Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 to be revealed tomorrow

Our good friends over at WinRumors have received some juicy, exclusive captures from a reader of the Nokia Lumia 710 (Sabre) (opens in new tab) and 800 (SeaRay) (opens in new tab). We're expecting these two devices to be announced tomorrow at Nokia World, and we're excited to see how the devices feel in the hand. The 800 is obviously taking the look from the N9, which is by no means a flaw. 

We're going to be amidst the action tomorrow so stay tuned for video coverage of hands on and more details. Check out the Lumia 710 below, it's great to see Nokia pumping out alternative designs and we'll have yet another white Windows Phone to choose from, but there's no SD card slot available for additional storage.

Source: WinRumors

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Wait...what? There's an SD card slot?
  • Unfortunately it says "no uSD card slot"... I was shocked too when I read it as "microSD card slot".
  • Why would they lable that under features... makes no sence to me, unless they were planning to release a 3rd device that does have SD card supord and are using these two to kind of make the 3rd one look alot better for having support for SD. That's the only reason I can see why a company would advertise it's shortcomings.
  • Because all of Nokia's previous phones have had micro SD, and since Nokia can take liberties other manufacturers can't it'd be an obvious question for people to ask.
  • Whoops! I was meant to say there isn't one. My bad :-)
  • I don't like phones with squared-off edges. The 710 looks nice.
  • I like the slightly tapered at both ends design that Nokia is doing. They can do a variety of designs while being distinctly Nokia.
  • I'm praying there are other devices shown....preferrably one with a Large screen.
  • Is that CDMA in the spec for 800?
  • Probably W-CDMA
  • So ?! That's all?Two underpowered devices?With 16Gb storage only? 3.7' screens only? no slot for SD cards? Pen Tile matrix?Sorry, but it's a huge disappointment.
  • So you can watch in the future? Cool! Just wait until tomorrow
  • @kim...Either you hate Nokia, or you've become a WP troll. How many times, and how many more articles are you going to post on stating your disappointment with WP devices and their specs? We get it! Just move to Android, or go back to WM!
  • surprised he isn't banned yet.
  • In which world do you want to live? So, according to you, all people who dare criticize WP shall be banned?Interesting.
  • what do u want? dual core? its been proven many times that the current wp7 devices match and outperform the android dual core devices. wp7 does not need dual core at this point in time.
  • Lets just hope these are simply two devices amongst a crowd of devices.
  • Steve Ballmer was quoted as saying that Nokia was going to show a "bunch of wp7" devices at tomorrows event. While there is a chance he might have been exaggerating, I can't imagine these two devices being the only thing at the show.
  • Where has all the money from Microsoft gone?I hope there are a lot of other devices, and better than those ones.
  • i know, they're just reusing a phone design that has already been done. you'd expect they'd create something totally new but they didnt
  • Exactly! Since we now apparently know somehow, despite the fact that Nokia World hasn't even started, that these two phones are all they'll ever produce and we'll ever see from them forever and absolute eternity! And they've had about 8 months since the partnership was made? There should be like 258 new devices by now! wAt dA FUD?!
  • No SD Card slot means no purchase for me.
  • ...yeah, cos all of these other WP's have SD slots..
  • I think 16 gigs should be enough for me, but they really should consider adding the card slot. The focus has it, and it works just fine for me.
  • Maybe the big deal won't be the hardware, what about the software? That close partnership between Nokia and Microsoft must mean something else than "average" hardware.
  • Is Microsoft asking the manufacturers not to include slot for SD cards? Is Microsoft asking the manufaturers to limit storage to 16GB?I cannot explain that Nokia, which usually propose 64Gb storage devices (N9) and slot for SD cards suddenly stopped to propose them once they release a WP7 hardware.Is it the way Microsoft is trying to promote Skydrive and its cloud solution??? All they will finally get is people living the WP7 boat.