No, the Nokia Lumia 630, Lumia 635 aren't missing a proximity sensor

There have been reports floating around the Internet today that detail the Lumia 630 not having a proximity sensor, as well as some other sensors. Are these reports to be believed? No. Simply put, we found contradicting evidence and reached out to Nokia for confirmation and you can bet to see such features included in the device.

The official Nokia website has the Lumia 630 listed, alongside its dual-SIM sibling – the Lumia 635 – and the Lumia 930. While the specifications chart for the Lumia 930 clearly states the device sports a proximity sensor, the Lumia 630 listing does not. This has led some to believe the device will not have such capabilities.

We did some digging around as this was difficult to comprehend. The Nokia Developer website has the Lumia 630 listed with full specifications too, and this website clearly states the device does indeed have a proximity sensor (detects objects in-front of screen, used for calls), as well as an ambient light sensor (for altering auto-brightness).

Nokia Lumia 630

It’s difficult to imagine the Lumia 630 (or the Lumia 635) not having these features as not only would it affect the user experience, but this would mean the Lumia 630 would be less advanced than the Lumia 520. That's nigh-on impossible. Will you have a proximity sensor on the new Windows Phone? Definitely.

As noted above, we also reached out to Nokia for confirmation (as a "just in case" measure) and yes, the Lumia 630 does indeed have the proximity sensor. When reading things on the internet, be sure to take some things you read with a grain of salt. The Lumia 630/635 is slightly more advanced than some may think.

