Nokia filed for two tablet design patents-destined for Windows 8?

Fan concept of a Nokia Tablet

The notion that Nokia may be working on a tablet is not really controversial—members of the company have said as much in recent months. Rumors go back that they had Meego tablet in the works before that whole Microsoft deal squashed the future of that platform for the company. Indeed, we’re not a 100% sure of what to make of the two patents filed by Nokia for tablets, just that they have them.

Nokia is certainly a big fan of the original N9 design, which progressed over to the Lumia 800 and then the 900 series.  The idea that they would then make a big version for Windows 8 is not that far fetched and many of you have expressed a desire for such a design. And that’s what see in the above patent design filed back in March 2011—back when Windows 8 was just rumors. That design is literally just a big N9 tablet—could Nokia throw Windows 8 on it and call it day? Maybe, maybe not.

The second design is a little more traditional with the a more curved back and rear edges. Nothing pops out at us in this design but then again, it’s a tablet and in the end it is the build quality, materials and colors that will determine the appearance. That patent goes back to early 2010--so we're not so sure that would be re-used again.

As to when Nokia may show off a Windows 8 tablet, it should be clear by now that they won’t be part of a Wave 1 devices. The fact that Nokia has never made a tablet or PC device could also be a limiting factor at the moment. Fact is, they have other priorities right now and are probably focusing on them. But we do imagine a Nokia tablet or two is on the horizon.

Patent 1, 2; via NokiaPowerUser; Thanks, nish, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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