Nokia Camera coming to all Lumias with ‘Black’ firmware; new update next week to fix reframing

This week in Abu Dhabi, Nokia released their Nokia Camera app, which finally combined their Pro Cam and Smart Cam apps into one, while adding a few new features too. Those new abilities include quick-access for Modes, instead of the full-range of manual controls, and performance improvements. The move was done in response to customer feedback and it really shows how Nokia wants to get their experience right.

There is still one nagging problem though: those with Lumias that are not the 92x or higher are excluded from downloading Nokia Camera. That will change though when ‘Lumia Black’, the upcoming firmware for all Lumias, arrives in the coming weeks and months.

Lumia Black’ (formerly known as ‘Bittersweet shimmer’) is the follow up to the ‘Amber’ update that was pushed out in late Summer 2013. It will bring numerous new camera algorithms, RAW support (for high end device) and yes, it will allow those with entry level or mid-range Lumias to finally take advantage of Nokia Camera. It’s not too clear if that means the full range of features, including manual controls or a restricted version. Regardless, if you cannot download Nokia Camera today, you will be able to in the future.

Finally, for those who are having reframing issues with Nokia Camera (opens in new tab), specifically the inability to save reframes, Nokia will be pushing out an update today to fix that. Some have reported the problem on their Lumias and reportedly an uninstall/re-install could fix it.

[Update: We are told the update will be available next week due to more testing]

It is not known if the update will bring other new additions or improvements or is instead just a ‘hot fix’ for this problem.

We’ll let you know when it goes live.