Source: Nokia (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Thats good! Seems......
  • Faster
  • Better
  • Stronger
  • *boom* *tsk* *boom* *tsk*
  • So what about super sensitive touch? I don't see that mentioned anywhere.
  • No not good enough, i hate not being able to use apps because of the 512 mb ram problem, so its a big no to me !
  • So don't buy it, nobody is forcing you to do so.
  • Then what do i buy ? I was looking to buy a new phone in June, was waiting for 630 or 730. And have no choices... 630 is worse than my 520 in most things i care about..
  • Hopefully new phones will be announced before June or you can always get 525.
  • Then buy the 930 or wait for the release of 730 and 830.
  • I have an 810 I could sell you.  Future updates are not guaranteed. 
  • If you want more features, spend more money and buy a more advanced handset. Stop looking for every feature in such a cheap handset.
  • Well... Asking for 1GB RAM is not too much as well not much costly either. I briefly wondered why a 525 has 1GB RAM and 630 has 512. I don't see any point except saying that Windows Phone 8.1 can run smoothly even on 512MB RAM.
  • Ok. But why did they remove flash?
  • Nevermind the flash I think people would rather have a ffc!
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  • +1
  • 620 users still don't have a successor :(
  • This is the successor
  • Nah... this is predecessor.
  • Aside from the screen size and GG3, everything else is a step backwards. I'm waiting if the 730 will interest me.
  • This is the suck'cessor. It's missing camera flash and FFC. I, personally, am disappointed. Guess have to wait and see what 730 and 830 will be like.
  • This is a suck-cessor
  • Then what is 630 & 635??? 720 don't have a successor :(
  • The 635 is the successor/Replacement for the 720. As stated by Nokia.
  • No it isn't... The 630 is considered a downgrade if you have the 720...
  • Now 620 users are waiting for a 730.
  • It's even a downgrade if you have a 620.
  • It's wmpoweruser again spreading garbage.
  • Good, Good let the hate flow through you.
  • :D
  • It's not just wmpoweruser, even Dan said so in the Windows Weekly podcast. Sometimes, mistakes do happen.
  • Dan was drinking beer on the podcast don't forget ;-) And he doesn't use his phones to make calls very often :P
  • WMPU sits on a throne of lies.
  • Well that's a relief. The last of Nokia shall end soon.(lets hope it doesn't go down like the Jedi order)
  • Actually it was Daniel Rubino who stated in a video of the action center that his prototype didn't have an ambient sensor.
  • We're talking about the proximity senser, not the ambient light sensor which are two very different things.
  • From the article "detail the Lumia 630 not having a proximity sensor, as well as some other sensors" and " and this website clearly states the device does indeed have a proximity sensor (detects objects in-front of screen, used for calls), as well as an ambient light sensor (for altering auto-brightness)." So we were talking about multiple sensors.
  • Nevermind the troll. Some people just read the title and figure out the rest in their minds.
  • Wmpoweruser? Ha! Rubino propagated this same tale on WW Friday.
  • Jinx!
  • The 620 successor is the 625!!! This is some other kind of low end device. It is a shame this doesn't have a front facing camera - i thought skype was going to be integrated? And why no flash is beyond me - most low end low brow devices sport some sort of flash...
  • They lost me at 512MB RAM... 512'ers can't do jack. Why backpedal after the Lumia 525?
  • What were they thinking when the made 630/635 ? Seriously? No ffc and flash and just 512mb ram? And 930 doesn't have a glance screen and sd card support is also absent! I will buy either 1020 or 1520 now. 630?635 and 930 won't be pushing sales much .
  • It better be $100 or less in U.S. $80 would be good price. Have 2 Lumia 520s I got for $90 (for both). If you look at it as an upgrade to 520 it makes sense. Idk what will replace 620, since that had front camera
  • How else will you justify that others need to buy new hardware because the Software is not running on them anymore :)
  • Well, 512mb of ram is less of a problem with wp8.1. Ram usage is over hauled and now will let "more" apps resume and more ram being available to apps and games that require more.
  • No but apps today tend to require at least 1 GB
  • Most good/complex will require 1GB ram. Games will only get bigger, not smaller. People buying the 630 are setting themselves for a huge disappointment. It'll be the 520 "fado" all over again.
  • So why Nokia can't just add ALL specifications in their website (not the developers one)???
    I hate when companies do that because this always leave us a little bit worried...
  • Because their normal website is aimed at your average Joe that either doesn't care or doesn't know about technical stuff.
  • Wait until Microsoft finally closes the deal and starts manufacturing devices, you'll not get to see even 20% of what Nokia displays in their specs. Specifications revealed about Surface on Microsoft's website is a telling story.
  • Bit snarky, aren't we? It's not just wmpoweruser, even dan had reported the same.
  • Why do they make phones having less than a full gig of RAM? If the cost of the phones increase by around £10 people would not mind buying it. Instead they have to sacrifice a lot of apps and games.
  • I wonder why people keep on asking why a certain phone model doesn't have this or does not have that, and then end up saying the phone is not good. The Nokia phones are targeting a very broad market so not all phones that are newly released are upgrades. Don't look for sensors, memory card slots, or whatever in newly released phones. If it doesn't have what you want in a phone, it means you are not the target market so just move on to the next model. No need to say bad things about one model.
