Nokia Camera now available, combines Pro Cam and Smart Cam into one photo app

Well the rumors of Nokia combining its Pro Cam and Smart Cam photography apps into one package have proven to be true. Just a little while ago Nokia released its Nokia Camera App for Lumia Windows Phones.

You get the camera controls and zoom later features that Pro Cam offers along with the smart mode we've grown fond of that Smart Cam offers.

Nokia Camera App

For those not familiar with smart mode, it shoots a sequence of photographs that can be combined in different ways such as finding the best shot of the group, removing unwanted objects, and changing faces in group shots to make sure everyone is looking at the camera.

If you are already running Nokia's Pro Cam, the changes come in the form of an update (version which will switch everything over to Nokia Camera. The new photography app is available for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices and works with limited functionality on phones without the Lumia Amber update.

Nokia Camera is a free app that you can find here (opens in new tab) in the Nokia Collection of the Windows Phone Store.

*Only available for Lumia 92x devices or higher! Will be coming to all Lumias with 'Black' update

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Just in time for holidays@
    wohoo, nOKIA! the King is back!
  • Amen !!!!
  • Ramen!
  • Ramen sounds good right now...with some pork belly...
  • I don't see how people suffer through not having a Nokia Lumia phone.
  • Ignorance is bliss
  • Can not download on my 820?
  • Getting the same message "This app is not available for your phone." for my 822.  Maybe it is not available yet?  Although I thought the Pro Cam was only going to be available for the 92x+ phones? 
  • It truly needs Lumia Black firmware update to make this app downloadable.
  • That's what I figured, but the article reads " with limited functionality on phones without the Lumia Amber update."  So this must be inaccurate?  I have Amber installed (as well as Update 3).  A little dissappointed that we have to wait until January or February to get Black.
  • I think it is only for 92x+ phones. I have 925 and no problems.
  • Same here ,920 & no problems ,works great!
  • Working fine on my Lumia 1020.
  • Or 822? I was excited when I read "available for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices"
  • I think its only for 92x series and up. Correct me if im wrong.
  • check on my comment above, it needs its firmware updated to Lumia Black first.
  • Or the "Update 3" (GDR3 preview) as I just downloaded this app no problem on my 1020 w/Amber and GDR3 preview...
  • Others that have not been able to download also have GDR3, so that can't be right. I am guessing it is only pureview devices for now with others getting access in a later update. Another bummer as I have been wanting procam on my 822.
  • I have Update 3 installed on my phone, but that wasn't the source of the problem here. If it needs 1GB RAM or more, it should see the different messages.
  • Except Lumia Black is not out yet and the article above does not reference it once. Only mentions that phones with no Amber update will have limited functionality. This implies that all phones with Amber update will have access. Edit: You could be right, but I'd like to see a source, because that is not what the article implies.
  • If you read the description on the WP store, it does mention the Lumia Black update. I would hope that after the Black updated us 820 users can install it.
  • Wrong, works fine on my 920 gdr2 and 1020 gdr3 preview
  • Same problem on my 820
  • You must have a 92X or higher.
  • I think they said pureview branded phones...
  • I've had the same problem, have we found a fix for this yet? L920
  • Not available for Lumia 520 (India)
  • +1
  • I don't think the pro camera app is available for any phone other than 9xx or 8xx. The 520 has the basic camera (in terms of nokia performance), guess won't be seeing this app for your phone anytime soon. BTW, I have 920 with GDR3 preview and it works fine. it's got nothing to do with region as well.
  • but in windowsphone store, there is a review from 520? I guess it requires GDR3?
  • Cannot install it on 520 with GDR3 preview. Who ever wrote the review must have installed it using proxy trick.
  • At present, it is available for 92x device and above (with amber update for proper functionality). By the coming black update, it will be available for low end phones...
  • Correct....Updated on NL925 GDR3
  • Oh yea!!!!
  • I think it is region locked or something because there are some reviews in the store from 820s and 520s
  • No region lock. People using lower end lumias were installing it through a proxy trick.
  • sweet!! Love it.
  • today's day is EPIC for wp.. can't get over..
  • Indeed..
  • Can't download on my 822
  • Can't figure why they can't just put them in one app in the first place
  • Stop it im about to have a heart attack!
  • Sorry, it only work on PureView Device.
