Nokia CEO Stephen Elop to deliver keynote at Mobile World Congress 2013

While we're all eagerly awaiting to see what Nokia will bring to consumers in terms of Windows Phone 8 hardware, we've got word that CEO Stephen Elop will be delivering a keynote speech next year at Mobile World Congress. This will be the next step for the Finnish manufacturer -after the holiday season- to really step up its game and continue to produce innovative Windows Phones.

Before we reach the festive period, we're still approaching Nokia World 2012 which will be held in Helsinki, Finland, later on next month. This event will follow on from whatever is announced (if anything at all) at Nokia's party next week, which Windows Phone Central will be attending. It's positive to see Nokia planning ahead and is a reassurance the manufacturer has some tricks left up the ol' sleeves.

It would be interesting if both Stephen Elop and Steve Ballmer decided to rock next week's party with a duet performance of "The only way is up" by Yazz - we'll have to see what the evening brings.

via: WindowsPhoneDaily

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Second title typo in one day!!! Spelling Police have a ticket waiting. We should get free apps for a prize when we find a title typo! =)
  • Only leaving this up b/c it's funny ;-)
  • Lol, agreed
  • let him deliever Helsinki event then he can do what ever he want :|
    those nokia news make you  watch calendar date day after day tell you go crazy :S 
  • That's a vote of confidence that the guy will still be around. If Nokia has bad 4Q sales we may never hear from him again.
  • Q4 wont matter much. If it continues for 1H of 2013 then we might see CEO position being changed. 
  • I hope it goes well for Nokia. I love my Lumia 900. Give me something close on WP8 and its a day one buy for me