Nokia Lumia 920 is now the most popular Windows Phone according to latest data

The Nokia Lumia 920 has taken the #1 sport in the Windows Phone ecosystem, according to latest figures released by AdDuplex. The developer advertising platform for both Windows and Windows Phone notes that the Lumia 920 has overtaken the Lumia 800 to become the most popular Windows Phone in the world.

Lumia 920 is a consumer favourite worldwide

The margin between the Lumia 920 and older Lumia 800 isn't huge. In fact, it's the same percentage (when rounded up), but we're looking at strong progress made by the Finnish manufacturer. Nokia retains 8 of the 10 spots worldwide, with HTC taking the remaining two slices of the pie alongside "Other."

AdDuplex Lumia 920

The report also shows Nokia taking an 80% share of the Windows Phone market. The likely cause of the Lumia 920 taking the 800's place is likely down to stock improvements and sources ceasing to push the previous generation hard to clear shelves. It's also interesting to see a premium (and expensive) Windows Phone become the most popular.

What's more surprising is to see the Lumia 822 making an appearance. The Windows Phone is exclusively available on Verizon and we previously looked at how the mobile operator was seemingly selling more units than AT&T and its Lumia 920. The Lumia 822 really is a sleeper hit.

Windows Phone 8 soon to take over Windows Phone 7

Out with the old and in with the new, as they say. Much like the Lumia 920 and 800 battle, Windows Phone 8 is picking up the pace and will soon be the dominant OS version. Last month the growth was clocked at 5 percent, but the latest report states the share has increased by 12 percent, more than doubling the adoption rate.

AdDuplex WP Versions

Just 7 more percent is all that's required for the two versions of Windows Phone to meet in the middle. Should this trend continue, we'll see Windows Phone 8 taking the top spot by next month, when AdDuplex releases its follow-up report.

Breaking down the above chart into markets and we can see how well Windows Phone 8 is performing in regions where Windows Phone 7 was launched.

AdDuplex WP Launch Markets

France and the US lead the way, but India, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Mexico trail with Windows Phone 7 hardware still proving to be popular. Nokia introducing both the Lumia 720 and Lumia 520 Windows Phones will look to address this issue and upgrade consumers (and respective regions) into Windows Phone 8 territory.

With Italy being such an important market for Windows Phone, we're likely to see an increase in Windows Phone 8 support should consumers who purchased previous generation hardware look to upgrade to newer models.

The rest of the report didn't reveal anything that stood out, with individual markets remaining stable regarding manufacturer and device market shares, but AdDuplex did highlight a mysterious device spotted on AT&T in the US (which you can read more about here)

  • RM-877_nam_att_205 - the device sports a screen factor of 16 (1280x768).

