Verizon Lumia 822 is a sleeper hit, surpassing the Lumia 920 on AT&T according to a new report

Developer advertising platform AdDuplex has released data for the month of March. The report is based on data collected from 389 different Windows Phone apps that utilise the AdDuplex SDK (v2). March 1st was the designated date for the data to be withdrawn and analysed.

So what's new in the report? Well, Windows Phone 8 is growing, but Windows Phone 7 still holds out strong and the Lumia 822 is evidently selling well.

Windows Phone 8 versus Windows Phone 7: Worldwide

Windows Phone 8 Market share on AdDuplex from January through March shows an interesting trend with 19%, 26% and 31% share respectively for the new OS, demonstrating strong and seemingly consistent growth.

Conversely, Windows Phone 7.x has dropped from 81% in January to just 68% this last month, meaning conversion (or people just switching) is continuing. 

AdDuplex OS

When we talk about countries and which markets are ranking above others, the USA is topping the tables on 11.3 percent with India (7.6 percent), China (7.5 percent), Mexico (7.5 percent) and Italy (7.4 percent) closely behind. While the top three remain in the same positions, their slices have been reduced with Russia, the UK, Brazil, Germany and France taking more of the pie.

AdDuplex Countries

AdDuplex also goes into some detail how European markets are developing with new Windows Phone 8 hardware launching at retailers and mobile operators. It's not surprising to see early Lumia hardware still among the most popular handsets as these markets witnessed some heavy Windows Phone 7 marketing. Check the following chart as an example:

AdDuplex UK

It's interesting to note that the Lumia 620 is already at 4%, which is not too far from the Lumia 710 at 5% making that device's fast ascent noteworthy.

Verizon has sold more Lumia 822s than AT&T's Lumia 920?

In one of the more interesting tidbits for US market share we can see how the Lumia 822 (21%) has passed the Lumia 920 (18%), which is an impressive gain by Verizon.

Of course, that phone is often free on contract, and Verizon has been pushing the Lumia 822 through various TV commercials and holiday specials e.g. Valentine's Day promotion.  That's still an impressive accomplishment though as the Lumia 920 clearly gets the most headlines. 

The Lumia 822 back in January only had about 10% of the market by comparison. 

Nokia still dominates in the US

Likewise, Samsung has all but given up their edge on Windows Phone in the US, seeing no major US release besides the Odyssey, As a result, they are a distant third now with just 9% of the US market versus Nokia's more robust 64%. HTC of course is right in between with 26%.

Along the same lines, Windows Phone 8 in the US has gone from the minority to the majority last month, and that trend continues. Previously Windows Phone 8 surpassed Windows Phone 7.x  back in early February with 51% for the former. Now, that number has grown to 61% in the US, showing a high rate of adoption here.

AT&T still doing well but Verizon and T-Mobile are getting close

Carrier pick up in the US shows that Verizon and T-Mobile are having quite a bit of success with their Windows Phone offerings, as Verizon now controls 29% of the market with AT&T at  43%. T-Mobile too has done seemingly alright with an impressive 23% of the market as well.

That's perhaps doubly impressive when you consider that AT&T launched early with three Windows Phone 8 devices (HTC 8X, Lumia 820 and Lumia 920), while T-Mobile and Verizon launched with just two offerings. Once again it shows that people rarely switch for a device but instead stick with a preferred carrier. 

Mystery Devices

As well as the above charts and accumulated data, AdDuplex also notes some unidentified devices that popped up while analysing the numbers:

  • NOKIA RM-887_apac_prc_206 – most likely just a variant of Lumia 720 (RM-885)
  • NOKIA RM-860_nam_usa_100 – always on Verizon in the USA, with 1280x768 resolution
  • NOKIA RM-892_eu_euro1_016 – we’ve seen RM-892 in India before, but now we’ve seen it in Finland and we can confirm that it also has a 1280x768 screen (or at least a ScaleFactor of 160)
  • NOKIA RM-893_nam_tmous_201 – this is probably a T-Mobile variant of the phone above

Check out the upcoming AdDuplex blog post for more information (due tomorrow).

