Nokia goes green, teases upcoming Mobile World Congress Android reveal

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. In fact, that’s already now for some of you in Australia, Thailand and elsewhere. So while the world goes red, it’s curious to see various Nokia social media pages go green.

Is this some new ecofriendly push by the Finnish company? Or could it foretell a looming announcement coming February 24 in Barcelona?

Indeed, if you look at the media invite for Mobile World Congress, where Nokia is giving an early-morning press conference, it’s green, green, green. The tag line ‘Meet us under the tree’ is also thought to mean something, though we have a feeling this isn’t some tree hugging solar panel announcement for our phones.

Nokia is expected to announce the Nokia X aka ‘Normandy’ in Spain in just 10 days. That device will feature a forked-version of the Android OS powering their low-end hardware. Think the Lumia 520 with even less memory. While the device won’t appeal to the current Android glitterati, it will certainly make waves in the tech press, even if it’s really a non-story. More on that tomorrow.

The Nokia X is expected to run a full suite of Microsoft services, including Skype, Bing and Outlook, in addition to some Nokia software running on a non-Google approved version of Android. Could this ‘going green’ color change be related? We have it on good authority that this worldwide green-out is just that.

But let us ask Lloyd from our sister site, Android Central, what he thinks...

Source: Nokia

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Interesting! I wonder how this android version will be on Nokia and how it'll do. 
  • You read the specs. Nothing special.
  • Its not about the specs, its about Nokia having an android mobile, ill be getting one.
  • I'm sure you're very excited. For me, it just doesn't make sense. You make the cheapest WP 520 so popular, now you make this. Its best to stick to your guns and improve on it.
  • Well this is actually going to be even cheaper than the 520. Personally I'd have liked a 420, 320.... but I suppose opening up to Android gives Nokia, HERE and MS apps a bigger market so. Certainly Android is better than continuing with Asha.
  • How much cheaper. 520 only costs 99$ off contract.
  • Well it's another story over whether this phone will come to America or if it is intended more for emerging markets and places where cost is more of an issue. For some people 99$ is too much, even shaving 20$ off that could make a difference. But if this is 50$ then who wouldn't pick up one just to play around?
  • $100 in Vietnam.
  • $99 or $79, doesnt really matter, at least in Brazil. Here both would still go on stores for at least $180 after taxes and big profit from stores. In the meanwhile you can get a chinese droid for about $50 AFTER profit from stores (and no taxes!) People would pay the extra $40(here) to get a Lumia 520, but the Normandy will fail.
  • Why do the stores charge so much more for these devices? People just paying for brand? Well I think a lot of people (unfortunately) would be prepared to pay less for Android. It's not like there aren't millions of people paying more for it.
  • They don't. The problem is that they are heavily taxed. Nearly 50% of the costs are straight up taxes, retail in Brazil operates at extremely low margins specially at big box stores like Walmart, Magazine Luiza, and Casas Bahia. Right now its selling for R$499 (which is equal to USD$209). Seems to be about the same as the price in the US + ridiculous tax. 
  • Well, how does Asha priced in your country? Because I never heard you guys talk about Asha before. IMO, with it's current state, X is what Nokia sees as Asha replacement, which of course, will not attract those who already use Android, iOS, or even WP. But for current Asha users, this might be compelling enough. Specially the specs is higher than current Asha devices.
  • People who buy Asha don't care about the specs. They just buy a feature phone.
  • You right. They don't. But if someone actually try X and spread the news that X is faster than Asha, I bet a lot of users will jump in and try it. True, they don't care with specs. But they (like us too) do care about UX.
  • Well you can get Asha phones here in the UK. People don't talk about it much here cos it's WPCentral, not NokiaCentral (even if it does sometimes feel that way). If they price these the same as they do Asha phones, then they are offering people smart phones for the price of feature phones; and fighting back against the other OEMs selling cheap Android phones around the same price of their Asha range. It could potentially give Nokia a massive sales boost, the only people who wouldn't want this are those concerned about battery life; though with it's small screen and low power processor it shouldn't be too bad.
  • Why doesn't it make sense? Nokia is out for making money. If Nokia is really picking Android, this shows so much for being platform loyalty. If the phone can work well, and who knows will be even better than Windows Phone!
  • 520 has proven to be very popular in both emerging and developed countries. What's the point of this bs. It only underscores the hard work done to push WP in the emerging countries. Just plain stupid!
  • But the sales is still bad as compared to Android sales! And imagine if I can side load the official Facebook app onto this phone, rather than using the crappy MS made FB app, I'm all for it! Yes, WP has apps, but the apps for WP are simply so weak. Lots of 3rd party apps for sure, but I still prefer the polished official apps from Android.
  • But emerging countries could care less about these apps as long as they are available. Sales are bad the fact that there's slew of androids on sale vs "a" Lumia. That's the difference in sales. Bombard the market with as many cheap WP and you'll see a difference.
  • But too bad, Nokia is going to bombard with lots of cheaper Android handsets soon. Believe it or not. No chance for WP anymore.
  • Honestly it hasn't. We are talking about less than 8 million Lumia devices being sold world wide and including the whole range. The iPhone and the Galaxy flagship sell more devices alone. The 520 is a fantastic device, but it hasn't taken off just yet in emerging markets.
