The Nokia Lumia 920 drop tested (so you don't have to)

Seeing as how the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 handset just launched a few days ago in the US, there is an understandable scarcity of accessories for the device. Some people might not mind given the Lumia 920’s beautiful appearance, but others like me probably feel like our phones are naked without a case. What would happen if we dropped it by mistake?

Luckily David Rahimi from was brave enough to find out just that. He dropped the Lumia 920 from three different heights, simulating a variety of real-world dropping conditions. Head past the break for the drop test video and our own analysis of the results.

Wow, isn’t it painful watching a brand new and highly desirable device get abused like that? But the Lumia 920 holds up admirably to the tester’s simulated clumsiness. The first time, it picks up only one major scuff on one of its bottom corners. The second time, the phone bounces over Rahimi’s shoe after impacting the ground, picking up several new scuffs on its other bottom corner. The third and highest drop scratches up the left side of the Lumia a great deal, as you would reasonably expect from a fall of that height. The scuffs show up a bit more because of the phone’s white exterior, naturally.

The most encouraging aspect of the drop test results is that the Lumia 920’s screen shows no obvious damage even after three cataclysmic drops. Windows Phone Central’s own Daniel Rubino recently scratched his previous generation Lumia 900’s screen by mistake, but the screen on the Lumia 920 appears to be more resilient thanks to being made with the newly-developed Gorilla Glass 2. Sure, as our Lumia 920 review indicates, the new screen doesn’t quite match the Lumia 900’s wonderful black levels, but many would consider the increased durability a worthwhile tradeoff.

So take a deep breath, Nokia Lumia 920 owners, as you wait for new and more interesting cases to appear on the market. We’ll have reviews for several cases soon. And of course we’re working on getting multiple cases into the Windows Phone Central Store for Lumia 920 in addition to the general-purpose cases, screen protectors and other items we already carry.

Source:; thanks to Peter Di Pasquale for the tip!

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • the child of nokia 3310
  • No, the child of the Lumia 900, the grandson of the 3310.
  • Ack! Ze baby is cute! Anyway, impressive build, Nokia! As always! Those scuffs at the edges are similar to the effect that my white Lumia 900 when I dropped it while crossing a road once.
  • Gizmoslip needs todo one
  • No
  • Love the baby, he barely wanted to drop it.. Just show how lovable a phone can be.. ^^
  • :-D
  • I'd like to see the phone after after a buff-out is attempted on the damage. It did really well, though! Not that I'm surprised...
  • Go nokia :P
  • LOL
  • This is Nokia's playground!
  • I think some colors will show scuffs more than others. but it held up better than I thought it would...
  • The main reason why the scuffs showed as they did in the video was because of the asfalt. Since the phone, no mather what color you pick, is made out of one block of solid colored material, the scuffs wont stand out so much.  He could either scrape the black scuffs away or probably wash it a bit, who knows. It held up great :) 
  • "scuffs"? Those are major dents and chunks of plastic missing. This is why mine stays in the case!
  • Survived the drops easily! Looking forward to receiving mine from FedEx today!
  • Wish mine went that well. I dropped mine Friday night, less than 12 hours old, and shattered the screen on the bottom. Was showing my wife the camera and dropped from about 5-6 feet onto our tile floor. It fell face down and when I heard that cracking sound, all I was thinking is please be the tile. It still works, I have packing tape holding the glass in while I decide if it's worth the $200 to get it replaced under the insurance.
  • The answer is yes :)
  • That's some bad luck... Sorry to hear it, man.
  • I think for most phones, as long as it doesn't land on the screen, then it will hold up well. In the video, all drops landed on a side/edge.
  • It's called a case!
  • Unfortunately my AT&T has one case and its a pink sleeve in a white case. Even the Microsoft Store by me doesn't have any cases. Besides, with all the hype about how durable the 920 is, I didn't think I needed one. Will keep looking for one for the replacement though.
  • Ohhh so glad its durable, the other day i let my niece and nephew play on my 1day old L920, i was quite nervous! but looks like it can stand rough handling Yay!
  • Hey...
    How can there be dark coloring under the white surface??? Wasn't Nokia bragging about how these phones have the same color all the way through the case and so didn't show coloring when scratched?
    Wahts up Nokia? Is it same color all way through or not?
  • +1. I was wondering the exact same thing.
    maybe the black is the asphault and can be cleaned off?
  • Yesthe black can definitly be cleaned up with alcohol :) at least that's what i did when mine rolled like 10 times on the Street asphalt.
    I had pretty deep black scratches on ever corner. After an alcohol treatment all the black came out :) 
  • It is. I have dropped my cyan and it shows the cyan under the mark.
    It chould be that it picked the color from asphalt. I could iamgine it to be quite hard to get the black marks out of that white. 
  • It's just the asphalt :). Could probably clean that sh*t out with a q-tip and some Windex!
  • That's a tank of a phone
  • Yeah but will it blend?
  • That's nothing i've had a HTC Trophy that's been dropped more times than i can remember and there's hardly a scratch it looks better shape than that Nokia.
  • Same here. When ever I drop my Trophy the battery goes flying...maybe it was designed to have the back cover fly off to take the pressue of impact.
    Over all, it holds up good (but, if it was white, I bet you would see marks like the 920)
  • it can take the beat as always
  • I dropped mine yesterday when I was changing a light in the garage. It fell out of my coat pocket. It scuffed the corner and scratched the screen in a couple of spots. Total bring me down!
  • I dropped my HD7 at the zoo like that yesterday when rushing to get a pick of the Zebra headed my way. So happy when the screen worked perfect. Glad to see Nokia carry on the tradition of real live usuable phones for real people / klutzes.
  • I stopped using a case on my 900 after watching the video where the guy put it on top of his car and drove off ... twice.
  • hahaha same here. I took off my screen protector and everything. A day later I accidentally dropped it and rolled on the floor like 10 times. While i did get deep scratches, the glass was spotless :)
  • Wait, what about the camera? It floats around on the springs. Would like to know if those are still intact.
  • Testers also said: "Something to note, a majority of the scratches along the left side wiped off, so it actually looks better now than it did at the end of the video."
  • That baby must lift!
  • My friends asked me how come I don't put case on my lumia I always reply the body is the case.. Dropped mu lumia 900 a couple of times already.. This phone is the SHIT.. I will never own another brand I just hope Nokia brand last...
  • By the way I never had a case on my lumia 900..
  • No cracks in floor?
  • Nokia 3310 says: -That's my son. :)
  • At pool league, had to show off what I think is the most beautiful phone I ever held, and wouldn't you know friend of mine had to drop it outside in parking lot. Only small scratch up near the top side but I was livid lol. Almost got in fight ;) looking for case is where I came across this article. Lumia 920 is just beautiful.
  • See that video people? A baby can carry it, so why are there people complaining about the weight?
  • Dropped my red 1 day old phone from about 4ft high onto vinyl tile floor last night, got a dent in the bottom right corner. :(
    Put on a white silicone case after the drop and put it into my back jean pocket. Now, the case is dyed blue on the edges. :(
    Need to find a good clear case now...
  • My  920's screen shattered on the first drop, from about 20 cm. I am deeply disappointed because I have gotten no response from Nokia support.