Nokia Lumia 800 & 710 announced for Hong Kong, coming in December

Seems like everyone is getting the Nokia Lumias these days. The latest is Hong Kong, where the Lumia 800 was announced today and available for pre-order starting December 2nd through the Nokia website. The cost of the phone is $4,398 (HK) and delivery is expected to start on December 16th.

Bonus: the first 2,000 people to lay down some cash for the phone will also get Monster In-Ear headphones, valued at $1,000 (HK). Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us. Unfortunately, while the Lumia 710 is also expected to launch there, like everywhere else it has no firm date nor pricing yet, but it is expected by the end of the year.

Source: WinPhoneXAP; Thanks, Gaille, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • they're getting lumia 810?
  • When is the 800 coming to the U.S., I neeeeeeeed that phone!
  • I need the 710 in South Africa! I am a student so I cannot afford the 800. So the 710 is the next best thing :)
  • Again, they have made an error in the specs.
    It says there is support for upto 32GB microSD cards.
    With so many microSD errors in the specs on both phones, I'm wondering why so many websites in so many countries are getting the same part wrong. Could the phones have originally had microSD card slots? And could all these errors be because they are currently making similar phones with microSD card slots? The fact that there is only 8GB of memory on the 710 is the only thing worrying me since my music would take up 6GB of it.
  • i think it's december 12th for those who've preordered :)
    ...but still i have no idea wtf is taking so long, and i've heard nokia drive and nokia music is not available when shipped :(
  • How much memory the 800 has ?
    Also, I need to replace my Omnia 7, damn... the most beautiful and slick phone I've ever had, but in one year it had to go twice to repair and now it's with problems again - buttons stop working and start to behave very erratically. Had enough with Samsung, and they take 1 month to repair the phone, so that'll be 3 months in one year. No... not again.
    I love the N800 style but why, oh why didn't Nokia made use of all 7.5 features, namely FFC (not that I'm supposed to use it frequently, but for that amount of money it should have everything). Titan is another valid option, but I'm hooked on AMOLED screens. We should have more choices!!!!