  • Why would you want this? It'll be a forked version of android without access to the google play store. Think kindle fire but with no downloadable apps. It'll basically be a feature phone with a couple of preloaded Microsoft apps.
  • How do you know until you see it? I imagine Nokia have contracts in place with thousands of mobile developers and will brand this with their own Nokia Store. It won't have the breadth of Google Play (or even Amazon Marketplace) but it will grow if all it takes is for devs to resubmit the same app they have in GP to Nokia. Nice extra stream of revenue for Nokia going that route and not including Google Play. And Nokia with their HERE Apps and partnership with Microsoft are one of the few companies that can fork Android and replace all the Google Apps with their own branding; HERE Maps for Google Maps, Outlook for Gmail, Skype for SMS/Hangouts, Bing for Google Search, etc. For most companies (even Samsung) forking Android and replacing those apps is a lot of work, hassle and to little benefit, for Nokia/MS the work is done already short of a port and is advantageous. It's win-win and a nice two-finger gesture to Google.
  • ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆ And you guys say I'm nutz...
  • Q: What do you call the madman who calls someone else mad?  A: The Madman.   Q: What do you call the person with whom the madman disagrees? A: Sane.
  • Well said...
  • More importantly, people can install custom roms to enjoy full Google services on Nokia! Ain't that wonderful?
  • Uh no. not really. Go check the specs and tell us that this device would be "wonderful" running Kitkat.
  • How do you know that it doesn't works well with KitKat? You already tried it? If not, don't post something which is not even proven yet!
  • Your talk reminds of old days when I bought a Honda accord and fucked it up by trying to do what I'm not, a "tuner." Stock is the best- you have warranty, you don't fuck-up your phone, you don't waist money by fucking-up your phone, you're guaranteed future updates, etc. Rooting is for folks who's job is in that field. Stock has more value. Your phone probably worth millions in distant future if in original and unmodified condition.
  • Why would you want a phone that has another ui over it?
  • Why not?? Android allows customized launchers anyways. At least, I don't need to be stuck with just tiles and rectangles like WP.
  • Simplisticity is my taste.
  • You can don't add anything on the home screens of Android if simplisticity is your cup of tea. Android doesn't need app shortcuts like Windows Phone in order to see any notifications.
  • The average user does not know or cares to install custom roms, so I don't think Nokia and Microsoft are worried about that.  
  • Well... Asha devices ARE feature phones. So if Nokia want X to replace them, then it's fit for feature phone replacement. Feature phone users usually does not really care about OS. As long as essential apps are there, they are good to go.
  • Feature phones are dead!!!! They're supposed to be replaced by 520!!!! Get the emerging markets to recognize WP!
  • Well ... Not here in my country. I still see a lot of people using Asha. So it's not dead (yet). That's why X is created. To tie up those Asha users into Microsoft/Nokia services so that when they want to upgrade, they eventually upgrade to WP who also has the same default services.
  • That's why you have the cheap 520 to transition them too. This x phone will give mix signals when they upgrade! They'll be looking for android and see that ms has services on that too, the apps are even better and gets upgrades before WP does.
  • Can someone please explain how giving emerging markets a phone running a forked version of android will steer users to WP? This logic makes absolutely NO sense. A watered down version of WP will, but the competition will not.
  • I wouldn't you can't download android apps! Its forked!
  • You know guys, if Dan says its a great idea this phone is coming out, lets welcome it with open arms, even if microkia messing with our heads with its existence.
  • Not Interested❕❕❕
    This would've been the perfect week for WP news, but its been ruined by "MS Android this, and Nokia Android that"...
    I just want to enjoy all of the new WP8.1-0xxxx news, without it being ruined by Android getting all up in my Microkia business...
    I don't want to hear anything else about Android❕... This is BS!.... Why can't everyone just let WP have what could possibly be one of it's best weeks ever❕ I'm sick of this xxxx. Lol❕... I really am.
  • Compleate Agree with you!!!
  • Calm down a little maybe? The world doesn't revolve around Windows Phone.
  • No, but this site does. :)
  • ^^This!
  • Windows phone ==>> NOKIA LUMIA; NOKIA==>> Nokia X. We certainly can have the debate on this site.
  • Kinda funny telling a crazed WP fan, on his favorite website "WPC", that the world doesn't revolve around WP..... Lol... Do ya really think you're gonna reach him❔Do ya? Do ya think so buddy?? Huh? Do ya? Ya think you're gonna reach em? Huh? Ya think so❔Huh?
    O_O⬅ That's me..
    What❔..... Do ya think just because I have live tiles tattooed around BOTH of my eyes I'm a little obsessed? Huh? Do ya? Do ya think I've gone a little Mikey Tysey? Is that what you think? Huh? Huh buddy? You think I'm crazy buddie? Huh? Is that what you think❔❔❔❔
    @_@⬅ That's me....
  • Θ_Θ
  • Scary.
  • Isn't the point of the 520 is to make the world revolve around WP?
  • Just like it shouldn't revolve around Apple, Android, or Blackberry either. What rodneyej basically is saying is that this is wpcentral, not android central or crackberry, place the news in the proper category
  • ^^ this.