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  • I may need to wait for BLACK but not GDR3...thank you MS!
    -real life att Lumia920 user
  • Maybe Nokia, under the new ownership, will include Black in the preview program, and you'll get it next year after the acquisition is final, six months before other ATT customers.  ;)
  • Firmware updates are not under the control of Microsoft, be satisfied that you are getting the preview OS update before hand at least. Nokia can take their own sweet time testing and releasing their firmware updates, maybe now you'll know who's delaying updates and who's not.
  • Nokia needs to put in the ability to save unlimited reframes to the camera roll and keep them instead of being able to have just one reframed pic that always overwrites when you make another reframe on the same original pic.
  • Agreed, that would be a nice to have feature.
  • That's an essential feature. Took me ages to figure out what was going on with that. I thought the whole point of the reframe was to be creative, so I was trying different options to compare and wondering where they were disappearing to!
  • I open the cropped photo in an app and save it. Unfortunately it's a smaller file. Yes, it would be nice to keep / save the Nokia cam cropped photos to saved photos.
  • Anyone know if it's possible to disable the assisted flash with Nokia Camera?
  • In settings
  • Hrm I looked there, somehow I missed it.  Thanks.
  • Its always been able to be turned off in settings...
  • It used to be an on-screen touch icon.  It took me awhile to find it in settings too.  I'd rather it be back on the capture screen.
  • Its in the settings. Choose set by flash in the focus assist light.
  • Yeah that is annoying
  • I still don't like that I'm no longer able to switch to other lenses from the main screen. Going to settings to do that now will take some getting used to......unless there is a way to do that????
  • When I camera, hit the 3 dots. Lenses is the first option.
  • Yeah it's there. I think I like the double errors better because it's consistent with the default camera.
  • Gokia!
  • Nokiffecent!
  • Nokidding!
  • High end devise?
  • Yeah, that's when you take something out of a vise that is mounted to the ceiling instead of the workbench.
  • ^SPAM. I'm kidding Dan ;)
  • As someone with dyslexia I find people who point out others spelling mistakes extremely annoying! Please find a better hobby.
  • I'm annoyed by plenty of things, on the Internet. Correcting spelling, is one of the least offensive offenses.
  • Please learn, to, use commas, properly. Than,ks.
  • +8,20
  • So, I should now uninstall Smart Cam, right?
  • Yes
  • I was wondering this too.. Is there any reason to keep Smart Cam?  
  • Yes. And stand in the corner and wait for the witch to come get you.
  • There is also a bug I found w/ the app on my Lumia 925: whenever I try to switch to the front camera, the app crashes and exits.
    I don't know if I'm the only one affected though as I have yet to hear a similar complain from someone else...
  • I am not able to replicate the issue on 1020 (running GDR3).
  • I'm not able to replicate this problem on my L925
  • I had this issue with hacked Pro Camera on my 620. That was the only issue I had with that app. It's gone now with Nokia Camera.
  • Had the same issue and now it's gone (also a hached app on 620), only now I have a new problem, if I take a picture and immediatly after taking it, look at it by pressing the second button in the top left corner (the in-app viewer),  the app crashes. If I wait a bit before pressing, or press the other button (general gallery), it seems to work fine
  • Yep. Just tried it. Took a photo, tried what you described and I got the message that the phone was busy and unable to open camera and it crashed.
  • Well, aleast I'm not the only one :D Also, I think this one starts up a bit faster than the Pro Cam, don't you think?
  • Definitely faster (and it's not the placebo, either). I just hope we'll get all the functions with Black, not some castrated version, especially since it can obviously work almost perfectly as it is right now. :)
  • Using Nokia camera on my 520 with update 3, have problem, try to press review after shooting, but won't open, is there any relation with 512mb? Hope with Black update will fix it. Love Nokia Camera
  • The issue with reframing happens when the picture is getting uploaded while you are reframing it. The app exits/crashes.
  • Thanks man! This is the issue. Didnt realize it. Sometimes my reframing would work. I guess it was when I lost my internet connection as well. Temporary fix to make my 1020 actually usefu for now. 
    Follow me on Twit/Insta @lumiatography for amazing photos from a Lumia 1020 :O EDIT: Daniel ,this fix should be added to the article for those that actually want to use their phones now. Uninstalling and reinstalling didnt work for me. I am guessing it was entirely related to the uploading problem. As soon as I went to photo settings and turned off Autoupload to skydrive, it worked again and didnt crash when saving any reframes.
  • When this will happen. I am waiting eagerly. Hope it works for 720 also. I am yet to get GDR3 here in India.
  • Get the preview version. It is complete.
  • That's what I meant when I said "Nokia Camera app is coming to all #WP8 #Lumia phones later this year!"
  • I hate it that on my Lumia 1020 auto zoom won't work for makro shots.
  • Even manual macro isn't very good. You have to hold the phone further than what we are used to then re frame. Agree, annoying, but not the end of the world
  • I think one other feature is the reorg of the icons on the top of screens (in the status bar), in GDR3 there are still in the same order but on the 1520 render there are in a different order.
  • Using it right now on my Nokia Lumia 620. Installed it using proxy trick and Fiddler app. Works good.
  • Explain the Proxy and Fiddler, cause if I want to install it, I see on the app page it's not for my phone
  • Really wanna check this out :|
    - a Lumia 820 guy .
  • Use a proxy, search in the forums for Nokia camera for 720. I have it on my 820 and it works well. Took forever to get the proxy to work but if you keep trying and turning off WiFi and back on and restarting the phone sometimes eventually it'll work (took me maybe 30 attempts over 6 hours)
  • So glad that Nokia make windows phones
  • x 928,000,000
  • in GDR3, you can not remove focus assist light. You either have, AUTO - which gives focus assists and a flash when its dark and no flash at all in bright condition, ON - which gives focus assists and flash all the time, OFF - which gives focus assists only without flash. That's it. Before there was "focus assists only" and "no focus assist".
  • Its been moved to the settings menu.
