Nokia Lumia 920 Torture Test III - Cars, baseball and a lampost

This kills the Lumia 920

In case you've been curious about how the Nokia Lumia 920 would finally meet its demise, the site PhoneBuff has finally managed to murder the phone on video. The last part (of evidently a three part series) has the host trying to kill the Nokia Lumia 920, which so far has put up a decent fight.

From dropping on the pavement, keys, knife slashing and even a hammer, the Lumia 920 is certainly a tough phone. In fact, you can even run over it with your car, screen up and evidently the thing will still work. So what does finally stop the 920? Tossing in the air and whacking it with  a stick over concrete. Surprisingly though, that only stopped the electronics as the body still had life in it. That is until you smash it against a lamp post...

Though it may have been painful to watch, especially if you're waiting to get a Lumia 920, you have to give Nokia credit here for building one solid device. But as we've seen before, all it takes is one wrong drop and you can still ruin your phone. So be careful out there.

Source: PhoneBuff

Daniel Rubino

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  • Worst teardown ever!
  • am i the only one that cringes at this.  
    not only is he breaking a perfectly good 920... I STILL DONT HAVE ONE
  • You're best bet would be to hit up a Microsoft Store if you want any of the colors. That's what I did when I got my cyan L920.
  • Unnbeattable
  • Yeah, the need to learn the proper way from iFixit :D
  • Wow... That video hurts. I went to my local AT&T store yesterday and saw the 920 irl for the first time... Glorious phone, i'm buying it Friday when their stock comes in.
    NOW.... Will it blend?!
    Sidenote, wondering how far an iPhone 5 or GS3 would survive.
  • Blendtec will never do a Lumia "will it blend?" they don't want to break one of their blenders. =P
  • Ha! L920 is the Chuck Norris of phones.
  • "Sidenote, wondering how far an iPhone 5 or GS3 would survive."
    They didn't survive the drop test (Part I)
    So, final score 1) Lumia 920
    2) iPhone 5
    3) GS3
  • This is so, so wrong. 
  • really retard... :( i would be so happy with that phone.., and he destroys it !!! U MUST DIE!!!
  • thanks for the advice.  Now I know not to hit my phone with a 2by4.  I wonder if I call att today will they sell me a 920 for the 50 price?
  • Huh. So that's how you access the battery. Nice.
  • LOL
  • I am really impressed that it survived the fall after being thrown up in the air. Having seen the screen survive being dropped 3 times in their first drop-test, the fall after being hit with the stick, and the long fall after being thrown up in the air, I'm thinking a case won't be necessary, even if some unlucky people have had their phone break from a single waist-high drop.
  • Hilarious, yet at the same time toe-curlingly scary! At least it shows the phone should survive normal wear and tear from regular use without too much of an issue. What a nutter though!
  • I can imagine the amount of people still waiting for their 920s are probably quite pissed seeing this one destroyed ha ha ha! At least this proves its built quite solidly... These tests reminded me of how I tried to destroy my Nokia 3210 so my parents would buy me the 3310... And failed lol!
  • There are people starving for a 920 and this just breaks one to see what it can take. (~.^)
  • That's a crappy, senseless torturetest. Why doesn't he put it in the rain / shower, step on it or lay it in the sun for some hours or put it in tge washing machine? that would have been a realistic torture test. this one is crap, I am very disappointed.
  • Because its common knowledge that water and electronics don't mix very well
  • Bro that is the most common thing that happens to cell phones. However, to answer this guys question, mine has dropped in a river. The phone still works as if nothing happened to it. Just be sure to suck the water out of the small pores, usb port, and headphone jack before you plug it in. Duh right? lolz
  • I seriously hate the whole "destroy expensive electronics" fad.
  • If you take out the battery and you can still turn it on.. now that's scary
  • deleted
  • You guys take this way too seriously...he's just having fun seeing how far you can really push the durability of the phone. Lighten up, it's still impressive even if it isn't a realistic test.
  • Try explaining that to your insurance... Lol.
  • What I wish he did first was put it in a freezer for 2 hours. Put it in a 200 degree oven for 2 hours. And submerge it in water for 30-60 seconds. At least that would test the durability of the phone in heat, the cold, and if we drop the phone in water what would happen.
  • Dunno if you heard but tomorrow, here in FInland, they will be sending Lumia 920 to 30km up in the air :D So that is going to be one test also. And you can win that phone, if they can find IT when IT lands. lol
  • What do they teach you in school? a) if it isn't advertised as water proof, then don't put it under water. The water can enter and will destroy it. b) Polycarbonate, like any other plastic, melts/becomes soft at less than 200°C. What you are proposing is not a torture test, but a simply destruction without any value. That's like saying "You should test the scratch resistance of the paint on the new model of BMW by driving it into a wall."
  • There was already a CNET (I think?) test where they put the Lumia 900 in a freezer and oven (I think it was 200 Farenheit though) and dropped it in water. But being biased, they only dried it for 20 minutes and said it failed, whereas they dried other phones for days so it wasn't terribly accurate. I should imagine the 920 would fare the same, if not better.
  • Spoiler Alert: He doesn't actually pay for these phones and break tests have a legitamate purpose. So silly when people whine about break tests.
  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The corner of my Lumia 920 screen is cracked...
  • What?? How did you do that?
  • I guess I dropped it exactly the right way... I've only had it a week :'(. For the record, local scout doesn't work unless your in a supported region.
  • I'm waiting on my Lumia 920 so I'm not gonna watch these last couple of videos. To painful. I'll just take your word they finally murdered it. Will be getting my Lumia tomorrow! Sooo excited!!
  • This phone is like the chuck norris off smart phones
  • Cool
  • People can afford to do this to an expensive phone?? Crazy. Nokia should release videos of torture tests
  • Nobody would find it believable if Nokia did it.
  • damn, it hurts my heart. This Girl should have a tomb
  • Product designer here. Products are like kids to me and that video tore me apart lol.