Nokia Lumia 800 Crash Test

Over at the XDA Developers forum, member z33dev33l has created a thread where he explains that a Nokia Lumia 800 (our review) survived an accidental drop test carried out by his one year old offspring. Before you ask, yes the one year old is a Windows Phone owner. Staying at a hotel (two stories up), the child dropped his Lumia 800 from the balcony where the handset hit the concrete floor below, just inches from the pool edge.

The device itself took the fall graciously with its polycarbonate casing. The only issue is a loose power button, which is still functional. z33dev33l has stated that he can't locate any scratches or marks and the loose button is the only outcome of the two story fall and concrete landing. See the photo above for a blurry look at the loose button, note it's difficult to see as it's flush with the body. Should this test be real then it's an achievement for the Lumia 800 and it's strong encasing. Remember that when purchasing the handset, included in the box is a protective cover too - just in case you happen to hand it to a one year old.

Source: XDA Developers forum, via: MonWindowsPhone