Nokia Lumia 920 is now the most popular Windows Phone according to latest data

The Nokia Lumia 920 has taken the #1 sport in the Windows Phone ecosystem, according to latest figures released by AdDuplex. The developer advertising platform for both Windows and Windows Phone notes that the Lumia 920 has overtaken the Lumia 800 to become the most popular Windows Phone in the world.

Lumia 920 is a consumer favourite worldwide

The margin between the Lumia 920 and older Lumia 800 isn't huge. In fact, it's the same percentage (when rounded up), but we're looking at strong progress made by the Finnish manufacturer. Nokia retains 8 of the 10 spots worldwide, with HTC taking the remaining two slices of the pie alongside "Other."

AdDuplex Lumia 920

The report also shows Nokia taking an 80% share of the Windows Phone market. The likely cause of the Lumia 920 taking the 800's place is likely down to stock improvements and sources ceasing to push the previous generation hard to clear shelves. It's also interesting to see a premium (and expensive) Windows Phone become the most popular.

What's more surprising is to see the Lumia 822 making an appearance. The Windows Phone is exclusively available on Verizon and we previously looked at how the mobile operator was seemingly selling more units than AT&T and its Lumia 920. The Lumia 822 really is a sleeper hit.

Windows Phone 8 soon to take over Windows Phone 7

Out with the old and in with the new, as they say. Much like the Lumia 920 and 800 battle, Windows Phone 8 is picking up the pace and will soon be the dominant OS version. Last month the growth was clocked at 5 percent, but the latest report states the share has increased by 12 percent, more than doubling the adoption rate.

AdDuplex WP Versions

Just 7 more percent is all that's required for the two versions of Windows Phone to meet in the middle. Should this trend continue, we'll see Windows Phone 8 taking the top spot by next month, when AdDuplex releases its follow-up report.

Breaking down the above chart into markets and we can see how well Windows Phone 8 is performing in regions where Windows Phone 7 was launched.

AdDuplex WP Launch Markets

France and the US lead the way, but India, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Mexico trail with Windows Phone 7 hardware still proving to be popular. Nokia introducing both the Lumia 720 and Lumia 520 Windows Phones will look to address this issue and upgrade consumers (and respective regions) into Windows Phone 8 territory.

With Italy being such an important market for Windows Phone, we're likely to see an increase in Windows Phone 8 support should consumers who purchased previous generation hardware look to upgrade to newer models.

The rest of the report didn't reveal anything that stood out, with individual markets remaining stable regarding manufacturer and device market shares, but AdDuplex did highlight a mysterious device spotted on AT&T in the US (which you can read more about here)

  • RM-877_nam_att_205 - the device sports a screen factor of 16 (1280x768).

The data included in the report is based on a sample from 494 Windows Phone apps running the AdDuplex SDK. You can read up the full report tomorrow over on the AdDuplex website.

Rich Edmonds
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