  • It should prove popular in the places where it is supposed to be popular: "emerging" markets (aka poorer countries where people have less disposable income to buy flagship devices). It has the Nokia brand behind it, it has Microsoft's services and it has all the Android apps that can be found on Android's third party stores like Amazon. Actually, OS-wise, between this coming out and 8.1, this Nokia phone will have a more appealing OS than the Lumia ranges in the sense that it has more stuff available for it. After 8.1 it will retain only the edge in terms of Apps. Which to many will be more important than killer specs (seriously, you don't need those for the likes of Candy Crush)
  • Have you ever used android on a low end device? The more features will actually be a brick feature. It won't even be a good door stop.
  • Seen it! And its made by Samsung too.
  • KNow what your typing about before you type. In other words, your wrong.
  • Have you ever used a low end Android with KitKat (like this will run)? Use one and then we'll talk.
  • DJCBS.... What you said is pretty much the reality of the situation... I agree totally with that..
    Now, with that said.... I can't wait for all the hype about this device to blow over...
  • In six months we will barely be talking about this device as I suspect it will be pushed aside.
  • I thought 520 has proven all that in emerging countries. And it has all of MS's services. Basically making this phone is more to kill it and kill WP in those countries. Just a shame.
  • Appealing based on what? If it for the price, yes, it appealing. Specially for current Asha users. But if it for the apps, I don't know.
    We know that there is miss-understanding about forked Android. People tought that being Android (albeit it's forked ones), all Android apps will work just fine (except for resource limitation like ram, procs, etc). The truth is, there are quite a lot of apps that utilize Google APIs. And I'm sure that being forked Android, X won't have Google APIs. I can't imagine how those apps will run. In app side, they will face the same limitations like Amazon's Kindle OS. For example, the widely used push notifications. Most of current apps use GCM for broadcasting notifications. And I found them within Google API. This means, every other apps that using push notifications will need to be modified to use Nokia/Microsoft push notification service, or strip it altogether, in order to make the app run. Unless the developer did that, their apps won't run on X.
  • Its like Asha but on Android.
  • Just kill the fucking Asha already! What's the point of the 520 with Asha and this Normandy.
  • The 520 like WP to Android is an upgrade!
  • I won't bite
  • Haha.
  • I see Microsoft dropping this phone after Nokia becomes part of MS. Once MS has control of the phones they will drop in price since the phones OS cost will be removed. This will further reduce the cost of the 520 or MS variant to where this Android phone will no longer be needed. They are only releasing it because they can't change course as a result of the purchase.
  • Couldn't they make a deal with Microsoft to not charge em for cheaper fones like a 420?
  • Here's My Analysis of this device and Nokia's/Microsoft's possible plans...
    posted 2/4/14 The Nokia Normand/X - Nokia's (Microsoft's) Trojan Phone
  • Or you could have just put a link in a comment like other spa...err users.
  • Clap     clap    clap    There needs to be + or - on this site or likes or something, this was great. 
  • What a thorough assessment. Nice writing. Adding some perspective around this X :)
  • Thanks
  • @elderjlward ..Wonderful analysis. I really hope it turns out correct.
  • @AnthonyJoseph Thanks. Me too.
  • If I could quote all of RodneyJ comments that this phone would not see light of day...
  • Speaking of him haven't seen much of him lately
  • They let him out on the weekends. Then he goes on a comment tear for a day or two.
  • I always assumed he lives in his moms basement and she cuts off his cell and internet when he doesn't do his chores
  • Lol
  • Tapping on your back.. Lol❕❕
    "I'm baaack❕❕"""
  • FU, NIST ;-)
  • This is BS❕.... Lol❕❕❕
  • Lol. Welcome to the party Rodney.
  • Aawwweeeee yeeeeeaaahhh BABY❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕... LMFAO❕❕
  • :(
  • ⬆his
  • Indeed :(
    Feels like some sort of blasphemy...
  • The green garbage can is coming to Nokia?
  • +1
  • My thoughts exactly. But, if that's gonna make some money for them it's ok, I'll support WP anyways, that shouldn't be a problem for us.
  • Im not a fan of this Nokia droid malarkey. This should been binned when the Microsoft purchase was agreed!
  • Yeah, I'm quite surprised Microsoft is letting this happen. The press uproad over it will be enormous and most users won't understand what it really  means: they'll just interpret it as Microsoft and Nokia not supporting Windows Phone. It's not worth it. They should've canned it or rewritten WP7 to run on really low end devices instead.
  • +1, this will be horrendous press for both Nokia and Microsoft. Its like having an affair and both being cool with it.
  • There will be some press, but both Nokia and MS are software companies and getting their other apps, HERE and Bing, etc onto Android is actually a good thing for them. This is also very much a "budget" phone lacking all the high-end features that Lumia devices have. So people will come to see Android as cheap and lacking; moving to a Windows Phone will be an upgrade to first class. So it could actually help them sell their apps, sell more phones and at the same time actually improve the WP brand. I never thought i'd be for a Nokia Android phone, but here I am all for it.
  • Microsoft cannot dictate to Nokia what they can or cannot do. The acquisition isn't finalised. Nokia can do anything it wants in the mean time.
  • The fact that MS are quiet about this makes me think its not an android phone. I hope there won't be a Nokia android phone ever.
  • Agree.. Traitors I tell you❕
  • Yeah, for this goodbye middle finger, Microsoft should lop $50 million off the buying price.
