Verizon Lumia 822 is a sleeper hit, surpassing the Lumia 920 on AT&T according to a new report

Developer advertising platform AdDuplex has released data for the month of March. The report is based on data collected from 389 different Windows Phone apps that utilise the AdDuplex SDK (v2). March 1st was the designated date for the data to be withdrawn and analysed.

So what's new in the report? Well, Windows Phone 8 is growing, but Windows Phone 7 still holds out strong and the Lumia 822 is evidently selling well.

Windows Phone 8 versus Windows Phone 7: Worldwide

Windows Phone 8 Market share on AdDuplex from January through March shows an interesting trend with 19%, 26% and 31% share respectively for the new OS, demonstrating strong and seemingly consistent growth.

Conversely, Windows Phone 7.x has dropped from 81% in January to just 68% this last month, meaning conversion (or people just switching) is continuing. 

AdDuplex OS

When we talk about countries and which markets are ranking above others, the USA is topping the tables on 11.3 percent with India (7.6 percent), China (7.5 percent), Mexico (7.5 percent) and Italy (7.4 percent) closely behind. While the top three remain in the same positions, their slices have been reduced with Russia, the UK, Brazil, Germany and France taking more of the pie.

AdDuplex Countries

AdDuplex also goes into some detail how European markets are developing with new Windows Phone 8 hardware launching at retailers and mobile operators. It's not surprising to see early Lumia hardware still among the most popular handsets as these markets witnessed some heavy Windows Phone 7 marketing. Check the following chart as an example:

AdDuplex UK

It's interesting to note that the Lumia 620 is already at 4%, which is not too far from the Lumia 710 at 5% making that device's fast ascent noteworthy.

Verizon has sold more Lumia 822s than AT&T's Lumia 920?

In one of the more interesting tidbits for US market share we can see how the Lumia 822 (21%) has passed the Lumia 920 (18%), which is an impressive gain by Verizon.

Of course, that phone is often free on contract, and Verizon has been pushing the Lumia 822 through various TV commercials and holiday specials e.g. Valentine's Day promotion.  That's still an impressive accomplishment though as the Lumia 920 clearly gets the most headlines. 

The Lumia 822 back in January only had about 10% of the market by comparison. 

Nokia still dominates in the US

Likewise, Samsung has all but given up their edge on Windows Phone in the US, seeing no major US release besides the Odyssey, As a result, they are a distant third now with just 9% of the US market versus Nokia's more robust 64%. HTC of course is right in between with 26%.

Along the same lines, Windows Phone 8 in the US has gone from the minority to the majority last month, and that trend continues. Previously Windows Phone 8 surpassed Windows Phone 7.x  back in early February with 51% for the former. Now, that number has grown to 61% in the US, showing a high rate of adoption here.

AT&T still doing well but Verizon and T-Mobile are getting close

Carrier pick up in the US shows that Verizon and T-Mobile are having quite a bit of success with their Windows Phone offerings, as Verizon now controls 29% of the market with AT&T at  43%. T-Mobile too has done seemingly alright with an impressive 23% of the market as well.

That's perhaps doubly impressive when you consider that AT&T launched early with three Windows Phone 8 devices (HTC 8X, Lumia 820 and Lumia 920), while T-Mobile and Verizon launched with just two offerings. Once again it shows that people rarely switch for a device but instead stick with a preferred carrier. 

Mystery Devices

As well as the above charts and accumulated data, AdDuplex also notes some unidentified devices that popped up while analysing the numbers:

  • NOKIA RM-887_apac_prc_206 – most likely just a variant of Lumia 720 (RM-885)
  • NOKIA RM-860_nam_usa_100 – always on Verizon in the USA, with 1280x768 resolution
  • NOKIA RM-892_eu_euro1_016 – we’ve seen RM-892 in India before, but now we’ve seen it in Finland and we can confirm that it also has a 1280x768 screen (or at least a ScaleFactor of 160)
  • NOKIA RM-893_nam_tmous_201 – this is probably a T-Mobile variant of the phone above

Check out the upcoming AdDuplex blog post for more information (due tomorrow).

Rich Edmonds
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