Nokia Lumia 800 gaining traction amongst Windows Phone users

Developer András Velvárt has posted some interesting date regarding which devices are using his popular alternative browser SurfCube (which just had an update). While we don't see many mystery devices on the list (nice to see the Lumia 900 though) we do get an idea of device breakdown and popularity.

The Nokia Lumia 800, arguably one of the most promoted Windows Phones yet is really gaining traction. In fact, it's number one with nearly 14% of usage on SurfCube. That's compared to the HTC HD7 at 11.7% and the Samsung Focus with 9.3% which is astonishing because as you can figure out, those devices have been out much longer than Nokia's offering.

There should be little doubt that Nokia's ad campaigns and ability to launch in many smaller markets is really paying off. Of course, there is some wiggle room here too. For comparison, in the app "I'm a WP7!" we can see the Lumia 800 at 6% which is half that of the Focus and HD7--still, even those numbers are impressive as it Nokia is clearly starting to eat up the Windows Phone market.

Pick up SurfCube v4.2 here in the Marketplace and "I'm a WP7!" here.

Daniel Rubino

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  • I am waiting for Lumia 900 and will get it by adding the line lol, at&t sucks
  • Wait! What? You mean that when an oem makes a decent piece of hardware & they along with the carrier advertise it as opposed to leaving it all up to Microsoft, that a phone can sell well? Stop the presses! Call the boys in the lab & check to see if this is possible. Hey Samsung, dell, LG, and to a lesser extent HTC; are you listening?
  • I'm curious how that translates to actual number of devices. Are we talking in hundreds, thousands, millions? I realize the percentages (in this case) are specific to this app, but I think it's time Microsoft provided some hard numbers.
  • Its just giving an idea how well the lumia 800 is doing for Nokia. Not sales just the usage of device for the app.
  • Im sure lumia should do well.. A lot people are so excited to get one of those lumias,
  • Me included! I wish they would put the out already. I also would like to see if MS will team up with Nokia for a W8 tablet offering
  • Samsung Focus .. NUMBER 4 BABY!! WOOT! ... first gen phoens ftw! LOL
  • Yeh yeh :D
  • Funny, I actually did take out same stats for one of my own apps just earlier today, and was "chocked" since Nokia Lumia 800 was number one with over 50%(!) of the sessions :)
    This app did not have the Flurry-statistics-component until the most recent update, so I have only 10 days of stats, but in the last week 50% of the users are from Nokia Lumia 800. A phone that only has been available for a week or two here in Norway.
    The application (Trine i Farta) is for public transport in the central parts of Norway, so I guess the stats indicate that at least around Oslo (the capital of Norway) the Nokia Lumia 800 is selling really good :)
    People in Norway have too much money, since no 2 is the HTC Titan :)
    The last week I have seen a lot of advertisements for the Lumia 800 just about everywhere over here, on trams, buses, TV and on websites.
  • Well... Ronnys apps are must-have for everyone who uses public transport in Norway. Mine is Titan and I use the app every time I'm forced to use public transportation... For instance today:) Lumia lights up the tube in Oslo now!
  • I've also noticed the Lumia 800 accelerate to the top according to my app Wiztiles:
    What's more interesting is #35 and #36.  What the heck is a Nokia XXX and Nokia 800c !!! :O There's also a bunch of other phones there that I don't recognize.
  • I have to wonder if there might be a higher ratio of Lumias with Surfcube to Lumias without than there is for other models.  The Lumia is a "pretty" device and Surfcube is a "pretty" interface, so it would make sense that people that buy Lumias would buy Surfcube for their Lumias. Just a thought.
    (I use pretty in quotation marks because I could not think of a better word and am embarrassed by that, haha.)
  • Ahaaa! Meethinks I smell a smoking gun.  In the Forums I, along with a couple of others, have been kvetching about not receiving any Marketplace Updates for a very long time (like nothing for my 200+ Apps in 2 Months!). I got no love from MS when I asked for help/an explanation, however about a week after I queried them I was deluged with over 50 Updates at a time adding up to about 75 of them this week.
    At the time I speculated that it was possible that the Lumia was selling so well in Europe that MSoft's Marketplace Servers were too busy with new Activations and first time purchases to keep up a steady round of Updates to us Old Timers.  Those numbers make me think I may have been correct.  If so, it's probably the best possible reason for enduring my 2 month dry spell!
    I agree with MetroHeads - hopefully the lesson won't be lost on Nokia/MS in the US, and to HTC (who bombard me all day with adds for execreble Fandroid phones) "Hello!  Hello!  Smell that! It's coffee - and the scent of you having missed the boat while Nokia sails off with your profits!"
  • Restart your phone bro.
  • What's with unidentified being 3rd? Does that mean there are a few new phones in the works I hope we here about them soon im hoping for a lumia 1000 :P haha