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I am having difficulty deciphering the source of this info.  Is it based on 389 Windws Phones, or based on 389 apps that are on an undisclosed amount of phones?
  • Sorry, fixed now. It's 389 apps using the SDK over presumably thousands of device.
  • "389 Windows Phones running apps"
    so it's apps.
  • Basically if you're using WP8 without using apps , your usage won't show up here.
    If you're playing a game or using an app with an ad showing up in it , odds are its being served by Dublex ad services , so the statics shown here comes from this process.
  • I hate HTC.
  • Taking just Windows Phone 8, HTC has 42% market share in UK and 23% market share in US. Very good numbers.
  • All good news, IMO.
  • Well I'll be a blue nosed gofer...
  • Hold on. Are you saying their global sample size is a total of 389 phones?? I may have misread, in a meeting and supposed to be paying attention to the presentation... :P
  • It sounds like a sample of 389 phones.
  • 389 app using the SDK, not 389 phones ;)
  • Thanks. :) One would hope they have made sure most of those apps are available and relevant in all of those markets. :P
  • Rock on Lumia 822!
  • That's the 820 in the picture.
  • No its the 822 I have that phone
  • Yeah, it was the 820 this morning, they changed/corrected the picture.
  • The 820 isn't rounded off like the 822
  • Yeah, it was the 820 this morning, they changed the picture.
  • LOL
  • Impressive performance by the 8xx series. I didn't realise they had sold so many in the UK. im glad to see the plucky little 620 rising up too. 4% already. Would be fantastic to see it overtake the l800 in the UK
  • Lumia 800 is easily the highest selling mid or high end Wndows Phone globally. It was afterall the first Nokia WP. Lumia 900 was a after thought globally.
  • Its all good!
  • Cheap Mobile(T-Mobile).. Working their windows phones....proud of if we could only get a variant of the 920 like att and Verizon...i think we would do better than 23%... But still a nice measurement
  • Looks like RM-893 might be it. If this happens, I'll happily come back to T-Mo.
  • My wife has the 822 and it is such a huge step up in performane over my Trophy. Honestly, who cares if it has "mid-range" specs, most of the consumers couldn't care less as long as the OS is butter smooth, and WP8 certainly is. Can't wait to see what the 928 is...I'm due for an upgrade.
  • I hope Verizon people leak some stuff on the new Lumia soon!
  • The only mid-range specs on the 822 and its siblings is the screen and the camera. The other internals are the same, so the 822 and its siblings SHOULD get comparable performance to the 920, but with better battery life (as the 920 has a higher resolution and a higher refresh rate). That's kind of how mid-range phones tend to be though, just lower-resolution versions of their flagship brethren.
  • 822 gets better performance than the 920 because of the smaller resolution. And the camera is quite comparable to high end phones (assuming it's the same as in 820).
  • Obviously, you care because you're waiting for the top-tier phone.
  • You know how you solve the 7.X being more than windows 8 chart? You offer the Windows 8 upgrade to all existing .7.8
  • You don't even have to offer an upgrade, just a partial discount. I'm sure some would pay $150 for the 920 or $50-100 for the 810/820/822, if you gave them the option.
  • I bought my 920 day one at AT&T store in Seattle by trading in old iPhone and Lumia 710. Check your carrier for trade-in deals\programs.
  • Nice news
  • Believe me when Verizon gets Lumia 920 variant they will love it I love mine
  • It's so much uglier than my 920 though :|
  • That's what I thought initially too.  But when I saw and held the phone in my hand it really is a very nice looking phone.  I don't believe the photos does it justice.  To me anyway.
  • I've given my share to those stats owning a L800 for a year now, and today arrived my brand new white shiny L920 with a white DT-910 charging stand! Couldn't be happier! 
  • Interested to see what those mystery devices will turn up as
  • One of them is the 920 variant on Verizon.  The other is likely a 920 variant for T-Mobile.  AT&T will take a severe WP8 marketshare dip when that happens.  I expect Verizon will be the #1 WP8 carrier before the summer is over.  I know from talking to a friend that works with them that they have moved a ton of 822s.  They are pleased and so is Nokia.  Do not be surprised if Verizon gets the 41MP Pureview Nokia as an exclusive because of their commitment to selling Nokias.
  • Verizon CEO did state the following:
    "It is important that there is a third ecosystem brought into the mix here. We are fully supportive of that with Microsoft…We helped create the Android platform from the beginning and it is an incredible platform today, and we are looking to do the same thing with a third ecosystem."
    So perhaps this is the beginning of it all....
  • I hope this doesn't happens. I left Verizon for the 900, and I don't really want to go back. I prefer AT&T, even with the slightly less pervasive coverage. I have coverage 98% of the places I go, and it's faster. So I really hope that the next pureview device is not a Verizon exclusive.
  • Sales of the L920 fell off a cliff. Now I understand why HTC canceled their flagship Windows Phone and Samsung didn't push the Ativ S.
  • What makes you say that about the Lumia 920? This post discusses *share* of Windows Phone, not sales.
  • In two months the L920 reached 16% market share, the next two months reached 18% market share.