The data included in the report is based on a sample from 494 Windows Phone apps running the AdDuplex SDK. You can read up the full report tomorrow over on the AdDuplex website.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • G g g g good news
  • Good News Everyone!  
  • Must say that my 920 is the best phone I ever had
  • Agreed!
  • ditto!
  • I have to agree to that as well. Hard to find the perfect phone but this as close as it's going to get for me now.
  • Without a doubt.  Dual core, PureView, 720p, NFC, wireless charging, 32GB storage.  From a hardware perspective, It's going to be hard for new phones to make me want to upgrade anytime soon.
  • it's not 720p my friend, its better than HD. ahaha
  • I second that...
  • Absolutely. I love my 920. It's as elegant as it is functional. The best part? It just works - no screwing around - it just gets stuff done. Love it!
  • This is hardly a surprise. The 920 is pretty amazing.
  • Lol Mexico no wp8 but where is South Africa :/
  • .deleted.
  • Who cares about internal facts - the interesting stuff is the global market not the WP market
  • We care Yu htc fan so Yu don't ;)
  • sry - i own the 920 since december
  • deleted
  • I do. I care.
  • I care, I care with all my heart and soul. The heart of rock and roll is beating.
  • Love my Lumia 920 :D
  • Love my 920
  • Wzzap winfan :D
  • What's up
  • No Samsungs in the top 10...
    Someone needs to get their finger out
  • I am still rocking my beloved Focus S.
    Most likely the last Sammy I will ever own, as Nokia owns WP at this point (unless I get swayed by the dark side and go Android). But, I will always appreciate how amazingly well this bad boy runs.
  • I loved my Focus Flash, I wish Samsung would make another phone like it.
  • So who releases the official numbers?
  • Nokia definitely needs to roll out Lumia 928 asap. BB Z 10 seems to gain momentum at the moment, ranked higher than all win phones in Amazon . That's because it's been selling through many carriers instead of the exclusive deal from ATT for 920.
  • I think it's been determined that sales on Amazon mean little.  Most people get their phones via carrier stores/brick and motar locations (Best Buy, Walmart, etc...).  Why go to Amazon when I can go to the store and pick it up today?
  • Amazon has some really decent deals, so long as you understand the fine print, have done your homework, and are sure of what you want. But, they are not the golden road to mobile paradise. Just a good place to look when you know what device you want.
  • On best buy best selling list, it's 3rd place
    wireless walmart best selling  ... still 9th position.
    Nokia Lumia Phones are no where to be found. reaaaaly not good.
    BB Z10 really outsells Lumias in all stores
  • In my country lumia 920 cost about 1000 $ :(
  • Do you live in Brazil?
  • Lol xD
  • I'd hate to find out how much an iPhone would cost where you are. Damn that's expensive!!
  • Yes, Lumia 920 is indeed a very good phone. I love mine, and not even once regret my decision of spending my money for it.
  • Agreed. And switching to no-contract Straight Talk has made it a net cost savings!
  • I'm not sure if I like or dislike this report. If the WP8 platform is 70% of sales in the US, that's not a big leap in volume from what we got from WP7.
  • Great phone. But please hurry with the data connection update. Might have to flashback if it doesn't get released this week.
  • I am guessing Nokia may want to change that soon as 920 is not supposed to be their 'high volume' phone. I hope the 620 or the 720 take over this crown soon.
  • I think 620 will first take it and then 520. 720 may be third best.
  • 512 MHz RAM?.....pass
  • Its 512 mbs of ram no MHz, mbs is the amount and MHz is the speed. Although I don't know the actual ram speed on the phones.
  • Yeah sorry my bad
  • yeah, good news, but please keep supporting wp7 man! cmon microsoft! you've been busy on wp8 that you tend to forget that wp7 still exists,  
  • Duh!
    Was anyone expecting the AtivS or something to be the most popular WP device?
  • No. The Ativ S is not being promoted very much by Samsung. But it is a good phone.
  • Remember all those rumors about the Lumia 920 having 6-month exclusivity? I wish I could get it on T-Mobile.
  • You can. Just buy a Rogers 920 off eBay. You'll be happy if you do.
  • My 8X on Tmobile is a fancy paper weight every since I got my 920.
  • And? what are you implying that the 920 is shit if so you seriously need a brain scan xD
  • What I'm saying is every since I got my 920 my 8X is a dust collector. I have a lot of apps / games. On my 920 I never have to delete anything to make room. Plus it has a ton more Xbox live games. Hands down my 920 is the beat Windows phone I've used.
  • that's a failed interpretation...:P
  • Not cool dude :'( I did say if !!!!
  • I still love my 8X :P.
    I see more on screen! :D
  • Wow after looking at the graphs the 8X is only 4% and it's on all US carries that have W8. I guess people see only 16GB and say no thanks. I know having only 16GB was a miserable experience for me.
  • I've owned a Palm Pre, iPhones, and many different Android phones...I can honestly say the 920 is my favorite of them all! Best phone I've ever had!
  • Seems like the 620 is selling pretty damn quickly, how long's it been available for?
