Nokia Lumia 900 update is now live

The Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone update to address the data connectivity issues (and hopefully the battery issue) is now live. All you need to do is connect your Lumia 900 to your Zune Desktop and follow the steps in the Update Wizard.  The entire, ten step process takes about fifteen minutes and does involve a backup step.

When complete your Lumia 900 should be updated to the following:

  • OS Version: 7.10.8112.7
  • Firmware revision number 2175.1002.8112.12084
  • Hardware revision number: 112.1914.2.0
  • Radio software version:
  • Radio hardware version: 8055
  • Bootloader version
  • Chip SOC version:

While it was a bit of a downer to see the Lumia 900 have these issues, Nokia has done a great job of addressing them. Nokia acknowledged the issue, set a target date to correct the issues, compensated customers for their trouble and launched the fix three days ahead of schedule.  

All that is left is to see if the fix worked. My fingers are crossed that data connections are stable and the battery life returns to making it through the day without worries. Icing on the cake would be if the camera improved but that might be asking for too much in such a short period of time.

If you've updated your Lumia 900 and can tell a difference, sound off in the comments.

Thanks, everyone, for tipping us on this!

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Boo yay!
    I am soo siked that they actually released this early... This makes me feel warm and fussy about getting a nokia instead of the Titan II, because i know that if something happens in the future that nokia will care and fix it. 
  • I don't have the Lumia, but with this kind of customer service, it will definitely be my next phone. Spot on, Nokia!
  • Well my phone is now stably locked onto 4G. No more hunting around like before. Its hard to prove a negative but this seems pretty good so far!
  • Did the camera isses get fixed?
  • The changelog I read is that an issue with "pocket-to-picture" was fixed so that holding the camera button "when the phone is off" will launch the camera. Now, the changelog did not specify if off means the phone is locked or if it truly means off.
  • PROTIP:  The update will go faster if you remove things that take up alot of memory on your phone.  Like images, photos, music, and videos.  I had a few movies on the phone and just removed them and added back in.
    All updates causes the phone to start a backup on your file system(Step 7 of 10).  Make sure you have enough disk space on your C:\ drive.
  • I think this is no longer true. Synced items are not backed up.
  • This is true now. Apps and settings are backed up, including isolated storages. Music, pictures, video, and podcasts are not because they will automatically sync back down after a restore.
  • Damn. That was fast.
  • They said Monday, but look, released early!.. I love Nokia :)
  • That was fast !  Now I just need to find one .......  :(   All stock has been returned from stores and they have no idea when they will receive new stock :(
  • somebody on XDA already got an updated new phone.  ATT stores are receiving them.  They come with a green dot near the IMEI number. 
  • Just played with the lumia 900 fast and beautiful... Wish I can dump sprint already.
  • Feeling outdated with my arrive. Bad camera keyboard fix , nothin'... Dunno how many times it closed on me....damn
  • I ditched the Arrive for the 900.  AT&T is more expensive than Sprint, but even with this data issue I'm not regretting my decision.  AT&T 3G simply destroys Sprint 3G here in Baltimore.  I had no idea what I was missing.
  • Sprint's 3G was abysmal compared to this. I was getting 7Mbps on AT&T's 3G the other night.
    I've never seen more than 1.3Mbps on Sprint 3G.
  • 1.3 Mbps??? I would still be with Sprint if those were the speeds I was getting.  I was getting 200 kbps on a consistent basis everywhere I went - except my home, ironically.  I usually averages a megabit at my apartment, but I'm on WiFi when I'm there so it's not really helpful to me.
  • I did the same.  Two Arrive lines transferred to ATT on 04/06.  We couldnt be happier.
  • At first I thought I would regret it based on ATT horrible service (allegedly).  Couldnt be further from the truth.  LTE is blazing fast!
  • I too ditched my Arrive for the Lumia.  I was disappointed when I found about the data issue the hard way.  Using Nokia maps on a road trip to Philly caused my problem but AT&T swapped my phone out.  When it happen again on the way home Sunday morning...applied the update and not a problem since.  Haven't had the phone for a week and already got a bug fix.  Nokia is spot on!!  Glad I switched.
  • Like the others I too ditched the Arrive and Sprint and moved to AT&T and couldn't be happier.  I was a happy Sprint customer and got reasonable speeds until the iPhone launched.  Adter that it was down hill and the lack of WP support was the last thing I needed to leave.  AT&T has been supperior in every department and my Lumia 900 is awesome. I don't have LTE yet but faux G is much faster than Sprint. I switched to att just under 30 days ago and started with the Titan.  Not a bad phone but the IMO the Lumia is better.
  • Wow i thought I was seeing thought I was seeing things when this headlne posted. Apple or Google would have never responded this fast to resolve an issue. I'm sure AT&T reps are speechless now! Instead of badmouthing the Lumia for another weekend in a row! All I can say is impressive! Good job Nokia, and Microsoft!