    From this numbers is possible to conclude that sales in the first two months were impressive, the market share grew fast. Just two iterations and almost arrived at the peak.
    In the last two month, monthly sales were very close to the market share, that's why market share is stable.
    If monthly sales are 20 is too low for the highly subsidized hero device.
    I'm talking about the US market only.
  • That's due to pent up demand on one hand.  And also the percentage of the market it effected by how well other handsets are doing, it looks like there has been quite a push on selling the 822 for example so that would keep the 920 percentages lower.
    Samsung won't push the ATIV because they won't swap one billboard from their Galaxy to ATIV, it must be a hard sell internally to do anything other then Android. 
    And HTC are concentrating on their Android offerings, although despite releasing their latest and greatest mobile with all the high end features they were still overlooked in favour of Samsung and Nokia at the last MWC.   Thats not a good start, as that was their problem last year on Android, they had the handsets to compete with Samsung, but Samsung drowned them in marketing.
  • HTC appeared to have canceled support for a flagship phone due to the wp8 lack of support for full HD displays and quad-core processors. That is what they're building for Android, so perhaps they they are waiting for an OS update rather than building a device to accommodate wp8 limitations. Blame that one on MS.
  • I guess people on Verizon were really wanting a new WP device :^P I'm happy that its doing well. I hope that Verion gets a high end WP device with Pureview from Nokia soon as I have a friend wanting a WP on Verizon and would like her to get a high end Nokia :^)
  • Nice to see WP is on the rise and growing
  • My buddy's Android Skyrocket 2 died and I convinced him to get a Lumia 920. I don't think I've heard someone say the word "amazing" so many times in my life.
  • I know from my experience that anyone who makes the #switch from a year or two old android to Lumia 920, will have nothing else to say than "amazing".
    It's going to take yet on other year or so until those millions of android owners are going to make their #switch when their contracts end. And then you will see some serious changes in those market shares.
  • I had the 822 for 2 weeks.. And honestly, the phone sucked. Lol. Maybe it was just my experience. It had horrible audio quality, terrible battery life, cheap plastic back plate. And from time to time my phone would just shut off and take at least 30 mins to reboot... But again, maybe it was just my experience..
  • 30 min to reboot? Riiiight... you just blew any credibility you might have had on that one.
  • Lol. U don't have to believe me, but that's really what happened.. And I'm not even blaming Nokia, I honestly believe it was WalMart's fault ( for sending me faulty equipment..
  • We don't believe you. :-)
  • I can say Windows Phones are finally having some sales in US. I'm seeing more and more people with them. I have seen at around three different people everyday for the last two weeks rocking a WP8 handset. Before today, this was a very rare sight. Blackberry on the other hand, disappeared all of a sudden. Teens used to have BB's now they got cheap androids or iphones instead.
  • Yeah, but then they go to WP FB page and complain, complain, complain. My Android did this, my iPhone did this. WP doesn't. Drives me nuts. ;-)
  • Crazy right? In all fairness, a lot of the things I've seen that are "missing" are things that should have been there in the first place - like a notification center, or "bedtime" mode - simple things, respectively.
  • Verizon advertises the Lumia 822 quite a lot. AT&T, not so much on TV.
  • Really disappointed with my country Canada, I thought they sold alot of WP8 devices. The big 3 carriers(Telus,Bell,Rogers) here all have windows phones
  • I have the 822 and love it! Expandable memory and removable battery made me pick it over Htc. I tried the 8x and liked it, buy not enough storage for me. I was happy, yet very surprised to read this!
  • Well of course the 822 is selling so well on the Verizon network- it's the better of the TWO choices its customers have. it's actually a no-brainer when you think about it- removable battery + SD card support (822) vs. neither (8x). so you factor customers on the largest carrier (Verizon), finally getting a WP8 device (something that a lot of us have been clamoring for a long time), and the reality of two choices- one being slightly better than the other, and what would you expect?
    that being said, if Verizon had a 920 variant available when i got my 822, i would have gotten that, but solely for the camera. i sure as hell hope the rumored '928' has at least SD card support. otherwise, the 822 is working just fine, though i am saddened by the lack of case choices.
  • That's what i was thinking.
  • +1   My thoughts exactly.   I SO hope that the new  flagship Nokia on VZW has at least MicroSD expansion.  Replaceable battery would make it a no-brainer.  I would finally upgrade my beloved Trophy for that and would even (bregrugingly) give up my unlimited data.  More importantly we would instantly make that our preferred Win8 Phone at work where we have converted all but 1 Android user over to Windows Phone!!!  We have a bunch of Trophy users to upgrade in the coming year or two.  :)
  • I have said this since Windows phone 7. AT&T doesn't care about Windows Phone. I don't know why Microsoft and Nokia still choosing them to be the premier carrier with the flagship phone.Same thing happens with Nokia and Microsoft.Only Nokia cares.