  • " The new photography app is available for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices and works with limited functionality on phones without the Lumia Amber update. " so its not only for pureview devices
  • Except it doesn't work on my 822 or 521, but it does on my wifes 928.
  • It and all Nokia lenses will work on any WP8, you just have to use a Wi-Fi proxy to download it, I have it on my Lumia 810 with Amber/GDR3 but it's not PureView it's an 8MP Carl Zeiss
  • Even i ain't able to download
  • Cannot download on my Lumia 620 they clearly said"coming to all Lumia devices" WTF IS GOING ON
  • Can WPCentral throw a video together showing the update?
  • Would be nice if HTC had one for theirs. I should have gone with Nokia.
  • When the Nokia deal goes through, I bet Microsoft releases all of these exclusive Nokia apps to all Windows Phone devices.
  • Unable to install on Lumia 620 with GDR3 + Amber :(
  • Same here running GDR3 and AMBER and I cannot install it
  • Gdr3 when did that come out.
  • Where have you been? GDR 3 has been out for over a week and I'm running it on all my 3 devices (521, 925 and 1020). It came in a form of developers preview but anybody can sign up for Windows Phone App Studio for free and this will give you access to download and update to GDR3
  • Your phone didn't support Pro Cam that's why you don't get it. This is an update, a new version of the Pro Cam, not an individual App.
  • Go read the reviews there are people using it on there 520 and 620
  • it needs Lumia Black, NOT Amber. I did see it at the app's description at the bottom.
  • So how are people installing it if LUMIA BLACK has not been released yet????????? Answer that one genius.
  • Lol
  • Ikr
  • I've been waiting for this! Seems working fine on 925
  • Excellent update. Thank you Nokia :)
  • Finally! Great move.:)
  • Let's go!
  • Wow nice, it's much better than all separate apps
  • Are RAW and Refocus coming with the next firmware or with this app? Those are my two dream features!
  • It's already installing on my 920 then turns to attention required. WTF!!
  • Nokia Camera IS AN UPDATE to the Nokia Pro Cam that turns that one into Nokia Camera.
    If your device didn't support the Pro Cam, you'll not get this either. Nokia Smart Cam is still an independent App for everyone, though it becomes redundant for people with the former Pro-Cam App.
  • Is it me or has the Yellow Tint issue gone too with this new interface?
  • Still there. Difference is it doesn't show you the processing now. When you tap in to view it it is already processed so you don't see the changes. I compared a photo right after I snapped vs after I tapped in to view and it's definitely more yellow.  But...the yellow tint feels more natural than the whiter image TBH. I see a yellow tint on my keyboard right now from the lighting. Whereas when I snapped the white showing is not very natural.
  • Downloaded in my 920
  • Downloaded on my 1020, just love it :D
  • Nokia should fix the panorama app now and integrate that into the nokia cam. That'll make it a good package.
  • Good idea. The more combined features into one app the better.
  • Yep! Wonder why they haven't...
  • Think I read somewhere they had different teams building apps and I guess their strategy is integrate only the more popular ones? I think its a good way to get stuff out fast and not end up having a mega app with a bunch of features that no one uses
  • they need to have a on screen button or some kind of quicker way to use the front facing camera instead of having to hit the 3 dots at the bottom
  • They've added a timer function too, which is useful!
  • Can't download, need Lumia Black?! How can people give reviews then? How could the download it?
  • You need a 92x or above device.
  • This is article is to b edited.. it only supports 92x nd higher devices.. i thought 720 will b also getting this :( 
  • Wonder if I can install the update on my 520 using the proxy trick. Will try later.
  • Already tried on my 620. No luck as yet...
  • You can. I just installed it on my 720.
  • I had to uninstall Nokia Pro Cam first. Now it seems to work...
  • Got it on my 820 gdr3 using proxy
  • How do you do that?
  • Good to hear thanks for heads up.
  • Cannot update on my 520 using proxy. Uninstalled previous version and now cannot reinstall. :(
  • disregard used a different proxy and worked fine.
    Instructions here.
  • Updated on my Lumia 920
  • Lumia 820
  • Can't pull out the camera settings anymore (right to left) ...they've all moved to the top again.  I kind of liked the old style better.
  • Pulling the camera icon also brings the settings out for me. Maybe you need to be in pro mode. If you exit the app I'm pro mode it will open back,in pro mode. But if you exit when in smart mode it wont open back in that mode.
