Nokia sends out media invites for Mobile World Congress 2014 press event

While Microsoft is not expected to have a strong presence at this year's Mobile World Congress, Nokia will be holding a press event on Monday, February 24. Invitations have been fired out to the media, detailing the event which will take place at 8:30am (local time).

What will the company be announcing or unveiling? We're not entirely sure and no hints have been provided in the media invitations. There is still the unannounced, rumoured Android handset, codenamed 'Normandy', as well as the Nokia Lumia Icon so feel free to get guessing.

Nokia MWC Invite

We'll be on the floor, attending the conference so be sure to remain tuned to our feeds on the day as we learn more.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I'm excited. Though I am hoping that dreadful Normandy is not being announced lol. I'm ready for even more powerful lumias though with the fact we have yet to have a major update to windows phone yet, I shouldn't worry about this.
  • Why not the Android handset? It's not a Lumia competitor. It's to replace their Asha line.
  • Android isn't a Lumia competitor???
  • No, not this one. This Nokia forking Android out like Amazon created Fire OS out of Android. Plus, once again, it's to replace their Asha line. Not to compete against Lumia.
  • This is not android.. Its a low end nokia phone running on a forked android os using MS services. The only reason why i see MS doing this is to have the the Lumia line take the $150 up segment and a feature phone(which doesn't even have the minimum requirements set by wp8) segment that takes the $70-$200 range.. There maybe competition between the low end Lumia and the high end normandy but MS wins either way.
  • We don't know that, it could just be a skin. Either way, I don't see the point, surely they can just make a 120, 220, 320 and 420 to pad out the bottom end of the Lumia range to replace Asha. Why do they need Android?
  • Because in 2014 the world cares about apps. Introducing a low line Android allows consumers to apps.
  • In 2010 the world cared about apps; the Apple App store had about as many apps then as WP does now. I don't think low-end market care so much about the number of apps and the current WP Store has pretty much everything they would want. Especially if this was forked, then whatever store it has would take time to rival Google Play (look how far behind Amazon are).
  • The world couldn't afford Apple phones. Most still can't. You can't use that explanation. The 520 was best it came to low end smart phones The whole point is trying to obtain these millions of people who are used to Asha to transition to something still cheap but better access. Asha OS is pretty much dead with no change of improvement. As long as the essential apps are there does it really matter which store 1.5 million apps? Normandy can be a cheap option for low end users to get access to apps and keep cheap made phones in low end users that don't meet WP8 requirement, yet providing access to MS android based apps.
  • Its forked Android, it WONT have Play Store = No apps, even WP7 wins against that.
  • Why did nokia stop with the 520 if it was possible to make cheaper devices and still make profit (remember MS takes $25 as licensing fee). Perhaps MS believes nokia can get top app makers like whatsapp, viber, etc to make apps for this new line of devices.. And since it is android on the inside it wont be difficult for devs to port their apps to nokia Normandy store. If MS allows super low end devices into wp 8 then the platform will get more fragmented. This may be the only logical way for them,
  • Indeed. Bringing WP to a low (and very low) end as feature phone devices will only drag the whole WP name down. Android itself is a good OS (with it's plus and minus). But the massive amount of low end devices makes people might think Android is equivalent to lag. That's why when they need an OS replacement for Asha lines, they need to use OS other than WP.
  • Because it's ANDROID.  I wish that platform and Google would just die.
  • What does this Android have to do with Google? I'll wait for the ignorant response.
  • Huh? Google makes android...
  • They make Android. That's obvious. But I'm so tired of the Google association with Normandy. This is not a Google product and will not be the Android as we know it. It has nothing to do with Google and yet people keep making the ignorant relation that Normandy will be a Google Android phone. I didn't say what does android have to do with Google I said what does this android have to do. From the looks and little detail shown this thing will be so stripped down people won't even know its running Android language if not told. People do not associate Kindle with Google and neither should this.
  • Like Ubuntu and fedora and other distros are all different forms of Linux operating system.. The base is android.. Nokia will build on it. it is said it ll have no access to the android play store and it wont have to use other google services.. MS can put all its services on low end devices.. So its ecosystem will grow. Imagine the bump in live/outlook users and skydrive, xbox music users this will provide.
  • +MS The fact that MS. Already has Android based apps would make this an easy transition.
  • But it is Nokia doing this, not MS, so why would you assume it is using MS services across the board? We don't know if it is a skin or a fork. You are making assumptions, that sure would be good for MS/Nokia, but until we know more you cannot make these predictions like they are facts. It would be a good trojan horse for Microsoft, but it makes less sense for Nokia on their own - which they were when they started on this project. And if they had done it working with MS it would probably the sale.
