We saw the Lumia 710 listed on the US Nokia site the other day. Some sites reported that this was just for information purposes only and did not mean the Lumia 710 was headed to the US anytime soon.

While that may still be the case, it is curious to see a Lumia 710 soar through the United States FCC sporting the T-Mobile-unique 3G 1700 band (as well as 850 and 1900 ones). The device cleared on September 26th with results posted on October 24th. It comes with an A/C and USB adapters and headphones, all of which were looked at by the FCC.

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We know it's the Lumia 710 because Nokia refers to it as "QMNRM-809" for the FCC ID in all documents. If we look at Nokia's Declaration of Conforimity in Europe for the Lumia 710, you'll notice"RM-809" is used interchangeably with "Nokia 710.1".

So, will T-Mo be getting this? Signs point to yes, but we've seen devices get FCC approval before and never launched. Nothing is set in stone, but it's a decent sign at least. Let the leaks begin!

Source: FCC; Thanks, Zsolt B., for the links!