Lumia 822 popular among Verizon customers, grey and red versions sold out

The Lumia 822 (or Lumia 820 for those of us outside the US) is a Nokia Windows Phone 8 device that sits comfortably next to the Lumia 920, albeit with a few features missing from the specifications sheet. The smartphone is exclusive to Verizon and the US mobile operator has also taken the opportunity to launch a red version of the device for Valentine's Day. This colour, along with grey are currently both sold out.

It's no surprise that consumers are taking to the Windows Phone. It's a solid looking handset with some serious horsepower under the shell. The Lumia 822 sports a 1.5GHz dual-core chip, 1800mAh battery, 4G LTE, 4.3" display, 16GB storage (with SD support), 8MP rear shooter and a front-facing camera for those Skype video calls. Should you be looking for a unique experience, but not a Lumia 920, the 822 isn't a sacrifice at all.

The Lumia 822 remains available in both black and white versions, which can be purchased for free when taken out with a two-year contract. As well as the cheap pricing, impressive specifications and attractive design, the Lumia 822 has strong feedback from consumers with 78% recommending the product to others - it has a 4.3 / 5 rating, just shy of the iPhone 5's 4.5.

We've covered in the past how the Lumia 920 and other Windows Phones were experiencing issues with stock levels in multiple markets. It's positive to see Verizon in the states suffer from similar problems. Whether or not this is related to a potential lack of stock coming out of the holiday season, we'd like to believe the handset has proven to be quite the popular choice.

Unfortunately, there's no word on when the colours will once again be available. Verizon is likely to pump more numbers into the warehouse before Valentine's Day hits.