  • Didn't realize there was any other phone that could compete with the 920 in the first place
  • Off it better to have red wine with rice or white?
  • Get a pizza
  • Neither get whiskey!
  • I'd think white, I drink red mostly with heartier dinners, steak, other slabs of meat.
  • I still love  my Lumia 800 :P
  • I have a 920 now but I agree with you and I always find myself holding the 800 again just to play around with it. Solid device and most comfortable to hold. I might just frame it and mount it on my wall!
  • not so surprising, 920 offers what others don't have so people are ready to pay more for this device. on the other hand, other wp devices compete with each other while also facing competition from similarly priced android devices.
  • 1. too big.  2. my lumia 820 is the widest phone I've ever owned, and it's verging on too big.  3. Nokia please build some android phones.  change the name.  call it "Aikon".   Y'know.  like toyota and lexus.  nobody'll know.  I"ll pre-order right now.
  • You need a feature phone. Like the original Razr.
  • Then they'll need 4 ghz quad core, 16 GB ram and 200x400px screen to make it as fluid as WP8... ;)
  • Get a landline and a phone with rotary dial and no screen.
  • Nokia goes android then this will happen: No thanks.
  • Well I'm so happy that all the resident geniuses commented on my comment.  I know it's unheard of for a company to produce different lines of handsets with more than one os.  My problem is, I'm a Nokia fanboy.  They build the best handsets.  But when I left symbian for android, I thought I had finally entered the space age.  I gave wp a shot with a Lumia 710, of which I loved the phone, but not the os; totally immature; not ready for prime time.  So after a week, back to android. ,Now I"m trying wp8 with a Lumia 820.  Once again, love the phone, even though it's kind of big for my hand, and a bit slippery.  The os is much improved.  Got most of my apps working.  But, Google voice still a pita with that metrotalk.  Not quite there yet.  The calendar is rudimentary, nothing like 'business calendar' on android.  The music player is a bad joke.  No Astrid.  Google +????  Anyway, I'm putting up with it for the time being. If I get disgusted, I'll go back to android on a Moto or Sony. 
  • This should not be news at all, the Lumia 920 is better than the flagship HTC 8X in terms of build quality. Having said that the 1308 firmware debacle (if you can call it that) is black eye for sure but overall I'm happy about the 920.
  • The L920 is a well done piece of technology.
  • Spot
  • I love the Lumia 920 for a number of things -- GREAT camera, wonderful speed/responsiveness, nice feel on the screen itself, and so on -- but dang if I haven't had more problems with this phone than any other phone I've owned.  In fact, I'm now on my third Lumia 920, and all of them have had the "battery drain" issue that I still cannot resolve -- even after weeks of testing, working with Nokia Support, and myriad "fixes" -- none of which have worked.
    I love the phone...but I have a hard time fully recommending it to others.  
  • The 920 deserves it!
  • Good old 710 is still chugging along
  • Love my Lumia 920! Bulgaria !
  • These Adduplex data are useless. They only measure the use of select free ad-paid apps. I know three WP8 users, sporting expensive Lumia models, and none of them run anything but ad-free or paid apps. So go figure. Some demographics may be more atp to paying for their software while others may not be. Regions and devices are probably mispresented as a result. So, one ought not to pay much attention to these data. It is just Adduplex advertising themselves.
  • Nokia Wins
  • lol Nokia accounts for 72% of WP Handsets
  • Love the phone and the software just keeps getting better.
  • I do love the Lumia 920. Great work Nokia! Thanks!
    I went to dinner with a few friends and we started to take some pictures. Wow! What a difference between pictures taken from iPhones and pictures taken from Lumia 920. I knew that the Lumia 920 photos were good in low light but didn't realize that they'd blow away pictures from iPhones, which were dark and blurry. Needless to say I was a very proud Lumia 920 owner. I also showed the Nokia Smart Shoot and Blink to my iPhone friends and they were "wow". We had great time! It was fun!
  • Well, actually the reason I'm using a windows phone (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) is the 920. Amazing camera and the combination of Microsoft services (Office, Skydrive, One note, etc) with Nokia apps (Drive, Music) is really hard to beat, even for newer (and in a way more advanced Androids).
    But again, if nokia hadn't realeased the 920 I would probably still be using an Android phone!
  • Just wait until Verizon gets more high end phones.
  • I knew it!!!!
  • No surprise here. The 920 is the best phone I ever owned and I live it. Nokia is doing so much for windows phone and Im happy to,support them. They're designs truly the most beautiful phone designs
  • im proud of being in lumia family :) :) my bro 920 is doing great!! :)
  • WP7 still dominates the platform?
    Yeah, WP will definitely become more fragmented than Android....
