Nokia Lumia 710 heading to T-Mobile as the Sword?

TMoNews is reporting that the Nokia Lumia 710 is slated to be introduced to the T-Mobile line-up in January of 2012. The internal codename is being listed as "Sword" and the Windows Phone will be available in black and white colors. Makes sense as we first broke the news about the phone passing the FCC with T-Mo bands a few days ago.

No word if "Sword" will stick and we'll see the curtain raise on the T-Mobile Nokia Sword come this January.

We liked what we saw of the Lumia 710 at Nokia World. The 710 sports a 3.7" WVGA 800x480 TFT screen, 8GB of storage, 1.4ghz processor and a 5mp rear facing camera.

So... two questions for our T-Mobile customers. First, happy with the 710 or would you have rather seen the Lumia 800 hitting the shelves? Second, should T-Mobile stick with "Sword"?

via: TMoNews

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  • It actually looks half decent in black.
  • I agree.
  • Hey! wanna see my Sword? Let me pull it out of my pocket...
  • This phone looks decent enough but if T-mobile doesn't start getting high end phones I will definitely be leaving them as soon as my contract is up. A successor to the Lumia 800 at a competitor might even entice me to break my contract at T-mobile.
  • Another low end device going to T-Mobile you have to be kidding me. It is like T-Mobile is asking for people to leave so they can get bought out by AT&T. I am passing on this phone.
  • TMO is the best place for low end phones. They have low priced plans which are great for families and kids. This isn't a phone for everybody, but is great for kids/younger folk. Nokia will be releasing higher end devices jan/feb next year in the states.
  • Yeah, and those high end devices will be going to AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.
  • One can only hope that Verizon gets their heads out of their asses and releases new hardware to us...
  • Sprint has its hands full with iphone and it's low end network. I doubt any additional Windows Phones show up there, at least until the 3rd quarter of 2012.
  • Actually, T-mobile has a lot of great phones, they're just in bed with Android, their money-makers. They have T-mobile commercials and ads that show the latest 4G Android phone everywhere.I hoped the Radar would somewhat change that, but they aren't even advertising it on the site, you have to search for it.
  • Well, no offense to T-mobile or the 710, but I was seriously hoping we'd get the the Lumia 800. (I WANT AT LEAST ONE PHONE WITH AN 8MP CAMERA MY NETWORK!)Doesn't AT&T have enough of the higher end WP7 phones? C'mon.I mean this wouldn't stop me from recommending the 710 to anyone looking for a great phone w/ a good price but this seems more like a "Gateway Smartphone". Of course, it is Nokia after all, a lot of people (me included) have a sort of blind faith in Nokia brand phones, but if there really is a "Nokia Ace" and that one comes to T-mobile, then this will sit better with me.Also, I know not a lot of people like a large screen and don't need 16GB of memory. I am just not one of these people.EDIT: You put "Shark" instead of "Sword" at the end there.
  • Fail T-Mobile. You suck. I'm changing my vote in favor of the take over now.
  • With the lack of higher end Mango phones coming to T-Mobile, it looks suspiciously like they are trying to push customers away in an effort to be a better takeover target. Last year they had one of the top phone models, but now we're supposed to be happy with an 8GB phone? Please.I too am beginning to reconsider my thoughts against the takeover. Guess their plan is working...
  • Mega cool name, but it shouldn't be used for that budget device. Sword sounds like it should be a top teir device. I'd love to be able to say "lemme just pull out my sword real quick" - - aaah, inuendos ftw.
  • Phone will be amazing and affordable.. I think its just hard for tmo to put out a high end windows phone. (its hard to see a lot of customers really wanting $600 phone ($300 with contract)).. Pretty equivalent to the radar it seems.. Will probably end up getting both.
  • The HTC Radar is far better than this trash Nokia. It has front facing camera, aluminum construction, dolby audio, HTC movies, oh my! It also has f/2.2 camera! The name "sword" sucks! Not surprised one bit Tmo wants this. Tmo is a good place to put wp to shame. Look at the the HTC Radar, they hardly advertised it. Its sights like wpcentral and supporters that are putting the good name. Anyway, im a tmo customer and really do hate how their business works. Just gonna ride with until the wp with dual core, hd screen, and suped up camera to come. Tmo get, i stay. Tmo continue bs, i leave. All in all hope they get bought out by att.
  • How comes T-Mobile UK news gets a great big "UK" in the title yet when you talk about T-Mobile USA there's no USA in the title? It would be easier so I don't have to click on the links to find out it's US.
  • Codename of "Sword" makes sense, since Sabre (codename for the Nokia Lumia 710) is a type of sword anyway.
  • Good point.
  • Would much rather see the 800. Although I'd be going down in size on my screen from the HD7 to the 800 that phone is just too beautiful and Nokia Drive is amazing. Want. it. bad.
  • Nokia Drive will be export in about a week or so by XDA not need to buy any of these low end 8gb no front cam nokia phones
  • I'd have ditched AT&T and my Focus for a 800 on T-Mo in a blink of an eye. As it is, no thanks. The 710 isn't an upgrade over my Focus and as much as I want to leave AT&T, I'm not going to sign a contract for a middling phone.
  • IMO TMobile has the best plans and all they would need is a high end Windows Phone 7 and I would leave ATT. But it looks like ATT will be getting the better phones as of I will continue to pay the extremely high fees.The only way Im justifying paying 120.00 a month right now is because i have my Focus hacked with free Internet Sharing and love it...take that ATT!
  • "This is freaking depressing!"(In my Johnny Tapia voice) T-Mobile just got the Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation for Android and then gives the Windows Phone lover the HTC Radar. No announcement of the Titan or the Focus S. On top of that Nokia puts the US on hold while the rest of the world gets their new devices and then in January we're supposed to be happy with this? T-Mobile is sending a message to WP7 users:(A)stay with TMO and get the millions of Android phones coming out, (B)stay with TMO and accept these ok Windows Phones, (C)get the heck out of TMO and go with ATT who has the best offering of WP devices. If TMO doesn't get on board and the Lumia lingers out in the world for months before we ever see it, I'm going with option A or C. It's been fun T-Mobile.
  • I'm waiting for the 800, or an announcement that the 710 is all we can get.
  • The Nokia Lumia 800 IS heading to T-Mobile on 15.11.2011.,,25055-_,00.htmlOr am I missing something here?
  • thats europe we're talking usa
  • with all the damn time spent waiting for nokia to come out with a phone worth using the only thing better than the 710 than my hd7 is the nokia specific apps why the **** does tmobile do this its ridiculous man.... im done with them HELLO ATNT htc titan all day son... or nokia 800 cuz i already know their getting the preference to it anyways.. **** i might even drop wp7 all together for overlooking us tmobile users altogether and grab an iphone im seriously sick of paying over 100 **** dollars for my bill to then get **** phones on the OS of my choice dammit...and also **** the name sword and **** the 710 for that matter
  • I sense that you are angry?
  • of course im angry why wouldnt ive been a tmo user for 6 years and this is the phone we get whilst europeans are enjoying tmobile with the 800 2 months before us my goodness can we please get something worth using besides the trash bloated android phones that they offer **** tmobile i hate them im opting out of my contract....