Source: Verizon Wireless Store (red (opens in new tab)) (grey (opens in new tab)); thanks, Zach, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • The 2 for 1 deal I see advertised must have helped.
  • Are we dealing with supply issues again?! I really like Nokia trying to get as much variety out there in as many markets as possible, but the supply thing has got to be the down side.
  • This isn't Nokia's fault.  Orders are placed based on sales estimate and Verizon sold out its entire Vday holiday inventory in just few days. Although there is no word on the red color, the Grey one should be available on Tuesday again.
  • I understand the notion that its good to be out of stock, but I can't get behind it unless it's during the launch of a flagship device. The 822 should never be out of stock because what that actually means is that Nokia and WP8 are losing out on sales. Sorry to nitpick but I'm just sick of seeing that idea spread around as a "good thing." The 822 isn't going to build a demand because its hard to get
  • its says above its only out of stock in 2 colors! Black and white still seem to be available
  • Might be time we retired the "sold out" stories when it comes to Windows Phone or Surfaces etc. Because without fail we end up with a situation where for example only 700,000 Lumias were actually sold for the quarter...or 900,000 Surfaces total. In other words, "sold out" means literally nothing in these cases and claiming Windows Phone is "popular" ends up being a stretch at best.
    PS I'm all in with Windows Phone and Windows 8, I just don't like these sort of rah rah articles.
  • I agree. WP is in a situation where it cannot benefit from being "sold out" because it means potential customers will be directed to competing products. This, obviously, would change when they get a better market share. Also, like you pointed out, sold out in this situation has an inflated meaning because it's more due to lack of inventory than staggering demand.
  • True, but being sold out means it literally sold more than what the oem projected the sales to be, so in fact, its still a good thing. Just because the "other guys" are selling more still shouldn't take away from what clearly still means success For MS...
  • Right? "Windows Phone sold out in China! Huge lines! Windows Phone is Exploding in China"
    Two weeks later--"Windows Phone sales crater in China, says Marketshare Firm."
  • The Nokia 920 was available for 8 days in China for Q4.  They could have sold 50k in 8 days and that wouldn't have made a big difference in the numbers based on 700 million subscribers.
  • My step sister got one after I talked her into it from that iPhone she was stuck on
  • get ready for a world of grief.
  • Agreed. Got my sister to get the Trophy over two years ago and never heard the end of it. She finally stopped when she got the iPhone 5, much to my shegrin.
  • My sister loves her Trophy, but she does want a WP8 device.
  • let me guess. her complaints her "apps, apps, apps" right?!?!
  • Hopefully you made sure she would be able to do everything on WP that she could do on her iPhone. If not, you're going to get pestered all the time, and you'll risk tarnishing the WP brand in her eyes.
  • She loves it she was hating the iPhone lol she's a WP8 USER NOW !!! :D
  • Easy sale.. Good job!!
  • Thanx I got just about everyone in my family to switch to WP and some friends
  • sold out, and out of stock of a certain color I think are 2 different terms.
  • Love my Lumia 822.  Would have liked it in Cyan!  I have the Black, but have a blue silicon cover that Verizon sells.
  • There are 5 822s in my family and boy are they slick. Everyone loves them so far. Also, the Verizon rep at my store told me that the windows phones are "really starting to take off". She was very surprised. I think the commercials are working.
  • I agree!! 
    Everyday I see more and more Windows Phones, theres always a lag time between marketing plans and actual results, and I think were starting to see the results :D
    and damn convincing a whole family to switch to Windows! *high fives*
  • All 200 of them sold out? Sweet.. :P
  • lol
  • The irony is it might be correct that a batch of maybe 4-5000 only was delivered to Verizon.. Still sold out is always good news.. It means the demand is there and its exceeding supply chain expectations
  • 822 is a solid phone but it's going on ebay as soon as a high end Nokia comes to Verizon
  • That's a good thing don't you think? Let them go to Ebay,, that's just more WP's in peoples hands.
  • The commercials are working. They are good and people can get into them. Both the Cam Newton and particularly the Gwen Stefan commercial are very well done and paced.
  • There is a Cam Newton commercial? I guess that will boost sales in Alabama :P
  • I just got a white one over the weekend - they did not have any red in stock. The rep said the phones are selling well.
  • I love my 822 it's a great powerful device. especially loving choosing Nokia for their apps and whatnot
  • Good to hear I guess. Now if Verizon could start pushing out updates that I thought MS was handling? Still lost on why we now have ota updates if we still having to wait for carriers to push them out.
  • agreed... I switched from a Thunderbolt to an 822.  Verizon was terrible with updates for the Thunderbolt (they just released ICS for it today... wow...) so I am concerned that every other major carrier has updated to Portico and Verizon is just twiddling their thumbs.  I want to be current, that is why I switched to WP8, to avoid the update delays and fragmentation and now... update delays...
  • Just odd because they did ok with updates for the trophy.
  • Hopefully they sold 25 million of them.
  • That's a possibility!
  • If only...
  • I got the red first day out. My son has a 920 and there's nothing it has that I miss. It a very good fast phone that fits perfect on your hand. The 822 looks much better in person than the pictures give it credit for
  • Well said! I have the black too, looking to swap for a red one soon!
  • This is great news for windows phone 8! The faster the market share grows the better !
  • Much as l love these headlines, and Nokia. Lets face it, there selling low numbers to the stores.
  • Verizon needs to get the updates out. Love my 822
  • Let me tell you. I LOVE this device. If it had better specs like camera features and more colors, I wouldn't even think about the 920.
  • I thought it was odd that the initial run of the 822 wasn't talked about more on the front page here. The device was sold out from day one. Unless the supply was only 10,000 that was impressive. My family has 3 of them and it took us all a while to get them because of being sold out. Definitely an underrated device. Everyone that notices it is curious about and surprised how fast and smooth of a device it is. Not to mention for all of the ugly and brick remarks it gets from professional reviews, its a handsome device. The first time I opened the box and it was sitting there recessed in the red Verizon box I thought I had the wrong phone.
  • Nokia and WP are the 2 stooges of the smartphone industry.
  • Does that mean something?
  • I have the white 822 and love it. I just wish that they would get the new Portico update soon. This device is smooth and I don't see the difference in it from the 920 other than the camera.
  • I have had the 822 black since Christmas and love.  No issued so far.  Only if they fix the volume thing, I wil be really happy.  The stores never had the grey in stock when I went there. 
  • Nice
  • I don't get it with some of these comments about why it's Nokia's fault Verizon is out of stock (or LG with the Nexus 4) they (Nokia/LG) don't put the purchase order in.
    Verizon says we want this many, Nokia sells them stock, when Verizon's (or anyone's) stock levels hit a certain level it triggers an order alert, then someone looks at the alert and what's happening and feed back and only then do cariers or stores order more stock. Nokia can stock pile what they think people will want but that doesn't make sense to do with a variant because they only sell that to one client not too mention having large reserves of phones which change every 6 months is a poor use of capital which if they end up with high stock levels at the end they basically end up writing off and loosing money on.