  • Not to rain on the parade or anything but don't you think that maybe Nokia knew about this before the rest of us?  Just trying to maintain reasonability here, if Apple knew a bug like this was in an iPhone at launch they'd be pushing just as quickly - Google probably couldn't but another manufacturer who cared enough about their flagship phone could.
  • Apple knew the flash malware 2 months before the news broke out and they didn't say anything and I read it in apple bias
  • Well that's not a flagship Apple phone is it?  Completely different issue from a broken data connection on a smart phone at launch and malware...not trying to defend Apple's stance on anti-virus but you're off the mark.
  • I understand what you're saying. I'm just using Apple malware as an example that some can push, update, fixes or patches faster than others whether they know the problem before or not.
  • I am an iPhone convert.  I have been an early adpoter of all things Apple.  I bought the iPod the first day it came out and updated each and every time a new verstion was introduced.  I was one of the first in line at my local AT&T store for each iteration of the iPhone.  Now, I purchased the Lumia on the first day it was introduced, and i am very happy.  I have no intent to go back.
    What I wanted to say about the data issue to all is  to remember when the iPhone 4 was introduced and "antennagate".  Steve Jobs' customer service advice was "just don't hold it that way".  Then, rather than fixing the issue, they just gave out bumpers for a short while to mitigate the issue...never correcting it. 
    My point here is technology is what it is....each new version is just one step out of beta and there will be issues.  Why do some iPhone fans criticize Nokia for an issue that was instantly resolved, and I mean within a week is instant in the world of software code, when their own beloved iPhone was never really fixed.  Also, remember the reception bars issue...didn't Apple have to fix that too.  What about the battery issues with the current version once updated to ios 5.
    Bottom line, Nokia has shown incredible customer service and a desire to keep its customers.  I am a fan and am looking forward to progress with Nokia and Windowsphone.  As far as iPhone - fogetaboutit!
  • Ehh, Antennagate wasn't a software issue.  And no, Steve Jobs was not the voice of Apple customer service in that case.  Yes, he was a CEO and therefore the mouthpiece of the company, most CEO's wouldn't have said anything at all.  I still have issue with the way the media treated Antennagate, especially after being able to reproduce the issue with two of my Windows Phones over six months later, simply by "palming" the backplate of the phone.
  • Amazing!! Happy I went with Nokia.. Now it's #teamnokia for life
  • Bad news:  the camera button still doesn't always wake the phone like it's supposed to, the volume buttons still don't always work with the screen off, and the headset button still doesn't always work with the screen off.  Update:  Even worse, it doesn't appear to have fixed the Wifi issue that I (and others in the forum) are having where you'll lose all bandwidth over Wifi, because i just had that issue again.
  • You should take your phone and get it replaced, even my Mozart can do that proply! :)
  • Yeah there are still issues with the buttons not always registering when the screen is off. I do find that if I tap the buttons repeatedly that sometimes it does register.
    I have never had an issue with Wi-Fi. Do you have bluetooth or ICS turned on or anything that might be causing interference with the wi-fi? Do you live in an apartment or dorm where there are tons of wireless routers? I'm on wi-fi constantly and I haven't gotten kicked off once, so I'm wondering what might be the variable.
  • Yes, I have Bluetooth on, I'll have to turn that off for a while and see if it changes anything.
  • are you having the same issue as me?  When the phone is asleep the inline controls on my headset stop working.  If it is on lock screen or 'awake' they work fine.  Something interesting about it is that it only happens to music or podcasts downloaded to the phone... if it is streaming or using spotify, iheartradio, or slacker.. it works fine even when asleep.  I really want this to be fixed.. so frustrating.
  • I never noticed a difference between streaming or downloaded content, but yes I have that issue.
  • I haven't tried it with streaming music, but for the music on my phone the inline controls and volume buttons do not work properly when the screen is locked. They work perfectly when the screen is unlocked, but not when the screen is off.
  • I dont have this issue at all...I am able to change volume on music while my screen is locked with a black screen. 
  • "camera button still doesn't always wake the phone like it's supposed to"
    In my experience, this is not a bug in the software, but a side effect of the proximity sensor. If you grip the phone around the face while you are holding the camera button, it will not unlock the phone and fire the camera app. Try holding the phone around the edges when you hold the button and I think you'll find that it unlocks just fine.
  • I only grip the edges when I use the camera, and have the issue.
  • I have same issue while trying to wake my phone with camera button while it was connect to my PC............when i disconnected cable and tried...its working fine.......
