Out with the old, in with the new: T-Mobile EOLs Lumia 810, getting Lumia 521 April 24th

As a follow up to our earlier report about the T-Mobile Lumia 810 becoming unavailable for purchase (unless you want a refurb), we can confirm now that it has indeed been EOL’d (end of life) on the carrier.

It is instead being replaced by the not-so-bad Lumia 521, which also gets a release date for Wednesday, April 24th.

The Lumia 521, while a capable device is certainly a few notches below the Lumia 810, a device which is fairly solid (albeit a bit dry in design). The 521, a custom variant of the Lumia 520, packs a mild 4” 800 x 480 display, 512RAM, 8GB storage,a microSD slot, 5 megapixel camera with 720p video recording, 9.9mm thick and HSPA+ 21Mbps connectivity. It should retail for around $200 once released, off contract.

As to the HTC 8X, the good news there is that device has not officially been EOL’d, so there is hope yet for it to return to the store shelves of T-Mobile in the near future.

For those looking for another highend Nokia, T-Mobile is supposed to get the 'Catwalk' aluminum Lumia sometime in June.

Source: TMoNews; Thanks, Justin B., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • 200 off contract! That is cheap
  • Yeah, if it didn't suck for gaming (having so little RAM and storage), I'd totally consider picking one up as a second device.
  • you should buy one which suits you and not crib about every phone you dont like. this phone is not for you..you want everything for 200 dollars?
  • Of course I don't want every phone to sell for $200. I assume you meant to say 'cry,' but I certainly wasn't crying or even complaining. I was just stating why this particular phone probably isn't for me.
  • He isn't "crib"ing about it.  The "yeah" confirms he thinks its a good phone, but he is just explaining why it isn't good for him as a gamer.
  • Yeah this wouldn't be the phone for me. But I'm moving me and my wife's family to T-Mobile soon and this may be perfect for her dad. Paul do you know if there is any chance this phone will have T-Mobiles 4G? I know you only mention HSPA+ in the article, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  • Ah, that's a question for Daniel and he's far more device savvy than me. I bet there is a chance, but if we thought it was really likely, we'd mention it in the article.
  • Tmobile's 4G is hspa+, they launched lte which is the newest addition
  • I don't really care what T-Mobiles marketing department calls HSPA+, its only 3G+ in my book.  So when I say 4G I mean LTE
  • T-Mo has been calling HSPA+ 4G. LTE is 4G LTE.
  • No, it will have HSPA+ only.
  • Then in that case no, it's just 3G+ as you state. But consider this, Tmobile's HSPA+ is nothing to be embarrassed about. My girl has the Lumia 710 and she's constantly on 9mb down and 3mb up. And they just started deploying LTE so perhaps its a good thing the phone supports their more mature network.
  • Has hspa+ 24.
  • Yup, hspa+ still plenty fast for the price.. Daniel, as much as it pains me to say it, 8x is officially EOL in May as well. It was on our sheet for the latest floorset change :'( sry to be the bearer of bad news.
  • Yeah but eol the 810 its the only windows phone 8 with FCC on tmobile. Shouldn't that be taken into consideration for Skype users
  • The 8x has an ffc
  • And probably the best ffc on any Windows Phone. Too bad it isn't very important...
  • The way people talk here, I almost forget that TMobile and Verizon have the 8X.  It may not be Nokia, but its still a good device that shouldn't be ignored as much as it is.
  • That is true. Sometimes I feel some people have extreme fanboyism for Nokia...
  • True!
  • Well the 16 Gb of storage ( and no storage expansion) make it a non starter for many people I believe.
  • I completely agree with you, however we get a lot of customers with SIM errors on the 8x. Not really sure, but way less issues (of any) with the 810. That being said they're both very good phones in my opinion.
  • Good point. I have the 810 and that's actually where I am commenting right now. Its a great device. I bought the 8X for my mom (T-Mobile) and she loves so far. At first she did have some call quality issues but besides that its great. She never had a no sim error.
