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Nokia granted patent for new Windows Phone design, matches leak from 2011

Nokia was reacently granted a patent (D655,698) with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in early March for a new smartphone "ornamental" design . What makes the filing interesting though is that it seemingly matches what appears to be prototypes from a supposed Nokia promotional video leaked last August (see stills below).

At the time, that video and phones shown within, were thought to be fake but alas, they happen to look exactly like those now revealed in the granted patent. You want more? As pointed out by, the day that promo video hit the internet, August 10th, was the same day that the patent was filed.

That certainly makes things a bit interesting.

No doubt Nokia has more deigns in the works for their new Windows Phone line up. The USPTO images clearly show the typical Windows Phone buttons on the right hand side: Volume, Power and camera, matching that of their Lumia 610, 800 and 900 devices (the 710 has power on the top). What remains to be seen, however, is whether this is low-end, mid-range or high-end device, assuming it ever gets made.

Watch the pulled Nokia promo video after the break...

Source: USPTO; via MyNokiaBlog,,

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

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  • Its so sexy. I just hope the specs match the exterior...
  • That does look good, crossing fingers hope it comes out in us on another carrier
  • This design is a great one, and I love how it's not another N9 rehash (not that I'm complaining about it, the N9/800/900 are each great) I just can't wait to see what Nokia does when they have more control, as they say they will have with WP8. 
  • What are you guys talking about?
    Design looks outdated and ugly, Lumia 900 blows this out of the water. Even 610 looks better than this train wreck. Bottom plasticy edge is way too big (who needs one anyway? phones need to get smaller, not bigger), hardware buttons look cheap and thin, which makes it impossible to hit them effifcently, it's too bulky, rounded edges suck as they are inefficient and look like 90s phones. Also, bottom phone needs a flat back so it will be stable when I put it on my table and won't roll like this one.
    Horrible and yes, I am a designer. I hope this is a low end device, otherwise I'll have to get something else for Apollo.
  • Nice looking phone. Looks modern.
  • Agreed. Looks great.
  • I think the seemly too big bottom edge is very ergonomic: a user can hold the phone's bottom and touch the 3 buttons with his thumb easily.
    Current windows phones' 3 buttons are too close to the bottom edges, which makes users often accidentally launch the search app while holding the phone. (Also, it's very difficult to use your right thumb to touch the search button when you really need to do so.)
    Though I always feel there is a hardware button missing when I use an iPhone or iPod touch. The home button on an iPhone is in fact placed at a very comfortable place for one hand operations.
  • This one has hardware buttons so edge is not required as you can't accidentally hit them unlike capacative ones
  • Have you TOUCHED a Lumia 900 yet? In comparison to the 800 (IMO), it feels cheaply made. The polycarbonate feels different and the glass over the display is a remarkable disappointment. It's actually sharp edged, which is a huge contradiction to the overall design aesthetic. The Lumia 900 was rushed, whereas the Lumia 800 was a rush job to fill in an existing form factor.
  • Sorry, but what does it matter that you are a designer? Just love that random comment.
    Anyways, i do think it looks awesome. Though i feel that it will probably be 7xx or at most 8xx series phone.
  • It just means that I am not biased and can actually see what's good and bad about it, unlike fanboys of any product who will always enjoy it.
  • No, it doesn't. Designers produce crap all the time that people don't like. Being a designer means you know the process of design it doesn't mean you KNOW what's better and you KNOW what people will like and dislike. Otherwise we wouldn't have any crap products/phone and there are a ton of them.
  • Exactly what I was thinking.
  • A designer made this, being a designer doesn't mean jack
  • Wow you've won the fucking idiot award
  • Not sure what kind of designer you are hi but im a product designer and I disagree with a lot of what you said. I do think the 910 looks better but this is no slouch. Things like the bold accent color, curved back, and larger screen are all current design trends. I can't tell from the pics but I do hope they go the capacitive route for the face buttons. Physical buttons are dated.
    That said there were two different phones shown in the video and the second one with the extra wide screen looked interesting I thought.
  • Capacative buttons suck, #1 most requested feature in hardware suggestions is removal of this awfully designed implementation