  • I found the issue while I was driving. When I had used the headphone jack my data stopped working. Not while DL. As soon as I unplugged the headphone jack it connected again.
  • I am updating my 2 Lumia 900 as I type.
  • Successful update here! I never had any issues in the first place, but I'm happy to see such a high level of customer support.
  • So do you get flagged that there is an update on your phone, or is this just plug into Zune and see?
    Secondly, how come this critical update got pushed just fine but a critical update like disappearing keyboard gets the FU from ATT?
  • no flag - my phone said no updates - I plugged mine in and Zune came up with the update
  • My guess is that Nokia distributed it and not AT&T.   As far as the flag goes.... I didn't get the notification on the phone until I connected with the Zune desktop.  Other updates, I've seen the notification on the phone first.
  • That's not possible, or so we've been told.  ATT has to test and approve all the updates.  If that were true then I'd demand we get all the updates due to us screw ATT.
  • Wasn't HTC able to bypass the carriers with the SRS Enhancement updates by treating them as an app update?  Same with Samsung on the Extra Settings.  Nokia might have been able to do the same here. Either that or AT&T saw that without the update sales would take a nose dive and waived any in-house testing.   One may never know but this shows the potential our update system has.
  • Because AT&T is investion $150M in the marketing of the Lumia 900. Oh, and Nokia, I mean paid AT&T $25M to encourage their sales force to push the phone. That's 175 million good reasons right there. And interesting that Nokia made a point of stating it was their fault and had nothing to do with AT&Ts network. That truth we may never know (probably already tucked away in the President's Book of Secrets).  
    My data was working fine, but glad to get the update anyway. And the $100 credit won't be hard to swallow either. That's for that.
  • ...just updated.  Data now works / 4G showing.
    I must admit, I was a little bummed to wait forever for this phone and then have it not ready for prime time.  That said, Nokia/AT&T/Microsoft have handled this flawlessly.  I'm usually in some state of disgust with AT&T, but I'm a happy customer right now.  It helps that the hardware simply rocks it.
    I just have to set-up 'find my phone' - it's says its still being set-up - and then figure out why it won't connect via Bluetooth to my Bose Soundlink and I'll be good to go. (I'm pacing myself with this fixes.)
    It's been a long time since I loved a phone => DVP, BB 9900, BB 9000, iPhone 4, Palm Pixi, and a boatload of Palm phones before that.  I love the phone and WP7.
  • BBs?  what are you a masochist?
  • BlackBerry.
  • Still sucks ATT can't release any other updates for rest of us...
  • Both phones are beautiful.. But nokia is different...
  • Is this update being rolled out to all 900's? No sign on Rogers in Canada.
  • Just updated and my Visual Voicemail now works!  Happy camper now.
    Will have to keep an eye on battery and data over the weekend but update went through pretty smoothly.  Wasn't expecting until Monday, nice Friday night treat.
  • Josh Topolsky... reallly?
  • Isn't he a Polak :-P
  • And...your mom is a what? Oh yes, that's right. Dish it out and take it like a (mama's) man procen.
  • Aweee did the review from a real tech site butt hurt your fragile Lumia ego? Can't take criticism like a real man I see. And its funny that you read the entire review before retreating to safe platform and fancentric sites to massage that ego. Guess Nokia forgot to beta test their smartphone. Oh what's that? Yeah you're right the scoreboard does say 4.9% market share. Loving using my Titan to write this.
  • Wow.... I call that great customer service. Thumbs up to Nokia.
  • It seems the update make my 900 running much faster... I think all reviews should be done again with this patch.... Loading, running scrolling app all got faster to me... Anyone?
  • Well when I get the white one on the 22nd I'll be revisiting my review again, so that should help. And Mossberg should too.
  • The really big deal here is AT&T getting this update out so fast. They are notoriously bad with approving updates and this shows how important this phone is to them (of course, all the marketing money that's already tied up will be wasted if the phones had issues that kept potential buyers away)
    What Nokia did with the 100$ for your troubles, is show the difference between them and Apple and why I will never again own an iDevice.
    Apple would've denied the problem for a long time and claimed it's actually your fault. They know best what's good and it's their way or the highway. It's always been this way (but with computers they had 5% of the market, so it didn't matter)
    The strange part in all of this, is that the update is rolling out, but if you order a phone before the 21st, you still get the 100$ (even though these phones should have the firmware already updated)
  • Nokia responded as update to resolve the problems in a such short period... Its incredible. Awesome customer service that's the way Nokia is getting all customers ahead in coming days with WP. Go for it Nokia. Love u but do listen customers. I mean like WP slogan"Put Customer's Voice First"!!! Amen
  • Just updated my phone. Everything went great with no problems. One question though, should I see the 4G or LTE icon?