  • +1520
  • What a bummer if Nokia's final appearance at MWC is only highlighted by an entry level Android device. I know that Daniel is certain of nothing WP until build, but come on Nokia, don't let it end this way.
  • I know Daniel has said no news WP phones, but it looks like there will be a 930 announced as well. I hope he's wrong for once, despite WP8.1 being so close I'm ready to upgrade from my 920.
  • Unfortunately, I must say maybe Microsoft is quiet because this is the windows phone that brings Android apps onboard like the media is talking about.
  • I am in and endless loop clicking both sites!!! somebody send help!!
  • lol
  • Lol
  • Its like your shampoo instructions, "Rinse, Apply, Wash, Repeat...". Doesn't say when to stop the endless loop.
  • Yea I wonder what the plan is? Is this one and done kind of project. But if they are releasing it and there will be no support later who is going to buy this thing? Yes it has Microsoft and nokia service softwares but a forked version of android? Is Microsoft going to support it? There has been articles about how MS might be thinking of allowing to run android apps of Windows system, this idea as a whole is a little worrysome. Look at where BB is now. Native apps obviously will have the best user experience. If given choice I don't know how many developers will just opt to not building Windows app and where does that lead Microsoft? New CEO has some big decisions to make.
  • Yep, It appears that Microsft/Nokia is going to go the Amazon route. They want to fork it, they have to support it. 
  • This may be thier plan..."Trojan Phone" Read on...
  • You blog still sucks, I am surprised WP Central puts up with you
  • Thanks for the feedback. Just sharing my thoughts among fellow Windows Phone fans.
  • Just sharing my thoughts among fellow Windows Phones fans. Thanks for the feedback. Hope the point, regarding MS plan to use the Nokia X/Normandy as a Trojan Device to propel their own devices and services, cultivate developers relationships and grow thier marketshare was at least communicated via the blog post you visited(and disliked :-) )  At any rate if the point was not communicated there (in the post) hopefully this succint synopsis captulates the thoughts that are more robustly detailed within the post. Thanks for the feedback. God Bless!
  • That was entirely too long and unfocused
  • Think so...just trying to convey what I saw as MS plan for using Nokia X/Normandy as a Trojan Phone. Looks more and more as time goes on that my analysis is right, though you may not like the delivery method. Thanks fort the feedback at any rate.
  •'s the deal that sends all your theory to the ground: Microsoft had NOTHING to do with this phone. Because Microsoft doesn't own Nokia.
  • No you're right, they don't. Not yet. But if you have a cup of coffee, a foot rest and a little time, I laid out in my post(linked above) how I believe Microsoft fits into the plan. But in a nutshell. A. Nokia starts the plan before deal goes through. B. All activity continues as planned as if no deal in play(anti-competition laws and all.) C.hmmmm MS see's advantage of plan. (In all reality may be even playing coy - thier not naive) D. Deal Goes Through -Contray to some pundits- Microsoft DOES NOT SQUASH NORMANDY E. MS rolls with the paln and does the following(I postedd this below before you replied...) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Use AOSP as Trojan Device. 1. Beat Google/Samsung on the low end where the higher tiered Asha's are loosing ground to low priced more feature rich Android Phones with app ecosystems. 2. Use Nokia's Good Will and hardware design prowess and give a "Nokia-Hungry" populace what they want - A Nokia designed/MS Powered Android Device. An alternative to Google Powered Android. 3. The Nokia X/Normandy's UI Looks like Windows Phones. This "trains" users for Microsoft's Windows Phone UI.Differntiating it from Android and present a fascimile of MS Windows Phone UI to many first time smart phone buyers. Also the Device is laced with default Microsoft and Nokia Services/Ecosystem - sans Google. 4. This Invests Users in said Microsoft and Nokia services/Ecosystem. 5. This gives opportunity for MS to Build Relationships(Relationship is key-Apples app success owes much to relationships built with developers) with developers already building for Android, get them into the Microsoft Android App Store. Share vision that the "millions" of users that they will be supporting on Microsoft's version of Android will likely, due to investing(lock-in to services and ecosystem), remain in MS ecosystem and upgrade to high end Windows Devices. 6. Microsofts tighter relationship with develpers will help them negotiate deals for development for the Windows Phone ecosystem, backed by the wieght of the millions of potential MS android device users migrating from the low end to highend end Windows Phones. 7. Microsoft will have a line of tried and truew Lumia windows Phone Devices awaiting these eager upgraders. 8. This helps Microsoft all around. And is also a proactive "attack" by a powerful, resource rich entity such as Microsoft against Google's attempts to fully "propriterize"(is that a word) Android. Xiami is doing this in China. With MS on board, Google's attempts to lock down Android can be destabilized.  
  • Think so?... Just sharing an analysis of what I felt Nokia's(Microsoft's) plans might be regarding using this device as a "Trojan Phone". As time goes on it seems that my analysis may be correct, Appreciate the feedback. Though you may not have liked the delivery method(to verbose/unfocused in your estimation), I hope at least the core point was communicated - being that Microsoft/Nokia is using the Normandy/X as to propel their on devcies and services, cultivate developers relationships and grow thier marketshare. Thanks for the feedback.  
  • So what do you think about all this Normandy stuff?
  • Interesting article.