    I can't tell what kind of  designer I am but lets just say that there is 99.99% chance that you saw my work :)
  • The real question is, when we saw it, are you 99.99% certain that we like your work?
  • @Hiiiiiii...Well, going by the patent drawings, it is clear that this will be a low end device - there is no led/xenon flash placement.  And yes, this phone definitely has an old school Nokia look to it :)
    I'm not sure why the patent was needed on the design from an aesthetic perspective, but perhaps there is some functionality aspect in this design that actually requires a patent.
    Anyway, although the video shows the Windows Phone OS, keep in mind that Nokia still supports Symbian, and will also be producing devices for their Meltemi OS, so we won't know which OS will run on this phone until, and unless, the device is actually released.
  • I agree... The big plastic block at the bottom is horrible. The upper half is good. It's got nothing on the Lumia 800 or 900 designs :P
  • I have to agree with the other designer here, on both points. And even amazing designers have some bad designs. Just because you know how to design something doesn't mean your opinion should be the generally accepted one. I dont think it looks nearly as good the 900, but it's far from ugly. Remember, it doesn't matter what you think of your (or even someone else's) design, the only thing that matters is how the consumers like it. So I guess we'll see when it comes out.
  • Personally I don't like the pointy edges of the Lumia line. I hope this is real.
  • I have to agree with hiiiii its a horrible looking phone & manufacturers or carriers should not have that much control. All updates must be through Microsoft & OEM need to follow strict hardware design both on handset & network worldwide that means one standard every where disregardles to cost of shareholders as the consumer is always getting the ruff end of the deal. All this cams crap & low end phones reminds me of a BMW. You buy the car & pay extra for the stereo, abs etc. When they make phones there made in such volumes there's no need to produce crap. With that said this is still the best Os so don't change what's not broken must improve it
  • Though thinking Nokia is the only manufacturer keeping WP alive and is bringing world second largest mapping company to the deal, plus world 9th most expensive patent portfolio to shield from patent trolls, they deserve what they are given.
    MS needs Nokia and Nokia needs MS. Nokia hasn't yet used it's freedom to modify WP, we will see on Apollo if it will.
  • two things nokia : thinner and bigger screens.
    edge to edge would look nice on this device. 
  • Edge to edge screen on every device. Anything else is wasted space imo.
  • Am I the only one against edge to edge on phones? I have an HD7 which is already pretty close to no borders on the sides and its sucks trying to move the cursor to the end or even selecting something close to the edge. I agree, dont waste space (I like that my screen takes up more of the phone than my friends' androids on a phone that's physically the same size), but edge to edge is a bad idea IMHO.
  • Man those phones look awesome!!!! FINALLY some red! I'll snatch one up if/when they're available.
  • it is a tango device, the search part on has three icons which is normal in low end tango, but in normal devices there are four buttons in the search menu
  • nokia are always great with designs. I'm surely gettin myself one of those.
  • So I'm the first one to notice that there are two different phones in that video? After 37 second mark there is second model. I'm personally interested in that one and not the one the patent in the article covers.
  • I have to agree. It looks way better then the one with the patents. Maybe they would be released near the same time. I also wouldnt mind knowing about that 2 screen flip phone right at the very end. Looks interesting to say the least.
  • That two-screen flip phone at the end is from a Microsoft video where they imagine what the future might look like. That video's been around for a year or two I think.
  • True.  I believe (I don't have the link) that the video is the Proof of Concept video made right before the February 11, 2011 partnership announcement with Microsoft. 
    Not sure why Nokia waited until August 2011 to file the patent, but they clearly had this design in the pipeline before teaming up with Microsoft.
    Going by the patent drawings, there is no flash, so perhaps this phone is for emerging markets; regardless, it seems as though it's going to be an affordable device whether they use it for WP or some other OS.
  • I kinda dig the design. I do like the design of the Lumia 900 better though.
  • In comparison to the lumia 800 this looks a little more mid range, maybe lumia 750?
  • Looks like a HTC Hero.
  • Looks like a Samsung focus and the new Sony Xperia had a baby
  • Just what Nokia and MS needed, a leak of a new phone with the 900 right around the corner.