  • You will only see LTE if your area has LTE which isn't that many markets yet.  It should say 4G most of the time, I do get LTE in my office in Newark, NJ and when I was in Jersey City today as well.
  • If your city/area has LTE and you have LTE data plan then you should be getting LTE. If not, you'll see 4G.
  • tHERE IS
  • Update complete.
  • Moved from the Titan to the Lumia 900 on Tuesday.  Although my phone didn't experience the data issues I am having issues with the camera button and volume buttons not working in sleep mode.  After reading all the posts I am occasionally getting the camera button to work, but it's hit or miss.
    After installing the update there is a noticeable difference in how fluid the UI is.  The Titan's touch response was instant.  I did notice a slight loss in the Lumia 900, but that's all fixed now.  The Lumia is now lightning fast and immedately responsive.  Menu buttons open instantly.  The keyboard almost knows what I'm going to touch before I do.  The scrolling is perfectly smooth. 
    I'm so very impressed with Nokia and Microsoft, great job.  You truly define customer service. 
    AT&T: You're a train wreck.  Three weeks after changing from Sprint to AT&T to get a descent windows phone I had to return it because of two glaring issues.  1) The mic is not lined up with the opening and talking on the phone was impossible.  The people on the other end said they could barely hear me becaue "it sounds like I'm ten feet from the phone".  2) The battery door is used as an antenna.  On the top and bottom of the inside case there are four connector tips that are supposed to make contact with the door to provide signal reception.  Well, two of the four were not touching and there was no way to modify them.  The replacement phone had the same exact issue.  I complained but was told "too bad", that's the way the phone is made.  Less than two months after releasing the Titan the Titan II was announced.  After admitting the issues with the first rendition AT&T would not help me get out of the Titan and into a Lumia in any way.  Shame on you.  I'm a heavy business user with the top tier plan spending over $150.00 per month and you can't even give a discount.  So, being loyal to my new OS for life I plopped down $450.00 on a full price Lumia.  Now Nokia comes through with a $100.00 credit to help.  Take note AT&T, that's how you treat customers.  NOTE: As soon as the Lumia is avaialble on another network, I'm outta here.  Oh, and let's not pretend for one second AT&T is putting any skin in the game on this product launch.  Their beloved iPone is still displayed front and center in corporate stores while the Lumia is stuck in the back corner.  At least I was lucky enough to have a sales association to wasn't afraid to speak her mind and tell me how much she was enjoying her Lumia, even though she was afraid to admit it in front of her manager.  My one bright spot with AT&T: World Coverage. 
    Thank you Microsoft and Nokia for making my world more enjoyable.  Stay the course, you're doing it right.
  • At&t didn't design nor manufacture the Titan nor Titan 2. Within 30 days of having the Titan, you could've returned it for a Focus S. I don't like HTC because all of their phones have no inspiration, they all have the same general design and flaws.
  • Ken1ceo - Well said.  I have two Titan I phones and the call quality issue is profoundly dissapointing.  Making calls is the whole reason for having a phone!
     I blew two upgrades in the process.  
  • Nokia is doing its customer service way too great. Look back to the signal problem with iPhone 4, Apple just kept releasing videos to deny the mistakes.
  • My preordered Nokia came with this version pre-loaded so I guess I'm not one of the unlucky ones, though I know one of my att reps got a bad nokia
  • Seem to be stuck on step 6 - Restarting your phone. It restarted and a graphic appeared on the phone (The phone and a PC with a USB cable in between).
    Zune still shows that it's still on Step 6.
    Is this normal?
    ...Nevermind. It didn't take. I had to cancel, reboot and start over. Seems to be progressing now.
  • OMG!  The update is amazing!  The UI and app response is even more fluid!!!  This is amazing!!!The Nokia Lumia 900 officially went on-sale on Easter, five days ago. Yes, there has been a software bug discovered causing the phone to drop data connection. Nokia immediately responded and identified the problem on a timely manner. Not only they've admitted the problem within 48 hours, credited all the customers $100, now they've already rolled out the firmware update for the phone. They have definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you Nokia!
  • GOT IT!!
  • For those of using a Lumia 900 on Rogers in Canada... 11:01 PM Steve: Is LTE available for the Lumia 900
    11:03 PM Tammy: It is available , however, for next couple of day LTE for lumia is not available 11:04 PM Steve: Is Rogers going to push the update from Nokia for the Lumia?
    11:04 PM Tammy: Yes, on 16th 11:06 PM Steve: Will Rogers support Internet Sharing on this device?
    11:12 PM Tammy: Yes
    11:12 PM Steve Hallwood: when?
    11:13 PM Tammy: We do not know So we aren't far behind the AT&T customers. :)
  • Nabbed the update and just as a test when I was out driving had Netflix running not watching of course that's just retarded :-P and I am now getting better reception then I was with the HTC titan I don't have 4g lte yet where I'm at so still rocking 3g unfortunately.
  • How's this for speed (Windows Phone Speed Test: Palo Alto, CA - US D: 24.49 Mbps U: 5.32 Mbps L