Nokia Lumia 920 gets shot by an AK-47 assault rifle. Doesn't live to see OS upgrade.

We've seen some recent videos featuring the Nokia Lumia 920 getting decimated--by either dropping it, hitting it with wood or even stabbing the polycarbonate beauty.

But one thing we didn't think we would ever see is someone shooting it with a real AK-47 assault rifle.

To what end? We're not sure although before the phone is executed the host of Tech Assassin (RatedRR), Richard Ryan, does have some chipper things to say of the top-selling Windows Phone. So that's good.

Hey, publicity is publicity and if some gun enthusiasts now know about the Nokia Lumia 920 and are intrigued, mission accomplished.

Spoiler alert: AK-47? This kills the Lumia 920.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • For what? No smartphone will survice
  • For the lolz.
  • This is dumb.
  • Daniel just posted the video so he can enter the contest at the end of the video to win a free T-shirt.
  • Awsome this guy is badass IV watch his videos and his review of the 920 a FLAWLESS VICTORY
  • omg can't even take a bullet. weak.
  • That's why I have a kevlar case on mine...:D
  • Windows Phone 8X by HTC would survive being shot /trollmode off
  • Haha. /trollmode post made me laugh.
  • I can't believe that smartphones in this day and age are susceptible to bullets and explosives. That second shot he took reduced the battery life by several minutes! 
  • I know, right?! How are action movies gonna miraculously save people now?! What sad times these are when passing ruffians can destroy phones with simple bullets and explosives!
  • Waiting for next gen lumia with Gorilla Glass BP then... Next gen bullet proof smartphones. I can see the tagline... "Lumia 950, it may just save your life"
  • Make it stop! You're killing it!
    (still...I am curious to see if it will blend)
  • Yes. This. I want to see it blend.
  • Still can't get a lumia 920 in the Netherlands and here is this guy shooting one with an ak47, life isn't fair.
  • Kan wel g, gewoon preorderen heb ik ook gedaan bij coolblue daar kun je zelfs met goedkope tele 2 abbo doen shiitttt ben straxx een van eerste in nl met lumia 920
  • ^^What he said^^
  • I already have it :) Bought via 4Launch. They had an one-off action. And now i'm the proud owner of a Lumia 920. A yellow, eyecatcherr! Geweldig mobiel btw ;)
  • A video like this when phone is out of stock hurts.....
  • Lmaooo +1!!
  • Yeah but it was a black one which is not that low in stock, lol. Had it been a yellow 920, my heart would break
  • This is stupid. Shoot your car.
  • Dude clearly got sick of waiting for instagram...
  • Haha
  • You're welcome for the tip, because I posted it in the forums yesterday.
  • You didn't tip us or if you did, we never received it. Either way, I found this on my own because I too can use the internets.
  • Didn't you check the forums? Oh, and you said once to post this stuff the forums, so that's why I didn't tip you. Sorry for the confusion.
  • Putting it on the forums is not the same as tipping them off.
  • Lol..
  • pwned...
  • See, one of the links in the menu bar at the top of the site says F O R U M S.
    On the opposite side of the menu bar is one that says N E W S  T I P S.
    Oh, and it's "You're", not "Your".
    You're welcome.
  • I love all these cranky "you're welcome for the tip" jerks. Even if they do send it in, why do they always think they were the first and only one??? If 20 people send it in, do they really want a credit list? And like Daniel mentioned, it's not like WPCentral isn't trolling the net for news anyway... Often they probably find it and are writing the article before you tip them. And who gives a crap anyway? If you get lots of exclusive news make your own site if you're so concerned about having the ultimate glory of a credit in an article. Morons.
  • Next time I'm in a hail of gunfire, I'll know not to hide behind a lumia 920 ;)
  • lol
  • Pretty sickening.
  • That was awesome.
  • Lulz pocket protector 950 anyone?
  • Wow that gray is sexy!! Why is the lumia always a target of destructions?? Oh well
  • Grey? Looks black to me.
  • It's black dude. Did you watch the video?
  • NOW this is what I call OVERKILL.. :-D
  • I wonder if this will stop the double text messaging bug.
  • He fired how many rounds are barely hit it on the bottom, needs some aim lol.  Shoot it with a 50 cal, now that would be awesome to see.  on the other hand polycarbate is a very durable material and its surprising that a relatively slow speed round can penetrate so easily, but it was shot in the screen, wonder what would happen if shot from the back.