  • I'm sorry I forgot about it.
  • Being a T-Mobile user who was considering getting an 810, this pisses me off.
  • Well, the plus side is in June they are supposed to get the 'Catwalk', which is basically an aluminum Lumia 920...
  • Based on T-Mobile's unwillingness to push the 7.8 update for 710 handsets and now them discontinuing the 810 makes me wonder if they'll stand behind the 'Catwalk' (if they even get it)...
  • Seriously Daniel ?? Seeing TMO response to WP phones so far, I doent see anything +ve in hope for Catwalk !! I would never suggest T-Mobile to anyone after my exp with them.
  • I'm going to go on record here: I'm confident that T-Mobile is getting the Catwalk. Very confident.
  • Agreed, they will get Catwalk. But with kind of approach they are showing with WP phones so far, I dont think Catwalk with TMO will be anything better. I would love to have one with ATT / Verizon instead.
  • Daniel, can I ask how you know that?  I just don't remember seeing any announcments from them about it.
  • I dont think he can reveal his source, you give up your source and you will never get any info again!
  • I hope its not that device we saw yesterday. That thing was ugly!
  • Yeah, but will T-Mobile support it? Or just let it fall by the wayside?
  • @daniel some how I think not .nokia has one high end device locked on one carrier state side L928 to Verizon yet to be announced thing is WP8 has one high end device currently. 8x is not high end brought mine back three times left it at the store on the 4th time. TMO will never get a high end no faith in Nokia or tmo in delivering anything but cheap low end vga devices.
  • So your saying he is wrong and you don't believe him? lol
  • Any clue about future updates?
  • T-Mobile may just EOL the Catwalk too if it doesn't sell like they hope. I hope it sells though, but still, it is such a diss to a decent device, especially when 810 owners like myself had to fight for the first month to get accessories. Life goes on, I suppose...
  • Aaaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've been a loyal customer. I've held up my phone (810) and shown off how nice of phone it is to EVERYONE. Several had jumped on it because of me, now I'm going to have to deal with the fall out now.
    Now, the big question... how long will they support the 810? Firmware and varios software update?
    Also, now that they've decided to spot the 810, what's going to stop them from doing it again to what ever they bring out in the future. Personally, I think they have just shot themselves in their foot (or even both feet).
  • You might be able to find it in stock at local stores for a bit longer.
  • agreed! any chance these are still available in stores? perhaps at a discount? the refurb price isn't bad but I won't be able to buy for a good week or two and they might be gone by then :(
  • Yes... 810 will be available for a while. TMO has to work through inventory they've already purchased.
  • You can get phones from other retailers, and some of them still stock the 810.
  • My friend just got an 810 yesterday at a T-Mobile store... coming from Sprint.  It's a good phone.  The only thing I don't like about it is the limited 8GB of on board storage.  I need more for apps/games since you can't install those on a MicroSD card.
  • I'm sure some stores may still have a device, or two left in stock. Check with them!!
  • It seems to be in stock at MS online.
  • Well technically you could buy a Lumia 920 straight out unlock it and use it on T-Mobile... Because T-Mobile uses the same network (GSM) as ATT... 
  • I'm sorry to hear that. I will say I work for tmob and use the 810 (great phone). T-Mobile does support WP (I personally have been a part of a few software update tests). I know the support isn't perfect, but I believe its better than many carriers. They want WP to be successful because they don't want to completely depend on Samsung and apple for sales. Sometimes these things aren't in the carriers hands. There has been no money that I've seem put towards WP advertising. If a phone doesn't sell, they have to try something new. The lower end good looking 500 series and the possible Catwalk will hopefully renew WP interest.
  • Replacing 810 with an inferior 521, makes no sence, why not just keep both.
  • Exactly, very stupid decision.
