Nokia highlights some breathtaking photos captured by Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia has kept the camera in its Windows Phone at the forefront of its marketing campaign since joining Microsoft's resolve back in 2011. The Lumia 1020 is the latest addition to the Lumia family of smartphones and sports the most advanced optics on any mobile phone available today. We've already seen sample shots from both ourselves and Nokia, but what about general consumers? Nokia has highlighted some beautiful shots on their blog.

Collage is a technique that can be used on a Nokia Windows Phone to create some interesting results. These shots were taken from the Facebook group, Nothing but a Nokia. The Nokia post and Facebook group are both well worth checking out. Some of the photos published by Lumia owners are superb.

By Harish Prabu

We've previously looked at ways to improve your game when it comes to mobile photography, with an array of apps available on the store. If you own a latest Lumia Windows Phone 8 device, you'll also be able utilise improved software working together with great optics to unlock numerous ways of snapping those special moments.

By Dávid Detkó

What results have you managed to achieve?

Source: Nokia

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