  • The fact that its running android means that MS Android based apps can be loaded.
  • Its just my guess.. I said MS can put not will put its services.. I also said it is said it will have no access to playstore. I am not a leaker. I am just providing u my perspective.
  • +1,000,000!!
  • +520620720820920102013201520
  • Yeah, and it's not a Google Android
  • I swear this is the hardest concept for people to understand
  • It isn't hard to understand. It is even a good idea. But you talk about it like it's fact, which it is not. So it isn't necessary to rant about it. Though if it was so forked that it came without the Play Store, how would people get apps? Another Ovi/Nokia store with their handful of apps and those from MS? Sorry, but that wouldn't be very enticing. You haven't thought this through.
  • You don't need the Play store to get Android apps. This has been explained numerous times. You haven't thought this through. Its as simple as loading Amazon App store.
  • How does putting the Amazon App store on it help MS anymore than Google Play? They need their own store if they want to get any revenue from it.
  • You asked the question about how to get apps. I pointed out a simple solution. I didn't say that was the only solution. I'm just letting you know you do not need Play to get android apps. If you can find the .apk its installable. Android apps are not restricted to one store like Apple and MS. Essentially the apps can be obtained from any one of the many app stores online. Even if that means Normandy would need its own store. Its no different than what Fire, Unbuntu, Jolla, Tiezen, or any other forked android based OS can do.
  • You didn't get the point. Sure there's lots of ways to get apps onto an Android device, but if Nokia are going to Android instead of WP then the main reason for that would be apps. Remove the Play Store and it's much harder for people to get those apps. Nokia are hardly going to stick Amazon Marketplace on it either. So whatever they come up with will be more work for Nokia and for the user, which to me defeats the purpose of going with Android.
  • Sigh
  • IMO, Nokia is not going for Android. They are looking for OS replacement for Asha lines. And Asha lines does not really need that much apps. I know a handfull of Asha users here and most of them already satisfied with the app selections. It's a low end feature phone afterall. You wouldn't expect it to run heavy apps don't you?
  • Fair point, I suppose going forward an Android fork might be better for them than Asha which is showing it's age. Just a shame they couldn't use WP instead.
  • Android is free and you can do whatever you like with it as Nokia have done with this forked version. It won't include google store or any services or apps because they are not free and each OEM has to pay licensing fees to google for that part, hence it will be loaded with ms services and apps
  • Because android, in any iteration, is a competitor to Windows Phone. If Microsoft actually end up selling this it will be like giving themselves the finger, completely ridiculous.
  • You mean like putting MS apps on Android?
  • Android as you know it is a WP competitor. Saying Normandy would be a competitor is like saying Samsung's new flip phone is a competitor.
  • But why do we have to wait until the end of February??? Nokia, you are too cruel!
  • 2 hour HERE presentation....   Everyone "leaves" dissapointed.
  • Lol
  • Lumia icon ?
  • What is that icon??
  • 929
  • Probably not.
  • That and the Nokia Lumia 1520 (RM 938) for T-Mobile.
    Yes, please.
  • I guess its solar charging. Under tree,until we go to the sun!!
  • +930
  • Is the 'tree' nokia will be under MS by Feb.
  • Or they will have a fake tree with phones as the leaves. That would be cool, but I dunno if the solar charging tech is that far along.
  • Wooden phones, like the Moto X wood cover :-)
  • Come on even a longer wait for the icon, been hearing about it since October
  • Mobile solar charging technology indeed =)
  • new lumias !!!!
  • Well with the rumors last summer of ms wanting to fork android and dual boot phones I say its normandy
  • Lumia 929 International Edition. Hoping for: Lumia 935, FHD & Snapsragon 805.
  • 1820!!! 1820!! 1820!!!
  • YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!!
  • Wow!! WOW!! wow!!
  • + 1820!!!!! I need a Lumia with a screen between 5.2" & 5.7" !!! And solar charging and awesome Lumia design and Snapdragon 800 (805), 32 GB and SDXC slot + Qi + th design like the 1520 + most important of all, Cyan color!!!
  • I'm going to take a wild guess and say you will be very disappointed.
  • Totally agreed
  • That's weird right? Like Microsoft, get in there. It's going to be your baby soon.
  • Why would Nokia make a android phone if they were bought by Microsoft can they do that?
