Nokia Lumia 710 with T-Mobile bands passes FCC

We saw the Lumia 710 listed on the US Nokia site the other day. Some sites reported that this was just for information purposes only and did not mean the Lumia 710 was headed to the US anytime soon.

While that may still be the case, it is curious to see a Lumia 710 soar through the United States FCC sporting the T-Mobile-unique 3G 1700 band (as well as 850 and 1900 ones). The device cleared on September 26th with results posted on October 24th. It comes with an A/C and USB adapters and headphones, all of which were looked at by the FCC.

We know it's the Lumia 710 because Nokia refers to it as "QMNRM-809" for the FCC ID in all documents. If we look at Nokia's Declaration of Conforimity in Europe (opens in new tab) for the Lumia 710, you'll notice"RM-809" is used interchangeably with "Nokia 710.1".

So, will T-Mo be getting this? Signs point to yes, but we've seen devices get FCC approval before and never launched. Nothing is set in stone, but it's a decent sign at least. Let the leaks begin!

Source: FCC; Thanks, Zsolt B., for the links!

Daniel Rubino

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  • clearly, T-Mobile and NOT AT&T is the "premier" Windows Phone service provider.
  • Maybe if it was the 800... 710? No, thank you
  • 710 is a really nice phone--physical keys, amazing screen, great camera.
  • Is the camera really that great? Or the screen? 5 mp and LCD aren't really selling points, or at least to me. A lot of people said it felt cheap at Nokia World. I haven't held one but it definitely doesn't look high end in the photos.
  • Well, given the replaceable plastic back covers, of course it's not 'high end'. This will be a budget device/entry level smartphone, and T-Mobile (if it actually comes to T-Mobile) will price it accordingly.It should sell well, perhaps even better than the Radar, given the design elements (replaceable covers, physical keys).
  • I agree, budget phone is how I see it too. Personally not interested but I hope it does well!
  • Nice thing about the 710 is the removable cover, which allows putting a mastercard paypass sticker inside. The 800 requires doing it in a rather ugly fashion.
  • You guys need to pop into the forums a bit more, this was expected. May pick this up as a gift, cant go wrong with a Nokia.
  • It just took me 12 hours to get home from London, after a two day blitz of Nokia news and I have another full-time job to get to. Asking us to get into the forums a bit more is a wee bit tough, hence why we have a tip line ;-)
  • I think he meant people who were talking about the low specs on the 710....not you Daniel.
  • what the **** the 710??? I know it will be a great phone for a lot of people but at&t is getting 2 flagship devices.. t-mobile seems to have 2 lower end 2nd gen windows phones.
  • This^AT&T get the Titan, the Focus S, and the Focus Flash and T-Mobile get the Radar and now probably the 710? It's not fair I tell you. Not fair at all. :(btw, how is it that the Focus Flash and 710, both supposedly low end devices themselves, have 1.4Ghz CPUs while the Radar only sports a 1Ghz CPU? What's up with that?
  • This is a good device for the lower price point markets. MS needs to push the Lumina 710 to the following age groups: 11-15. Parents are buying their kids phones at theage of 10 and up. If they bring this same device out in a 4" screen with FFC, then it can be marketed to women 16-up. Women love vibrant colors and the have smaller hands, so this would be perfect. MS also need to make commericals with teenagers using this phone for social networking and messaging. While more mature women use it for work and play. let face in teens today only use their cell phone for social networking and internet. I think it should be in a classroom setting with the phone on vibrate. show how easy and quick they can read as social post and reply without diving into an app; then show another student with a phone where they have to open an app to get to the information and of course that student get busted by the instructor while the other one simple smiles and slides her phone back into her pocket. That would say it all in a realistic situation.
  • lol.. That's a good idea in theory but i'm sure that parent and schools wouldn't want a company promoting that on a commercial.
  • Nice one.
  • My mom has T-Mobile and has wanted to switch from her much-despised Android and get a Windows Phone ever since I bought my DVP. Now there will be a phone I can recommend for her :)
  • My 18 year just saw this and said this phone looked so cool and loved the fact it can change covers. Just told me its muich cooler looking than the IPhone lol.
  • So we have the HTC titan and radar. Att gets titan and tmo gets radar. Now we have Nokia lumia 800 and 710. So rumor says tmo may get 710. So where 800 going? We should all know. F-*k tmo! Im done with their poor excuse for business!
  • @lubbalots...Personally, as much as I like the Lumia 800, I'd much prefer Nokia to go ahead and add the ffc to that device BEFORE they release it in the U.S. Not that I need or want the ffc, but that feature appears to be a desired feature nowadays.
  • The AWS bands are not totally unique to t-mobile the regional carrier CincinnatiBell (midwestern USA) also uses the same frequencies.CincinnatiBell has had some success getting Nokia phones in the past. They were the 'exclusive' carrier of the 5800 when it first came out.This is not to say that it will happen again but it is a possibility.As to why t-mobile is only getting the 'low' end phones,I suspect it has to do with the whole AT&T buyout causing concerns for the manufacturers.
  • Well, in just the past 2yrs T-Mobile has carried the E73, the Nuron(5230), the X2-01 and the Astound. T-Mobile has also carried many Nokia devices over the years. Probably more then any other US carrier. So it's no suprise to me that they may be getting a Lumia. What is suprising is that it's the 710 and not the 800. So disappointing. :(
  • The big guns will be coming next year and im all for that. I can wait. My basic point is i have fudge with tmo not getting the big guns! Oh well, as a pitiful tmo customer, I can wait till next year to see where the big guns will be landing and go there.
  • Nokia is going to be bringing it. I spend way too much time following WP7 and Nokia. Months ago, Nokia said that Nokia USA was designing phones for the US market. They are going CDMA and LTE. They have changed thier stance toward subsidized phones, making carriers happy because they know that Nokia has a well earned rep for Quality and craftsmanship. Nokia has stated that they plan to have an aggressive release cycle. In the keynote the other day, he said that Nokia has the capacity to make 1 million phones a day, with plans to drive the number higher. This is just the start of something that is going to be fun to watch.
  • The 710 is nice and all, but it's not that big of an upgrade over my Focus. If T-Mo can get their hands on the 800 it's a different story. That'd be all the excuse I'd need to finally rid myself of the tyranny and misery of AT&T. Come on T-Mo! Get that us!