  • I'm torn. On the one hand, the 822 is incredibly ugly. On the other, it has gorillaglass among other things the 820 does not. Well, I can't get 822 anyway seeing as I'm with ATT.
  • Well, apparently more people like the look of the 822 compared to the 820 or 920. Proof is in the pudding.
  • Or, they can't get the 820 or 920 since they're on Verizon....
  • @ Alex:
    i wouldn't call the 822 ugly by any means, though it certainly can't compare to its multi-colored bigger brother. i went from a Tour to an 822 and don't feel like i'm carrying an ugly sister around. my gripes with WP8 as a whole are centered on a near-complete lack of integration with Win8 (something they were really hitting hard).
    case in point: 24 hours to get my music to sync to the SD card and to do so with the album art. srsly...almost 24 whole hours. MS fell so far behind the curve that they had to rush WP8 out when they did. if they hadn't, they would have had zero chance of catching apple/android. and i say this as a fanman (too old to be a boy), of the Win8/WP8 platform.
  • I've said it before and I'll keep saying it: if your tags are in perfect order, then simply drag and drop your music to the SD card or phone through explorer. It works and it goes as fast as the hardware lets it. I have over 5000 songs on my phone with embedded album art. Everything is fine. As far as the 822.... I just can't into the white / round. I need a rectangle :) Fanman, heh that's good.
  • In the year 2013 it is insane to expect people to manipulate the windows file folder structure to get their music on their phones.  Yes, for geeks like us, it's as easy as pie, but geeks are not the majority of smartphone users anymore.   The killing of the Zune app was the single biggest blunder so for with Windows Phone...
  • You've got it backwards. A lot of syncing clients are pretty convoluted and can be confusing, where as "drag and drop" is the epitome of ease of use. I mean, what could be simpler? For geeks like us, drag and drop is not powerful enough if you are accustomed to dynamic playlists and so forth, so by your logic, the average user should be fine. And true enough my dad, "the average user", likes drag and drop better than zune because it is just plain easier.
    For us geeks, you can easily generate and update said dynamic playlists in your music player of choice and export them, then drag and drop to the phone. No functionality is lost and it's not harder to do, there's just another step or two involved. The only feature zune confers that cannot be replicated as far as I know is wireless syncing.
  • It will be interesting to see Verizon's numbers when they get a "flagship" Nokia device such as the rumored Nokia Lumia 928. Hopefully the device is more polished than the 920.
  • Sure it sold well when they are practically free on most dealers.  
  • I have been tracking 822 on Verizon for some time now based on the number of reviews that show up every day. Based on what I see, 822 is pretty popular on Verizon (behind iPhone, SIII, Droid Maxx and close to Note II) with almost 500 reviews and more interestingly, the number of reviews starting growing faster around Valentines day when they were running ads, price dropped to $0 (and the red 822 showed up). On the other side, 920 on AT&T is doing pretty poorly. I am not surprised at this at all. Here is what I think:
    1) There is enough evidence out  there that Android users are more attracted to WP8 and Nokia than iPhone users.
    2) AT&T prices its smartphones aggressively than Verizon. There is very little competition for 822 at $0 price point at Verizon.
    3) AT&T is iPhone nation.They hardly try to sell anything else. Verizon favors Android and this provides Nokia and WP8 an opportunity.
    You can see the same trend worldwide. WP and Nokia is doing comparatively better in countries where Android dominates. Conversely they are struggling in iPhone dominating countries. Here is my prediction: 520/620/720 will take away significant marketshare from Android in the coming months. High end will remain an uphill battle for Nokia/WP8 esp. in Western Europe, NA, Australia etc. due to iPhone dominance.
  • Pretty spot on!
  • There are iPhone-dominant countries other than the US?
  • At&t salesman's are apple slaves... Verizon employee's are not. That is the difference. This from my experience.
  • They're Apple cultists like many others around the world. That's what you get we you operate a business like a cult. Even when the guru is gone, the sheep continue as usual!!
  • Go Verizon, their faith on windows phone is finally restored! And yes, I'm part of the Lumia 822 owners :)
  • All AT&T has done to promote the 920 is the Will Arnett commercials. Microsoft has only put out the Jessica Alba commercial for it to my knowledge(correct me if I'm wrong). And worse can anyone tell me if Nokia has put out a single commercial for it? Because I don't recall a single one.
  • You are correct, not one commerical from Nokia.  AT&T had one commericial for the 920 and about 20 for the IPhone.
  • just look at you'll see how much att lumia 920 is doing in USA. Nokia supply is in real serious situation, seem they move all stock to Asia markets in order to stabilize the sales in these emerging countries and could not take care of American markets enough. No surprise if in Q1 2013, Wp is down to even lower in America
  • Very nice looking phone
  • The 822 is a good phone. I wish I had a 920 for the camera but the 822 is serving me well.
  • I have the 920 and a friend of mine just got the 822 and she loves it.