  • Why stupid? 810 will hopefully lead to catwalk. 521 will be a great intro phone to get people interested in cheap phones that don't run slow or crash (looking at you android).
  • You make a valid point, I will admit that I did not think of it that way. I guess I'm just disappointed because I just upgraded from the HTC Radar 4g to the Lumia 810 two days ago, and now they discontinued to sell it. I'm just a little worried that they will stop supporting updates on it as well (Windows Blue).
    Lol, I left android when my galaxy S2 ran like complete crap (laggy, force closing all the time), even though it was advertised as the best phone out at the time. So I definitely understand where you're coming from with the android comment.
  • What does that mean for updates? are we 810 owners screwed? between this and no LTE, I might really regret having bought this phone
  • that's a SUPER question, considering that Microsoft PROMISES on their product lifecycle page that phones will get updates 18mo from issue.  They need to have an FU clause stating that if an operator drops the phone they no longer have any say in updates that get pushed to it.
  • Yeah in that case we get all the nokia goodness directly :)
  • No lte. But I've personally tested updates that should come put soon. I don't see support going away anymore than on any other phone. Heck I've seen more support than on some of the androids T-Mobile has.
  • If T-Mobile is commited to supporting the phone they need to state so. Leaving 810 owners in the lurch not knowing what is going to happen is poor customer support and does not win them any fans. T-Mobile needs to act like a competent company and explicity tell 810 owners what type support and for how long.
  • I'm not disagreeing but do any of the carriers do that?
  • and that is what I expected the answer to be....   You've just gave a reason why cell phone companies are usually some of the most hated companies.   Given T-Mobile is what, third or fourth largest and has a significant amount of customer churn, maybe standard protocol is not appropriate.
    That's not even considering the ethical issues of selling a product without a specified support period. You know one of the things that I find is happening in our culture is our lowered expectations of ethical behavior.   It's shameful how people lie to themselves about what appropriate behavior is, and "look, other people are doing it too" is one of the primary ways people rationalize their shitty behavior.
    So at the end of the day when you have your customers up in arms because you yanked a product a short time after launch and you cannot tell your customers what to expect, then hiding behind "look, no one else does it", just fills me with contempt.
    CONTEMPT.   what shitty customer service, what pathetic business ethics  
    go look at the T-Mobile forums for EOL of 810, you'll note that I did expect an answer like yours... "T-Mobile is not the largest cell phone company and has a significant amount of customer churn.   In the end I am absolutely uninterested in any rationalizations about if or how other cell phone companies have similar policies or if their customer service is equally flawed.   Expectations of competence should not be an outlier position."
    People have no idea what ethical behavor is and rationalize away any concerns about their pathetic actions.   This deficit in ethical behavior is the root cause of the rot of our culture.  
  • Perhaps you can shed some light on why the 810 is the ONLY Lumia for which one cannot upgrade the OS to 8.1?  It's not like the software won't run on it and it shouldn't cost Tmobile ANYTHING to offer it to 810 owners.  What's going on?
  • I have an 810. I'm sure this means they're gonna stop selling accessories too. :/ all I know is that if something bad happens to my phone (anything besides water damage) that I should be able to get the same Lumia 810.
  • On at&t at least if you break your phone under warranty or insurance and they don't have your phone in stock they will replace it with another phone from the same manufacturer so maybe if you break yours (don't do it) you can get the catwalk when it comes out
  • Lol. Yeah. I've scrolled past news here about the catwalk. I'll have to check on the specs and everything.
  • This is why I made sure to get my Lumia 810 at the Microsoft Store with Assure so I can get what I need if I have to...I'll end up getting the 521 as a work device, but my 810 is a classy, professional looking handset
  • I bought mine outright ($450 at the time) with assure at the Microsoft store, if the Catwalk comes out can I back up my 810, smash my phone and go in and give me $400 towards the Catwalk, which might be anywhere from $450 to $600? (I'm subtracting the $50 it takes for me to replace the phone), or am I more likely going to be sent a refurbished 810 in the mail?
