Nokia CEO Stephen Elop answers Windows Phone related questions from TechEd 2012

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, has answered some questions asked by attendees from Microsoft's TechEd 2012. Questions range from developers, globalisation, Symbian and Windows Phone. Possibly the most interesting question, which is also on the minds of Windows Phone (and potential) consumers, is at 5:40.

Elop responds to the question about the inability to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 by stating that the manufacturer is excited about the features that will be included. He does note that all four current devices will receive Windows Phone 7.8, as well as a pattern of future updates from Nokia. These future updates will implement Internet sharing, flip-to-silence, and media content streaming.

"It's also inevitable, that in our fast moving industry, software platform updates are a necessity. They enable a new range of experiences and help offer people a broader range of options. Including size, design, price points."

Elop goes on to reiterate that Nokia are determined to offer long term support for current Lumia Windows Phones. Something that will please many who aren't overly fussed with the upcoming Apollo upgrade.

Source: YouTube

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  • I think my 900 will still be just as sexy this time next year with 7.8 on it.
  • I'm happy. This is why I bought a Lumia. Happy I didn't get a titan II.
  • Enjoy the lack of a sound enhancer
  • I own a Lumia and a Titan and I run a professional recording studio. The audio on a lumia via built in speaker and through the 3.5mm jack is far superior to the titan w/SRS. Hands down.
  • What abt headphones?
  • +1
  • Not even
  • Enjoy your rubbish equaliser presets sir!
  • I have a titan II and the sound enhancer is useless. Sounds like crap on anything besides off. I tried for two plus weeks to like it, it still sucks. I'd take updates any day lol!
  • Probably didn't enable the SRS enhancements or have crappy speakers in your car.
  • Atleast the srs sounds great on the radar, way better than the samsung focus n focus flash
  • SRS is only good for cheap speakers/earphone from my experience. I prefer the normal eq settings.
  • It's good from cheap speakers to expensive headphones, it converts the sound field to 5.1 and restores lost information in compressed files.
  • Dear Elop, make a phone with a hardware keyboard or I won't be purchasing a Nokia as much as I want one.
  • Hate to tell you but companies make stuff that sells and even HTC is getting away from qwerty devices (they're not doing them anymore). Fact of the matter is "big screens" sell and qwerty's don't. I say that as someone who wants a qwerty phone too, but that's the reality of the market today.
  • Oh I know and it sucks but I'll happily run my Quantum into the ground before upgrading to a phone that doesn't have a hardware keyboard.
  • You might try Blackberry.  All of the has keyboard. :)
  • Love mine too, on my second one. I'm hard on phones...
  • I bought a Quantum as my first Windows Phone because of the physical keyboard and it worked great. I was NOT keen on going to a phone without a physical keyboard but with the 30 day return policy I decided to give it a try and haven't regretted it once. I had experience trying to type on the little iPhone and iPod screens and hated every second of it. The Lumia with the bigger screen (and I think the virtual keyboard is better than the iPhone too) is great to type on. I am almost just as fast as I was on my Quantum. Plus this phone is so much thinner. I don't feel like I am carrying a brick around anymore. On top of all of that you get the amazing colors on this screen, a faster phone, some good Nokia only apps and DLNA support just like the Quantum has. It's worth a try IMO. Especially if the price drop happens.
  • I'm pretty sure Nokia's bringing out a WP8 phone with physical keyboard. E7 is still selling quite well in Finland because of the keyboard and I'm not so sure about Finnish business users' preferences being that special.
    Physical keyboards don't sell as much as full touch phones but if Nokia can sell a couple of million of those devices by being the only choice for someone who absolutelu requires that it's a no-brainer.
  • Physical keyboard phone is also more expensive. Logical, since it had more components, but still feel expensive if the customer just see it as a variant of the model without keyboard and expect the same price.
  • I beg to differ. QwertyS aren't selling much because the companies aren't producing them. Also Bing search and Internet explorer disables the auto correct which frustrates me when I use online keyboard. out of all that, physical keyboard phones were never prioritized as the flagship device. As far as I remember, you liked the Dell Venue Pro design from the video. I think unless we have a new qwerty technology to make the phone slimmer, companies won't producing them much =[. They should make ink screen like qwertys so the keyboard can change approprietly to the app, web search, multi language, etc.
  • I happen to know that Nokia does indeed have a qwerty Lumia in the works. Obviously, I do not know if it will come out but would guess it will.
  • Do you know if it's portrait or landscape qwerty???
  • The software keyboard on Windows Phone is so good that I think anyone who asks for a physical keyboard is a lunatic. There is no way I could type as fast on a hardware keyboard on a phone as I could on the WP7 soft keyboard. You don't even need to type full words as it guesses the word right most of the time.
