Nokia to launch first WP7 device in 6 European countries

At this year's Mobile Telecompaper conference Victor Saeijs, Vice President of Nokia Europe, stated to attendees that Nokia plan to launch their first Windows Phone 7 handset in six European countries. The countries named are France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK. Not to mention Russia is a possibility too (opens in new tab).

Victor also said that Netherlands is especially included in the line up due to the importance of the smartphone market there, which counts for 80% while only 20% are dumbphones. He went onto mention that they're still looking at a Q4 release and he had in his possession a prototype of their first WP7 handset which he carries around with him. Unfortunately he's not allowed to whip it out and show the world.

It's coming, can you feel it in the air too?

Source: Allaboutphones, via: WMPU (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I think the correct term "in at least 6 countries". I highly doubt that this guy knows much about their plans outside Netherlands.(not that I care, I'm in UK :-) - now back to dreaming about WP 7.5 phone with good photo camera!)
  • We don't know if it's more or less than 6 so hitting on what he said we'll leave it as a cheeky definite for now until further, more accurate info arises :-)
  • If they let us in Sweden wait for this then I am going crazy!! When we finally will get a Swedish version of WP7, then Nokia are going to let us wait?? C'mon guys, I'm waiting with my wallet in my hand!!!
  • Boo!! when is coming to America? Well my carrier does have European phones so there's still a chance =)
  • No no, continue to boo. They should launch in America at the same time. D:
  • Any new Smartphone always launches first in European countries. That ok they will post videos before it reached to the United States. It better so we can all view it of how it will look.
  • someone go stalk that guy, QUICK! he has got to use the phone some time...oh and quit complaining ppl... we Canadians always get new stuff last D:
  • Pretty colors! Make it pink and I'll get it ;)