  • 1 - Nokia wasn't bought by Microsoft. Their D&S employees were.
    2 - They haven't announced the conclusion of the deal, which means until such a time, Nokia can do whatever the hell they want.
    3 - It's not even clear that Microsoft will axe the Normandy project, so...
  • And Microsoft makes more money off Android than it does WP, so there's that. 
  • How??
  • MSFT makes I believe $5 off of any Android phone sold dues to licenses and patents.
  • More
  • And there is a possibility that this is a forked Android, which is without Google support whatsoever, to replace Asha line's OS. If this turns to be true, then Microsoft won't axe it since it will be part of Asha lines that Microsoft bought along with Lumia lines. Btw, when I saying this possibility, it wasn't baseless. All Normandy picture leaks are all in hardware that incorporate current Asha design. Heck even I will mistakenly thought that this is Asha OS. So I guess we just wait and see which one is Nokia's true intentions.
  • I'm going with pelican sensor, enabling true refocus and HDR. You'll be able to show it off with different focal points with leaves, branches, people, etc. The shade and sun will allow them to show off HDR.
  • You will also be disappointed
  • I wish, but they've stated that tech won't be ready for production until 2015.
  • That was my thought as well after taking a look at the picture. Purposely blurred backround with a rather small feature in focus? Hmm, interesting...
  • Hope for more apps and games!! Like dropbox, flipboard, all LINE games, Pou, Youtube and many more!!
  • You have Mou instead of Pou :D
  • Lumia 630, 725 and Normandy please. Please bring WP 8.1 if possible as well. And a lot of apps.
  • Apples grow on trees. Hipsters like Apple products. Therefore they're going to release something only hipsters would like... something so cool you probably haven't heard of it... A lumia with a rotary dial!
  • That is the most hipster idea I've heard in a while. Yes, it needs to be so cool that it's nearly unusable. It should come with a charger that's powered by bicycle pedaling. The charging connector should be something vintage, standard that no one makes anymore. And expandable storage via 3.5" floppy.
  • LOL
  • Haha yeah, I actually had an early digital camera that used 3.5" floppy disks! Maybe the phone will be made out of wood :)
  • Hipsters like android in the same way hipsters like apple. One because of the device itself and the others ability to look like anythiing other than android.
  • What about the rumoured 1820?
  • I'm waiting to see what's announced at MWC. Enjoying my 620 for now, but that'll go to my mom soon to replace her aging Samsung Focus while I need to decide if I'm going to upgrade to whatever midrange device they release or a 920. I reeeeeeally want a Pureview camera and the 920 is the cheapest unlocked option (~$300), which I need since I travel overseas a lot... Exciting times!
  • I want to buy the 920 as well but being in Tmobile sucks. Cant get anything other than 521 or 925. :(. i wanted to get the 1320 or 1520.. but i wont get 4g :(
  • I'm tempted to book an Hotel in Barcelona next month. It's just a couple of hours away by car anyway... Still, I'm waiting for a couple of things from MWC:
    1 - Normandy;
    2 - The announcement of the availability of the Nokia L2520 in Europe and across the World, since so far it's nowhere to be found outside the US and the UK.
    3 - The new flagship (Goldfinger, 930, whatever) which is most likely the international version of the L929. And which I'm hopping it's NOT a mini-version of the L1520, not with that horrible design with the humps and whatnot. The fact that folks here at WPC believe new flagships won't come out until 8.1 is not very relevant to me. For one reason: there's absolutely no impediment to the presentation of a new WP8 device. Nokia presents the hardware. Not the software. And the flagships hardware will not change because of WP8.1. Since 8.1 is aimed at a BUILD announcement, it falls within the normal schedule. The phone is announced at MWC in the end of February. Microsoft announces 8.1 in the beginning of April and the phones are released with 8.1 on them by in May, with 8.1 for the other Lumia devices rolling out in June/July.
  • Even if Nokia does reveal Normandy what would be the significance in that particular device❔... How will it appeal to Smartphone users❔
  • The appeal of Normandy has a name, Rod: Android. Forked, tweaked, whatever, it's still Android and that means it will be possible to eventually slap KitKat into it. On the other hand it also gets access to a very big marketplace even without Google Play.
    And then there's the fact that it's aimed for low cost markets. Meaning it will be a cheap phone with a big marketplace.
    How will that serve as incentive to later buy a WP...good question.
