Quick Nokia Lumia 920 camera and lens demonstration

Nokia walked us through the capabilities of the Lumia 920 camera, which lead to some impressive results. Implementing PureView technology into the Lumia Windows Phone, Nokia has been able to create something special for when moments occur that require a quick shot of a camera.

The f2.0 aperture lens ensures enough light passes through to the sensor and floating lens technology provides image stabilisation with the shutter being open for longer. We're eagerly awaiting the release of the Lumia 920 to finally venture outside and snap some shots.

Source: YouTube

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • First
  • Wow feel proud of myself.....ha
  • I was wondering what "first" meant. Congratulations! You are first at something.
  • You are so lame I wonder if people are jumping of a building you will try to be first. Anyways does anyone know the carriers that will be getting the Nokias first? Prices?
  • Wow, such a great event and this camera isn't in focus, the video is all blurry...not good at all ))
  • Its the best they could do, the 920 isnt out yet ;)
  • I know the phone isn't out yet, but at least they could take the camera  just a little further so the camera can focus on the phone, as it's impossible to watch in this ”blurry mode on” mode, well just my 2 cents )) .
  • 8.7MP
  • neat camera, no question. Sounds like one of the better cameras out there on a phone....Does this beat the Titan 2 ?
  • While i have just as much knowledge as the guy next to me, Nokia boasted with the BEST camera on market and the picture samples tells a thousand words. If its THE best, that means its better then iPhone. And if that its true the Titan II is left in the dust a long time ago.
  • Where is the "magic" after he waves for the picture/video?
  • Exactly my thought, i wnated to se him wave to ^^
  • Cinemagraph! That's pretty cool.
  • Has anyone noticed how smooth and fast the 920 is? Like buttah.
  • FOCUS!! Why is it so out of focus?
  • It's the video that's out of focus.
  • L920 vs Ativ S: 3 - 2.        While L920 have camera, apps and clearly a lovly screen, Ativ S have storage and after all, a very good looking device. Also the Ativ S have a little extra mini + for screen size, thou not a killer difference, in my book the Ativ S have its charms. The memory put a dent in my expectations for the L920, but it seems to be the most sound choice....but thouse 32 + 64 GB memory is gonna sting. 32Gb is the new 16GB, mostly since apps and games will become larger making the 16+ eaten up in the long haul. Now my memory comparison is just a rough comparison, but i do belive that everything in the end will have gained in size and that the 32Gb is kind of logical, but not a expansion. Also, we know how much the OS eats....and there talking of full offline maps. Will that affect the 32Gb or have they dedicated map memory? All in all of cause my own humble opinion, but i do belive that while the L920 wins compared to the Ativ S, the victory is not a complete crushing, and im not instantly sold on Nokia...though at this point to not go Nokia and staying on WP would indeed be foolishness considering apps. That missing SD card slot left me confused in what to choose.
  • Im confused, you said that the missing SD card slot left you confused, but both the L920 and Samsung Ativ have a micro SD card slot if you needed to expand the memory....
  • There is no micro SD slot, heres from nokia.com     Memory Internal memory
    1000  MB Mass memory
    32GB and 7GB in SkyDrive
  • Ah sorry I read the specs wrong, I stand corrected :)
  • I guess I would be with you on the storage side, I was hoping for 64GB Micro SD support on the flag ship phone, but after all: It is a great camera Photo/Video Sizes will not eat your storage 32 is quite decent I thought the same thing when I moved from my N8 with 16 GB SD to my L800 with only 16GB... After a while I learned how to: Limit photo storage on the device to just the Favourites Limit Music storage using intelligent Playlists App in WP are much smaller than on Belle... I am still convinced this would make a great phone, all we need are real world sample of "hard to take pictures" compared to other phones... I bet L920 will take great photos... 
  • Darn old laptop killed my very long and eloberate answer. I had the Omnia 7, Optimus 7, Lumia 800 and currently on the Titan. I have during my WP7 journey made excuses for hardware and software. No more, i cant afford buying more phones, this choice have to last me for a VERY long time, and since Samsung and Nokia made holes in there products, there killing me softly. I love my HTC Titan, i can easy say its been the best phone i had through out my 8 years of smartphones, it never failed as a phone and always got the updates. But the LCD technic HTC uses is a fossil, it doesnt have Nokia apps, it lacks storage, and the camera is a lack-luster. So as much as i like HTC, they have to really suprice me to make me look for there next device. Ativ S have storage, something a music lover always is in need of and the camera is probably not the worst i could get, and the screen is the biggest i can get........Nokia have the camera i wish i had and apps......sigh, can´t these companys make it easyer to make a choice. If i go buy a Galaxy Note 2 i know i have a monster phone....buy a bad OS.... sigh.
  • You can't have everything you want there will always be a compromise.
  • Blah! why? :/
  • Wow. Nice video, the vase they are reviewing is nice.
  • Lumia 920 will probably have better call quality, signal reception, build quality, and camera than the ATIV S. ATIV S will probably be better at audio quality through headphones. ATIV S has microsd but only 16GB built in? Lumia 920 has super sensitive touchscreen that works with gloves\nails and wireless charging. Lumia 900 for me.
  • Wow, the image stabilzation demo in the video is incredible.
    at this point dont know whether to get this or iP5. screen is soooo huge, only downside. but ill see how it compares to the size of my hd7.
  • Bing search already does what this "lens" does. Mango has that. May have even been there before mango
  • They showed the possibility of lens integration, they didn't stated that the vision thing is a new feature.