  • ^this
  • Works for me as well, unless I am misunderstanding what you are saying.
  • how about low end device such as lumia 520?
  • Low end device, low end functionalities. You can't expect to pay 150€ and get the same stuff people who paid 600€.
  • Hey one here wants your explanation on how money divides...
  • ^Lol
  • DJCBS got a point. Don't get mad, just next time get a high end devide and get the high end functionalities.
  • Indeed, but not everyone can afford a high end device. And we already know Pro Cam can work on lower-end devices. I have 620 and it worked on my device almost perfectly (only issue: crashing when switching to front camera), but proxies are down now and I cannot get a hold on the new app. High-end device buyers are already blessed with more powerful hardware and everything, one tiny app (that CAN work on low end devices, after all) is hardly a way to push people towards more expensive Lumias. Btw, my Lumia 620 took the same photos with Pro Cam as it did with the regular camera app by OS but it was nice to have all those options available to quickly adjust. 
    I'm still hoping Nokia will give Camera to all WP8 Lumia devices. It's not as if they'll be giving us extra pixels with it :D
  • True though.
  • Oh no, Nokia didn't! Lol
  • Can't download for 520,,,,
  • Too bad im using lumia 720.. :(
  • works like dream on 928
  • I noticed that the greenish/yellowish output is minimal now..
  • Loads very quickly compare to the previous version, I am impressed....
  • Nokia is killing it! Love it.
  • Works on my 920, att
  • Why even these Nokia apps are not available for WP7 phones??!!! C'mon we are clearly very,very , very frustrated. Please work on these apps for wp7. Thank you.
  • I use an 800 even nw...but time to get over it buddy, it ain't ever happening...:P If you want the good stuff buy a new one...i'll buy one myself once I complete a decent amount of time with this...until then...patience...
  • move on, mate. maybe WP7 hardware is too low that they can't support old device.
  • Its not even available for all Nokia WP8 models.
  • hopefully they make it available for 822, I'd love to try it
  • Just found a bug!! First, when using the pro cam before, when focusing and flash is off, it would be off!! Now, when focusing, it will turn on even if it's set to off in settings!! I hated the normal cam for that fact and i always used pro cam!! Now that problem is back :/ ... Hope it will be fixed soon!
  • I cant duplicate your bug. Flash stays off whether auto-focussing or manual focussing. Are you sure you aren't confusing the flash with the focus assist light? You can turn off focus assist is settings.
  • Ooops, my mistake!! Problem solved... That's because i'm using an italian version of the phone and i didn't see that setting!! Thanks man!
    And yeah, guys, it's a Pro Camera evolution so... yeah. You'll need PureView. 920+ only.  Using it on mine without Nokia Black.
  • Really? Can't wait to test photos, the yellow tint indoors was my one big complaint...
  • Lucifer, do I have to do the proxy thing again to get this app?
  • is this app available for lumia 820 ? becoz smart cam was earlier supporting for 820 ..
  • OMG the new app speeds up start up time on the 1020 dramatically. Also pic to pic time has been drastically Decreased. I have tyhis on the gdr3 update and It might be fast enough to set it back to my default camera app on my 1020
  • It's working on Lumia 820. Important note: It's available for 920+ devices ONLY if we are about OFFICIAL availability. Also the description says it's limited on Amber Devices and will become fully-functional with Lumia Black update. Read carefully guys. There's no word about non-amber devices, also GDR3 Preview makes no difference. Every user with Lumia 920+ can download, just make sure you've got GDR2/Amber aboard.
  • This^ black will reduce noise in pics. True most here don't read articles properly
  • So... How'd you get it on the 820?
  • @Josh
    With well-known proxy trick. Exactly the same way that people used to download Pro Cam to their phones :) Unfortunately it's unavailable since 2-3hours and nobody knows if proxy server will be back anytime soon.
  • Kept tile with procam on it and it is updated to Nokia camera also stand alone smart cam app still working, updated the procam but left the name on tile and installed the Nokia camera titled app. Hmm to delete or not
  • Unpin your Pro Cam tile and pin the Nokia Camera tile. You don't have to delete the app. This happened to me as well. The Pro Cam tile will open Nokia Camera as Pro Cam does not exist after upgrading to Nokia Camera.
    Nokia will probably fix this small bug with a future update.