  • I have largish hands and the virtual keyboard is just a poor fit for me also the keyboard adds weight to the phone which I very much prefer. 
  • I dont think so your not right on saying software keyboard you can type faster than querty keyboard. Querty keyboard will beat a person using software keyboard. Querty keyboard makes no mistakes in typing compare to using software keyboard which you for sure have many mistakes in typing. Also person with big fingers will not be able type on software keyboard compare to querty keyboard will work fine. So yes having querty keyboard is great to have if you are heavy texted or emailer
  • So a physical keys grow for a person with large hands? None of my BlackBerrys worked like that. With either keyboard the key is how well it guesses what you saying. Windows does very well. I can get every letter wrong and it guesses right. On the other hand physical keyboards don't disappear like the one on my titan. Anyone home at&t?
  • Actually pre 8107 the physical keyboard on the arrive disappeared just as much as the on screen keyboard. Still love the physical keys, and hoping for an E7 style wp8.
  • For me it's the tactile feel, able to feel the edge of the buttons that make it easier to type. Especially on a phone the size of the quantum, the hard keyboard is nearly twice the size. Plus, the keyboard shortcuts increase the efficiency, you don't have to switch screens, just an Fn button, or, press and hold to get the shifted character. I can understand if you've never used one before, but if you have, you'd understand...
  • Old blackberry's have small keyboards, yes not every blackberry is going to be stellar due to the different shapes and sizes. The newer ones are good. Again windows phone qwerty phones have auto correct, "the key is how well it guesses what you are saying". Please say stuffs that you know before pouring them out!
  • Typing with a physical keyboard is always going to be easier. I used to touch-type on my old phones, and while you can to some degree on software keyboards it's a lot harder.
    Also, removing the software kb from the display means more screen real estate, which is easier for typing larger amounts of text. Even in this comment, I have to scroll to see the top of it.
    Having said that, I prefer sw kb's as I don't like the extra bulk of the physical kb's
  • I went through the qwerty blues when I first got my phone too but after a couple weeks you forget about that extra bulk and simply enjoy all that comes with it. Better workflow through browsing and apps, larger screen, less weight, etc. You guys are just being stubborn. I totally get it but win phone has a nice tactile feel to the touch keys as well. Very satisfying clack and extremely responsive.
  • The auto correct feature works on the physical keyboard phones too not just the software keyboard. Having a keyboard isn't about how fast can you type, rather how accurately you can type. I hate the feeling of guessing if I typed right on onscreen keyboard. You should give hardware keyboard phones, the good ones not the cheap ones.
  • Hardware keyboard leave precious screen space for content. I love wp7 soft-keys, but I also miss my Nokia E75 slide-out keypad.
  • Stephen Elop wouldn't know a Windows Phone if it jumped up and kicked him in the teeth.
  • That makes no sense.
  • You're right there it makes no sense!
  • Really Henry?  WOW!!  you need to get out more.
  • "These future updates will implement Internet sharing, flip-to-silence, and media content streaming". Are these supposed to be new features, cos as far as I know these features are already available. Sounds like typical corporate speak without making any real promises.
  • Up until recently, no Nokia's had "flip to silence" as only HTC had that feature (AT&T Lumia 900 does not have flip to silence even today). The Lumia 800 is just getting tethering now and it's rolling out for devices like the 710 on T-Mo who didn't have it before. So no, he's being accurate there.
  • I dont agree, he's picking individual missing features then lumping them together to make it seem like several are coming to each device. Only thing the 900 is missing is Flip to silence, Play To takes care of media sharing and it already had tethering. Gives a different impression than the reality and makes it look better than it really is.
  • What he said though is what Nokia has been saying since June 20th, almost verbatim. This is the facts: Nokia is delivering more OS updates and OEMs apps than any other Windows Phone OEM.
  • This is the facts: Nokia was paid $250M more than any other Windows Phone OEM. In fact every other Windows Phone OEM got $0
  • You're changing the topic and actually, you don't know what deals HTC, Samsung, etc. got.  Either way, it doesn't change the fact that Nokia delivers better customer support and more updates than either company, does it?
  • I want Nokia to succeed, but I mainly want the WP ecosystem to be stronger as a whole. I know that you will disagree, but I feel that exclusives dilute the WP experience - it's becoming like Android where individual handsets have different features and benefits (aside from hardware) and the average punter may be confused as to which mobile to get. The iPhone succeeded by only giving one choice and the same experience to everyone. (I'm talking about current models, not legacy upgrades). WP is becoming the platform, and not the experience. Yes, Nokia have done more updates than the others, but I still think that HTC have done their fair share. It's just not reported on anymore as it all happened in the first 6-12 months. I am really hoping that allowing native code in WP8 will allow HTC to bring more of their Android apps over to WP... things like the HTC One X have some really cool features. I can't comment on Nokia customer support as I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to. I'm not sure how the likes of HTC have failed to support their customers with semi-regular phone & app updates.