  • Maybe the 810 was EOLed because it does not have LTE?
  • wasnt there supposed to be an update to enable lte on lumia 810 handsets.
  • i think they scratched that plan, or i thougth i had read that. 
  • thats lame tmo is lame.
  • +1000
  • T-Mobile may be lame, especially for WP users, but I'll tell you why I'm switching to them from AT&T.  5 lines on their new Simple Choice plan for $110 total, or $22 per line.  And thats with unlimted everything (but only 500MB of data at 3/4G).  Please tell me if ANY of the other carriers can come close to matching that.  If you can't, then I'll be rocking my 920 on Tmo in the next few weeks.
  • no, T-Mobile pulled a slick one and said no it wont get it, even though it is perfectly capable of such.
  • well i feel bad for all the users craving for a high end windows phone that tmo wont listen too.
  • T-mo is not a high end carrier that's why. 
  • I'm starting to realize this
  • But how would you explain TMo carrying Galaxy SIII (soon to add S4 and HTC One) and now the iPhone 5? Last time I checked, those are high end devices.
  • Don't forget Note 2 and z10 too.
  • Not capable of it. Doesn't have the right chipset from my understanding.
  • I think there was an article saying the 810 physically cannot support LTE. Don't quote me on that, though.
  • There was. I think it had something to do with the chipset that was used would not support LTE.
  • This is correct. People jumped the gun because the chip in the 810 was in the same family as the one used in phones that have had their LTE switched on, but the specific chip in the 810 isn't capable of it.
  • Still have my HD7.....looks like I will be holding out for awhile.....
  • My wife kept her HD7, she's had it for over two years now.  After I loaded 7.8, it felt really fresh.  It's  great phone.
  • Same here! (HD7 running WP7.8) Content till September when I'm due for my upgrade...crossing by fingers for Catwalk and/or a similar Catwalk type WP device. T-Mobile did say there will be changes and they are trying to get devices in that are more future proof, that work on their LTE, and that are easily transferred to other networks. This may mean other devices other than Catwalk and the L521 coming down the road...
  • I would personally be all over the Samsung ativ s if it dropped on t-mo.
  • Or that!
  • Trading in a relatively high-end phone for a low-end model seems like a step back. But Nokia sales show that while Lumia is doing great it clearly isnt capturing the USA market. I'm not sure what the issue is but it could be its stil too unknown.
    It seems to me that WP finally has had its breakthrough here in The Netherlands. People at least know that Windows has a phone and they can recognize it by design. The word of mouth helps the platform grow quickly.
    So from that perspective its good to see more low end WPs out there. They might not be very profitable but they sell larger numbers. Which will generate more word of mouth as well as impress developers. Android also started out as a cheap alternative to iPhone. Now that the smartphone market is saturated it might be Microsoft's only way to get a breakthrough.
  • IMO, its still down because of such things by TMO and other carriers. if you walk to a near by TMO store or if you see their website, you wont see / listen anything good for WP by their CSRs.
  • To bad. I switched from Tmo after they never released a Nokia high end 920ish phone. They lost me and I'm sure very many others who hung on to our HD7's for two years. I had great service and all around good experience with them. Seems like Tmo has been going down hill lately.. Imo
  • I hope they will continue to push the update for this phone .
  • It seems like an OK phone to me for that price. I hope it sells well. We need a win!
  • T-Mobile is definitely the "Un-Carrier"  They are uncarrying anything of value.  Hopefully they will uncarry themselves out of business for being so shitty.
    This is just more iPhone worship folks...once they got it they systematically start pushing out anything on their network that looks competitive.  Sprint did the exact same shit.
  • Yeah, this is awful.  T Mo is not a viable carrier if you want a WP device.  The catwalk, which I take it will be the new T Mo "premium" device is going to be just another average Nokia, a tier below their 2012 premium handset but in aluminum or something.  I am unfortunately stuck on a contract with them, which I would like to Uncarry.