  • @del_X Thanks
  • Well this isn't a high end device, just meant to replace Asha. So I like this.
  • I do too! I'll explain tomorrow why...
  • We finally agree on something! :D
  • Must be nice to be you
  • does it have something to do with Microsoft keeping the Nokia brand and selling the brand vs wp8 while also relating to the article about Microsoft debating using android apps?
  • Does this have to do with that snapchat that's been going around?
  • I like it too! Microsoft is using Google's own platform against them, its awesome.
  • I'm sure its tomorrow already..... Tell me tell me;)
  • I see this like a smart decision from Nokia/Microsoft to take advantage of android market, with the low end replacing Asha and the new wp8.1 taking more market share, this will be huge. "I think" :P
  • I don't the Lumia 520 not cheap enough? With wp8.1, there will be support for 384x640 resolutions, and may even lead to cheaper phones. I just don't understand why anyone would buy this over a windows phone. At least with windows phone, if you buy the $80 520, you still get 90% of the experience that someone with a flagship like a 9xx series does. This is just a shitty version of android with 4 Microsoft Apps.
  • Why can't WP replace Asha? Because Microsoft is too lazy or stupid to make a few minor tweaks?  
  • It's a great plan! Awesome strategy. Use AOSP as Trojan Device. 1. Beat Google/Samsung on the low end where the higher tiered Asha's are loosing ground to low priced more feature rich Android Phones with app ecosystems. 2. Use Nokia's Good Will and hardware design prowess and give a "Nokia-Hungry" populace what they want - A Nokia designed/MS Powered Android Device. An alternative to Google Powered Android. 3. The Nokia X/Normandy's UI Looks like Windows Phones. This "trains" users for Microsoft's Windows Phone UI.Differntiating it from Android and present a fascimile of MS Windows Phone UI to many first time smart phone buyers. Also the Device is laced with default Microsoft and Nokia Services/Ecosystem - sans Google. 4. This Invests Users in said Microsoft and Nokia services/Ecosystem. 5. This gives opportunity for MS to Build Relationships(Relationship is key-Apples app success owes much to relationships built with developers) with developers already building for Android, get them into the Microsoft Android App Store. Share vision that the "millions" of users that they will be supporting on Microsoft's version of Android will likely, due to investing(lock-in to services and ecosystem), remain in MS ecosystem and upgrade to high end Windows Devices. 6. Microsofts tighter relationship with develpers will help them negotiate deals for development for the Windows Phone ecosystem, backed by the wieght of the millions of potential MS android device users migrating from the low end to highend end Windows Phones. 7. Microsoft will have a line of tried and truew Lumia windows Phone Devices awaiting these eager upgraders. 8. This helps Microsoft all around. And is also a proactive "attack" by a powerful, resource rich entity such as Microsoft against Google's attempts to fully "propriterize"(is that a word) Android. Xiami is doing this in China. With MS on board, Google's attempts to lock down Android can be destabilized.
  • Extremely clever strategy by MS. Google is already concerned about Samsung's new Magazine UI. Now this WP-Android hybrid. Let's see what happens.
  • Yeah, I'm excited to see how it works out. It was appearing that Google's Android was unstoppable. Just gobbling up OEMs who were afraid not to "PLAY" by Google's rules who joined thier consortium afraid to fork Android, which of course leaves developers with fewer options outside of Google Play. Xiaomi, Amazon and now apparently Microsoft (and possibly MS more so than the other two) can really disrupt Google's stranglehold on Android, and ultimately thier strength in Mobile, which is balanced on a pretty fragile precipice in being primarily driven by Samsung. As you note Magazine UI is already a departure from Google's vision of Android. And is reminiscent of Windows Live Tiles. And will be debuting on thier two new tablets and possibly be on the S5. Not sure if the'll stick with it for the long run due to Sammys and Google's recent cozying up, but may be too late to pull from these next devices. Now if Samsung goes Tizen, that will really throw Google into a tizzy. :-) Here's to hoping for a mobile paradigm shift!
  • Bringing android back to open source. Something that isn't seen to be owned by google. This is a good step for some unified software
  • So you don't think we will have a new Lumia announcement before April?
  • Still don't get it - even if it's only because of the fact that this story, indeed, will cause enormous waves amongst the tech crowds. This move sends such wrong signals in my mind, the potential positive side-effects cannot possibly outweigh. Then those rumors about android apps being considered for emulation... What on earth is going on in some peoples' heads? Also, did Microsoft buy the Normandy/x alongside the asha and Lumia brands or is that still a Nokia only endeavour?
  • Anyone know if a new Lumia will be announced at MWC?
  • Nope.
  • Nope as in you don't know? Or nope as in No new Lumias?
  • Yes.
  • Exactly.
  • evleaks said Lumia 930. Are they untrusted now too? Just want to know :)
  • Is that nope you don't think one will be announced, or nope you don't if one will be or not?
  • Dan knows something. He's being strangely quiet. Just watching the comments mount. You're a sly one sir. Well played.
  • Okay, I seriously don't understand anything about this. I mean what's the point? Android would suck on low end hardware and they don't have a proper app store. Am I missing something?
  • Oh yes. Yes you are. Everything will be revealed soon. I can't say anymore. Maybe I've said too much already.
  • Well, I hope you're right.
