Nokia Lumia 920 Torture Test II - Keys, knife and a mallet

The other day we saw part one of a Nokia Lumia 920 stress test where the phone was dropped numerous times onto concrete and survived with only some minor cosmetic damage. The same site is back with even more 920 tortures: keys, a knife and a mallet.

The video shows the gent trying to scratch the 920’s display and body with the keys, both lightly (as if in your pocket) and then deliberately. Both times the Nokia survived with out any damage.

Next up was the knife test. Here the back of the phone, display and sides were all slashed with a very large knife and while the back and display did very well, the side of the 920 did take some significant damage. Still as the noted in the video, the Lumia 920 did very well with those slashes on the back nearly wiping off and the display looking unmarked from the horror movie slashing. Jason Voorhees would be a sad panda.

Finally, a mallet is taken to the phone’s display in two tests: dropped from 6 and 8 inches, numerous times and then later, deliberately smashed. Once again, the 920 was just fine with the Gorilla Glass 2 reinforced display not cracking under pressure. The phone was also used to hammer in a nail into a piece of wood without any damage either.

Conclusion? The Lumia 920 can take a lot of punishment though perhaps not surprising, if you slash it with a giant knife you can do some damage. Having said that, we have already heard anecdotal reports from users that their Lumia 920s have light scratches on them despite the lack of direct, purposeful trauma.

And we know for a fact that you if drop your phone directly on its corner, you stand a better chance of shattering that Gorilla Glass (see that image from a Reddit user). That’s because while the display on the 920 is hella strong, it’s not scratch proof nor is it unbreakable. It is simply scratch resistant, so try to treat it gently.