  • I think you need to explore the app's setting more cause its there.
  • Sorry Roy but I have a 1020 with GDR 3 and if I go into settings and set Focus Assist Light to "Always off" I get NO focus assist light in any flash mode.
  • Ok,thanks! I almost hit the panic button.
  • I want that black update now(that sound weird)
  • Hi, the reframing fix is delayed and will be available early next week. We are testing the update and will make it available as soon as possible. /David@Nokia.
  • Thanks, updating article.
  • Thanks.
  • Can you please go back with the "assisted flash light" option un the place that was before?? Now is hidden and I like to be able to change this quickly.... And also bring back the icon for change to some Lens... Thank you.
  • Thank you!
  • Haven't used the app since the major update. Did it fix the yellow tint.. Mostly noticeable in night shots?
  • Now they need to make panorama better and add it to Nokia Camera. Also combine glam me customisation features with creative studio.
  • True! Good idea
  • When is Lumia Black gonna b officially India
  • When the political landscape changes.
  • With Black will they make it so Nokia Camera can bypass the password on the lock screen like the stock camera app does?
  • If they do, I hope its toggle setting. I don't want anything to be able to bypass the pasword.
  • It's not a toggle setting now, you know.  The existing camera app bypasses the password.
    Though technically it's not bypassing it.  It just simply lets you take a picture without unlocking.  It's not like you get any access into the phone.
  • Can someone help me? I have a unlocked Lumia 720 (Brazilian version), the system version is: 8.0.10328.78 and the firmware version is xxxx.1334.0001
    Why the "extras+info" don't have that label where it says idk,  "Lumia Amber" or some older update? And why I can't install the glance screen?
    In the page, says that I have the Amber update.
  • You might need to update the Nokia system apps. Use this app to download everything you need
    SysApp Pusher
  • God I want black now. RAW support for my 1020!!!!
  • Any ETA on firmware availability on Nokia Servers? Need to flash something
  • Just a question..
    .raw will be available to L920?
    Or only devices with 2gb RAM?
  • THAT really is the question. I have a 920 myself.
  • +920
  • Team 920! Team Lumia
  • I think this is for devices with 2Gb "True photophones" (1020&1520) only...
  • For a second there, I read it as Lumia Black available next week :(
  • Lol
    Me too
  • Will this be available for Windows Phone 7 devices like my Lumia 710?
    I'm assuming the answer is no.
  • Do we really need to answer? Sorry :(
  • Nokia and Microsoft give up on the 7 as it pushed it out... Wait till version 10 for windows...
  • Bittersweet shimmer was a much cooler name.
  • Twilight Sparkle would approve.
  • Lol.....
  • Finally some good news for 520 users like me
  • I hope they fix the awkward white balance/green tone that happens after post-processing photos. That was a huge let-down for me when I updated to Amber.
  • Have you updated to black already? Has it been fixed? I am trying to determine whether update to Black will fix it cause I am still on GDR1 due to the shitty camera performance with Amber. I have a Lumia 720.
  •  ‘Lumia Black’..."arrives in the coming weeks and months"
    Fro AT&T 920 users
    Weeks = Months
    Months = Years
  • Try to be in polish Orange :)
    Weeks = Years
    Months = Never
  • I hope they fix the ability to launch it without having to unlock your phone.  You can still do that with the default camera app, but not with the Nokia camera app.  It's my only gripe with that app.
  • A bit disappointed I don't get RAW on my 920 but I guess you can't get everything :)
  • <p>hi all,</p>
    <p>i hv lumia 920 unlock&nbsp;</p>
    <p>i hv just update my phone with devloper updates.</p>
    <p>can any one let me know if this black update come should i also get thia update?</p>
    <p>plz replay&nbsp;</p>
  • Well crap.
    I saw the "Update" line before I read the paragraph right before it, and thought for a moment that Black was going to be released next week.
  • Nokia connecting people
  • "Weeks and months" LMAO! If only Nokia would do a developer preview like MS.
  • Hope they fix the increased NOISE (photos and video) produced on the 920 after GDR2. Photos and video were way better before.
  • the way it replaced Nokia Pro Camera, I wish it replaced Smart Cam too..kinda stupid to have it now...
  • does any know if the lumia black update will be available for the lumia 810?
  • No, its only for wp8
  • Lumia 810 is running WP8. So basically yeah, it will be available for it.
  • 3rd column support for lumia 920 and above would be my only request!
  • Haha!
  • Not love for 4.3 displays? They just said that the display size, not resolution, matters :D. Or at least, they should make a toogle-able option.
  • After using Nokia cam "after update" to take quite a few shot's, maybe pushing it a little bit....I found my 1020 was unable to switch to landscape mode. Photos, apps and even YouTube. Troubling, look for solution online and / or similar problems with others. None were noted. Decided to do a soft reset "first time with 1020" and it corrected problem. Just a shared hiccup here!
  • Why Lumia 720 firmware (1030.69...) doesn't update. All Lumia updated already except this device please make it soon.
  • even if nokia camera officially support for low device, I hope they not cut too many feature.
    Nokia Camera runs smooth on my 720 without any problem and all function works well.
  • I'm using "Nokia Camera" on the Lumia 1020, and the "pro" shots now are much lower res when I zoom in after emailing them to myself. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong/differently.
  • Yes, I get a firmware up for my Nokia 710... Lol
  • I want this for lumia 800
  • I'm not sure there has ever been a side by side comparison of the Nokia phone cameras from the various lumia models when they were running all running the same level of software and updated firmware.  That would be interesting to see once these update plans are complete.  The opportunity will be there for the first time that I can remember.   
  • Just started having the reframing issues and yellowish pictures. Had no problem before today. Need this update asap.
  • My reframing issue fixed on its own after a day! 
  • I already got on 920 with only Amber.
    I wish I could by pass lock screen w/o code being asked as the built-in cam app though :(
  • I hope Nokia black fixes the green tint and quality loss due to a malfunction of post processing done by amber , indoor and low light look bad because of it
  • When I'm going to get black lumia frimware update for my lumia??
  • <p>I hope the Lumia 822 (from Verizon is included)</p>