Nokia Lumia 800 Gorilla Glass tortured [Video]

We've already had the Nokia Lumia 800 survive a two story fall onto concrete, which shows how strong the build quality it. But how does the Gorilla Glass perform against some scratches, drops and whatnot? The above video is of YouTube user Titanas attempting to test how tough the glass is with general pocket use. Note that this is not a stress test by any means, let's not call "lame!" because he hasn't used a hammer and nail since you more than likely wouldn't have such items in your pocket accompanied by the Windows Phone.

Source: YouTube, Via: Windows Phone Daily

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I'm not going to call "lame," but for me the better tests are the drop tests. I don't carry my phone in my pocket. It's on my belt where men carry their tools.
  • Not exactly the toughest test to pass. I think I can run the same tests with a plastic phone screen with similar results. Monitor would likely survive the same.
    That being said, please stop "attacking" that buitiful phone. It doesn't deserve it. Drop iPhones in garbage disposals if you want, but dont hurt the Lumia!
  • I do carry my phone in my pocket, but the only other item in my pocket is a USB flash drive, and I don't think the rubberized plastic on it is going to scratch anything.
    I agree, I like drop tests better than scratch tests, but it's nice to see that the Lumia can take a bit of a licking too.
  • The only other valid test would be... will it blend? :)
  • the only torture in that test was whether or not i would make it through the whole thing.  that test was bs.
  • To see scratches, there should be yellow lights not white lights with glares.
  • The only reason I'm calling lame is because this really doesn't simulate being carried in a pocket. If I'm walking around with my phone in my pocket, I'm not dropping my keys or coins on it, they're rubbing against it when I walk, etc. A more realistic test would be rubbing the keys and/or coins against the glass. Also, my swiss army knife will not be open in my pocket, so again, a realistic test would be rubbing it up and down the glass.
  • Calling it "torture" gave a whole new sense to "hyperbole" for me, sir.
    Really, i wanna see it dropped down, hammered on, bitten by a vicious dog, stepped on by fat drunk guy, sliced by a fucking battle axe weighting 200 pounds...
    Anything violent! ÒÓ
    Huging, kissing, giving your car keys along with all your money to your phone isn't the same as torturing.
    Com'on, i wanna see blood. -,..,- =p
  • That Gorilla Glass is some amazing stuff.
    On a personal note, it's kind of neat owning the first product-line that actually utilized Gorilla Glass before any smartphone manufacturers began using it.
  • You own the Dell Venue Pro?
  • completely off topic but I want that lockscreen wallpaper for my Titan.
  • the swiss knife part is awesome.. droping coins and keys on it is lame...
  • Where all those gold coins come from are you a pirate lol
  • Im gonna go ahead and call it LAME!
    Is this a fucking joke? If its not a stresstest then what the hell is it? Totally worthless "test".
  • Hot dam, I might just get one of these instead of the Titan!
  • Keep in mind ladies, we don't know how hard he is pushing on the glass or hitting it when he uses the pocket knife, so I am more inclined to believe that. I will admit, the kind of scratches that we get on our phones are usually from long term pocket carrying, so the real test is from long term "use" and not from a couple of coins and keys dropped a few times. The keys and coins were inconclusive at best.
  • Wish i had that glass on the HD7.. im so lucky i have a screen protector on it as its covered in scratches.... well i do just pop it in my bag with loads of other rubbish
  • Your protector is covered in scratches, cause it's just a piece of cheap-ass soft plastic that gets scratched extremely easy.
  • On the gorilla glass website it states that the HD7 has it.
  • Sadly, I dropped my Lumia just 3 days after purchasing it on a concrete floor. When i picked it up, I noticed sand on the screen, but thought that it will be fine, after all, what can sand do that a swiss army knive cant? I was horribly wrong, there are now 2 deep gash on my brand new phone and multiple minor scratches.... I am claming the camera of my phone as it has bluish tint when capturing bright white image, with luck, they might replace the whole device.... Fingers crossed...
    Lesson learned, get screen protector, always.....