    When I bought my 8x they were agressively pushing the SGIII on me. 
  • It is too bad because as an 810 owner, I love this phone. And the design, contrary to what I read on reviews online, is not so bad. I like it. A lot of my friends (owners of iPhone and android devices) were giving me a lot of compliments on it. Oh well. Maybe the reps didn't do a great job of promoting it. One said the other day when I walked into a store, "I hate Windows Phones." Come to find out he loves android because of all the customizations available. Yeah, not everyone needs that. Stop selling to others what fits your preference. Irritating. Now I'm ranting...
  • The Verizon reps are the same way.  They hardly know windows phone even exists.
  • I get exactly where your coming from. I bought the 810 for its great features and the wireless charging etc, and most people have no clue about and say it sucks.
  • This probably means we won't be getting any updates to the 810, ever.
  • I just picked up an 810 on eBay for $260 brand new :)
  • I have a feeling this move was to make clearer separation between T-mobile's entry and premium WP8 devices. The 810 kind of falls in the middle and would possible cannibalize sales from the rumored Catwalk.
  • I was thinking the same. But with no more subsidies I wonder why they wouldn't want a mid priced device. Unless Nokia doesn't want it to cannibalize sales of the catwalk. I don't think tmobile cares much about canibalized sales as long as they get a customer on their network.
  • Good point because it does have high end features like wireless charging (with the optional shell) NFC, 8MP camera, SD card, etc.
  • Catwalk is not going to be a premium device.  It might be TMo's premium device, but it is decidedly a mid-market phone. 
  • I think it's time for me to do the same thing with t-mobile... out with the old in with the new... carrier that is.  I'll give my 810 to wife or daughter and slowly migrate ourselves to AT&T.
  • If the goal of TMo is to save money and be transparent, I think the 521 will do surprisingly well. Not a 100% certainty, but by virtue of being on this website, you are more than an average user. Business do what's best for their bottom line. If that's a $200 option so be it. Maybe 810 sales have fallen through the roof since it isn't a true highend/glagship and far from a budget device.
  • The good news here since T-Mobile no longer subsidizes the phones is that they will have a very attractive cheap phone for non power users that could attract people that don't want to finance the phone for a couple years. Users are Users and help our overall numbers.
  • I zoomed in to see if they mentioned colors on the planogram like some of the other devices, but they didn't. I was hoping to get a blue one...
  • you should be abble to get covers and change them. :)
  • This was the reason I switched to att but the $70 unlimited is tempting me back; I wasnt expecting any better WP support anyway esp now they have their prayers answered in the iphone. Guess it will definitely be international or Rogers imports for me then.
  • Sooooo, no 1308 update from t-mobile?
  • A brand new Nokia for $200. Pretty good deal if you ask me, even if it is low end. Many people can purchase this upfront and take advantage of T-mobiles new plans
  • Am buying one.. :)
  • I think it will be a win for the platform! The 521 will make it available to people who cant afford high end or even mid range WP devices...plus their affordable plans...I see the 521 coming to Tmo as a good thing!
  • So disappointed with TMobile. First I had the lumia 710 - they did not upgrade it to WP7.8. I got the only other Noka Lumia they had - the Nokia Lumia 810. And now they do this. That clearly means there are no hopes of the storage fix or anything like that on the 810. Seriously considering move to Straight Talk. Just can't trust Tmobile anymore.
    the 810 itself is a great phone. Very Satisfied, its a shame TMobile screwed up with it. And they are replacing it with 521? are you kidding me?
  • I just got the Lumia 810 myself within the last thirty days.   A phone that is five or six months "old", is not what I would call "out with the old."    This stunt by T-Mobile makes the bile rise in my throat.   I am not particularly happy with them, and have had some really bad customer service with them when I was on their Monthly 4g plan. If they do not continue to support the phone with firmware updates, I will promise that I will vomit every time I speak of them.   Any positive feelings they may have gained from their new plans, if offset by pathetic moves like this one.