  • Not a bug, it disappeared once I turned phone off and back on. I actually preferred the tile saying pro cam not camera but it is now gone. The smart cam app remains a separate app even though the camera app has it built in.
  • Not on my 820 either :| this sucks
  • Working great on my Lumia 920 GDR3
  • Wow great
  • Updated on Lumia 920 GDR3 Preview.
  • Real bad not available for my nokia l520
  • Love it and cant wait till they add Nokia Refocus too!
  • Works better and faster
  • Dispite the fact that I had Amber and all the system updates, I was never ever able to download Pro Cam for whatever reason although i posted in just about every forum I could find to try and find a solution.
    Finally!!!!!!!! with this app, I have Pro Cam and Smart Cam camera apps installed and I am loving them.  So excited I am going to be taking a walk near a greenway path here at work to snap some fall pictures.  Very happy!
    This app should somehow be used in Lumia advertisements.  It really is very good!
  • Can't we like install this like we did with Nokia Pro Cam ? Changing the proxy and all ? And I've noticed that Pro Cam disappeared form the store is that true for everyone ? I have Lumia 720
  • For the flash- the focus light option is missing...:(
  • There are additional focus light settings in the NokiaCam settings. Still prefer the old way. At least we can turn it off though.
  • Does the SmartCam that is part of procam utilize the 35mp sensor pr is it still 5mp?
  • Not available for my 520???
  • Sweet now just throw cinemagraph and panorama in there and I'll only have one camera app.. Its awesome though
  • Nice. Now can we have the option to let this app bypass the lock screen please Microsoft?
  • Settings>applications>photos+camera, uncheck "prevent accidental...." I can open the app via the camera button when,in screen lock.
  • Only works if you don't have a pin coded locksreen
  • I installed on My lumia 820 with a Hack methood. Working fine:))
  • Damn!!! Its excellent on my 920...!!!
  • Would be nice to have a gif option under video then it can replace BLINK and MS' annoying way to share that animation through
  • Downloading on my 820 :)
  • is it available for lumia 720 india.
  • It isn't available for even 820. Use the fiddler method. Working without any glitches. All the features up and running.
  • Is it available for lumia 720 India.
  • It's not available on 720 in India. Will try the proxy hack to see if it works
  • OMFG! Front facing cam finally working with all the excellent goodies from nokia camera. On 820!!!!!! Use the fiddler method:
  • Haha, yes was the Best moment When i tried the front facing camera :) wish i could delete the Stock camera app!
  • 1020 user. Update is awesome, love the addition of the Auto/Night/Sports/Pro switching.
  • Me too! Not having those quick settings was very annoying.
  • Just updated on mine L920 with no problems
  • "totally awesome!"
  • Now if I could find a case with a normal tripod mount for my Lumia phone. All this push for great cameras, anyone know of one? I've got a 920.
  • Is there any way to install this after GDR3??
    Proxy method is not working for me.
  • Try fiddler. Installed it on my 820 with gdr3
  • Cant download on Nokia Lumia 620
  • I've installed it on my Lumia 925, very nice!
    From time ot time I get an out of memory error - I hope they will fix that in an upcoming release.
  • why did you get rid of extensive flash settings??!! (on/off/auto/no focus/focus only) ??!!
  • This Proxy method worked for me to get Nokia Camera on a 720 and 820:
  • So, I should uninstall Smart Cam after updating this? It becomes redundant, yes?
  • Yes, you can uninstall Smart Cam. Nokia Camera seems to work well on 720 
  • Updated Nokia Pro Cam to Nokia Camera app succesfully on my Lumia 720!! it works perfectly fine.
    Insall \ Update using Proxy trick
  • Just hacked it into my 820....and it's awesome....hottest new feature bracketing...
  • Why is the app tile color purple?
  • Can anyone with a 1020 try reframing the 41mp image? For me, it crashes everytime I attempt to save my newly cropepd photo.
    i.e. Take a photo. Then open the 38 mp version in Nokia Camera. Then hit the crop button. Then do something and attempt to resave it. It attempts to save then crashes everytime. Essentially this update has killed the 1020 IMO so far. Neeeds another patch immediately.
  • Just tried it on both 38MP and 34MP high res reframing and had no trouble saving...
  • Yup I'm getting the same issue. Total fail.
  • Got it working!!! Yay....
    Remove the app completely (uninstall).
    Follow tutorial.
