Nokia Lumia 810 and HTC 8X no longer available online through T-Mobile

The Nokia Lumia 810 has been the highest Lumia available to T-Mobile customers since launching back in November. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear like you can get a new one at the moment on the magenta carrier. Windows Phone Central Forum members spotted that only refurbished 810s are available on T-Mobile at the moment. What gives?

Head on over to T-Mobile’s website and you’ll notice the only Windows Phone you can get is a refurbished Lumia 810. It’s available for either $240 outright or $10 per month for 24 months, but no option to get a brand new device. One reader took to their customer service account on Twitter to see what the deal was. The response? No idea on when/if new units will be available.


A few things could be happening, but the most probably is that the device just isn’t selling that well. Looking back a few weeks at data from AdDuplex and you’ll see the 810 occupying just 5% of the pie. Once stock runs out of a device that isn’t doing too well a carrier is less likely to place future orders for more. Especially when it might not do as well with future handsets on the horizon.

Dive into your memory banks and you’ll remember that Lumia 521 is coming to T-Mobile in May. As of this moment, we’re also expecting the Nokia ‘Catwalk’ to hit T-Mobile in June. It doesn’t make much sense for the carrier struggling in fourth place to place an order for more handsets that it thinks won’t sell well. The Lumia 810 won’t make much sense in two months when customers can chose either a high-end or low-end Windows Phone from T-Mobile.

Topping this all off? The HTC 8X is no longer available on the website. We’ll reach out to T-Mobile and see if we can get some clarification. In the meantime let’s hear some armchair analysis below.

Source: Windows Phone Central Forums, Twitter

Update: We can now verify that the Lumia 810 has been EOLd and will be replaced by the Lumia 521 on April 24th. Read more here.

Thanks for the detective work jgbstetson!

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