  • Very lame that the 810 is EOL already. It's only been out five months! Even the 710 and Radar were around way longer. If they're ditching the 810 for the 521, then I have to question the thought processes of T-Mobile's powers that be. I hope it's just in preparation for the Catwalk, because otherwise, it's a dumb decision. I personally love my 810; it's a great smartphone.
  • I wish Nokia didn't have to make these silly variants. I feel like they dilute the brand. At least Nokia isn't letting the naming get silly. Is the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G for real?
  • I will be getting the 521. But i am really disappointed with Tmobile as they didnt allow 7.8 for the 710. i am planning to take it to nokia care in india and get it updated. lets see if that works.
  • just try seveneighter. works fine for NL710
  • Gonna get my mom the 521. Looks great.
  • Lame. They're replacing 810 with an inferior product. No offense to those who like the 521 but no flash and half the ram doesn't fit those who would have gotten an 810
  • Phones come and go. Life goes on. I wish the L 810 could have stuck around longer but the wallflower styling probably didn't help sales much. However, it looks great with the optional cyan battery cover. I also got a light grey cover as well on ebay.
  • I'll wait for catwalk. Hopefully Nokia don't put 8 GB of storage on it also.
  • Rumored to have 16 with SD card
  • I had a similar experience with a T-Mobile saleswoman at a T-Mobile store just before I bought my Lumia 710. She was straight up pushing Android. Very unprofessional. They need to be objective and realize not every customer wants the same thing.
  • Lucky me when I went in to get my HD7...I got a rep that's a avid MICROSOFT fan. Had a WP device himself. :-) Gunna be going back to the same store again...he is still there...and still using WP...I checked in there the other day. :-)
  • So we will, theoretically have three choices if the 8x comes back as you say Daniel. The L521, HTC 8X and the Lumia "Catwalk"...that would be REALLY cool!
  • I predict end of life for the 521 too without being release yet. Those are low end phones that doesn't sell well in the US. Plus Tmo is more of an Android when promoting. They need a high end Lumia.
  • The Lumia 710 did really well on T-Mobile. Hope the 521 can repeat its success
  • It did well, but T-Mobile won't support even it, refusing to give the 7.8 update.  I'm not very positive on T-Mobile right now.
  • I dont think they will do anything better with a high end Lumia. Somehow they dont promote it at all when it comes to WP.
  • I'll be selling my 810 with cyan wireless charging shell and wireless charging stand. If you want to buy look for it on Craigslist Chicago
  • I used to own this phone. I gave it to my little brother. It really is a nice phone. My very first Nokia device. Shame it is getting shafted and replaced by something far inferior.
  • I just hope they don't stop pushing updates for the 810, that's all I care about.
  • Funny because Nokia updates already long gone. 810 is a tmo failure. Move on to catwalk.
  • What a farce of an idea.  If T-Mobile cannot commit to continued support for the 810, they will lose me as a customer.   I just bought the phone within the last month, only five months after release.   Why should I trust T-Mobile with my business if they will not support a recently released product.
    Why would I give them money for Catwalk if they screw us over with no support for the 810.   Why should anyone trust them?    I am not going to be buying Catwalk in the short to medium term.    With luck it will be a good looking phone, but one that will be likely outside of my price range.    The 810 is a phone with features that I wanted and within a reasonable price range.  
  • I agree, the phone needs continued support.
  • 521 will not sell well. It is meant for emerging markets. Plus tmo sleeps with Android and iPhone.
  • I don't know.  I know Walmart is going to be selling them right next to the cheap Android phones that they sell and they sell a lot of those.  If T-Mobile actually markets them to people on a fixed budget I can see it doing well.  The key will be people have to know about it.  I've known people personally that have seen my Lumia and said to me, "I didn't know Nokia made smartphones." lol
  • I have three 810 in the family.  Hopefully, support for this device continue.