  • Yeah Kit Kat is for low end hardware so your missing that
  • Shhhh. You'll let the Kat out of the bag.
  • In Android, after K comes L.  KitKat to ... wait for it.... Lumia?   Sorry, had to.
  • I though you were going to say lolcat.
  • When is Lumia dual sim expected?
  • Question, even though it is technically running android, why is everyone saying "android"? Even Google says this isn't android. It also doesn't count towards "android" sales. Either way, hope this helps Nokia and in effect helps WP.
  • How will it possibly help WP?
  • More Microsoft service users
  • More ad views as well as there has to be some kind of profit margin in it for Nokia somewhere along the line. This isnt it because they have a ton of startup costs, but maybe a year from now
  • I could think a couple ways. More revenue for Nokia, more money they can devote to their research division, bringing us more innovative things. Like the other poster said, more users using MS services. It also could help with WP adoption since it looks similar to WP.
  • I think the phone case is green from the leaked photos if not mistaken. Maybe that's the reason behind the green.
  • Do you think with these specs it can run Android smoothly?
  • Google Android? No. Stripped down basic forked android? Why not.
  • Wrong. There are plenty of Android phones that run low end just fine. The Moto G for example 
  • Moto g uses snapdragon 400. Nokia x will use a 1 GHz snapdragon 200. Its not the same
  • It is still low end. The phone jsut came out, and the flagships that are on the way (or jsut got released) are running SD 800, 800AB, 800AC and 805s. 
  • But isn't vanilla Android the least resource intensive?
  • if that is all you intended to put on it yeah but if Outlook and whatever other google replacement apps you put on there suck, it will not matter. With amazon it is mostly an eReader, so a lot of the other stuff doesnt matter. This is really the fist major "forked" phone
  • Until the existance of 4.4.2 KitKat you would be right. Not anymore.
  • I am pretty sure someone from the Cyanogenmod team would definitely come up with a CM11 ROM for this in a couple of months
  • I think the "tree" may be a hint to "branch" which is what Nokia did with Android when they forked it
  • Have you ever forked an android?
  • Once, but I got electo-gaunarea. The noisy killer.
  • Before forking android, check if your software is compatible with the target hardware.  
  • Blah
  • I'm all for it. I wouldn't buy a non WP device, but many might buy the forked version.
  • I guess its safe to say that Nokia will never be an official Google Android OEM as this will violate their Open Handset Alliance.
  • no it really doesnt. If Nokia wants to be an (google play certified) OEM and play in the big leagues, then they can. They just have some things to adhere to. 
  • No it does. Considering the fact that MS will take over D&S of Nokia, that essentially means that MS will have to sign into the OHA, which means the forked Android wont exist and MS definitely will not be making Google certified Android devices. "As part of its efforts to promote a unified Android platform, OHA members are contractually forbidden from producing devices that are based off incompatible forks of Android"
    I don't see Nokia or MS signing anything like this anytime soon.
  • Safe until 2016 at least...yes. Though I've read reports that apparently they shipped higher-end Android devices to India for tests but since I couldn't confirm the veracity of those, I'm not jumping to conclusions.
  • No one seems to understand Normandy/X is designed for developing markets and is not likely destined for the US.... The way theyre acting its as of nokia is scrapping WP. In reality, this is just the next "Asha", in a sense
  • Why could they not use WP7 or striped down WP8 for Asha? In all emerging markets Lumia 520 has done extremely well.
  • 1 word: Apps.
  • If it's running forked it won't have access to google markt apps anyway.
  • It will, however, have access to Amazon's and every other third party Android store were most of the apps also reside.
  • In other words, old versions of apps. None of them are kept very far up to date.
  • They'll still be there though. Which is more than WP manages to get. So it's like "either an old version of app X or no version at all. Choose". And since people in emerging markets are less willing to spend money on apps anyway, having old free versions should be better than having nothing. Then if they want good apps etc they get a more expensive device.
  • True but it is still iffy. 
  • 2 words: You're wrong. Forked Android has no more apps than a WP7 device. This isn't Android.
  • Your wrong, Android runs on android, you jsut cannot get them from the Playstore
  • This is based on AOSP. Which stands for ANDROID Open Source Project. Like it or not, it's the purest form of Android. Then you have "famous Android" which is what results of the signing of the Mobile Application Distribution Agreement with Google. That agreement is what brings all the Google services in but also imposes on OEM's a ton of restrictions regarding the messing with those Google products. "Forked" Android is nothing more than pure Android without the signing of the MADA and therefore the iron grip of the boys at Mountain View. Oh and "You're wrong" it's actually three words. 1 - You 2 - are 3 - wrong.
  • Um, actually here recently in the past few months I saw a report that Samsung and other Android OEM's were fairing better than Asha. WP8 can only go so low on hardware, and WP7 is dead in the water. Furthermore, running a forked version of android allows Nokia to easily bring android apps to the device with little to no effort. Normandy is clearly designed for developing markets where Asha is sold, the same market where devices like the 520 and Asha are being defeated by Android. Furthermore, with a WP-esque UI and Microsoft + Nokia services, it allows Nokia to keep users away from Google and entice those who upgrade to a Windows Phone.
  • Agreed. That's the exact point I make in my post above, as well as a blog post linked above. I think Thai is the direction they're going.