  • This needs to be priced cheap. $100 or less like Lumia 520. I got 2 520's for $90. $50 from bestbuy sale and $40 from a friend who sold one to me. Been wanting to use it mainly for music but music app is horrible looks like that will be fixed with 8.1. Nokia when are you going to make a cheap phone with front camera and rear flash with hd screen for $200 or less? Moto g is available for $179 and even $99 on CDMA prepaid carriers in U.S. You're already losing marketshare to it in Europe! Wake up! Either go for low low end or step up your mid range! (Off topic: does anyone know when update to Lumia 1020 will be out? If windows phone gains print support and candy crush that will be my next phone.)
  • Dan Rubino started all this on Windows Weekly
  • Out of curiosity, discounting the big games, just how many apps require 1GB??
  • At present not much maybe nokia storyteller (not sure).... other experts xan tell but definitely 512 mb is just a so so now and have a bleak future. May last 1 year to be able to still run rather acceptably smooth
  • They are missing front cam and flash forget about shithole sensors
  • People have a lot of negative things to say about a BUDGET phone they probably wouldnt have gotten in the first place.
  • It's the first phone coming out with WP8.1, and it's a low-end release barely better than the Lumia 520. The lack of front facing camera, flash and the fact it only has 512MB of memory makes it a step back from the current 620 model, and leaves it at the same level as the 520. It's a decidedly un-exciting offering that is hard to recommend for an existing smartphone user, and that will surely leave new users disappointed, unless it's being dumped for the same low cost as the 520. I completely understand why people are disappointed.
  • Then don't buy it.. There are other phones that will suit your needs.
  • Yeah. The problem is, I suspect too many people will feel that way, and the phone that will suit their needs isn't a WP.
  • I do agree it's kind of a disappointment, please Nokia/Microsoft release the Moto G Killer already.
  • Who cares? No flash, no NFC, no 1 GB RAM? This is Lumia 530. Go get Moto G.
  • You mean that ugly phone with virus ridden, trojan plagued and laggy OS?
  • WP8.1 supports a wider amount of hardware, so it isn't a surprise to see that this phone doesn't exactly match up with the 620 in terms of their line up. This is an opportunity for them to add differentiation between models because I'm sure wed all agree that phones like the 620, 720, and 820 were much closer than they should have been
  • But then why did they call it a 630? Looking at the stats its more like a quad-core 520 with a bigger screen, no camera LED, no FFC. It should of been the 530
  • You need to do some homework on the long history of Nokia phone model numbers. Nokia has Always jumped around between model numbers. Anyone who thinks Nokia should put the phones in order simply based on their model numbers know nothing of Nokia's past.
  • That was true back when Nokia had four digit model numbers. But when Nokia switched to three digit numbering (Symbian Anna), the whole idea was so that people could easily tell which is better.
  • 512MB RAM is a thumbs down, even 525 has a 1GB RAM.
  • "There are reports floating around the internet?" Those reports came straight from Daniel Rubino's mouth when he was on Windows Weekly!!!!! I love this site, but don't have your head honcho mis-report the news and then clean it up this way.
  • Nokia Lumia 630 and 635 don't have a separate ambiant light / infrared proximity sensor. Period. These phones use the capacitive touch function for proximity detection. Large single object detected on touch - touch locked. Two small objects (ear) detected on top area - touch locked. Two small objects deteched on all other areas - touch unlocked. Display and touch are laminated together - cracks require exchange of the whole unit - much more expensive.
  • If you check again the source of this article, the Nokia Lumia 630 page, you can see that they've now removed the proximity and ambient light sensors from the specifications list. You'll se that in the Extra Features section (that used to list the sensors, as the image posted here shows) now they are no longer there, nor in any other section. So I guess you're right.
    WPC check this again, or talk to Nokia or Microsoft or whomever to clear this apparent mistake.
    Sorry I don't write in english good :P
  • I was in the market to upgrade my wife's and daughter's 520's but will pass on the 635 as it does not seem like much of a upgrade. Same with my 820, without a SD slot in the 930 I will pass on it also. I am sure something will turn up, but if not we will settle for 8.1 on the three. Of course let's see how long it takes us to actually get 8.1 . My take is MoNTHS.  
  • This is a strange device, not nearly as compelling as i'd hope it would be. It's almost one step forward, two steps back. Oh well, hopefully Nokia will give their much neglected mid-range a decent offering soon.    
  • Whew! My L620 let out a big sigh of relief. It won't get replaced anytime soon, at least not with these models. She's eagerly awaiting the wp8.1 dev preview to refresh her repertoire.
  • Considering a 620 to replace the two 520's my daughter and wife's have instead of the 635 they are coming out with. If the 620 had a gig of memory it would be a no brained. The 620 is about the same price with better features. Unless they come down on the price why would you buy a 635 over the 620.???
  • Any word on whether these have a compass?  I didn't realize the 520 was missing this feature until I tried to install Nokia City Lens.  That would be a nice upgrade considering how much is the same going from a 520 to 630/5.
  • Lumia 630 really doesn't have a proximity sensor. I'm using this phone.
  • I just came across this blog on and it says that Lumia 630, doesn't have the sensors. This contradicts your view. Please share, which one is actually correct. both the blogs are contradicting each others view.  
  • The phone does not have a proximity sensor. The phone does not have a digital compass. It is a phone with a spec sheet very difficult to understand, even considering the price.
  • The link you posted as Source actually doesn't show the same as the picture you posted. Maybe it did in the past, but it doesn't anymore. The sensors are not listed on the specs list under Extra Features or under any other. You should check this.
  • Why there is no compass in Lumia 630?  really need it...