterate the heck out of this technology.  The spent 5 years developing it, there is no point in letting it go to waste.
    I'm thinking a little more compact sensor, say 25MP, with WP8 in a 800/900 one piece body would be something I'd offer up my first born for.
  • A 25MP sensor would reduce the ability to zoom and the number of pixels available to oversample.   I can't see them reducing the sensor size or pixel count, because it would appear as something less than the 808.
  • But this is what Nokia does on a frequent basis, segmenting their flagships.
    Although to be fair, downsizing the MPs, make the oversampling tech use less pixels per 'superpixel', fit it in a lower profile phone, and it can really be the GSII of the WP family. After all, if Samsung can have 2 flagships in the S II and the Note, Nokia can do something similiar. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see Nokia doing a Note-inspired phone with the best PureView sensor they can muster.
  • I was skeptical of the quality but saw some of the shots on the Nokia site. I am no longer skeptical. :) And yes some of them were full resolution, 7700x4300 roughly. I would LOVE this on a phone.
  • Instant sale. I would unquestionably buy it
  • Industry keeps selling us higher and higher megapixel cameras when image quality is still bad. Its just a waste of space, no matter how many mp you have it still has poor low light shooting, no optical zoom, laggy shutter, laggy focus, etc
  • Pureview isn't about the high pixel count.  It's about oversampling and getting 3, 5, 8 good MP out of a 41 MP sensor.  Also it can be used to do digital zoom without reduce the resolution.  This 41 MP sensor still has photo sites the size of an traditional 8 MP sensor, so light gathering shouldn't be hurt.
  • You really need to view some of the actual photos that the camera can take.  It's stunning actually.  3D is a gimmick.  This isn't.
  • What's up with all the multicore CPU lust? If WP7 works great w/o it, why draw the extra power. What would you need multicore CPU smartphone for anyway?
  • One word: Games
  • See, now you've made me hesitate on the N900.  Thanks.
  • I love this lol it makes me just smarter and smarter thanx everybody for the knowledge lol
  • This is my next phone. 
    Three deciding factors for my phone
    1. Camera
    2. Screen
    3. Battery
    If Nokia can capitalize on all 3 points, they will have my money.
  • These comments are just going round and round in circles