Source: PhoneBuff; Thanks, erzhik, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Good god instead of bashing it why not give it to me :-D
  • +1000000 :D
  • almost cried watching this
  • This is bull. I dropped my phone from 20cm, not high and the screen shattered. I have used Nokias since theorist started making them, and  I would not even qualif
  • Need a hammer? Nokia has an app for that, called Lumia 920. Does apple have a hammer app?
  • +1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 times infinity! Loved it haha
  • No but apple has a phone shatter app :D
  • ^^^^
  • +1000000000 this thread lmfao
  • I dig your comment :D
  • Common sense. I always laugh at people who are complaining how their gorilla glass got scratched. You get anything harder stuck on your pocket, your desk that gets next to screen and it scratches. 
    Lumia 920 body got the advatage that it's first of all carved out of one piece and the color is throught the material so if you get scratches on the body they are not as visible. Never used any protection on my Lumia 800 that i bought last year and no visible marks, other than the camera strip that's just horrible at taking scratches. Thankfully fixed on Lumia 920 with the ceramic camera strip. 
  • My 900 screen cracked dropping it maybe 12 inches. It also scratched from coins in my pocket. I was pissed. So I got a replacement dropped it again from higher place. Not a scratch anywhere. I don't know
  • Couple of things: that was Gorilla Glass 1 and the 920 is has Gorilla Glass v2. The other is GG is scratch resistant not shatter proof. in fact, material scientist will tell you that the harder some thing is the more likely it is to shatter.
  • That makes sense.
  • "My icons got rearranged somehow.." Icons?!?!?! This ain't i-crap!! It's Tiles Mister!!! O_O
  • Great torture test.  But I believe the 920 passed the scratch test because you should be able to use a fine grit piece of sandpaper or resin and make those scratches disappear.  It would be great if you did a video on such a repair
  • I suppose that's one way to get a matte Yellow/red/white device...
  • Nokia builds not only phones but also hammers. That was so impressive! Im amazed. IPhone 5 is crapping itself from this video.
  • I have like 10 scratches on my screen on the oleophobic layer and I baby the hell out of it. :(
  • Nokia phones don't have an oleophobic layer. That's why fingerprints are so previlent.
  • Yes they do. I am talking about the display. It 100% has an oleophobic layer.
  • deleted, meant to reply a level in.
  • Compare the 920 to the 900 - the 900 definetly didn't have an oleophobic layer, thing smudges if you think about touching.  The 920 looks pristine after a long Angry Birds session with a single wipe against the shirt.  The 920 may be more smudge resistant than the iPhone. 
  • Agreed... I had to lick my thumb just to leave a visible thumbprint on the screen earlier, lol.
    The only smudges on my display are after I play Fruit Ninja or repeated unlock swipes, and they just wipe away with ... wait for it... a gentle wipe of my own finger, lol.
    Oleophobic coating? Maybe not, but it's a step above that, if possible.
  • The oleophobic coating is WHY it doesn't smudge. But it can also get scratched with dust/sand particles.
  • I agree with this. It definitely has some sort of smudge resistant layer. If you look at the earpiece, you will most probably see fingerprints about a centimeter around it very clearly, and then a clear cut-off that looks cleaner on the rest of the screen. So yes, I do believe it has some sort of smudge resistant layer.
  • I will say I have some scratches on the screen from keys not visible with screen on but when off they are, none on my 900 though. The finish of the glass seems more oil resistant and it gets less grimy so this might be a side effect
  • The oleophobic coating prevents smudging, but it also gets scratches in it. Very annoying.
  • The first video made me feel confidant in my buy. This one I wasn't to concerned with. My focus still looks decent. A minor scratch on the screen and some wear and tear from dropping it. I don't see knives, the mallet, or the nailing in as real world problems. It's nice to see it can hold up, but I'll never be that brutal with my phone. I look forward to a water/heat test from this guy though.
  • The guy is damn annoying, but it proved the point - my phone is TOUGH!!!
  • I don't wonder, its a Nokia phone, you can build up a house with it :D
  • Dudes you all stop bashing the iPhone 5.. I saw a you tube video that the guy hit the phone with a real hammer.. And the iPhone 5 survive it... No matter what they are both quality phones.. peace
  • So because you saw a youtube video it must be real? I saw a youtube video of a golden eagle trying to steal a baby.. bet that was real too right? 
  • Barely hold a charge for 4 hours, but if you need to hang a picture or fix kitchen drawer your GOLDEN!!..... Just kidding I love my 920, even though I'm exchanging for another one because of a creaking sound on the top of the phone and a crackling sound from the speaker. Have to wait though, my local ATT is sold out
  • my heart was hurting everytime he did a test.stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont distroy this great peice of work!!!
  • Is there an iPhone video of this? I'd love to see it.
  • All I know is my display is freaking amazing. Difficult to smudge, nearly impossible to scratch it permanently... and I'm sorry, but anyone who suggests otherwise is full of it unless you were purposely trying or used a diamond ring or something.
    The casing is another story. I do have a small scratch on the back of mine that I just noticed tonight... not sure how considering how protective I am of it, but nevertheless, it's there. You'd never notice it unless you were really looking though... it's hella small and in a spot you'd really not notice it.
  • No. You are wrong. Me and others on The Verge/These forums/Reddit have multiple scratches in the oleophobic coating on our phones.
    The Geurilla Glass is scratch proof. The coating is not. You are full of it.
  • Why didn't the guy's screen in the video get any scratches on it then?
  • Just because you had a different experience doesn't mean he's full of it. Sounds like you're butt hurt. 
  • Well i'm sure that those scratches come from keeping it in your pocket without putting it in a pouch. One has to be extra careful cos one has fine particle sand in ones pocket most time and don't realize it. Those are the worse enemies of glasses no matter or strong or resistant they are. My lumia 920 droped from my cupboard into the sink while playing music, at first i didn't know it was my phone that droped cos the song didn't even get interrupted for a milisecond and then i checked the sink and saw my phone in it but luckiely nothing happened.
  • Oh it hurts! I would treat mine, no matter how strong it is - gently! :-D
  • Quite impressive, but you can't expect less from nokia devices.
  • ...okay, try ths test without using a RUBBER panel-beater/bodyshop mallet and i'll listen. smh.  fun test tho.
  • Nokia should give us weapon license too
  • It is good to open bottles too ...
  • wow.
  • damn! L920 pretty hard
  • You made me cry with those tests. 
  • You were so harsh. Who would treat such a beautiful phone in real life this?
  • I had the thing for 2 days, and then a 2 foot drop onto the pavement. Talk about crappy luck.
  • Meant to attach this:
  • I think you meant 2 stories. 
  • nope. 2 feet, as in 24 inches.
  • Baloney!!! My NEW 920 slipped off my lap about 2 feet onto CARPET!!! and it now has a cracked screen. AT&T and Nokia said they will not consider the glass defective, which means that it's CRAP! 
  • It's "bologne"... And you're lying, you probably got that crappy 8X and are now trying to give Nokia a bad reputation. Too bad nobody cares.
  • I feel your pain brother. The thing is built like a tank, but apprently if it hits the floor just right, the gorilla glass gives in :(.
  • I also dropped my 920 from about 20 cm and the screen shattered. I am a 15-20 year user of only Nokia phones and was shocked that they would release such a poor quality device. I have owed my e71's for many years and have dropped them multiple times. That happens to everyone who travels all the time, like I do. This phone has a manufacturing defect, which is probably why Noka is rushing to come out with the aluminum version. They should fess up to the statistics on how many Lumia 920's have shattered screens and do a recall and fix or replace them all. shame on Noka. And shame on all you Nokia apologists.
  • I have dropped my 920 from waist high trying to put it in my pocket on a hard restaruant floor (pretty much cement) and no damage was notcied on the phone anywhere.  It flopped from the back to the front on the floor too.  It was a little bouncy.  Pretty scary but the end result gives me confidence the phone is very high quality.  I have Invisishield on order just showed up yesterday haven't had time to instal it front and back but with that I should be solid without a case.  I really do not like cases.
  • we have seen the back surface of the bady doesn't get any scratches.. Is this only for the poly carbounate body or also for the matte finished black.. Does the black one survives back scratches