  • I don't think there is anything to worry about. Most people know that new phones will be released at some point. If there was something ground breaking about this phone then yeah the leak would hurt.
  • Looks like a nice midrange device... Definetly no flagship phone
  • Instead of all the fancy concepts, I suggest Nokia get back to the basics and try to put out a phone with at least a moderate battery life. So far they've failed miserably with L800 and 710, and most likely with the 900 as well.
  • did you not hear about the update that almost tripled the battery life?
  • I updated to firmware 12070 with great expectations, but it had no effect for the better. If your original capacity was 5 hours so yes, maybe you experienced the promised improvement of tripled battery life. My L800 had about 14 hours with minimum browsing and calls, and it's simply not up to today's smart phone standards.
  • My Samsung Android gets about 5 hrs. I wish they would update it or something. Sprint fooled me into this phone and how I wish. 14 hours I would do somersaults. I would settle for 7 or 8.
  • I just want something from htc.
    Never used htc phones but i really like wp os.
  • I like this one better, just with hardware buttons instead
  • Not a bad concept - a Nokia X7 with Windows Phone.  the patent and the patent drawings are not concepts.
    No doubt, Nokia will pull some design queues from their earlier products to cover a wide variety styles and price points.
  • cues are hints queues are lines that we wait in!
  • You're so right :)  Edit button gone though...
  • Looks gorgeous again, but kinda like the Nokia X7 but with WP instead
  • That's a nice looking phone too ;) I'd be really curious to see how the rubber corner grips work in the hand.
  • Totally agree with you here. Very nice looking phone that is once again distinct. And usually I hate how the backs of nokia's phones look, but not this one. Finally the lock button is at the top, please make future phones this way, can't stand the side ones, only because im used to the top
  • I personally love the look of this Nokia. To me, it's got just the right angles. Not everyone is going to love it, bit that's the beauty of art; it's in the eye of the beholder.
  • Here's the beauty of it: More phones will satisfy people's needs as far as looks go.  I like the design myself.  The 900 feels solid but I'm not very keen on the protruding glass.  Looks like dirt/crud might get caught in there.  I did like it but I think there'll be more options down the road.  I can't upgrade for a few months anyway but I've made my mind up to get a Nokia since they give a damn about pushing the phone.
  • I believe people will like it I do
  • Nokia, please make a WP slider. I really don't care about the aesthetics. I want function. If it looks great then that's a bonus. I got the Quantum because it was the only WP slider on AT&T and it had a free tethering hack available. When it came in the mail I was pleasantly surprised by the aesthetics.
  • Looks gorgeous but i think it might be a lower end phone despite the chrome finish. This is because right now, all the high end phones are pushing towards a small bezel finish so one with such a big bezel at the bottom might just be a lower end phone for the U.S market.
  • This application could have been filed to prevent other companies from putting out something similar. It doesn't seem to fit the overall design language of the rest of he phones. Nice design though.
  • I don't know why, but I still really want to see this thing become a reality;
    I like the polycarbonate lumias, and looking at this design, I wouldn't necessarily say it's better. But this picture takes me back to last year, when Nokia first announced their decision to go with WP7. Amidst all that uncertaintly of Nokia's future, that was a bold step, a decision to change and get back in the game full force.
  • Fugly!
  • Don't like it lumia 800,900 is a way better design.
  • Lets just hope T-mobile gets it...
  • This is fresh....I like old style....agreed that Lumia is good design...but this, this is fine piece of design, not another box of apple or something else that looks similiar to any of the current designs...
  • Loved this design... Until I read "hiiiiii" post, now I must hate it because he's a 99.989% designer. Oh well, scrap that Nokia, "hiiii" the 99% said so!
  • This phone design is bad ass I don't give a F what anyone says
  • my guess its one of windows phone 8 Devices :D
    good looking phone :)
  • Ok, hasn't anybody noticed this, the top of the device, it's showing three inputs, like on the old devices, which was the headphones, PC connection and then you have the charger connection after this patent picture old, fake or is Nokia going back to the standard pin chargers?
  • looks like the buttons are gonna be slim like the fujitsu phone eh? i personally think that this is a very good design obviously not too everyone, but hey guys why are you comparing it so much to the lumia they are both going to be on the same side in the fight its called options what are you upset for?