Nokia Lumia 920 Torture Test III - Cars, baseball and a lampost

This kills the Lumia 920

In case you've been curious about how the Nokia Lumia 920 would finally meet its demise, the site PhoneBuff has finally managed to murder the phone on video. The last part (of evidently a three part series) has the host trying to kill the Nokia Lumia 920, which so far has put up a decent fight.

From dropping on the pavement, keys, knife slashing and even a hammer, the Lumia 920 is certainly a tough phone. In fact, you can even run over it with your car, screen up and evidently the thing will still work. So what does finally stop the 920? Tossing in the air and whacking it with  a stick over concrete. Surprisingly though, that only stopped the electronics as the body still had life in it. That is until you smash it against a lamp post...

Though it may have been painful to watch, especially if you're waiting to get a Lumia 920, you have to give Nokia credit here for building one solid device. But as we've seen before, all it takes is one wrong drop and you can still ruin your phone. So be careful out there.

Source: PhoneBuff

Daniel Rubino

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