  • Most of the people I know in Mexico is buying the 710 because it is $300 MX ($24 US) vs ~$7000 ($576 US) on contract upgrade for the 800! I don't know how much is for the 920 here but my guess is near the $11000 MX. The only other wp8 I've seen in stores is the 505 but it does look cheap in comparison to the high end devices and is not heavily advertised.
  • I need to get my ass to Mexico. 710 selling over priced in US by $200.
  • Amazing phone...
  • Yes. Best phone I've ever had.
  • I am sad to report that I have had to return two Lumia 920's, one with high battery drain faulty mainboard and the second because it still had the worst battery life of any phone I have ever owned. Maybe it didn't like my network here in New Zealand or maybe I got two dudes.. Anyway, keen to keep flying the WP8 flag I have switched to the Ativ S and my battery issues are a thing of the past.. Nokia sort your phones out in NZ, I want a Lumia 920 that I can use for a whole day without charging..
  • Only two Lumia 920's for you?  I'm on my third now...and it still has the "battery drain" issue.  My co-worker is on his second, and his current one has the battery drain problem as well.  Frustrating :(  I have a good friend who is ready to plunk down and grab a 920...but I'm having a hard time (in good conscience) recommending one to him.
  • My lumia 920 is with Nokia Care right now (screen freezing, camera won't start, doesn't rotate to landscape, etc.).
    I am told the mainboard has been replaced and it is in testing. Was yours swapped for a new unit or fixed? I hate the idea of having a "refurbished" L920 after less the two months of use, especially since I paid full price with no carrier subsidy ($600+).
  • The first time I sent it in they replace the Main Board. I got it back and it was still not performing well. I took it back in, they sent it away again and talked about replaced another part.. I told them to forget it (3 weeks had passed). I got my money back and bought a new one. I used the phone for a couple of days and the battery would go flat by 3 in the afternoon with moderate use..
    Sadly I am now using the Samsung.. I miss my Lumia 920, but the poor battery life made it unusable for business.  
  • My lumia 920 is with Nokia Care right now (screen freezing, camera won't start, doesn't rotate to landscape, etc.).
    I am told the mainboard has been replaced and it is in testing.
    Was yours swapped for a new unit or fixed?
    I hate the idea of having a "refurbished" L920 after less the two months of use, especially since I paid full price with no carrier subsidy ($600+).
  • Mine was swapped with a new unit -- twice.  Same issues on all three phones.  My co-worker's was swapped once.  Nothing on these phones appeared to be "refurbished".
  • Thanks for the feedback.
    What I meant is that once a phone is sent back and they make repairs to it, e.g. replacing the mainboard, it can only be considered a refurbished unit at that point.  Not new, not original since parts were replaced.
    Buying a new phone at full price, and within two months it is taken apart, and parts replaced.  Definitely not what anyone expects.  If Nokia wants to re-use thier phones which were produced with defects, they should fix them and sell them as such.  Not expect the purchaser to just accept it.
  • In that small slice that is the 822...
  • I have difficulty believing this data. Verizon's Lumia 822 selling almost as much as HTC's 8X globally? Really?
  • It's crap. All the news on WPC are Nokia.
  • As of when the first 920 came out up until my new one coming in, I will have gone through 5 of them. 2 froze while resetting, 1 actually game me the option to restore my things but the ringtone, alarm and sometimes called wouldn't work and my latest didn't have anything backed up as I usually do but something inside is loose. So a new one was ordered as I went through all of them at the att device support center here in Texas. I still like the phone. The one I have now that I gotta send back has waaaaay batter charge than previous ones. Took it off the charger at 6am for work and now its 3pm and its at 97%, these do not have the latest update.
  • Love my sexy yellow Lumia 920: I have it for two weeks now and it's the most beautifully crafted high-end phone ever. Running Portico without any issues! Regards from Romania
  • The 822 is further proof that Nokia + Verizon= big seller. Can't wait for the 928! Maybe when the 930 comes out we'll be at a point where both AT&T and Verizon (and maybe other carriers in the US) all have the same phone. 
  • +810
  • I wanted one, but not if it means going back to ATT.  So I went with the 8x and for that you get a disinterested manufacturer and a phone full of Other that you can't get rid of. 
    I'll wait until there is a non-exclusive flagship that carries state of the art tech, including full HD.  It looks like it won't happen in 2013.  I just hope they aren't playing catchup then, since GSIV and HTC One are both far ahead on specs at the moment. 
  • I have an 822 which is my first WinPhone since my foray into the android world o'er the past five years.  Totally happy with it. I'll be definitely moving up to the 92x or whatever when it's time. Love the Nokia. Love the Win8 Phone.
  • How many WP users around the world? Do anyone know?
  • Oh brother! I wonder how much money adduplex got for this one.
  • With support dying off from other phonemakers, of course Nokia is the only true Windows Phone champion.
  • The best Nokia Lumia phone ever