Nokia Lumia 810 T-Mobile

As a follow up to our earlier report about the T-Mobile Lumia 810 becoming unavailable for purchase (unless you want a refurb), we can confirm now that it has indeed been EOL’d (end of life) on the carrier.

It is instead being replaced by the not-so-bad Lumia 521, which also gets a release date for Wednesday, April 24th.

The Lumia 521, while a capable device is certainly a few notches below the Lumia 810, a device which is fairly solid (albeit a bit dry in design). The 521, a custom variant of the Lumia 520, packs a mild 4” 800 x 480 display, 512RAM, 8GB storage,a microSD slot, 5 megapixel camera with 720p video recording, 9.9mm thick and HSPA+ 21Mbps connectivity. It should retail for around $200 once released, off contract.

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As to the HTC 8X, the good news there is that device has not officially been EOL’d, so there is hope yet for it to return to the store shelves of T-Mobile in the near future.

For those looking for another highend Nokia, T-Mobile is supposed to get the 'Catwalk' aluminum Lumia sometime in June.

Source: TMoNews; Thanks, Justin B., for the tip!