  • This is terrible news, I just bought the 810 from Tmobile 2 days ago, and now I find that its getting shafted. Will I still receive the Windows Blue update??
  • I wish they went with a phone at the same level. Hopefully a higher up phone is released soon to take it's place. It's not that HTC is bad but I've had issues with two of the same phones they've had and unfortunately don't trust them that bad but their design is at least much better than what samsung has put forth. I'm not saying Samsung is bad but aesthetically not so great.
  • 810 is better than 521, FFC and led flash, bigger screen. T-Mobile wtf?
  • Is there anyway to get in touch with tmo and inquire about future update support? I thought I read an article on here recently about an email or tweet that somehow got sent to the right person up the tmo command chain and CEO John L personally responded. I want the updates like storage fix!!
  • This is exactly why I wish Microsoft would make their own phone and sell it unlocked. That way I can stay on TMo's cheaper plans, but not have to worry I'd get shafted by lack of support and updates.
  • From my T-Mobile Business Division rep: Bryan, The 8X retired, we have just a few 810s left in inventory. Will that windows device be ok for the exchange?
  • Then: Bryan, We will be getting new Windows launches in the very near future. Usually we get the new launches before the existing models retire. This is a bit unusual. I know I owe you some emails, I’ve really sorry for the delay. I will be sure to get you free express shipping approved or overnight on some if needed.
  • My response:
    Ok. My strategy is to replace all existing BBs and smart phones with Windows phones. I'm convinced they're the best phones software wise than any other. Despite what anyone else thinks. Sticking with the Windows ecosystem they just work and make sense for business.
    So I need to be able to upgrade phones so I hope you get new phones very soon. Can you tell me what models? I've heard the Lumia 510 and rumored 928. True? No response yet.
  • Nice
  • Okay... for the time being I'm calling bullshit on TMO, but this is a good sign.  This likely means they are clearning out the 810 to make room for Catwalk.  And if it has an SD card slot... I am sold. 
    EDIT: Oh, and this is a really crappy replacement.  This is hardly a replacement for solid midrange device.  At least it makes for a fantastic entry level device. 
  • Any reviews on battery life and if it comes with Excel mobile?  I was looking at the 810 for its battery life and am apprehensive about a new model.
  •   Nokia's official website says the Lumia 520 (which is the worldwide model number) and has the same battery as the 521, and has 9.6 hours of talk time and 360hrs of standby. The 810 has 10.2 hours talk and 360 min. standby.   All Windows Phones have MS Office built in. Keep in mind, however, that the screen on the 521 is going to be smaller than the 810. If Excel is a high priority, you might want to look at a model with a larger screen. Excel on a 4" screen could be tedious. The 810 is still a good phone, and cheap now. And has plenty of room for more Office use.  My take, anyways.
  • I love my Lumia 810! It's a shame T-Mobile isn't really supporting Windows Phone. If AT&T and Verizon had affordable UNLIMITED data plans, I would have signed up with them, since they have a much larger selection of phones.
  • I may just be doing the BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) option for T-Mobile from now on if my next phone I get from them gets EOL'ed soon after deployment like the 810 did.
  • side note...I like how the adds I keep getting at the bottom of the web pages for WP central are for "Samsung Galaxy Phones"....
  • Just switched 4 lines to T-Mobile yesterday from Sprint and both the Nokia Lumina 810 and the HTC 8X were available in store. I'm just hoping T-Mobile gets a larger screen Windows Phone soon.
  • So now that T-Mobile has seemingly abandoned Windows Phone (one new mid-range phone is not a good sign of support), I guess that leaves AT&T and Verizon as the main supporters of the platform. But Verizon loves Android (as evidenced by their "Droid" branding), and AT&T loves the iPhone, so how much support will WP see from them?
  • Hmm...It is April 24 and no sign of the 521 on T-mobile.  Any more news on this?