Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. In fact, that’s already now for some of you in Australia, Thailand and elsewhere. So while the world goes red, it’s curious to see various Nokia social media pages go green.

Is this some new ecofriendly push by the Finnish company? Or could it foretell a looming announcement coming February 24 in Barcelona?

Indeed, if you look at the media invite for Mobile World Congress, where Nokia is giving an early-morning press conference, it’s green, green, green. The tag line ‘Meet us under the tree’ is also thought to mean something, though we have a feeling this isn’t some tree hugging solar panel announcement for our phones.

Nokia is expected to announce the Nokia X aka ‘Normandy’ in Spain in just 10 days. That device will feature a forked-version of the Android OS powering their low-end hardware. Think the Lumia 520 with even less memory. While the device won’t appeal to the current Android glitterati, it will certainly make waves in the tech press, even if it’s really a non-story. More on that tomorrow.

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The Nokia X is expected to run a full suite of Microsoft services, including Skype, Bing and Outlook, in addition to some Nokia software running on a non-Google approved version of Android. Could this ‘going green’ color change be related? We have it on good authority that this worldwide green-out is just that.

But let us ask Lloyd from our sister site, Android Central, what he thinks...

Source: Nokia