  • I remember long ago there was lots of news about phones getting bamboo cases. What happened to that? Maybe Nokia will make a wooden phone? :)
  • THe Motorola X has them
  • Check Motorola's "Moto Maker". It has 4 types of wood-back for you to chose. Actually the Moto Maker is an awesome idea...unfortunately it's US-only so...
  • Boo
  • I don't even understand why this is being allowed to happen at this time
  • Big mistake if it gets released.
  • Just checked our local Nokia page here in the Philippines, yep its green also. I guess its a green valentines day for Nokia ey :D #Normandy
  • Microsoft / Google negotiation:
    Microsoft: "Hey Google I want your Android apps to run on my OS. Could we?"
    Google: "Sure, but you will need to give me an extra X million Android installations."
    Microsoft: "Ok!"
  • Solve for X
  • Incorrect. You can do it yourself right now and never tell Google a thing. If you want it playstore certified, you still do not have to tell them until you submit it.
  • Fuck this.
  • But can it play FlappyBird?
  • It was pulled
  • And yet I just downloaded it. Hmmm
  • Not unless you got a test model ^▽^
  • No matter what noble cause is being hinted at, this will send all the wrong messages about WP and our beloved tech press like the verge and mainstream media will just focus on the fact that Nokia felt WP was so bad they had to go android. Microsoft is then going to have to start again from scratch telling people why they should consider WP and any positive news about 8.1 will be overshadowed by this crap. In the long run, this will be bad for WP and seems to be a last FU from some MS hating Nokia douchebags when the reality is Nokia screwed themselves over long before going WP. Bunch of twats, the lot of them starting with that fool Elop.
  • Everyone has short memories these days. 6 weeks from now it won't even be news.
  • Did you even read the other comments above? This in no way spells disaster for WP. Its designed solely for emerging markets where Asha is outsold by Android and WP lacks the Apps. Furthermore, with a WP-esque UI and Microsoft services instead of Google, Nokia can direct Normandy users to a Lumia when they upgrade. Its a "Trojan Horse" if you will.
  • Love all this chit chat about a Nokia Android...WP using Android apps so tell me with just two US carriers going high end WP8 what's the point .
  • Lame.
  • I get the joke... Nokia launching a shit-spec phone running a customized, shit OS as their last Nokia phone. It's a hilarious dig at Google. Right?!
  • What is the actual point in this handset? More harm than good.
  • I agree. Once you put android into the "emerging markets" you teach them to use that OS. OEM doesnt matter. You are promoting the system.
  • Unless you replace the UI with that of one which resembles Windows Phone and integrate Microsoft services. Then its as far from Android as android gets and in fact promotes a different OD: Windows Phone
  • Unless you replace the UI with that of one which resembles Windows Phone and integrate Microsoft services. Then its as far from Android as android gets and in fact promotes a different OS: Windows Phone
  • Now i got it
  • It will flop but at least let's hope Android fanboys will stop bitching when Nokia will release an Android device. They can buy this crap and then switch to a real Nokia Lumia. 
  • This is not an real Android device.  Android users can see it for what it is, a failing company putting some resources into latching onto a sucessful product.  Same as BlackBerry.  No actual actual person looking for an Android phone would look to this, or even for it.  Besides it is for emerging markets for the most part. 
  • "No actual actual person looking for an Android phone would look to this, or even for it. " collectors.
  • @NoNexus AOSP is Android. Those likely to be buying this device are those individuals who would have been purchasing the upper tier Asha devices which this device(and likely a line of devices like it) will be replacing. No, techies and folks with money to spare are not likely salivating over thus device, but Nokia has a great name, much good will in many regions. An android based Nokia device is likely something even much desired in the low end. This is a great move for MS and Windows Phone as they use this device, pure android(AOSP) to grab users that would potentially have gravitated to Google's brand of android and got locked into thier ecosystem. This presents another option. With Microsoft's revenue, comparable services, and access to open source apps, they can support and market an android device that many people in thier target market will want. Which of will, by design, lock them in MS's ecosystem and create a path from Android to Windows Phone.
  • Don't get the fuss over Nokia. I prefer a removable battery and removable storage which Nokia doesn't do. Plus HTC has better design with their aluminum metallic industrial design. MotoG is a true low cost budget android phone. I despise heavily fork android. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Nokia running Android will be the end of the world. I think I'll just get my Nokia 6310i from the attic.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if this was an announcement for a solar-phone though. A while ago it was reported that Nokia was working (or considering, can't remember) solar charging.
  • I wouldn't buy a android phone with Nokia. Sorry.
  • Just bought a 520 for a second phone. Living it for what it is. Why in the hell would I want this half baked suppose to be Android phone? Horrible. Will cause more confusion. I guess MS bought them just in time.
  • In Thailand, Nokia Thailand sent a green roses to many bloggers. #LoveIsGreen
  • I've always liked Green better than Red anyway.   I'm getting one. Will I use it as a daily driver? Heck no. I'd sooner keep using Windows Phone without Nokia as a daily driver than a lower-spec Android device, forked or not. But I will contribute to sales of this Android phone. Just to slap certain Nokia board members in the face. And because I can't wait for someone to find a way to slap full-fledged KitKat into this. That ought to be interesting.   Also...Nokia should definitely release a flagship Android device before the MS-deal is complete. Think about it: even though the deal would go through, Nokia could still keep cashing some millions in sales of those devices, after no longer having to support the D&S division. Microsoft would get their employees, Android-fans would get a Nokia flagship Android and Nokia would be cashing in from that move. Unfortunately that will not happen 'cause there's no time (unless something really unexpected substantially delays the completion of the deal).