  • The bullet went all the way through. Shooting from the back won't change anything.
  • It hit the glass first, not the polycarbonate shell, it could have diflected the shot if it hit the shell first.
  • Polycarbonate can stop a bullet at roughly 1" thick. On the phone, it's about a millimeter thick. It would barely slow it down.
  • How about a .22 ??
  • Just be glad this video is on wp central or there be a i sheep  saying I've a app for that  !! 
  • Should have shot the iphone and Android phone instead
  • I remember seeing a case for iPhone that could stop a .50cal round...maybe we should contact them
  • ...because you expected it to survive?
  • Hey, let me tell you the ending of movies because did you expect main hero NOT TO SURVIVE?
  • I'll spoil my trip to the post office today.
    I got my mail.
  • Gee, thanks. Now it's not worthwhile to go to the post office.
  • How come when I click to watch video on 920 it says your browser does not recognize any video format on this page error? Do I have enable a setting somewhere?
  • Are you using WPCentral app? If not, try setting the browser to render mobile version of the page.
  • I'm using mobile version of site. I cleared history and closed browser and restarted phone. Still says video format not supported by this phone. It works fine on YouTube page but not when its embedded here.
  • Use the wpcentral app. It supports HD video. The trial version is free and unlimited.
  • It's because it's a Flash video. Youtube uses an HTML5 player in place of the Flash one when Flash isn't available (such as on your phone). The reason you cant watch the video here is because the actual "Embed" script is the script used to place the actual Flash Player object on the page (which doesnt contain any code or html for the HTML5 fallback player).
    Hope that answers your question
  • Spoiler alert? You don't say!
  • Being Christmas and all, I'd like to see devices against the Red Rider BB Gun.  I'm sure with the iPhone being so fra-gee-lay, the phrase "No way kid, you'll shoot your Retina out" would be HUGE! :)
  • Well now we know we can't use Lumias in the war.
  • and Dam, I am looking for someone to give me a 920 with their unlimited data plan so I can get rid of Verizon once and for all....
  • ATT has unlimited data for enterprise but sadly tethering remains disabled on it.
  • So it take it then that the Lumia 920 will not become standard issure for the USMC? How about Kevlar instead of Gorilla Glass?
  • Also we are discussing this in our forum The guys says, "l love to see how these things hold up to explosives and high velocity rounds" Very funny
  • What I find most impresive is how well the Lumia stands up to such extreme puishment. After getting shot twice, the second time with a small explosive charged next too it.
    When he goes to pick up the pieces, the polycarbonate plastic is still in one piece. It's not shattered or splintered in any way.
    Obviously no phone will survive getting shot with a AK, but this video and other extreme punishment videos show that the Lumia 920 does not need a case. The polycarbonate plastic is pretty damn tuff.
  • I noticed that too, it took explosives to actually finish the phone off and even then the shell was still recognisable.
  • What's with the Lumia 920 box? Mine doesn't look anything like that..
  • Off topic a bit but just talked to Verizon support here at Corporate event and found that AT&T has exclusive on 920 for six months!!! And after that Verizon is not sure they want 920.  It depends on how well they sell HTC 8x and Lumia 822.
    Wonder if 950 with bullet proof screen and extra Kevlar to protect from AK-47 is the next one that Verizon carries!  "Verizon saves customers with Nokia Lumia 950 bullet proof mobile phone".
  • One word.... Otterbox!!
  • I don't understand otterboxes. It makes the phone to big
  • The best thing of the usa is, that its allowed to shoot every fucking weapon you want, even freaking gattling guns! Here in Germany it took years till you can buy a pistol -.-
  • Well now I know not to use my phone as protection while in combat or while on a suicide bomb mission.
  • Why not, instead of destroying it, give it to me
  • i was expecting Nokia Lumia 920 matrix move :(
  • Give me the phones instead of destroying them
  • do the iPhone next!! do the iPhone nexxxxttt!!!!! 
  • why don't the emoticons I use get displayed? :S
  • He must have got a lucky hit to damage a Nokia with just one shot ;)
  • at least lumia 920 survived by 1st bullet. lol.