    Snap a shot, and test.... It work!!(! ditto!
    Same issue, cannot reframe the picture & crop. simply, does not save the new composition.
  • I'm confused. So you did get it to work by reinstalling or you are still having the problem after reinstalling?
  • I can confirm that it does NOT fix the issue after reinstalling...
  • Mine was not working. Then I restart phone. Then it was still not working. Then I reinstalled the app altogether. It still didnt work. Let it go for several hours. Tried just now and it is working fine. Not sure what fixed it? Might just be very unstable now....
  • Thanks for the info. Ill wait it out for a while and let you guys know.
  • still not working. Some pictures works, some dont. the mayority.
  • Interesting... On my first try it crashed, now I cannot get it to crash again. 1020 with gdr2 and 3
  • its buggy on 1020...
    hit and miss with reframe and cropping..
  • Yes, I agree. Same issue here (Lumia 1020, USA)
  • Proxy is down i think..
  • It can take a long time for the first download attempt to abort and the second attempt can also take ages before it kicks in.
  • Work Great!!!
  • I have a 920 without Amber, and it's not working. It explicitly says it needs the Amber update. :(
  • Working fine on my 928 which only has Amber with gdr2 so Black is not required.
  • not for my Lumia 520 :(
  • proxy dude. works fine on my 520.
  • I m not able to update it in my 720 can u plz give me the proxy??
  • port: 8888
  • just set the proxy and I don't even need to change time zone
  • Uninstall pro app and then proxy
  • No need to uninstall, it comes as an update
  • Some were having trouble with the proxy and the update, as soon as I uninstalled I was able to grab it..
  • I downloaded it on my 620 using the proxy hack. It starts up quicker then ProCam, but seems to need more RAM. It's usable, but crashes often, if you do certain things. If the default camera had manual focus and a nice UI, I wouldn't have to do this hackery :D
  • Worked great on my nokia lumia 820
  • Why is this not available for all lumias, it says it is in the store description. I have a Lumia 820 with Amber + GDR3!!!
  • perfect on my L620, if you have nokia pro cam before, you can update, simply crate new apn on acces point setting proxy: port:8888 then open nokia pro cam via system app pusher, after "update" appears, you must change apn to recent active apn before then hit "update" or if you using wifi you can edit and change the proxy
  • Anyone heard the soft click sound when is focused? Even in just vibrate mode.
  • Does anyone knows how to remove this "created with Nokia Camera" tag? on the image display?
  • Working great on my Lumia 820 with GDR3...
  • Great app. Now I have more control over my GREEN pictures.
  • Got nokia Cam through proxy..its magical !!
    Thanks for the tip.
  • Very buggy on my Lumia 1020 on reframing and saving. Makes the app exit/crash.
  • Hey guys, it looks like the issue about the proxy trick its just abou matching the right proxy with the right region...
    I've just changed my region to Brazil, and inserted the proxy, and the i've got it! :):):):) App installed and running flawless in my L820. At my first try the Nokia Camera page on marketplace didn't load, then i just refreshed it and worked.
    Here in Brazil a lot of people is being sucessfull getting nokia camera with this new proxy
    hope it works for everybody, thanks for helping!!
  • Updated fine on 1020, but seems to have lowered the quality of low light shooting (especially in video mode) anyone else notice this. Definitely not as good as before the update. You can manually adjust settings(doesn't do much to videos) to get same result but never had to do that before. Video is pointless indoors now, either too dark or everything has a yellow tint! Stop messing with things that are working fine!
  • Work great on my Lumia 620 in Indonesia with these wiifi setting:
    port: 8888
    Country region: USA
  • I'm having a problem where in the middle of taking pictures, Nokia Cam gets stuck saving an image.  This has happened on both my 1020 & my wifes 1020.  It's only happened once to each of us so far.
  • I just downloaded the Noka Camera app on my Lumia Amber 1020 
    and noticed that the flash state "Focus Light Only" is no longer available,
    it's a shame that was a great feature. hope they will put it back. if not is there any way to get the old version ?
  • Never noticed before, but does the smart camera not use flash? Just wanted to make sure this is normal.
  • I can't get this installed on my 920. Is any one else having the same problem? It starts to download and then stops and says to try agian.
  • Proxy is not working......any other proxies than and
  • This new app works well on my 520. Is there a way to make this the default camera app when I hit the dedicated camera button?