  • Yeah, that's the answer that I thought you'd give.... But, my answer to your question about WP will be continued support from Microkia,, vs. buying a phone from a company that's getting out of the business.. That doesn't sound like a smart purchasing decisions to me.. If you think that MS is slow with updates, then how long is it going to take Nokia with the lights out? Actually, that's not fair for me to say because it's not like Nokia won't still have their developers on hand for updates.. Oh well, I guess we're just right back at square 1... We'll just have to wait and see.. Right❔
  • If it was cheap then the hardware would not be so appealing, does it? And with that much hassle to slapping KitKat into it, I don't think average users will do it either. I wonder the reason if it does happening (people buying Normandy just for the sake of reflash it with KitKat, despite the low class of hardwares). Is it just because it's Nokia? I've seen some Asha devices and they don't really looks appealing. Talking about forked Android, Amazon's Kindle also has forked Android. But I don't see a huge interest over them. So why now?
  • It's just stupid android fans online trying to make a point about how they think Nokia should've picked Android in the first place.. If Nokia makes Normandy then they will feel justified, especially the WP/MS haters... They're a small Percentage of people, and like I said,, this device won't make waves, except in the minds of these few... It's just these petty nerds way of saying I told you so..
  • I'm guessing something camera related. Maybe an update to the 1020. Larger, higher end specs and something even better than 41mega pixels. Not saying more megapix but more out of the box thinking from Nokia and camera tech on a mobile device.
  • Yes, a 41mp with 1520 internals and 5-5,2" would be nice and a global one ofc, not only in US
  • I don't think they will announce anything we haven't seen yet. They usually send out teasers, this hasn't happened so far. My guess, we have to wait till completion of the acquisition before we see any new products.
  • So whatever would Rodney do if Normandy is announced? Better hope that that shoe not to big to take out mouth.
  • Cant wait! Im hoping an update to the 920, or 1020 is coming - would love to see something with the 1520 internals. As long as there is an sd card present! Better be ;)
  • I hope they announce the succesors to 620/720/820/920 with good price tags on the bottom line to fight the Moto G, good specs with a minimum of 1gb ram is also needed!
  • No chance of this happening.
  • Ask them where the black update is for my TMobile 925
  • Or att 920. Sigh.
  • And they'll say T-Mobile has it.
  • We haven't even gotten GDR3 yet. I wish T-mobile would actually start caring about Windows Phone users. Even the employees at T-mobile don't even seem to care about Windows Phones.
  • That's a very easy thing to fix.
  • Nokia Android Phone❔
  • They are not releasing an android handset thats a fact. How about announcing numerous handsets on all carriers, 4",4.5",5" handsets with different screen res and availability of ALL colors...also round off the corners.
  • That picture is taken by a cell phone camera and zoomed in the digital noise gives it away....there is some excellent boketh going on there. Lumia 1020 successor here we come! My line is eligible for an upgrade..BRING IT!!!!
  • Well aren't Microsoft and Nokia now one and the same?
  • Lumia Smartwatch with hologram projection and voice of Cortana.
  • I may be completely off the mark here, but the leaves in the image look like they are from a birch tree. The birch tree is the national tree of Finland (home of Nokia) and in Finnish/Nordic/Celtic and other northern European cultures, it can signify rebirth and regeneration, renewal, adaptability and growth! Maybe Nokia just want to share the start of a new chapter in their life! Just a suggestion!
  • Just give me the damn Icon already, cmon MS / Nokia, WTF is the holdup - oh yea, its Verizon holding it up.
  • "Meet us under the tree", Maybe a Lumia 1020 quad core?
  • Lumia 725 Please .. Nokia... !! 1GB ram and 1.7Ghz.. and upgraded camera  =)
  • Nokia will release the Android phone!!
  • Meet us under the tree.. Could the phone have a wooden case? Or from bamboo?:)
  • I hope the Lumia Icon is released prior to this event! I am debating on whether or not to buy it off contract. My 822 and 928 have served me well, but Verizon really needs a windows phone with a camera to match the quality of the 1020 and the 1520.
  • Under the tree is where apples fall....and rot.
  • Moneypenny and the one with it ??
  • Normandy and Icon? Who would want to go to that event. Both have already been leaked with all details. Icon even now sold in china. Hopefully its something about the new latest rumors about Nokia more powerful phones.
  • I'm tired of all these Normandy leaks, when can we see a Lumia 930 leak. Put it everywhere, carrier wise, and I'll meet you where ever you like Nokia. We've been the 2nd generation for so long (meaning 920, 820, 1520, 822) I feel stuck!
  • Nokia 2020 tablet, 8" with RT.    Wish it would not be RT but there we go. That's my prediction!