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Nokia Lumia 900 expected in June worldwide, pre-register now at Carphone Warehouse

Some great new for those of you not on AT&T yearning for the Nokia Lumia 900--looks like June, 2012 is your month. That's the month that retail re-seller Carphone Warehouse is expected to start selling the phone to regular folks around Europe. (AT&T users in the States are still expecting a March release).

What makes this astonishing is this is the first official confirmation that indeed, the Lumia 900 with it's 4.3" screen is coming elsewhere besides AT&T here in the States. While we have heard of rumors, some indirect confirmations, etc. now we're seeing that not only will this phone be released world-wide but that a mid-year time-frame is expected.

No other information is teased on the site but they do have the full specs and everything looks like on the up and up. So start saving now. We can also expect much more detail next month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Source: Carphone Warehouse (opens in new tab); Thanks, Mark E., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Hope its quad band 3/Faux G like the 710 and its an instant import!
  • June? Seriously? Then I also skip the second generation of WP7 devices and wait for  an Apollo DualCore device...
  • Bring the Lumia 900 to T-Mobile!!!!!!
  • Yes tmo please :)
  • Even on ATT?
  • No, AT&T is getting it earlier. This is for the rest of the world.
  • Still March 18th I hope.
  • How does a UK site saying they will get them in June have anything to do with any carriers in the US getting it?
  • This is just ridiculous. Get into a 2 years contract in June for Apollo and/or dual core phones to come out 3-4 months later (presumably) doesn't make any sense. This phone needs to be out yesterday.
  • Almost long enough away that I don't regret the Lumia 800 purchase :D all seriousness though I will probably be strongly contemplating selling the 800 to upgrade to this, if only for the front facing camera ready for Skype support that's bound to exist by then right?... Right?
  • Having to wait until June for a 2nd gen device may be a bad move as a few months later 3rd gen devices will be getting teased for the Apollo update. I have an HTC Titan & although the Lumia 900 looks very nice it wouldn't entice me to go for it as I'll be quite happy to wait a few months for something a lot better.
  • Please T-mobile
  • Interesting, Carphone Warehouse claim it will be 8 megapixel, but other news sources say it will be upgraded to 12 megapixel. Am I the only one thinking CPW have only put this up to draw attention to themselves and/or have just put it up early as a precaution to when it will come out?
    Also, the picture seems to be a genuine cut and paste (judging by the jagged and non smooth phone edges). I'm not convinced they 100% know if it will be out June and are just guestimating.
  • "Interesting, Carphone Warehouse claim it will be 8 megapixel, but other news sources say it will be upgraded to 12 megapixel."
    The 12MP thing was an unconfirmed rumor and that's it. I wouldn't put that much credence into it.
  • True enough Daniel, but im still thinking they've put this up just in case with the original specs. Possible that they're getting in June, but they aren't aware if the specs are the same or not.
  • Sure, that's a possiility. Of course, the 12MP thing could also have been bogus. Just saying I wouldn't put too much in either one being correct--actually, I'm less likely to believe the 12MP camera rumor, to be honest..
  • Well you would have to expect some sort of upgrade! With Apollo due later this year, and the possible iPhone 5 due mid year (not to mention a Galaxy S3 or somethin) a smart person would see very little reason to pick this up with the specs now. Nokia would probably be close to releasing a new phone by Q3! Its an interesting crossroad.
  • Im not switching until Skype is fully integrated... Dual flash on the camera is a MUST for me
  • Cool. Hope my HD2 can make it that long.
  • Hmm, I need this phone in my life. Now we have a firm date, I'm willing to wait for the 900. Hopefully we'll also know more about the Apollo handsets by then....
  • June? supposed that WP aims to get into the competition running more slow than the other companies?. I'm agree with Tahiti Bob "This phone needs to be out yesterday".
  • How is it more slow than other companies are you referring to the single core chip? im not one for arguments but believe windows phone bested many of the competitions best phones in simple tasks thus making it faster? hardware and software work together if the software is taxing then i believe improved hardware is needed but since wp7 has a minimalist approach to wouldn't you agree that it isnt needed at the moment? come on dude give the specs a rest already all i really say is needed at the moment is higher resolution screen and that is (MY OPINION)
  • Agreed, but id still like to see dual core processors just to be able to play games with better graphics. Better resolution is top of my list as well.
  • thats understandable but it being needed is a matter of perspective not everyone uses their phone for playing games i use mine for work :P
  • Or how these phones should be out worldwide right now, by the time this comes to Canada better phones will be coming out. I am in love with WP7 and think it's the best looking, and easiest to operate OS of them all, but the hardware is lagging behind. :'(
  • Hardware don't matter digest. Lumia 900 has great hardware and don't you every know SkyDrive cloud storage gives you 25 gig free space.
  • ^^This. Hopefully the June worldwide thing is true, cause the contract for my LG Optimus 7 is done then! Also, hopefully coming to Telus (I know we're getting the 800, but the 900 is for me).
  • June is so far away.
  • So true.... Even for me, not even a rumor that Verizon is going to get it...
    I'm sure by June, we'll be hearing about 3rd Gen devices sad to say and this will no longer be special :(
  • But the OS is light years ahead so we don't need the crazy battery draining ability that comes with dual core im happy were Wp is heading, except the fact that down here in Australia Telstra (and every other company) like always don't know what's going on with anything no news about any of the handsets no 710 no 800 or 900 none of the titans the two places I went didn't even no what I was talking about which made me concluded that they hired these people because of a pretty CV or resume not because they no anything about the phone industry or products which made me even madder cause I need a job haha I guess no one nose about Aus?
  • You might want to use full stops and commas next time.
  • Now 60,000 apps in Marketplace
    and keeps growing everyday.
  • Eye third!
  • Like someone said already, this needs to be out now. If the rumors are right and WP8 is going to be released in Q4 of this year then it doesn't make sense to buy this. Wtf Nokia?!
  • Please for Verizon LTE !!! Also, 32gb or 64gb then it would be the ultimate phone
  • I echo all the calls here for the 900 to be out asap. Who knows what the mobile world will look like in 1/2 years time. If Nokia are going to succeed they need to pull out all stops. Its not advertising they need, its the right hardware being available at the right time.
  • Well looks like Carphones Warehouse pulled this page!
  • I'd go to any other provider and give Carphone Warehouse a wide berth, such a bunch of cowboys.
    For all those saying they'll wait for the 3rd Gen devices it might be a longer wait than you'd like. When Apollo comes out later this year there probably won't be a huge range of devices available to start with; the usual wait of a couple of months until CES and Barcelona come around and maybe then we'll see some great Apollo devices. Just saying ;)
  • I'm waiting for this phone in T-mobile...... currently I'm on at&t..... but I will not buy the att lumia..... I'll switch to t-mobile! (never again on att).... even if I have to wait till june!..... 
    GO T-MOBILE with LUMIA 900
  • nokia is doing it wrong! they r creating expectation on people about the phone.... and not releasing it..... when they release it, that same day the new iphone is going to be out and also a new android..... and nokia won't sell a single phone....... HURRY UP NOKIA OR GO HOME!