  • Its amazing how people that obviously dislike a product and have zero interest in it are so eager to rub it in the face of others when they see something they think is a big jab against them. Those people waste time trolling comments to go after fans of that product on a site dedicated to it. Wild stuff. As far as this phone, i'm not sure if its good or bad for Nokia and MS, but it sounds like Nokia is basically taking Android and creating a design that closely mirrors WP. That sounds like a great way to introduce users to the WP design ideas and since they will create an app store for it, they could tailor it around apps that are also available on WP, offering a clear upgrade path to the higher end WP models. This is the new Asha line, which MS will be taking over control of and be allowed to continue using the Nokia name. MS could transition this to a WP darivative down the line. So yeah, i dont see this as an issue for WP or MS. That would be like saying the Asha line was an issue for WP.  
  • This will be an awesome way for Nokia to make money off the people who don't follow tech news... "I hear those 'Android' phones are popular...oh here's a cheap Nokia one! I loved using my Nokia 3310 for the past 13 years. I think I'll take that one!" Also makes quite a bit of sense as a successor/alternative to the Asha line, no more need to convince developers to develop for you. It still just doesn't quite sit right with me.
  • MS and Google kissing under the tree!
  • Nadella and Page making out?
  • If Nokia sells out and goes Android then I'll be looking elsewhere for my next phone. Come on Microsoft, where is the Surface Phone?
  • Oh no, oh God no. Please God no, oh please... /bbt2
  • I wonder if the article yesterday about Microsoft thinking about letting android apps run their system actually meant for this platform and not windows phone.
  • Could be Xbox related... Just sayin yo...
  • Well i think it is for there solar panel charging phone...Still waitng for nokia's next flagship phone...don't get butthurt it's ture when was the last time they had a flaship since Lumia 920? None, 1020 is the same as a 920 but with a camra on drugs. Lumia 925,928 same as Lumia 920. 1520 is to big for some with nothing really groundbraking...icon same thing as 920 with new specs. What about that code name Gold whatever it was????? I think that will be it cause it's green and helps the earth stay eco plus your not using wall outlet.... On top of there andriod phone and there has to be 1 more thing.
  • I couldn't be more dissappointed, all this hard work to try to make something different with windows phone, and yet nokia sold its soul to that green trash bin
  • I think this is one of the most retarded things ever it goes against what Microsoft are doing they should of shut this down.
  • I'm not quite sure why this is necessarily perceived by some as a bad thing, especially if it is geared toward low-end phones. The renders that we have seen all look to be metro-ized and are running MS apps that are presumably optimized for the phone. There are people who by low-end phones and there are people who by what they hear being tossed around the most, which is Android. These two groups have overlap and I would think that this is the possible target group/demographic for the phones (if you are buy low-end just because, why not get the one with Skype, Office, SkyDrive, etc.?). Once they buy in and use the phone they will most likely become accustomed to the design and "feel" of the phone, which I think will be very WP-like. When they upgrade, they are much more likely to move to the WP platform than they would otherwise (why would they if they bought stock Android?). Also, aside from all of this, MS gets big cuts on all of this Android stuff, so it is not like the bottom line is getting hurt by the sales. All-in-all I don't think it is a bad move at all. We'll see.
  • even here in Cambodia!
  • How could MSFT let this happen? Seems ridiculous.
  • Because they have no say in it?
  • Nokia Thailand go Viral with Green Rose and Duck.
  • I'm so pissed. Seems like everyone wants Windows phone head on a stick. Everyday it gets harder to see windows phone with a brighter future, because of stuff like this.
  • This phone will never see the light of day.....please stop reporting garbage like this and just tell me when there gonna fix the XB music app.
  • Boogers!
  • It is somewhat a test device. If it sells, then they might continue producing more models. If not, then it might suffer the same fate as the N9. Obviously, no one will create a high spec'ed test device that is not guaranteed to sell... Think people, think...
  • Wanna try this out when it available.
  • Please don't do this to me.. I really hate android.. :(
  • No worries, this is not for us.
  • Me too
  • Could someone please explain to me, cause I seriously don't know. Nokia phone branch is now under Microsoft's umbrella right? How come Android is in the picture then? I'm not trolling, I honestly don't know :)
  • What's with this Android BS? If Nokia wants to be a serious player on the world stage by selling cheap Androd crapphones, I guess they got their strategy wrong.
  • Nice, but this is not for me.
  • How do you trust a company who can't trust on their own capabilities?
  • You've been had. It's the wrong green. Android is A4C639. This isn't.
  • Hmmm... How long before Asha Central (will this be in the Asha line?) joins Mobile Nations? Or whatever line this phone becomes...
  • This won't last. And I for one am pleased. Remember who just bought Nokia...? Remember who makes Android...?
  • Lol...though I think the opposite might be true...i like the direct simplicity of your response. :-)
  • I want to see this, but I´m a happy wp user. love my lumia.