  • Not all Lumia's in all regions have the same features. Internet sharing is just starting to roll out to most Lumia devices in the world for example. Media streaming just came to Lumia 900 in the US but has been available on Lumia in other parts of the world. He's speaking broadly about all Lumia devices in the world. I honestly don't see how Lumia 900 owners can complain about the support they are getting from Nokia. We're getting tons of new exclusive apps every week. We just got the camera extras, play to DLNA support, Six Flags, Kaliki, PGA, Batman comics, and EA games and Zynga games are going to start rolling out exclusively to Lumia phones. We're also getting updates to all of the Nokia navigation apps and Flip to silence. What other OEM is doing all this for their users?
  • Samsung and HTC are getting profit from Android, so they dont need to support their WP7 customers as devoutly. 
    Meanwhile, Nokia is making itself the #1 vendor for windows phone customers like myself, by its constant innovation, high design, and excellent customer service.  I plan to upgrade in the fall again to WP8 and it will definitely be a Nokia, with PureView and a ClearBlack screen.
  • Flip to silence is part of 8773 and play is in the markplace for dlna
  • Dagolara I wouldn't hold my breath of I were you. They and most every other phone developer is moving away from physical kbs. I suspect you are in the minority and you market share is shrinking I am over the Treo days and if hp had released the stingray I would have bought that.
  • I said it and I still say it, Nokia is the best choice for WP. I had almost all WP hardware manufacturers and the quality speaks for itself. I myself, owning a Lumia 800, will definitely buy a Nokia WP8 once it comes out, which I hope is soon after launch. Technology leaps are part of the business so this is welcome and wanted.
    I am just excited, so Nokia please hit me with that cool stuff you do! :D
  • That's what you think
  • That's his opinion!
  • And mine:)
  • Mine too
  • And mine also :-P
  • Still happy with my purchase
  • You won't be much longer when you realize wp8 is so much better than wp7.8. Then you'll wish they would find a way for you to upgrade.
  • I'll be happy when I found out 7.8 is much better than 7.5 lol
  • This is no different than any other company, get over it.
  • having big screen is fine but downside it just can't fit on your pocket. 4 inch should be good size phone screen
  • Ny Titan fits easily... Buy mens pants... Bigger pockets:)
  • Just don't get the galaxy note... People will point and jeer when you haul it out of your pocket, and be pissing themselves when you hold it to your ear to make a call :P
  • Nokia gives really great support and investors can suck it! =P
  • Big screen sells well who wants a 4.5 or 4.8 screen which you cant even fit on your pocket. 4 inch is fine to have and having querty keyboard is so much better in typing without having mistakes in typing. I know using a virtual keyboard will have more typing mistakes. I guess it all depends on the consumer needs.
  • The difference between 4 and 4.8" screens is about 1cm width... It'll still fit in your pocket fine.
  • I have used both, and I greatly prefer the soft keyboard on WP over a hardware keyboard. I'm not small, wear 2x gloves, and the soft kb is leaps more accurate for me. Not on android though, just WP devices. Using an s3 I'm slow as can be, on WP I blaze.
  • I really Like Stephen, I think he's a great CEO and I wish him all the best for the Future of Nokia and Windows Phone! Def It's a Massive Responsability to do what his doing with Nokia! Bless Him! I will Def get a Nokia as my WP8 Device!
  • I want a physical keyboard and a dpad for the games, like the n97
  • He also gave a hint of more features from 8 in 7.8 than the start screen which won't help dampen the rumour mill lol
  • Thanks Elop, you're cool. Turtelnecks are so last year.
  • This news may have convinced me in buying a Lumia 900 soon!
  • Why bother? You can't wait 3 months for WP8?
  • Porn doesn't wait you for 3 months! Lol
  • Will wait for wp 8
  • This just means Nokia is THE BEST
  • Poop is fun :)
  • Da fill-in-the-blank did I just read?
  • Fuck You
  • Fanboys...
  • Im due to upgrade in Feb. I really love what Microsoft has done w winphone. I was immediately won over by the OS so I promised I'd get another handset when the time to upgrade came. And I will. Ill also know by then pretty definitively if winphone will succeed or not. Win 8 will have been out for a while, new handsets will be on the market, all the pieces are in place. I really really hope win 8 wins over the public.
  • Ngage WP anyone? Lol
  • On physical keyboards, I came from Nokia E61i where the kb took up half the real estate of my phone. This is also the phone that Steve Jobs used to compare the first iPhone to. It's a nice kb layout with space between keys. I do miss it on my Lumia 710, but the trade off of having more screen to view was worth it. I don't really type that much as I view websites or watch videos on my phone. On Elop, I'm glad that Nokia's commitment to existing customers is still honored. But, a lot of those updates will be coming from Microsoft. I'd be interested in commitments from Microsoft as well.
  • Yes
  • Why yes, of course. It's a Nokia.
  • kinda creepy ;)